Yoon Sang Hyun

My Fair Lady My Fair Lady, Take Care of Agasshi

aka Take Care of Agasshi, Lady Castle
Broadcast: KBS2, Sixteen Episodes
August 19, 2009–October 8, 2009
Average viewer rating: 15.5%
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My Fair Lady - Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun and Jung Il Woo

My Fair Lady — Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun & Jung Il Woo

Main Cast of Characters

Kang Hae Na (강혜나)
Seo Dong Chan (서동찬)
Lee Tae Yoon (이태윤)
Yeo Eui Joo (여의주)
Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜)
Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현)
Jung Il Woo (정일우
Moon Chae Won (문채원)

Take Care of Agasshi, Part 1 (Episodes 1—8)

Episode:   1 |  2–7  |  8

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Kang Hae Na is one of Korea’s richest women, and because she never lacks for money, she doesn’t understand its value in society. She has poor people skills; she is childish, rude and conceited. Seo Dong Chan is struggling to get by in life, but he has a winning personality and an uncanny ability to make things work; he is street smart. Their initial meeting is a grand clash of personalities, each wanting to be victorious. Dong Chan comes up with a scheme to use Hae Na to solve a pressing financial issue, but as he gets to know her attraction develops, making it difficult for him to carry through with his plan. As Hae Na begins to rely on Dong Chan she also finds herself attracted to him, but before love can be realized they must overcome many obstacles, not the least being their strong personalities, family relationships and life circumstances.


Episode 1

KANG HAE NA (Yoon Eun Hye) is the 24-years old future successor to Kangsan Group; a large conglomerate founded by her grandfather, Kang Man Ho. Kangsan Group is one of the most influential enterprises in East Asia, making Kang Hae Na one of Korea’s richest women. She excels at horse riding, shooting, kendo and all kinds of sports. She also has a bad temper and has no tolerance for other people who make mistakes. She has gone through sixteen personal attendants (jibsa, butler) and Mr Jang, the Kang’s household manager, is finding it extremely difficult to find a replacement for the one she fired after only five minutes on the job. In addition, because Kang Hae Na never lacks for money, she doesn’t understand its value in society and the impact it has on those less fortunate than her.

Chairman Kang wants Kang Hae Na to take over the company even though she shows no inclination for business. Her only blood relatives, uncle Kang Chul Gu (Kim Myung Gook), the most powerful member of the Board of Directors of Kangsan Group, and her cousin Kang Su Ah (Jang Ah Young) who runs Tenna Shoes, a design subsidiary, are waiting for her to fail so that they can take over the business empire. It is not that they would do anything to harm her, but they will take advantage of any situation that puts Hae Na at a disadvantage.

Kang Hae Na does not want to marry either. She has rejected every matchmaking date her grandfather has arranged and she’d as soon alienate the prospective husband and parents even if it means embarrassing her grandfather. She doesn’t want responsibilities, she just wants to have fun and spend her life with grandfather.

Butler Seo (Seo Jibsa)

SEO DONG CHAN (Yoon Sang Hyun) is a charming, mostly good-hearted guy with a hot temper and glib tongue who often gets himself into trouble with the former and out of it with the latter. He's trying to be good, but trouble just seems to find him. He’s also in debt and struggles to pay off his lenders, but it is difficult since honest work just doesn’t pay that much (source: Dramabeans well-written description of Seo Dong Chan).

Seo Dong Chan lives with his long-time friend, Yeo Eui Joo (Moon Chae Won) who has been in unrequited love with him for ten years, and her mother, Kim Seung Ja (Kwon Ki Sun), a friend of Dong Chan’s deceased mother. He not only works at Flower Garden, a florist shop owned by Kim Seung Ja, but also does a variety of odd jobs that include substitute driver and delivery. He is also a church deacon where he uses his glib tongue to give inspiring sermons.

Seo Dong Chan is heavily in debt to loan sharks for money he borrowed to pay his mother’s medical bills, and although he’s paid the principle, the lenders are still after him to pay an additional 400% interest (50 million won). He doesn’t have the money and doesn’t want to go back to his former profession as a jebi, (most often translated as gigolo or player, but more like a male host), a job that paid well and one he excelled at because he understood women and knew how to flatter them, especially rich women. And because Dong Chan was good, his former boss even offered to lend him the money interest free if he would come back, but he declined.

As Dong Chan leaves the church after a rousing sermon he says, “Oh, what I wouldn’t do to make a living. A fellow like me would even give testimony.” He’s unaware three loan sharks are waiting outside for him.

Loan Shark: “Butler Seo, we’re here to experience God’s grace too. We were wondering what you did after taking our money, never imagined you would do such a great thing.”

Dong Chan: “Hey, it’s been a long time since we met. When I gave my testimony today, do you know how much I prayed for you guys?”

