Yoon Sang Hyun

My Fair Lady My Fair Lady

aka Take Care of Agasshi, Lady Castle
Broadcast: KBS2, Sixteen Episodes
August 19, 2009–October 8, 2009
Average viewer rating: 15.5%
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Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Yeo Eui Joo

Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Moon Chae Won

Main Cast of Characters

Kang Hae Na (강혜나)
Seo Dong Chan (서동찬)
Lee Tae Yoon (이태윤)
Yeo Eui Joo (여의주)
Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜)
Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현)
Jung Il Woo (정일우
Moon Chae Won (문채원)

Take Care of Agasshi, Part 2 – Episodes 9—11

Episode:   9 |  10  |  11

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Episode 9

It’s not easy to be with the woman you love, knowing she can never be yours, but Dong Chan sees it as a way to make up for his past wrongs. But during a chance encounter with the loan sharks, Hae Na learns that from the beginning Dong Chan’s plan was to seduce her for money. She doesn’t realize he had given up on that after leaving the first time.

Kang Su Ah confronts the three loan sharks in the lobby of Kangsan Group.

Su Ah accuses the loan sharks of attempted kidnapping during the Tenna Shoe launch show.

When the loan sharks see Kang Hae Na they pretend to pray, saying to Hae Na, “You come pray too.” (Dong Chan used the excuse of them being friends from the church when the gangsters first showed up at the Kang Estate in a prior episode.)

Hae Na: “You’re friends of Butler Seo, correct? But what are you guys doing here?”

Loan Shark: “What else? We’re here to get money at level one. Kang Hae Na, what are you doing here?”

Su Ah walks up and recognizes them as the men who tried to kidnap her during Tenna Shoes’ new line launch show, but they deny it. The head gangster says: “Lady, we didn’t do anything wrong. You know Seo Dong Chan? We only followed his instructions. You know, he told us to kidnap you (pointing to Hae Na), the pretty, cute and kind lady, but this lady was just unlucky so she got kidnapped instead. Really, you caused us so much trouble.”

Su Ah leaves to look for security guards to have the loan sharks arrested, and as they try to sneak away, Hae Na stops them. “Explain it to me. Why would Butler Seo ask you to do such a thing?”

Su Ah returns with the guards only to discover the loan sharks are gone.

Su Ah: “Where did those guys go? How did you let them get away? I’m sure they were the guys.” She sees Dong Chan in the lobby and says to Hae Na, “Isn’t that Butler Seo? I’m going to kill him.”

Hae Na: “What are you doing? He’s my butler. I should be the one to punish him, right?”

Dong Chan sees Hae Na walking quickly towards him and as she stops he mutters, “Agasshi…” just as she slaps him hard on the face.

Hae Na: “Your friends told me a really interesting story. I heard you asked your friends to teach me a lesson.”

Dong Chan: “What?”

Hae Na: “Yes, it’s a fact that I tortured you, but how could you do something like that?”

Su Ah arrives and tells Dong Chan he had better be careful because she’s going to tell her father. Hae Na asks why she is butting in since she wasn’t the target and was not harmed. She tells Su Ah, “I told you just now, he’s my butler, so I will handle it. So stop butting into my affairs.” She them tells Dong Chan to follow her.

When they are alone Hae Na says to Dong Chan, “Was it very painful? Since Su Ah found out, she would never let it go, so I had to act before she did.”

Dong Chan: “I’m all right.”

Hae Na: “Do you dislike me that much? Enough to get your friends to teach me a lesson?”

Dong Chan: “Well, it’s not quite like that…

Hae Na: “It’s all right, I know very well I’ve also done wrong, but knowing that you planned such a thing, I don’t feel good at all.”

Dong Chan: “I’m sorry, I apologize.”

Hae Na: “All right, you said you had an appointment? Aren’t you going?” In the meantime she will go meet Tae Yoon who is nearby, but will be back before the meeting.

Dong Chan goes outside to call the loan sharks, but they are not answering their phone. Eui Joo shows up and asks if Hae Na found out, and Dong Chan says he doesn’t think so. Eui Joo: “That’s good. If she found out, there would be big trouble. What were those guys doing here? My manager said she won’t let you off, what happened?” Dong Chan tells her nothing much, then excuses himself.

Dong Chan gets a call from the head loan shark who tells him they were afraid he’d give them the slip, so they came to see him. It was just their bad luck they ran into those wenches. Dong Chan asks, “You didn’t say anything you’re not supposed to say, did you?” The loan shark replies, “Why? Are you afraid we’d tell her we got you to seduce her? Am I crazy enough to say that?” The loan shark makes arrangements to meet Dong Chan the next day and hangs up, saying, “Oh, this fella is so hard to handle.” Then he looks up at Hae Na sitting across from him. “What you were telling me just now, continue with it,” Hae Na says.

Because Hae Na is late for the meeting, the boards of directors grow tired of waiting and cancel the meeting. As they walk out Dong Chan tries to stop them, but is put in his place by Director Kang. “Hey, how dare an insignificant butler like you tell us to wait.” Just at that moment Hae Na arrives. “You and your butler are making us totally speechless,” says Director Kang. She replies, “No matter, we’re still better than Director Kang who’s trying to usurp the company, right?” With tempers flaring, they argue back and forth until Dong Chan steps in between them saying, “Both of you should stop this.” “Agasshi, everyone is watching, what are you doing? Calm down. Anyhow, today’s meeting ends here. Agasshi will take her leave.”

As Director Kang walks away he calls Su Ah and tells her to find out what project Hae Na is working on.

As they leave, Dong Chan notices Hae Na is distracted and ask why. She replies that it’s nothing, that she’s distracted because she quarreled with Tae Yoon. Later that evening Hae Na begins to remember things from the past, discovering the glittery evening clothes Dong Chan passed off as sports dancing, him telling her not to trust people so easily, saying, “Agasshi, you don’t know me. Don't trust me either.” Her attitude becomes sullen, nothing pleases her. She throws a tantrum during dinner, refusing to eat anything, upturning dishes and even throwing a plate down so hard it sends chips flying, cutting Manager Jung’s face.

Dong Chan: “What are you doing?”

Hae Na: “You're the one, what are you doing?”

Dong Chan: “I know you’re in a bad mood today, but you shouldn’t behave like this. Go to Manager Jung and apologize.”

