Yoon Sang Hyun

Take Care of Agasshi Take Care of Agasshi (My Fair lady)

“Seo Dong Chan and the Loan Sharks”

From the 2009 KBS Korean drama “Take Care of Agasshi” (My Fair Lady), Episode One, starring Yoon Sang Hyun as Seo Dong Chan.

Seo Dong Chan is a charming guy with a positive attitude who gets through life using his wits. But he does have one problem, he borrowed money from loan sharks to pay his mother’s medical bills, and although he’s paid back the principle the lenders are after him for 400% interest, that’s an additional 50 million won (about $44,000). He doesn’t have the money to pay it back and he doesn’t want to go back to his former profession as a jebi (most often translated as gigolo or player, but more like a male host), a job that paid well and one he excelled at because he understood women and knew how to flatter them. Dong Chan’s former boss even offered to loan him the money interest free if he would come back, but he refused the offer. He’s been successful in avoiding the loan sharks… until now.

If your browser displays PDF files you can view the comic below or you can select this link to view or download the PDF (opens in new tab or window): The Loan Sharks

Design, stylized images and production by lorac; dialogue by WithS2—Written in the Heavens Subbing Squad (used with permission); original images—Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).


 Link to “Seo Dong Chan and the Loan Sharks”


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