Cover: Seo Dong Chan and the Loan Sharks

Dong Chan needs to ditch the loan sharks and takes off running as fast as he can, down streets and alleyways, narrowly avoiding construction workers, only to end up in a dead end alley, cornered by the loan sharks.

Loan Shark: “The weather is so hot, let’s not waste any more effort and solve this now. Either you return the money, or you go to the heaven where your God is.”

Dong Chan: “Money? What money? The 50 million that I owe, I’ve already returned it, haven’t I?”

Loan Shark: “Seo Dong Chan, your calculations are so way-off. The principle has been returned, but interest… don’t you know about the interest?”

Dong Chan: “Interest? An annual interest rate of 400%, is that interest? You robbers…”

Dong Chan: Do you know about restriction laws on interest rates? Annual interest rates of 40% and above are prohibited. And if you carry out malicious extortion threats Constitutional Law No. 300… no wait, ah, Law No. 350, blackmail, it falls under blackmail. Do you know how scary the crime of blackmail is? At the least, it’s 20 years in jail and a fine of 20 million won. You fellas, how ignorant you are, how dare you blackmail…blackmail. Looking at our past ties, I’ll let you off this time. So from now on, you should stop loitering in front of me. Do you understand? Ah, it’s so hard to live a decent life.

At first, the loan sharks are speechless, but as Dong Chan walks away, the loan shark boss grabs his ear and twists, leaving Dong Chan grimacing in pain.

While out making a Flower Garden delivery Dong Chan is cuts him off in traffic by Kang Hae Na, and the sudden stop dumps the flower bouquets in the street. He walks up to her car and knocks on the window. “What’s your problem? A beautiful lady like you, why do you drive so dangerously? Don’t you know you almost caused an accident?” Hae Na casually replies, “There’s no accident, so isn’t it all right?” They bicker back and forth until Hae Na hands him some money. Dong Chan responds, “Hey you, in this situation shouldn’t you first say sorry?” She tosses him more money and drives away. Her rudeness irritates him; he can’t forget it and pushes the encounter to an extreme and they both end up at the police station after a car chase that ended with Hae Na crashing into Dong Chan’s delivery truck.

"Don’t you know you almost caused an accident?"

“Don’t you know you almost caused an accident?”

Dong Chan’s hot temper prevents him from accepting money to settle the incident, an amount that would easily pay off his debt because Hae Na insults his integrity and accuses him of being a grifter.

Dong Chan: “You saw how twisted my vehicle was, right? Putting aside the vehicle, there is a person in there too, so how can she just crash right into it like that? Obviously, this is attempted murder…”

Hae Na’s attorney: “Attempted murder is an exaggerating, right? I told you Agasshi is not well versed in driving. I admit that she made a small mistake, so please consider our social status. Will 20 million do?”

Dong Chan: “What? 20 million...? Are you kidding me now?”

Attorney: “Hey, just give us some face and accommodate us a little bit, all right? Will 30 million won settle it?”

Dong Chan: “30 million? What do you take me for?”

Attorney: “Okay then, we will give you 50 million won.”

Hae Na (stepping in): “Forget it. Stop. Tell us, you’re an old hand at this. One look at you and I can tell. Right now, you must be thinking you’ve struck lottery, but I’m sorry, I can’t let it go on like this.”

Dong Chan: “What nonsense are you saying? I will surely not settle for any compensation. No. Never. Folks like you who talk with their money and are so rude, I’ll teach you about social justice.”

Hae Na: “Someone like you who is a beggar?”

Dong Chan: “Now you’re calling me a beggar?”

Hae Na: “Yes, you are acting right now, aren’t you? Nevertheless, you’re just trying to get more money from me; you think I don’t know that.”

They continue to bicker back and forth.“You think I’m scared of you? Then, I’ll just fight you to the end. See you in court” Dong Chan says. Hae Na goes on trial and is convicted of violating traffic regulations and is fined 10 million won (about $8,800) and sentenced to 150 hours community service.

Kang Hae Na plots revenge.

Kang Hae Na wants only one thing, revenge.

After completing her community service, Kang Hae Na wants one thing, revenge. “Find me that jerk,” she tells her attendant. She finds out where he lives and buys the house with instructions to tear it down. She also learns Dong Chan works as a replacement driver and hires him. She gets in the back seat of the car and after a few moments, begins to speak,

Hae Na: “Your hair has grown longer. You’re working as a butler?”

(Dong Chan doesn’t recognize her at first.)

Hae Na: “That’s upsetting, don’t you remember me?”

Dong Chan: (looking in the mirror) “Who are you? Oh, it’s you.”

Hae Na: “Yes, I’m Kang Hae Na. Thanks to you, I contributed my service for social justice. Meeting coincidentally like this, I’d like to repay you.”

Dong Chan: “What?

Hae Na smears lipstick across Dong Chan’s mouth.