Hae Na: “What a joke. It’s not like I did it on purpose, why do I have to apologize?”

Dong Chan: “You… must not treat people like this. Manager Jung is so nice to you, how can you do something this ungrateful to her?”

Hae Na: “What? Ungrateful? You say this is not the way to treat people? Then, let me ask you something. Do you think you have the right to say this to me? Put your hand to your chest, try to think if you have the right to say that to me.”

“… try to think if you have the right to say that to me.”

“Do you think you have the right to say that to me?”

Later that evening Dong Chan and Manager Jung are talking about the incident and she comments that, “she went a little overboard today. Maybe something is bothering her.” Manager Jung then gets a call and learns that Hae Na went out by herself.

Hae Na meets with Tae Yoon and tells his she’s bored and wants to spend time with him. They walk for a while, eat cotton candy and play a little basketball, then sit down to talk. Tae Yoon begins, “Tell me, you didn’t come to me because you were bored, right?” Hae Na comments that people seem to measure her only by her wealth. “To people, I’m not Kang Hae Na, but Kangsan Group’s successor, Kang Hae Na. Rich girl with bad personality. They want to ignore me, but they can’t because of money.”

She then tells him she had a friend she trusted, but found out they were no different from the rest. He asks whom, but she tells him he doesn’t know this person. “I really trusted that friend of mine. I believed he was a good man, a kind-hearted man,” she says. Then she asks Tae Yoon if someone has ever betrayed him. He replies “Yes, but he would have to continue to trust that person to the end.” “Many times it turns out that the person wasn’t bad, but that their life circumstances were,” and that her friend may be like that. Since it’s a friend she trusted she should give them the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise. Tae Yoon’s phone rings; it’s Dong Chan who hangs up once he confirms Hae Na is with him.

The next day Dong Chan tells Hae Na he needs time off to meet some friends, so she tells him he should go and take his time. The moment Dong Chan leaves she calls the police and tells them, “He’s on his way now.”

The scene changes to the loan shark’s office where they are playing board games and talking about how they will not only take money from Hae Na but also Dong Chan (because that’s how gangsters think). There is a knock on the door and the police burst in and arrest them. Dong Chan arrives just as they are being put in the police cars, so he hides along side the building. Hae Na is in her car watching the whole thing. A policeman walks up to her car and hands her a piece of paper. It’s Dong Chan’s loan agreement, which she reads and tears up, telling the police officer, “This man has done nothing wrong.”

Dong Chan meets with Eui Joo and tells her the gangsters were arrested, but he doesn’t know who called the police, and because it happened so suddenly, it feels strange.

Dong Chan goes back to the office and finds that Hae Na is not there. He waits around, eventually falling asleep. He is awakened by his cell phone ringing and is given an address where to meet Hae Na.

He arrives at an upscale bar where Hae Na is drinking alone, but she says it’s okay now that he’s there. Still thinking Hae Na is upset with Attorney Lee he asks, “Have you made up with Attorney Lee? I thought you already made up when you came home last night.” Then he asks, “But why did you quarrel with the attorney?”

Hae Na continues, “You’re an expert in the area of love, aren’t you?”

Seo Dong Chan asks, “But why did you quarrel with the attorney?”

Hae Na (her voice tinged with bitterness): “Why? Are you going to solve it for me?”

Dong Chan (taken aback): “What?”

Hae Na: “I was able to date Tae Yoon with your help, why didn’t I think of asking you? You’re an expert in the area of love, aren’t you? Tae Yoon lied to me.”

Dong Chan: “He doesn’t seem like he’d do that.”

Hae Na: “I didn’t think so either, this is totally unexpected. I thought he was a good man, no matter how I just wanted to trust him. His eyes don’t seem to be lying, but it’s all wrong.”

Dong Chan: “So you’re disappointed with the attorney?”

Hae Na: “Disappointed? Can it be described by such a weak word as disappointed?”

Dong Chan: “Didn’t it occur to you that he might have a hidden reason?”

Hae Na: “He might have had one. But if he told me honestly, I would have understood.”

Dong Chan: “There are situations where one wants to be truthful yet can’t. Small wrongs are easily confessed. But with a really big wrong, he could have been afraid of losing you, of never seeing you again. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t do it, right?”

Hae Na: “I will never think like that, never.”

Dong Chan: “Then Agasshi, what do you want Attorney Lee Tae Yoon to do?”

Hae Na: “I want him to be honest with me. I want him to tell me everything even now, sincerely. Why am I telling you all this today? Oh, yes… Is there anything you lied about to me? Like how you told your friends to frighten me back then? Anything else you hid from me? Tell me, I will forgive you. Tell me, aren’t you hiding something?”

Dong Chan: “There’s nothing.”

Hae Na: “There’s really nothing?”

Dong Chan: “There is nothing.”

Hae Na: “Then, that’s good.”

Dong Chan: “Agasshi, I know you’re rather depressed now, but go have a heart-to-heart talk with the attorney tomorrow. Aren’t women stronger than men? So be lenient and forgive the attorney just this once.”

Hae Na: “Yes, Butler Seo. What you said is correct. I should do that. But… how is it Butler Seo understands women so well? Is it because you used to be a gigolo? (Dong Chan is shocked.) Why? You think that I don’t know you are the gigolo here to seduce me?”

But… how is it Butler Seo understands women so well?

“You think I don’t know about you being the gigolo here to seduce me?”

Dong Chan: “How did you find out?”

Hae Na: “Your friends told me all about it. Didn’t you promise them 100 million won?”

Hae Na sits in the back seat of the cab, tears welling from her eyes.

Dong Chan: “Agasshi…”

Hae Na: “Why didn’t I know? When you came to be my butler… when you came into my room… when you were my love coach… Skin ship? A kiss has to be unexpected, right? Why didn’t I see it earlier? Like a fool… like a fool…”

Dong Chan: “Agasshi.”

Hae Na: “Jerk, you fired.”

Hae Na runs to the street and hails a cab, and before Dong Chan comes to his senses she is gone. As she sits in the back seat of the cab, tears welling from her eyes, she remembers all the fun and tender moments they shared. Then she remembers him telling her not to trust him, and that memory brings more tears.

In the meantime, Kang Chul Gu and Su Ah are reviewing the Internet shopping mall proposal they copied from Hae Na’s computer, and realizing the plan has merit they devise a way to use it against her. They need to make sure Hae Na fails completely so they can consolidate their position and bring them closer to taking over control of Kangsan Group.


