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Wu Bai, the king of live

Wu Bai & China Blue have been playing music together since 1992, and have built a loyal following that is with them to this day. Their music is melodic, insightful and kick-ass rock 'n roll. It touches the heart.

In the past, Wu Bai was know as The King of Live, but now he is called The Emperor of Rock, and for good reason. The band knows how to put on a show and they could be called the Rolling Stones of Asia, but I bet Wu Bai would prefer they be compared to Led Zeppelin. He has the same qualities that make Jimmy Page so brilliant: soulful guitar leads based in blues, melodies that are ever interesting, time structures that keep you guessing. This is not formulistic music; the band is ever creative and innovative.

I've seen Wu Bai & China Blue perform in stadiums and pubs, each venue offering a different perspective, but the best for sure are the pub gigs. Pure adrenaline rush. I could have saved myself a lot of money if I hadn't seen Wu Bai in the movie "Tide & Tide," but after that I bought a music CD and there was no turning back. Somehow it was meant to be.

For more insight into Wu Bai & China Blue, visit Marla's Fortune Cookie 500 Club or the official site (you will need to register and know how to navigate a Chinese site). The Fortune Cookie 500 discography contains links to lyrics in Chinese, Pinyin and English. Click the CD or DVD cover to access the lyric pages.

This is just a beginning, there are literally hundreds of websites for Wu Bai & China Blue. I'm adding to this number only because Wu Bai 's music is cool and he is perfectly hou leng.



  • New Police Story (2004)
  • Time and Tide (2000)
  • A Beautiful New World (1999)
  • The Personals (1998)

TV drama

  • 2004
    • Say Yes, Enterprise



  • 2013
    • Endless Shiny Sadness (Limited Edition)
      Endless Shiny Sadness
    • Life Live — WuBai and China Blue 20th Anniversary Live in Taipei (2DVD)
      Life Live 20th Anniversary Live Show
  • 2011
    • One Way Ticket Deluxe Edition CD + Booklet
      One Way Ticket
  • 2010
    • Spacebomb World Tour Concert (the deluxe version limited release includes two DVDs, a 64-page book and other items)
      Spacebomb World Tour 2 DVD set
  • 2009
    • Poetic Rock
      Poetic Rock

  • 2008
    • Spacebomb
  • 2007
    • Forget 1015 — 2 CDs + DVD
  • 2006
    • Age of Innocence (Innocent Years) CD + DVD
      Innocent Years
  • 2005
    • Two-Faced Man CD Remixes: Two Face Man CD + VCD
      Li Hai Concert 2 DVDs
  • 2004
    • Life Power Concert CD + DVD
    • Love You 500 Years (3CD, 40 songs)
  • 2003
    • The Winter Fire Live In Concert CD, VCD and DVD (3 versions released)
    • Tear Bridge
      Tear Bridge in Chinese
  • 2001
    • Dream River CD
  • 2000
    • 1992-2000 Wu Bai and China Blue Movie Song Book Plus Time And Tide Movie Soundtrack CD
    • Great Hits of Wu Bai and China Blue DVD
    • Legend Of The Sacred Stone Movie Soundtrack CD
    • The True World Concert Tour VCD
    • Wu Bai and China Blue Movie Soundtrack Collection VCD
  • 1999
    • White Dove
    • White Dove Karaoke VCD
    • Air Strike Alarm VCD Box Set
  • 1998
    • Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird CD
    • Wu Bai's Karaoke Collection I VCD
    • Wu Bai's Karaoke Collection 2 VCD
    • Wu Bai's Karaoke Collection I and 2 VCD
  • 1997
    • Summer Night Wind Live Concert CD
  • 1996
    • The End of Love CD
  • 1995
    • Wu Bai Live CD
  • 1994
    • Wanderer's Love Song CD
  • 1992
    • Happy to Love Others CD
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