“Aren't you high with anticipation?”

She proceeds to mess up her hair and dress and smear lipstick across Dong Chan’s mouth and begins to scream for help.

Dong Chan: “Hey! Hey! What are you doing?”

Hae Na: “Aren’t you high with anticipation?”

Dong Chan: “This woman is really insane.”

Hae Na: “Help, save me, I'm being kidnapped.”

Dong Chan: “Don't shout!”

The police are in hot pursuit, sirens blaring, helicopters flying overhead. Eventually the police stop the car, force Dong Chan out and arrest him for kidnapping. As Hae Na walks away she says, “Who asked you to throw a bomb on a sleeping tiger?” The police are all too willing to believe a chaebol heir over a common person, so once again Dong Chan ends up at the police station. Insisting he is not a kidnapper he says, “That wench pretended to be kidnapped to get back at me. You know that wench did some community service because of me, right. She got mad, that’s why.” No one believes him, not even Yeo Eui Joo and her mother. He is held until Manager Jang calls the police and tells them to drop the charges. (He is used to Kang Hae Na’s antics and understands exactly what is going on.)

In the meantime, the search for a suitable personal attendant for Kang Hae Na continues. Chairman Kang tells Manager Jang, “Forget about those foreign-trained one's who are just good at talking. Do you know what I mean?”

Dong Chan and the butlers.

Dong Chan manages to get past the security gate.

When Dong Chan learns Kangsan Group has purchased his house and they are given one day to vacate, he decides to go to the Kang estate and directly confront Kang Hae Na. He manages to get past the security gate and soon encounters Chairman Kang pruning bushes. Not realizing he’s Hae Na’s grandfather, he proceeds to tell him how he would tame Hae Na’s wild spirit.

The people in this house spoiled that brat, that’s why she’s so rude and has no manners. If she were my younger sister…

Chairman Kang: “Oh, so it was you. That problem youth who got our Agasshi the community service order, right.”

Dong Chan: “The problem is not with me. It’s that wench, Kang Hae Na. Yesterday, she framed me for kidnapping her and now she even wants my house torn down.”

Chairman Kang: “Kidnap? Tear down the house?”

Dong Chan: “Yes, is money all that great? How can it be used to torture people like this?”

Chairman Kang: “If you think about how you have embarrassed her, this is nothing much.”

Dong Chan: “Grandfather, you shouldn’t talk like that. The people in this household spoiled that brat, that’s why she is so rude and has no manners. If she was my younger sister, I’d correct her bad temper even if I had to break her legs.”

Chairman Kang: “Correct her bad temper?”

Chairman Kang orders the butlers to take Dong Chan inside.

“What were you going to do to her legs again?”

Dong Chan: “Yes, this kind of brat needs only one month. No, wait. She’s a toxin, so I think I’ll need at least two months.”

The three young butlers from the security gate show up and find Dong Chan with Chairman Kang, and it dawns on him this is not an ordinary gardener, he’s Kang Hae Na’s grandfather. Chairman Kang says, “What were you going to do to her legs again? Take him inside.”

NEXT SCENE, AIRPORT. Kang Hae Na is leaving the country for a shopping trip to New York even though she is grounded and told not to leave the house. As she walks through the airport Dong Chan is walking towards her from the opposite direction. He stops her, embraces her and says, “It’s all my fault. I can’t let you leave me like this. Let’s start over again.” To the bystanders “She's my woman, my woman,” and they had a fight, but she cannot leave because he can’t live without her. He takes her to the car, ties her up, throws her in the back seat and tells her, “You seem to enjoy being kidnapped, that’s why I am kidnapping you for real this time.” Before she realizes it, she is in front of her house with Dong Chan introducing himself. “From now on, I will be your jibsa (personal attendant or butler). I am Seo Dong Chan. Please look after me.”

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Episode 2—7

HOWEVER, DONG CHAN has an ulterior motive. He made a deal with the loan sharks to pay back 100 million won, twice the amount he owes because he is confident he can seduce Kang Hae Na and get her to pay off his debt. He is given only one month to come up with the money or forfeit his kidneys and liver. He will need to use all his jebi skills to get her to fall for him.

Hae Na and Dong Chan spend all their time together, they bicker, fight and get to know each other. One day Hae Na decided to goes riding at the local equestrian stable and while there play a trick on Dong Chan to get back at him, but is distracted when she sees a rider and mistakes him for a former boyfriend. She jumps on a horse and chases after him as he drives away, but when they finally meet she realizes he is not her first love. The incident brings Hae Na to tears and while trying to comfort her, Dong Chan begins to feel compassion.

The rider is Attorney Lee Tae Yoon, a human right’s lawyer from a wealthy family. Hae Na is unaware that her grandfather has arranged a matchmaking date between her and Attorney Lee. The date is arranged, but everything goes wrong. While Hae Na is on her way to the meeting, and Lee Tae Yoon is leaving, they meet in the garden. Each agrees they don’t like matchmaking, but they find themselves attracted in each other. Dong Chan knows it will be an obstacle that destroys his own plans, so he can’t let it happen.