Dong Chan: “Did you forget you’re making the presentation at today’s meeting? It’s already pretty late, you have to hurry.”

Hae Na: “Are you thick-skinned or without feelings? How can you hold your head up?”

Dong Chan: “You can scold me as much as you like, but I will stay with you until the president returns.”

Hae Na: “Stay with me for what? No matter what, you still want to seduce me? That’s a great idea. How are you going to seduce me? I’m very curious, that’s why I asked. Answer me, how are you going to seduce me?”

Dong Chan: “You may criticize me, you can scold me too, do whatever you need to be appeased, but I’m not leaving.”

Hae Na: “If I say you’re leaving, you’re leaving. What right do you have to stay? Leave, leave right now!”

Dong Chan: “The only one who can fire me… the president is the only one.”

Hae Na: “Fine, I’ll tell grandfather, Butler Seo is an ex-gigolo who’s here to seduce me.”

Dong Chan: “Agasshi.”

Hae Na: “So this is what you’re even more afraid of? If you don’t want to embarrass yourself, it’s best you leave right now.”

Dong Chan: “Fine. If you want to, then go ahead.”

Hae Na (somewhat shocked): “What?”

Dong Chan: “No, it would be better if I told him myself. I’ll tell him the entire truth and beg for his forgiveness, then continue to stay by your side, that’s all.

Hae Na: “Indeed you used to be a gigolo, pretending to be kind-hearted, to be cool. Your pretense skills are excellent. But do you know, you being like this makes me sick, makes me vomit.”

“ Answer me, how are you going to seduce me?”

“Your pretense skills are excellent. But … you being like this makes me sick… ”

Later that day Hae Na presents her Internet shopping mall proposal to the board of directors and they tear it apart. They think it is inappropriate, excessive, and childish, almost like a princess-syndrome, but she tells them she thinks it has sufficient potential. Uncle Kang shocks her by agreeing, but he says the problem is ingenuity and originality. Hae Na asks, “What do you mean by that?” He instructs an assistant to show another proposal, one exactly like Hae Na’s, but instead using Su Ah’s image. He continues, “Last month, Tenna Shoes’ Manager Kang Su Ah came up with this concept. Director Kang, what’s this about?”

At a loss for words Han Na can only respond, “This is not possible. How could it? I certainly did not copy. Why would I have to do that?”

Director Kang replies, “Well, Director Kang, you’re probably the only one who knows the answer. You can be forgiven for not having the capability, but a person of poor moral character, how can she be the Kangsan Group successor? I submit that is out of the question.” He smiles at her with a smug expression of victory on his face.

Later as Dong Chan enters her office Hae Na demands, “What? You're still here?” as she picks up the phone to call security.

Dong Chan (putting the phone down): “What are you doing? When your grandfather returns, even if you don’t chase me away, I’ll go.”

He continues, “You intend to just give up like this? It’s not like you to give up so easily. This is only the begenning. Cheer up and start all over again. You can do it. Even Manager Kang Su Ah wants to copy it, which means it’s good, right? Don’t you think so?”

Hae Na replies, “This must be why women like you. You act so kind, gentle, and warm. But what to do, if I didn’t know you were a gigolo, I might be moved to tears, but now I think it’s all your pretense.”

Dong Chan: “I’ll be outside, let me know if you have any instructions.”

A few moments later Tae Yoon comes in and asks Hae Na to have lunch with him. Outside in the hallway they see Dong Chan and Eui Joo talking. Tae Yoon comments, “Wow, the two of them look so compatible. It’ll be such a waste if it’s just Eui Joo’s crush.” (Hae Na looks skeptical.) After they greet each other, Tae Yoon asks if Dong Chan and Eui Joo would like to join them for lunch.

“People who do that are usually kind-hearted and funny, then the women will like them. Don’t you think so, Butler Seo?”

During lunch Hae Na asks Tae Yoon if copying someone’s business proposal is an act of blatant theft and wonders if he would represent her in a lawsuit against Su Ah. Tae Yoon replies, “Count me out. Kangsan Group, I’m afraid to be burdened.” Dong Chan then asks what types of cases he takes and Tae Yoon replies, “We usually do government appointed legal aid cases. Many people commit crimes only because they can't make a living. There really are a lot of pitiful people like those immigrant workers, illegal aliens, thieves, gigolos...”

Hae Na (looking directly at Dong Chan): “You’ve defended gigolos too?”

Tae Yoon: “Yes, about three or four months ago. But that ahjussi was really funny and kind-hearted, I could hardly believe he was really a gigolo.”

Hae Na (looking at Dong Chan again): “People who do that are usually kind-hearted and funny anyway, then the women will like them, right? Don’t you think so, Butler Seo?”

With a hard stare he replies, “I don't know.”

Hae Na (to Dong Chan again): “Oh, yes. You said you danced very well, right? You also said you were popular with the women. You would be very suitable as a gigolo.”

Eui Joo (she can’t stand it any longer): “Agasshi, what is it you're trying to say?”

Hae Na (looking directly at Dong Chan): “Nothing. I just think that if you tried it, you should be very good at it. That’s all. If it made you unhappy, I’m sorry.”

Eui Joo: “I didn’t want to say anything since I’m being treated to such expensive food, but Director, how can you use such extreme words? What gigolo, how could you compare my Oppa to that?”

“What gigolo, how could you compare my Oppa to that?”

“How can you use such extreme words?”

Hae Na: “It was just a joke, why?”

Eui Joo: “Just a joke? Does anyone ever crack such an infuriating joke?”

Dong Chan finally tells Eui Joo to stop it, asking what’s wrong with her.

Hae Na: “It’s so strange. It was nothing much but why are you two so agitated? Am I right, Tae Yoon?”

After lunch they say their goodbyes and Tae Yoon and Hae Na go off to have tea. Hae Na looks back for a moment as they walk away.

When they are alone, Eui Joo asks, “Oppa, what’s wrong with her? That wench found out, right? If my intuition is correct that wench Kang Hae Na already knows about what happened to you.” Dong Chan replies, “That's right, she knows everything,” because the gangsters told her everything the day before. Eui Joo replies, “So that wench already knew, yet she purposely talked about gigolos in front of you to make fun of you?” He asks that she pretends she doesn’t know and that Hae Na is doing it because she feels betrayed and he would prefer she stays out of it because he’s having a hard enough time without her interfering.

Meanwhile, Hae Na and Tae Yoon sit silently in the teashop. He breaks the silence by saying, “Hae Na, can I ask you something? What is your relationship with Seo Dong Chan?” A bit shocked, Hae Na replies, “What kind of relationship…? No particular relationship. Why are you asking such a strange question all of a sudden?” Tae Yoon replies, “Yes, the question I’m asking sounds funny, but Hae Na, you know you were strange at the restaurant? You intentionally acted sarcastic to Butler Seo, your words were particular strong too.” She replies, “Of course I have a reason to do that.”

“…seeing how close you two were, I felt rather uneasy.”

Tae Yoon: “And what is that? Ever since the last time I met the two of you, I keep getting this feeling. The other time, seeing how close you two were, I felt rather uneasy. And today, you’re excessively cold. But today, it makes me feel even more uneasy. Am I being overly sensitive?”

Hae Na replies: “Yes, you are being too sensitive.”

Tae Yoon: “Then, I have nothing to say.” They grow silent.

Later that day Hae Na goes back to her office and finds Dong Chan sleeping, and as she looks at him she thinks, “I want to forgive him, but strangely, I find it too difficult.” She leaves without waking him. Later Dong Chan’s cell phone ringing awakened him. It’s a call from Hae Na. He’s shocked to learn she is at the club where he worked as a host. When he gets there the doorman greets him in a familiar manner. He walks through the club looking for Hae Na and when he sees her sitting alone at a table he stops for a moment and takes a deep breath before sitting down beside her.

Hae Na: “You got here faster than I expected.”

Dong Chan: “How did you know about this place?”

Hae Na: “I found out from the church where you serve. So it’s this kind of place. How does it feel to be back here after so long?”

Dong Chan (getting up): “It’s not a place for you to linger, you should go.”

Hae Na: “No.”

Dong Chan: “Agasshi.”

Hae Na: “Being here with you like this, you seem like a different person. A stranger, a stranger to me, very unfamiliar.”

Dong Chan (sighing deeply before he speaks): “Why do you keep checking up on me? (His voice breaking) Do you hate me?”

Hae Na: “It must have been hard on you, pretending to be kind-hearted, silly and pitiful all this while.”

Dong Chan: “It’s very difficult for me too, so stop it.”

Hae Na (with anger in her voice): “I haven’t even started yet. I keep wondering about what kind of place you worked, what did you look like when you were a gigolo, how you seduced women, what things you said. I keep wondering all the time.”

“Come, let’s go,”

Dong Chan grabs her arm saying, “Come, let’s go.”

Dong Chan: “Do as you wish, I’m leaving first.

Dong Chan begins to walk out, but stops and turns around only to see her crying. He walks back to the table, grabs her arm pulling her up saying, “Come, let’s go.”

As they walk down the hallway Hae Na cries out, “Let go, let me go! Let go, I’ll go by myself when I want to.”

She bites his hand and he lets go. He then grabs her and pushes her against the wall.

You want to see how I looked as a gigolo? Fine, I'll show you.

“Tell me the truth, is this what you want?”

Dong Chan: “What the hell are you doing? How can you be so cruel? Must you do this?”

Hae Na: “What’s wrong? What did I do?”

Dong Chan: “What did you say just now? You want to see how I looked as a gigolo? Fine, I'll show you. But how rich are you? A woman like you who’s bad-tempered and unlikable, to be with you will require a lot of money. How much money did you bring? How much can you give me?”

Hae Na: “What? Get lost, I told you to get lost! Why are you doing this? Why are you making me scared?”

Dong Chan: “Tell me the truth, what is it you want? ”

With Hae Na against the wall Dong Chan moves closer, his face and lips almost touching hers. “Is this what you want?” he says.

Their closeness is not intimate, it’s more like pain and longing tinged with a sense of betrayal and guilt. Tears flow from Hae Na’s eyes.

Hae Na breaks free and runs outside; Dong Chan follows. He searches up and down the streets for her, and when he finally sees her he runs to her and stops. A lost and dejected Hae Na looks up at him as he calls her name out softly, “Hae Na.” She hesitates a moment then turns away and begins to cross the street, unaware a truck is approaching. Dong Chan pulls her out of traffic and embraces her. His longing and guilt and her pain and confusion are expressed in their tear-filled eyes.

Dong Chan pulls her out of traffic and embraces her.
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Episode 10

The episode begins with a replay of the last scene with Dong Chan pulling Hae Na out of traffic, away from an oncoming truck. Hae Na breaks away from the embrace and turns to go but Dong Chan stops her by grabbing her arm. “Let go” she says, but he replies, “Hae Na… let’s go home.”

Hae Na, let’s go home.

“Hae Na… let’s go home.”

They ride home in silence, Hae Na in the back seat fighting back tears, Dong Chan not daring to look at her. When they get home she does not wait for the car door to be opened, she gets out and brushes past Manager Jung who asks Dong Chan if they had another fight. Manager Jung tells Hae Na that Lee Tae Yoon has been trying to call her and asks if she has eaten, but Hae Na walks away without saying a word. Alone in her room, Hae Na replays in her mind the scene in the host bar. She ignores her ringing cell phone, a call from Tae Yoon who’s wondering if something happened.

The next day Eui Yoo recalls the conversation at lunch the day before and decided to go with her mother to the Kang estate on a flower delivery. She asks to see Hae Na. “I heard you know about it, Director.” Hae Na replies, “What? Ah… the fact that Seo Dong Chan was a gigolo? Yes, I know. I also know that he became my butler in order to seduce me, and that he wasn’t the Seo Dong Chan I knew.”

Ein Joo: “It’s true, he was a gigolo (jebi), but… he did it to pay for his mother’s medical bills, he had no other choice. All he did was try to save his mother. He didn’t care what he did, all he wanted was for his mom to get better. Yes, working for you and intending to seduce you was wrong, but after all, did he do anything to harm you? Has he obstructed you in any way? Did he ask you for money? Even though you treated him badly every day, he took care of you and stayed by your side. He’s so good to you that it drives me crazy watching from the sidelines. What has Oppa done wrong that you had to look down on him and harassed him so much? And please, stop being so bratty.”