Although he has changed his mind and doesn’t see them as a good match, Chairman Kang agrees to let Hae Na date Attorney Lee Tae Yoon if she becomes a director of Kansan Group. Even though Hae Na has little aptitude for business she accepts the offer, knowing it puts her at odds with her uncle who wants to take over the company. With his exceptional people skills, Dong Chan helps Hae Na navigate the stormy waters of corporate politics.

Kang Hae Na is also a novice when it comes to love and relationships, so Dong Chan coaches her on how to attract Attorney Lee. However, if this happens, it will destroy Dong Chan’s plan to seduce her. As Dong Chan walks a fine line between coaching Hae Na on the finer points of love and being an obstacle to that same love, he begins to fall in love with her. This does not go unnoticed by his friend Yeo Eui Joo.

Because my commentary for episodes two through seven is brief, I’ve included an image gallery of scenes that are important, amusing or necessary to move the story along. Right and left navigation arrows appear on hover and also pauses the slideshow. The navigation bullets allow you to jump to a specific image.


Because Dong Chan loves Hae Na, he is filled with guilt and regret for having tried to use her. He resigns as butler and returns to Yeo Eui Joo and her mother and begins working in the florist shop. Although distance separates them, he doesn’t stop thinking about Hae Na, but is resolved to stay away. Hae Na realizes just how much she depends on Dong Chan, so she goes to the shop to ask him to come back. Dong Chan is shaken when he sees Hae Na, but when she asks him to come back he refuses, telling her he doesn’t want to be her butler.

Hae Na: “You, come back and be my butler again. Although it’s hateful that you quit your job so easily, for the sake of your future, I’ll forgive you this time.”

Dong Chan: “I don’t want to.”

I thought you were different from those who only wanted my money.    

Hae Na: “What?”

Dong Chan: “Didn’t I say this before, I don’t want to be a butler all my life. I don’t want to be Agasshi’s Chief Butler anymore.”

Hae Na: “Did you really despise being my butler?”

Dong Chan: “It’s been tough.”

Hae Na: “What was so difficult about it?”

Dong Chan: “It was difficult because… do you ask because you don’t know? Even if I am paid, there are some things that are too difficult. Anyway, it’s more comfortable here and I like it better.”

Hae Na: “That’s right, it was all for the money. Therefore, if it’s too hard, you should go. But I… I really thought you had my best interest at heart. I thought you were different from those who only wanted my money. Looks like I was wrong. Forget today happened… since I don’t want to see you ever again.”

As Hae Na walks away she mutters, “Rotten jerk! I’ll not be bothered with you anymore.”

I’ll not be bothered with you anymore.   A distraught Dong Chan remains silent.

“Rotten jerk! I’ll not be bothered with you anymore.”

When Yeo Eui Joo learns that Hae Na came to Flower Garden to see Dong Chan, she asks her mother why she did not stay and listen to their conversation. Her mother says, “Whatever Dong Chan does with anyone, what is it to you?” She begins to suspect that her daughter has feelings for Dong Chan. Later that evening Eui Joo asks her mother if there is a reason she cannot like Dong Chan and her mother only replies, “Don’t you know why you can’t like Dong Chan?” (She thinks of Dong Chan as a son and was best friends with his mother, but she is not about to let her daughter marry a former gigolo.)

Uncle Chul Gu and Cousin Su Ah

Director Kang and Su Ah

As Director Kang (Uncle Chul Gu) walks to the Kangsan Group management meeting with his daughter, Su Ah, he wonders what Hae Na will say to amuse him this time. He begins the meeting by commenting that many people have proposed to keep the hotel and holiday resort business separate. He then continues, “In addition, sales from the Internet Shopping Mall have not been promising, so we’re shutting it down.” Although Hae Na does not recall signing paperwork to authorize an expansion, Uncle Chul Gu points out that she did (she signed it without looking when distracted after Dong Chan left her). “Regardless of how immature you are, you wouldn’t possibly sign a document without first looking? Is that right, Director Kang?” he says. He asks her to explain. “Do you have plans to increase our Internet sales revenue… which is why you endorsed it?” Hae Na admits that she “didn’t even look and just signed those documents,” but takes responsibility and promises to increasing Internet mall sales by 15% in one month (something difficult to achieve under the best of circumstances).

Later that night Chairman Kang confronts Hae Na saying, “All because of you, I can’t face the others. No matter how immature you are, with such a major project, how could you decide on it so casually? Do you think business is a game? And what’s with that attitude at the conference room? Is that the proper behavior for a director?”