Kang Hae Na and Eui Joo, the two women in Dong Chan’s life. 

“What has Oppa done wrong that you had to looked down
on him and harassed him so much?”

Lee Tae Yoon arrives just as Eui Joo is leaving. He asks if she and Eui Joo had an argument, but Hae Na says no it wasn’t an argument, something just came up. Hae Na then apologized for not taking his call the night before. He replies that it’s okay and now that he sees her everything is fine. He then asks, “But why is Butler Seo not around?” She replies, “It seems he went out because he had an appointment.”

The scene changes to Dong Chan in the countryside, sitting by his mother’s tomb. In his hand is a hairpin, one that Hae Na asked him to hold for her, and one he’s had for some time. He gently caresses it as he thinks about Hae Na. “Mom, am I pathetic? I don’t know why I live like this either, but I care for her a lot and still feel that she’s really adorable. Really, really pretty.”

Seo Dong Chan sits by his mother's tomb.

“I don’t know why I live like this either… but I care for her a lot .”

LATER THAT EVENING Dong Chan tells Hae Na, “Yesterday… yesterday, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that, but it came naturally to me.” Hae Na tells him even though she made it hard for him, she was really happy and very grateful when he said, “Because I’m Agasshi’s butler.” But because she trusted him and thought he was sincere, she feels betrayed and asks, “Is it okay for me to trust you? Can I trust in you again?”

Dong Chan: “You asked me before if I’d hidden anything from you, and if I had, to tell you the truth. But I didn’t want to tell you. Even though the whole world knew, I didn’t want to tell Agasshi what kind of person I was… because… because… I had feelings for you.”

“Quitting my job, and turning you down when you asked me to come back was all because I liked you. But now, staying by Agasshi’s side is to make up for the mistake of deceiving you. I have let go of having you in my heart, so you don’t have to worry. You can believe that.”

Dong Chan bows to Hae Na and leaves; Hae Na sighs deeply, thinking about what he said.

“because… I had feelings for you.”

“I didn’t want to tell you what kind of person I was…
because… I had feelings for you.”

Suspecting there is more to their relationship, Lee Tae Yoon meets with Yeo Eui Joo to ask if something is going on between Dong Chan and Hae Na. She comments that if he doesn’t like Dong Chan by Hae Na’s side there is only one way to solve both their problems, he should marry Hae Na right away because she won’t marry into his family and take her butlers with her.

Later at the office Dong Chan gives Eui Joo a USB drive containing files he took from Su Ah’s computer and asks her to check it out to see if they are duplicates of Hae Na’s marketing presentation. She comments that she is envious of Hae Na, not that she has money, but that she has a butler like Dong Chan and wishes she had a butler like him too. She agrees to contact him if there is a problem with the files. As she leaves she begins to tell him of her meeting with Lee Tae Yoon, “That person is a little....” She hesitates then decides not to tell Dong Chan about the conversation, making up a lame excuse about Tae Yoon being really funny and that he doesn’t seem like an attorney. As she walks away Dong Chan wonders what she meant by “That person is a little... .”

While in Hae Na’s office Su Ah wonders why she is continuing with the Internet shopping mall because she thought she wanted to shut it down. Hae Na tells her that it’s none of her business since she (Su Ah) has “stolen something from someone,” so why would she have any right to speak so loudly. Just as Su Ah accuses Hae Na of defamation and maligning her Dong Chan walks in. He says that if Hae Na is maligning anyone the truth will soon be revealed as there are signs of duplicate copies being made in Agasshi’s office and it seems there is a spy… Su Ah replies, “Spy?” Dong Chan tells her not to worry because they can take their time catching the criminal. As Su Ah leaves Dong Chan comments, “You work hard too. Isn’t there something called friendly competition.” But the thing what worries him is that Agasshi is originally pretty and charismatic, “so I wonder if there is really any competition.” Hae Na laughs as Su Ah walks out in a huff. Hae Na tells Dong Chan that she is glad he is on her side, but to watch out for Su Ah’s hatred.

I was immature and didn’t have money, and wanted to live an easy life…    

Later that day Dong Chan suggest that after work he and Hae Na go to a pojangmacha (roadside food stand), for soju. While there Dong Chan asks if she’s uncomfortable because he confessed that he liked her. Hae Na admits that their relationship has become uncomfortable. “You’re not the kind, straightforward, nagging Butler Seo anymore.” And she doesn’t know how to treat him either. He suggests another butler be assigned, but she says that is not necessary, it will just take time. She just needs time to understand the part of him she never knew.

Hae Na then asks, “But why did you live that way? Was there really no other way? Answer me, I want to know.”

Dong Chan: “It’s because I was a bad guy. I was immature and I didn’t have money, and wanted to live an easy life, that’s why I lived that way.”

Hae Na: “Why didn’t you say it was because of your mother? Wasn’t is because of your deceased mother? But why didn’t you say that?”

Dong Chan: (surprised that Hae Na knows this detail), “If I said that, would anything be different? Even if that were the case, what I did can’t be justified as being good. Isn’t that so?”

As they leave the pojangmacha Hae Na comments, “I think it was a good thing, learning all about you. If not, you will keep living in order to hide something, isn’t that so?” She continues, “You said it before too. The beginning of all human relationships is the most important. Let’s start over, like we’re meeting for the first time.”

Hae na offers her hand as they agree to start over.

They agree to start over, as though they’ve just met.

When they arrive home Dong Chan and Hae Na find Attorney Lee Tae Yoon waiting for them. Attorney Lee feels uneasy when he notices that Hae Na is driving the car, not Dong Chan, and he feels even worse after Hae Na explains “because… Butler Seo had a drink, so I helped him drive. Am I not kind?” Her innocent reply does nothing to easy his mind. While Hae Na leaves to take a phone call from her grandfather, Attorney Lee confronts Dong Chan saying, “I feel that Butler Seo is a good person, and I feel that Hae Na really needs you. Don’t let this thought change.”

The next day Dong Chan teaches Hae Na how to make kimbap for her date with Lee Tae Yoon. She reminds him of his promise to help her fulfill a wish and that he should not forget it. “Right, I know,” he says. She asks him if he wants to go on the bike ride, but he tells her he has a date with Eui Joo. She agrees that it is good that he has a date, but she appears to be just a bit flustered at the idea. That is soon forgotten when they begin to argue over her kimbap making technique.

Dong Chan meets Eui Joo for his “one-day butler” date. His desire is to fulfill her every wish and give her the feeling of having a butler (just like Hae Na). He calls her Yeo Eui Joo Agasshi and tells her she has only one day and not to waste it. They go shopping and Dong Chan buys her a “princess” dress. When he sees her in the dress there is a glimmer of how he could have liked her if only he had not met Hae Na. They go around doing all kinds of fun things. As they walk through the park Dong Chan sees bike riders and gets distracted, thinking of Hae Na’s date with Tae Yoon.

Dong Chan meets Eui Joo for their “one-day butler” date.

“You have one day, so don’t waste it.”

The scene changes to Hae Na and Tae Yoon on their bike riding date. They stop for lunch and Hae Na presents him with the kimbap, telling him she made it herself. He’s surprised and she admits that Dong Chan helped her with it that morning. He asks if she can leave Butler Seo’s side. He asks with hesitation, “Can’t you… do without butlers?” It’s not that he disapproves of her lifestyle, but he thinks it’s not right. She asks if it is Butler Seo or her lifestyle that is not right. He says it’s both. She replies that Butler Seo is the reason they could develop their relationship. It was because of him that she was able to go to the countryside to participate in farming and to take part in the charity night. It’s because of Butler Seo’s assistance that they are dating, and when she thinks about it she is grateful. Can’t he be as well?

The scene changes to Dong Chan and Eui Joo in the park eating ice cream. Eui Joo wants to know if he is as attentive to Hae Na each day. He asks, “How can I be good to her? We yell at each other every day, and fight every day, that’s all.”

Eating ice cream in the park.

“Don’t you feel tired being by her side, a girl who doesn’t know anything?”

She asks, “Don’t you feel tired being by her side, a girl who doesn’t know anything? And with such a long time crush, don’t you get sick of it?”

Dong Chan: “I’m sick of it too, I’m tired, so I’m trying to get over it, but it’s not easy. Is it harder to see her and feel pain or not to see her and miss her? I don’t know”.

Eui Joo wonders what is wrong with him and what is there about Hae Na that makes him suffer for her? Will she understand him if he’s that way. Dong Chan replies that he’s never hoped that Hae Na would understand his heart because he’s not that greedy. Becoming more upset as the conversation goes on she comments, “Is that so?” I’m still worried that you are aiming for the moon.” She then gives him some advice, “Forget her, no matter what, you have to forget her.” Eui Joo gets up and walks away, leaving Dong Chan bewildered and upset.

The scene changes to Hae Na and Tae Yoon in front of her mansion making small talking after their date. Tae Yoon apologizes for the things he said about her butlers, and that he will work hard to accommodate her lifestyle. He asks her to promise that if they get married her butlers will not accompany her, but Hae Na tells him it’s too early to be thinking about that. Tae Yoon leaves after an ambiguous hug that seems more like one between friends than lovers.

Hae Na turns to go into the house, but sees Dong Chan walking up the driveway. At the same moment her attention is drawn to a cab pulling up with Eui Joo inside. Eui Joo gets out and rushes up to Dong Chan, embracing him. He’s startled, not knowing what to think. Eui Joo apologized for the harsh words that of all people she should not utter. Dong Chan asks if she came all that way just to tell him that. There is nothing to be sorry for and that she is always kind. She hesitates, wanting to say something else…

For a really long time
I’ve liked only you.

Dong Chan tells her not to cry and that he didn’t take it to heart and she shouldn’t worry. He then asks if that is all she wanted to say. With tears rolling down her cheeks she looks at him for a moment then impulsively kisses him. Hae Na sees the kiss and tries to look away, but can’t.

Eui Joo: “… I really like oppa. I really like you. For a very long time I’ve liked only you.” Eui Joo rushes to the cab and leaves. Dong Chan is left wondering what to think, but as he turns he sees Hae Na and realizes she saw the whole scene. “I didn’t see anything at all… really,” Hae Na says as she turns and walks into the mansion. Inside, Hae Na tries to sort out the complex emotions she is feeling after witnessing the kiss between Dong Chan and Eui Joo. Dong Chan is worried about Eui Joo as she is ignoring his text messages, while Eui Joo wonders how she can face him in the future.

That evening Hae Na watches Dong Chan pace back and forth in the garden. She is unsure, her chaotic emotions being a new experience. The next morning as they meet in the hallway Dong Chan and Hae Na are not sure what to say to each other. Dong Chan begins, “Agasshi… Yesterday…” but the awkward moment ends when one of the butlers announces that grandfather has returned.

Hae Na rushes out to greet grandfather; Dong Chan stands silently, knowing this is the beginning of the end of his time with Agasshi. President Kang asks if Hae Na got into trouble when he was gone. Dong Chan replies, “It seems like she did… not get into any big trouble.” When asked if she is still working hard at the company he replies, “Just to a level of working hard.” Hae Na protests, saying that is not the case.

Kang Chul Gu and his family greet President Kang on his reutrn from America.

Kang Chul Gu and his family rush in, pretending to be glad
to see that President Kang looks healthy.

At that moment Kang Chul Gu and his family rush in, pretending to be glad to see that President Kang is back and looking so well. Dong Chan comments to himself that he’s surprised that the president came back so soon. President Kang then announces that he came back early to attend the weekend anniversary of Kangsan Group because he is going to announce that Hae Na is the successor. The smile leaves Director Kang’s face as he comments, “Successor… Hae Na?” President Kang replies that besides Hae Na who else could there be. Director Kang replies, Ah, no, you are right.”

As they leave, Su Ah complains to her father that Hae Na is not qualified to become successor and asks why he didn’t say anything. Kang Chul Gu replies, “Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

Manager Jang tells Manager Jung that President Kang returned from America early because he couldn’t get surgery for his advanced heart condition and isn’t expected to live past winter. He doesn’t want anyone to know, especially Hae Na.

Hae Na confides to Dong Chan that she doesn’t know how to be successor and doesn’t even want it. He replies that people can’t live their lives only doing what they want, and even if they hate what they are doing if they work hard they will definitely learn something. He uses himself as an example, saying he doesn’t like being a butler, but he is very good at it. He assures her she will do well even though she is rude and doesn’t take people’s advise, disregards and bullies them, and that she should get rid of those bad habits.