Hae Na’s only defense is that because everyone was finding fault, she had no other choice. Grandfather points out that she can’t expect the board to like her, and that her “bad manners and irresponsibility will only attract more attention from those people.” Furthermore, how can he turn over Kangsan Group to her with such an attitude? Hae Na replies that she has never thought of taking over the company because she is not the least bit interested and only works there because he insisted. Chairman Kang asks what she intends to do with Kangsan when he dies? She replies that she doesn’t care and that he can give it to “Ahjussi (Uncle Chul Gu), or you can give it to that bitch, Su Ah.” As Hae Na turns to walk away her grandfather collapses from a heart attack.

Grandfather collapses durning a heart attack.

Hae Na calls for help after grandfather collapses.

The scene changes to Dong Chan meeting with Eui Joo’s mother, not knowing she has arranged a matchmaking date for him. She wants Dong Chan to marry so that Eui Joo will give up liking him. Dong Chan tells her to forget it because he doesn’t intend to marry, and although he is thankful for her concern, he will settle it himself. He walks into the florist shop just in time to see the news on television of Chairman Kang’s collapse.

Dong Chan rushes to the hospital to find Hae Na. At the same time, Lee Tae Yoon is headed to the hospital to be with her. A group of reporters surrounds a bewildered Hae Na, asking what will happen to Kangsan Group now that Chairman Kang is ill and how she intends to maintain Kangsan administrative rights, but Dong Chan steps in and says, “Right now our Agasshi is unable to provide you with any answers.” He grabs her hand and they run to the nearest elevator. (Lee Tae Yoon arrives at the same time and sees Hae Na and Dong Chan take the elevator.)

Dong Chan protects Hae Na from the reporters relentless questions.

“Right now our Agasshi is unable to provide you with any answers.”

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Episode 8

DONG CHAN and Hae Na take the elevator to the rooftop, away from flashing cameras and unrelenting questions from the reporters. Although Hae Na wants to rush down to be by her grandfather’s side, Dong Chan stops her. He says, “The president will be fine. Everything will be all right, so please wait here. You don’t have to be nervous. I’ll bring Attorney Lee here.” He takes her to a bench, and as she sits down, he puts his jacket over her lap to protect her from a chill. They are aware of a brief awkward moment of closeness before he moves away. She then asks, “Why did you come here? You're not even my butler.” Dong Chan replies, “How can I stay away after hearing that the president collapsed?” At that moment, Lee Tae Yoon arrives. Hae Na gets up and rushes to him, Dong Chan’s jacket falling to the ground.

Seo Dong Chan watches as Attorney Lee Tae Yoon consoles Hae Na

Dong Chan watches in silence as Lee Tae Yoon comforts Hae Na.

Dong Chan quietly leaves, but Lee Tae Yoon follows him. He says, “Butler Seo, you should have told us that you were leaving, why are you just leaving?” Dong Chan replies, “It’s so chaotic for everybody right now.” Lee Tae Yoon comments that it would have been nice if Dong Chan had stayed by Hae Na’s side and then asks, “Why did you quit so regrettably?” Dong Chan tells Attorney Lee there were reasons and asks him to take care of Agasshi.

Later Hae Na tells Tae Yoon that she had never thought something like this would happen, and “What will I do if Grandfather dies? What will I do then? He was so big in my eyes, but seeing him lying there… he looks so small.”

Manager Jang goes to the flower shop and asks Dong Chan to meet with Chairman Kang at the hospital. During the meeting, Chairman Kang asks Dong Chan to come back and watch over Hae Na while he’s in America for heart surgery. He says, “For Hae Na, there is no one else who can be her butler. Without me here, many people are going to give her a hard time. For Hae Na, please come back. Can you do this?” Dong Chan apologizes, but says he cannot come back, pointing out that Hae Na has Ms Jung (head mistress of the Kang household) and Attorney Lee to watch over her.

As Manager Jang walks out with Dong Chan, he tells him that although he suspected him of being a spy for Director Kang Chul Gu he now knows that is not true and asks him to reconsider. Dong Chan replies, “I didn’t refuse because of you, it’s my own problem. I’m sorry.” He then leaves.

Don’t you understand your grandfather not wanting to show pain in front of you? Send him off.

However, after thinking about it that night Dong Chan makes a decision, he will become Hae Na’s butler again in order to protect her. He shows up the next day just as Chairman Kang is preparing to leave for the airport. Hae Na comes out, suitcase in hand; ready to follow her grandfather to America. Grandfather says, “What are you talking about? You have to protect the company.” Hae Na says she does not care about the company and no matter what she is going with him. Dong Chan steps up and says to grandfather, “I’ll take care of Agasshi. So please don’t worry and take care.” Hae Na says, “Who are you to suddenly show up and intrude?” Dong Chan replies, “Don’t you understand your grandfather not wanting to show pain in front of you? Send him off. That is best for the president.” Dong Chan then tells President Kang not to worry, “I’ll watch over her.”

WE NEXT SEE Dong Chan dressing in a formal butler’s uniform. The maids approve, telling him he “looks so cool.” He thanks them, saying it feels a bit awkward and the three younger butlers agree because they are still resentful that Dong Chan came into the household so easily and cannot bring themselves to congratulate him. Seo Dong Chan shrugs it off because he is self-assure and full of confidence. (You might say that he is as self-assured as Kang Hae Na and can say without hesitation, “Because I am Seo Dong Chan.”).

Dong Chan resumes work at the Kang estate, but this time as Hae Na’s personal attendant, he will have no other duties other than to serve her. At first Hae Na is reluctant to accept him, suggesting he came back only for the money. “Tell me then, how much did he say he was going to give you? I’ll give you a million, so stop bothering me.” Dong Chan ignores her comments and tells her, “There is a director’s meeting at two this afternoon. If you leave right now, you will not be late. If you don’t want to argue with me, then hurry up and change.” Hae Na refuses.

"I tried to do this the nice way but I see I have no choice..."

“If you don’t want to argue with me,
then hurry up and change.”

Dong Chan says, “I tried to do this the nice way but I see I have no choice,” as he throws her over his shoulder and carries her to her room, suggesting that if she won’t change clothes he will do it for her. He then calls her name informally, “Hey, Kang Hae Na, stop acting up. I know you do not want to see my face right now, but just be patient until the president comes back. I’ll be leaving right after that.”

Dong Chan and Hae Na

“If you won’t change your clothes
I’ll do it for you.”

Hae Na is livid and calls Ms Jung to the room, telling her to “Kick this guy out immediately! He was talking down to me and being incredibly rude.” Dong Chan replies, “How could I dare talk to Agasshi informally? I was simply following the president’s orders by helping Agasshi get to work. You may hit me to your heart’s desire, but please don’t slander my name.”

Ms Jung: “Did you hit Butler Seo again? How can you hit him when he just returned?”

Dong Chan tells Ms Jung he will deal with Hae Na and that she can leave if she wishes. He then tells Hae Na, “You have ten minutes! Change into something appropriate for a meeting.”

The scene changes to Kangsan Group headquarters where Eui Joo and Su Ah are walking down the hall having a conversation about how Su Ah might have to leave Tenna, the shoe design division she manages and where Eui Joo works as a designer, in order to be available when a successor is named. Eui Joo comments, “Director Kang is there, so why successor?” Su Ah replies, “Do you think that brat Hae Na is qualified to be the successor?” Eui Joo is a bit shocked that Su Ah wants to be successor, but she tells Eui Joo if that were to happen she will “definitely take care of her.” Just at that moment they see Dong Chan dragging Hae Na down the hallway. Eui Joo rushes after him but Dong Chan tells her, “Ah, Eui Joo. Sorry, I’m a bit busy. Let’s talk later.”

Eui Yoo and Su Ah are perplexed to see Dong Chan and Hae Na together.

Eui Joo and Su Ah are bewildered to see Dong Chan
dragging Hae Na down the hallway.

As Dong Chan and Hae Na enter the elevator he says, “If you promise not to run away, I’ll let you go.” Kang Ha Na says, “Hey, I came all the way here. Do you think I’ll run away? I’ll go into the meeting because I promised Grandfather. But then, you just wait and see when I get out.”

Dong Chan then offers some advice. “Agasshi, when you go inside the meeting, there will definitely be difficult questions directed at you. But if you get angry, then you lose. Answer difficult questions with questions. The person most likely to give you a hard time is Director Kang. Just agree with him on everything. With the really difficult questions, just be honest. If you don’t know, it’s best to say you don’t know. Also, the most important thing is, don’t forget that you are Kang Hae Na.”

While Kang Hae Na navigates the treacherous waters of boardroom politics with the sound advise received from Dong Chan, he meets with Eui Joo. She asks why he is back “in that house,” but he only replies that when an elderly man asks how can he refuse. She wonders if he enjoys following Hae Na around and taking care of her. He replies, “Who said I liked it? But Eui Joo, why are you always so angry whenever Hae Na comes up?” She says, “You don’t know why I’m like this?” He admits that he really doesn’t know. She’s about to tell him, but changes her mind, saying “Because I… Oppa, because I think and worry about you all the time.”

Eui Yoo reads the text message.

“Seo Dong Chan, you have 3 days left.”

Eui Joo starts to take a drink, but realizes her cup is empty and Dong Chan offers to get a refill. He leaves his cell phone on the table. While he’s gone a text message comes in, “Seo Dong Chan, you have 3 days left.” She reads the message and memorizes the number, and when Dong Chan returns she tells him something came up and she has to leave.

Because Hae Na follows Dong Chan’s advise, the meeting ends without too many bombshells dropping; they smile at each other as she leaves the meeting.