She asks why he is such a nag today and he replies, “Because I’m Agasshi’s butler… until the weekend,” and then he will leave. As Dong Chan walks away, Hae Na quietly says to herself, “Weekend.”

In the meantime, Lee Tae Yoon buys “couples rings.”

Filled with bitterness, Eui Joo watches as Dong Chan comforts Hae Na.

On the day of the anniversary celebration, Dong Chan watches Hae Na descend the stairs. He is left speechless by her beauty. As she draws near him she trips, falling into his arms. They are embarrassed by the intimacy and pull away. After a long moment Dong Chan offers his hand saying, “Take it, I’ll help you.”

Eui Yoo shows up wearing her “princess” dress, and as she drinks Champaign she rehearses what she will say to Dong Chan. “Oppa, will you go out with me? Dong Chan Oppa, go out with me.” She is exasperated because nothing seems to work. Off in the distance she sees him running to a meeting room and follows.

While rehearsing her anniversary speech, a nervous Hae Na drops a water glass and breaks it, cutting her finger. Unseen by the couple, Yeo Eun Joo watches as a tender and caring Dong Chan comforts Hae Na. She leaves quietly, but runs into Lee Tae Yoon outside. She hesitates for a moment, and then makes a decision. She reveals that Dong Chan became Hae Na’s butler in order to seduce her for money, but he has given up on that plan, but what is worse is that Dong Chan is in love with Hae Na.

Dong Chan comforts Hae Na.

Yeo Eun Joo watches a tender and caring Dong Chan comfort Hae Na.

Just before Hae Na is to give her speech she tells Dong Chan she wants to claim the wish he promised her. He won’t agree until she tells him what it is saying, “These kinds of things you remember so clearly.” “Which wish?” With hesitation she begins, “Don't leave. Grandfather has returned, but don’t leave. Stay with me… that is my wish.”

Dong Chan is shocked, but has no time to respond before Hae Na is called out to give her speech.

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Episode 11

The episode begins with guests arriving for the anniversary party. Su Ah’s friends are chiding her for losing out to Hae Na. One friend comments, “Seriously. Speaking of which, Su Ah, what happens to you? In this contest you couldn’t even put up a fight, and you lost. You probably didn’t have a chance from the start.” She replies, “Think whatever you like. But we’ll see what happens in the end. By the way… Things should get interesting later, so don’t leave too early.” At the same time, Eui Joo is telling Tae Yoon that although Dong Chan entered Kang Hae Na’s house to seduce her, he no longer has that intent because he loves her.

The scene changes to Hae Na and Dong Chan, him waiting to hear the wish and her hesitating to ask him to stay with her. He is speechless, she asks why he isn't saying anything, but before he can reply Hae Na is called to give her successor speech. Before they leave she asks, “You will be watching out for me, right?” He replies, “Of course I will, Agasshi. Let’s go.”

“Don’t leave... stay with me.”

“Don’t leave… stay with me.”

A few moments later Dong Chan runs into Eui Joo. “Oppa, I’m sorry. Never mind, I’m not sorry. I’ve done nothing to be sorry for,” she says walking away. This leaves Dong Chan wondering what it is she is talking about.

As Hae Na begins her speech, a group of trustees and directors under the influence of Director Kang begins to walk out, saying, “This is ridiculous! This cannot be. Director Kang doesn’t have any experience.” Hae Na agrees that she may not be the best qualified to lead Kangsan Group, but she does have pride and is willing to apply herself and give her best effort, and if she cannot succeed she will step down as successor. Later grandfather scolds Hae Na and tells her she has played right into their hands and now has to live up to it.

In the meantime, Lee Tae Yoon confronts Dong Chan, punching him in the face and telling him to keep his hands off Hae Na. Just then Hae Na shows up and asks what they have been doing. Lee Tae Yoon offers to take her home and on the way he suggests that if Hae Na doesn’t like working at Kangsan Group she should marry him instead. She laughs it off, but he is serious. “Let's marry,” he says.

“Keep your hands off Hae Na.”

“Keep your hands off Hae Na.”

Hae Na arrives home, still perplexed by the marriage proposal. When she mentions the marriage proposal to Dong Chan he hides his emotions and congratulates her, saying she should be thankful that Tae Yoon would want to take in a walking accident like her. When she comments that it seems like he’s happy to hear that she might get married he replies, “Of course I’m happy. It means automatic freedom from a life of servitude.” He also advises her not to keep a jibsa when she marries and that Tae Yoon should take care of her.

As they say good night Dong Chan comments, “By the way, Agasshi, today you were quite impressive.” He continues, quoting her from earlier in the day, “ ‘My pride won’t allow for it.’ Your confidence and commanding presence were very impressive. In the future, continue to live as that impressive Kang Hae Na. It suits you, Agasshi.”

“Agasshi, today you were quite impressive.”

“By the way, Agasshi, today you were quite impressive.”

Later that night Kang Hae Na thinks about the two men and their reactions to the Kangsan Group rift, Tae Yoon doubting her ability to succeed in business and suggesting she marries him, while Dong Chan is full of confidence that she can succeed at anything she tries.

The next day Dong Chan meets Tae Yoon to inform him he is quitting and will leave in a day or two. He continues, “If there was room for any misunderstandings, it was entirely my fault. Hae Na has done nothing wrong since I was the only one who had feelings. I want to apologize sincerely for the things that have upset you. Don’t forget that you are the only one Agasshi likes.”

The next day at work Dong Chan corners Eui Yoo and tells her not to worry about telling Tae Yoon everything and that in a way he is relieved that it is out in the open. He also tells her he is quitting and will return home and to prepare his room.

DONG CHAN’S LAST GESTURE before leaving is to help Hae Na launch the Internet shopping mall. He gathers the team while Hae Na completes the design and they work through the night to get it ready for launch the next day. As the day begins to break Dong Chan rushes Hae Na up to the rooftop. When his mother was ill and hospitalized they would go to the rooftop and wait for the dawn, and the memory of that feeling of confidence, of being alive and that everything would work out fine as a new day dawned is what he wants to share with Hae Na. As the sun rises he begins, “Agasshi, congratulations on your new start. And… as of now, I’m leaving this position. I’m sorry that I am unable to grant your wish that I stay with you. But… my heart is light.”

…that feeling of confidence, of being alive and that everything would work out fine.