On the way home Hae Na asks Dong Chan why he came back, “Honestly, is it because of money? You said it was difficult for you and that you were going to find your own life. Why did you come back? Answer me. Why? There has to be a reason.”

Dong Chan doesn’t reply. After they arrive home Hae Na says, “You haven't answered my question yet. I’ll ask again. Why did you come back?” Dong Chan replies, “Because I was worried about you.” Hae Na thinks he is joking with her and asks again. Dong Chan replies, “The real reason? Because I like you.” Hae Na is startled. Dong Chan says, "Will you then believe me if I say it’s because I like you? See, no matter what I say you won’t believe me.” Hae Na replies, “You… are you joking with me? If you joke with me like this again, I won’t let it go.” Dong Chan replies, “I… I came back because I was worried about you. Even if you don’t believe me, it’s okay.” Half in jest she replies, “I’ll never forgive you for quitting and leaving without my permission.”

Later that evening Dong Chan and Ms Jung are in the kitchen talking and she asks, “Butler Seo, don’t you think Agasshi became nicer after dating Attorney Lee? She has someone she loves by her side. That’s why people have to date.” She then says, “You know, I thought that you and Eui Joo were dating. You two look so nice together. Butler Seo, is there anyone you like?” Dong Chan replies, “Yes, there is someone I like… a beautiful girl. But… someone I can’t like.” Ms Jung asks, “Why can't you like her?” As Dong Chan replies his voice trails off, “Because…”

In the meantime, Hae Na is riding her bike around the courtyard while Lee Tae Yoon watches. She says that Butler Seo taught her how to ride and that he tortured her so much, but she thinks it worked because she can now ride a bike well. (Before Dong Chan left the first time, he taught Hae Na how to ride a bike.) Dong Chan comes out to join them. Before leaving, Tae Yoon reaches into his car to get a photo he had taken of Hae Na while they were at the farm (an earlier episode) but drops it. Dong Chan picks it up and hands it to Hae Na. They say good night and as Tae Yoon drives away, he has an uneasy feeling as he looks in the car mirror at Dong Chan and Hae Na standing together.

Driving away, Lee Tae Yoon feels uneasy.

Tae Yoon feels uneasy seeing Dong Chan and Hae Na together as he drives away.

Dong Chan and Hae Na go into the house, and as they walk up the stairs she instructs him to put the photo in the frame in the study. He says that for something this important she should do it herself and bids her good night. She runs up the stairs, and just as she reaches out to him she trips and begins to fall. Dong Chan catches her and pulls her close to him. She stares at him wide-eyed, he looks at her intently for a moment then pulls away as he says, “Be careful, Agasshi.” “It’s all your fault,” she says before going to her room. She puts her hand on her chest and wonders why her heart is beating so fast, still unaware or unable to admit the growing attraction she feels.

"Be careful, Agasshi."

“Be careful, Agasshi.”

The next day Eui Joo meets with the loan sharks. She then goes to Lee Tae Yoon’s law office to ask for legal advice. In the meantime, the loan sharks send a text to Dong Chan that says, “Seo Dong Chan, only one day left.” Dong Chan replies, “Meet me at the church tomorrow.”

Back at the law office Tae Yoon’s law partner asks why Butler Seo came back after quitting. Tae Yoon says, “I think the president asked him because he was worried about Hae Na. Still, it’s better than having Hae Na going around by herself.” His partner replies, “Don’t you see? A good guy, a butler, spending all his time with Hae Na. Aren’t you even worried? Man, if it was me, I would never let him near my girlfriend (planting more seeds of doubt in Tae Yoon’s mind).”

Just then Eui Joo enters, (mentally replaying the conversation she had with the loan sharks. “Seo Dong Chan’s debt is one million. He said he was going to seduce Kang Hae Na to have her pay the debt. Why, were you going to pay for him instead?”). Tae Yoon serves her tea and asks how he can help. Eui Joo begins, “Attorney Lee, are memorandums binding? I mean, such as memorandums for private loans. Are they enforceable?” Tae Yoon says he’s not sure since it depends on the circumstances. On an impulse she decides to ask him for enough money to pay off the debt. In a hesitant voice she begins, “Attorney Lee… You're a second-generation chaebol, right? So I was wondering… Can you lend me just one million?” The question leaves Tae Yoon speechless. His parents are the rich ones, not him, he replies. Eui Joo is embarrassed and mumbles to herself that she got on her knees for nothing, excuses herself and leaves. She walks away thinking, “If you were going to seduce her, you should have seduced her. Why sign a stupid memo if you couldn’t even seduce her.” Tae Yoon is concerned and follows her and takes her to a BBQ restaurant where they arrange to meet Hae Na and Dong Chan.