“Butler Seo… this time, I'll let go first.”

Hae Na wonders if she can get along without Dong Chan, but he tells her she is a person who can do well without him. She asks if it was hard while he’s been back and he says no, this time he’s been happy. “Butler Seo… before you quit… this time, I will let go first. Seo Dong Chan, you’re fired,” she says.

Many on the Board of Directors hope that Hae Na will fail.

The board of directors confront Hae Na.

Without Dong Chan’s subtle guidance and influence, Hae Na gets into trouble with the Internet shopping mall when she uses company funds to make purchases to inflate sales. Earlier she agreed to increase sales by 15% in one month when Director Kang challenged her ability to run the company. As the most powerful member of the board of directors, he stands to benefit if Hae Na fails, so he does everything he can to undermine her position.

Acting impulsively, Hae Na becomes her own worse enemy. She feels guilty when her grandfather praises her on the sales increase and regrets using underhanded methods to increase sales. She admits to herself that Dong Chan would not have approved and wonders if she would have made those mistakes if he were there.

Lee Tae Yoon and Hae Na meet and he asks her to marry him. He admits to feeling a bit awkward because he doesn’t usually do these things well, so he is following the advice of his partner who said a proposal has to be memorable. He continues, “When I said we should get married, it wasn’t a proposal. Today is the real thing. Hae Na, will you marry me?” He sets the ring down in front of her, but she looks at it in silence. She asks if she can be honest, saying it’s been really hard for her these days. He asks, “Because of Butler Seo? Are you sure I’m the one you like?” (Obviously Tae Yoon is not good at these things. You don’t ask the woman you just proposed to if she likes another man.)

Later that night as Dong Chan leaves the florist shop he gets a call. It’s from the manager of an upscale lounge where Hae Na has been drinking (it’s her reaction to Tae Yoon's proposal). She’s so glad to see him, but wonders why he’s there.

“ I came because you called.”

“I heard you asked them to call your butler so you could go home.”

Dong Chan: “What am I doing here? I came because you called.”

Hae Na: “Me? I didn’t… I never called you.”

Dong Chan: “I heard you asked them to call your butler so you could go home.”

Hae Na: “No, there’s no reason I would have done that. I did? I must have! I must be drunk? Why would I do such a thing? Gosh, Butler Seo, it’s nice to see you again. Have a drink.”

He declines, telling her to get up. She doesn’t want to, and instead asks, “Butler Seo, how have you been?”

He again suggests they leave, but she asks, “Why do you keep talking about leaving? I’m just happy to see you, But Butler Seo, ever since you left… You’ve gotten cuter. So cute!”

their lips meet in an almost kiss…

She playfully grabs his cheeks and pulls him closer, and as he tries to free himself their lips meet in an almost kiss… and a look that conveys his longing and love for her and the unconscious feelings for him she is just beginning to acknowledge. They are embarrassed and pull away, each protesting that nothing happened during what seemed like an eternity in time.

Dong Chan finally gets her out of the bar and is trying to walk with her, but she is too drunk.

Hae Na begins singing, “Butler Seo is a vagabond musician. Butler Seo is a vagabond musician….” Dong Chan replies, “Be quiet, people are staring,” and asks that she tries to walk straight, but she replies, “I’m walking straight… ground… why do you keep moving?” He finally gives up and piggybacks her even though she insists she can walk just fine. When he says he doesn’t want to hear it she asks if he is making fun of her and that he’s fired. He reminds her he is already fired, and then asks, “Did something bad happen?” She says no, so he asks why she drank so much and if she fought with Tae Yoon. She admits she fought with Tae Yoon, but there was also much more.

You’re not my butler...

“You’re not my butler, it’s not
for you to know!”

He asks again what happened, but she tells him, “You’re not my butler, it’s not for you to know. You’re not my butler, so I’m not telling you anything.”

Okay, he won’t listen to anything. Hae Na calls him a jerk and blames him, saying it’s his entire fault. “Because you’re not here, it ended up like this. It’s all your fault… because you’re not here… because you left…”

Dong Chan finally gets her home and gently puts her down on the couch. He begins, “Have you regained your bearings? Agasshi, I have to go, but I wanted to say one thing before I leave. As for the difficulty you’re dealing with… all right, I won’t ask, but how long are you going to keep living so childishly? Drinking and complaining, do you think it suits you? I know it’s hard, but all I’m saying is you need to keep your wits about you… That’s why, with your own volition, you need to be strong and stand on your own two feet.”

As he is leaving President Kang stops him and asks what happened. Dong Chan tells him “It seems Agasshi was very drunk and gave the wrong number for calling her butler.” Chairman Kang replies, “This is very unfortunate, to cause trouble for you even after you’ve quit.” Dong Chan tells him it’s fine and not to worry and starts to leave. Chairman Kang stops him by saying, “Butler Seo. There’s… never mind. It’s nothing. You should get going.” President Kang knows that Hae Na is more competent with Dong Chan by her side, but he is aware that it cannot continue because she needs to find her own strength.

The next day Kang Chul Gu and Su Ah learn that Hae Na used her own funds to buy merchandise to increase sales and take the evidence to Chairman Kang. Director Kang demands to know how Hae Na can run the company when she uses such questionable tactics. Chairman Kang listens to their accusations then asks Director Kang and Su Ah to leave.

When grandfather is alone with Hae Na he asks her to account for her actions. She explains she did nothing wrong because she bought the merchandise with my own money. She doesn't realize that her money is the Chairman’s money and that her actions can be considered stock manipulation.

They get into a fight and he kicks her out of the house saying, “You don’t even know what you did wrong, and you don’t realize how dangerous it was, so how can I entrust Kangsan Group to you? I don’t even want to give you a single grain of rice!” The servants are told to, “Pack her bags and get Hae Na out of here,” and that if anyone is caught helping Hae Na they will be immediately fired. And to make matters worse, he cancels all of her credit cards. With no credit cards and very little money in her purse, and no friends to turn to, she ends up at an exclusive hotel in a standard room with only mini-bottles of whiskey to drink for nourishment. Exiled from home and Kangsan Group, she is left without resources and no one to turn to… except Seo Dong Chan.

Get up, you have to go home.

“Hurry and get up. You have to go home.”

To be continued… Take Care of Agasshi Part 3. Send me an email if you would like to be notified when Part Three (Episodes 12—16) is published.

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