"Your sparkly clothes…"

“You said you were a professional ballroom
dancer. Your sparkly clothes…”

By the time Dong Chan and Hae Na arrive at the BBQ, Eui Joo is a bit drunk. Eui Joo and Tae Yoon notice how intimate Dong Chan and Hae Na are together, making both feel ill at ease. Tae Yoon asks, “Butler Seo, what did you do before you became a butler? It’s not like a butler is a run of a mill job.” He replies, “Well, I worked at Eui Joo’s flower shop and did a lot of different things. Thinking about it, I guess there is nothing too special.” Remembering the evening clothes in Dong Chan’s closet, Hae Na immediately says, “Nothing special? You said you were a professional ballroom dancer. Your sparkly clothes…”

With hard stares going back and forth, Eui Joo begins to speak, “My oppa is such a good dancer. Do you know how popular my oppa is with ladies? No matter where he goes, he’s popular. He’s sentimental, he listens to ladies and he’s a good dancer.” Dong Chan asks her what’s wrong. She replies that she just wants to brag about him. Then, to Hae Na she says, “Don’t you think my oppa is good to you? But you can’t misunderstand him being good to you because my oppa is naturally good to all women.”

Feeling uneasy, Dong Chan takes Eui Joo outside for a talk. She says, “Oppa, let me ask you just one thing, is there anything you want to tell me? Anything you want to say to me?” When he doesn’t answer she says, “I guess that means you don’t have anything to say. I… feel really sorry for you.”

Tae Yoon and Hae Na join them outside and Eui Joo apologizes for her rudeness. Before Dong Chan leaves to take Eui Joo home, Tae Yoon takes him aside and tells him about Eui Joo asking about loans and wanting to borrow one million won. Needless to say, Dong Chan is concerned.

Dong Chan and Eui arrive at her home and they sit on the steps while she sobers up. She confronts him about his motive for going back to Hae Na.

Eui Joo: “Oppa, why do you live like this? I know everything. That you went into that house to seduce Kang Hae Na. That you have a million dollar debt. I found out everything.

Dong Chan: “How long have you known?”

Eui Joo: “I met with the loan sharks today.”

Dong Chan: “Eui Joo are you crazy? How could you carelessly go meet them?”

Eui Joo: “Is that really the issue now? Oppa, why are you back in that house? To seduce Kang Hae Na?”

Dong Chan: “No, nothing like that.”

Eui Joo: “Then what? What is the reason you went back to that house? Is it because you like her, you went back because you like Kang Hae Na?”

Dong Chan: “I just… wanted to be with her when she was suffering. That’s all.”

Eui Joo: “Then what are you going to do about the money? It’s due tomorrow. It’s really not the time to be worrying about her.”

Dong Chan: “If that is what I was worried about, I wouldn’t have gone back.”

Eui Joo: “What? Are you crazy? What are you going to do? Fine, then I must have worried for nothing. Whether you live or die, I won’t care… so do whatever you want.”

Dong Chan and Eui Yoo

“Oppa, why do you live like this? I know everything.”

Dong Chan arrives home and finds Hae Na in the study making notes about things she likes. He asks what she’s doing and she says, “Working. I have to at least pretend to be working hard for the sake of Grandfather.” Dong Chan looks at the notes. “Do you call that work?” he says. She replies that she has found it, but won’t tell him until her plans are completed.

By the way, did I say it? Honestly speaking, I’m happy that you came back.

Hae Na wants to know what are Dong Chan’s plans once her grandfather returns. He tells her that it’s possible he could leave before (thinking about the meeting with the loan sharks the next day). “Look, I’m warning you now, if you quit without my permission this time, it’s going to be difficult to live your life, understand?” she says.

Just as Dong Chan is bidding her good night she says, “By the way, did I say it? Honestly speaking, I’m happy that you came back. I’m serious.”

The next day Hae Na presents her marketing idea to Dong Chan. The Internet shopping mall concept is called “Keeping up with Kang Hae Na” and uses her fashionista face and confident image to sell products. He offers a few suggestions on how to relax and advises her to look directly at people when speaking to them, and most importantly to smile, “You are the prettiest when you smile.”

You are the prettiest when you smile.

“You are the prettiest when you smile.”

Dong Chan tells Hae Na he has a meeting and asks if it is okay to step out for a minute. But before he leaves, he goes up to the office to get some papers Hae Na left behind. As Hae Na waits in the lobby she sees the three loan sharks, stops them and asks, “You’re Seo Dong Chan’s friends, right?”

Eui Joo is on the second level and sees Hae Na talking with the loan sharks. She finds Dong Chan and tells him that Hae Na is downstairs with the gangsters. He rushes downs the escalator and begins to look for Hae Na, only to see her quickly waking towards him with an angry face. She stops in front of him, hesitates a moment, then slaps him in the face. He has no idea what to expect next.

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Continued to Part Two Take Care of Agasshi (Episodes 9-11).