Seo Dong Yo

Seo Dong Yo
Episode 55

English Synopsis and Dialogue Translation

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Episode 55 — Final

Translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

From Preview:

Giroo steps outside, coming face to face with Princess Sunhwa and Mokrasu. Soldiers are ready to shoot arrows at him.

Jang: Stop! Don't shoot.

Jang: Stop! Don't shoot. (He starts running out... but the arrows are flying towards Giroo.)

Mokrasu: Giroo!

Giroo: Teacher... I thank you for being alive.

Mokrasu: Giroo... Giroo! Giroo!

Giroo: I thought that I killed... even you master.. .master... (looking at Sunhwa). My princess... I'm sorry for letting you see me as such a shamed Hwarang. Please forgive me. But you must believe me in this: I thought that the only way to love my princess was to stand before her as a victorious Hwarang.

Hiding my passion for you, I made a deal with the king instead... I didn't know that would be the greatest mistake of my life, my greatest sin. But I had that too... times when my heart beat faster because of you... I had truly loved you... Although it's been so long I hardly remember it anymore...


Giroo Remembers the past...

Young Giroo, watching the young princess dance... Giroo finding her unconscious and helped her... Jang carrying the wounded Giroo to Baekje... Giroo trying to hit Jang but Jang catching his arm... the last battle fought with Jang... his 'graduation' ceremony...when he was shot by an arrow... memories of Sunhwa... when he saw her crying for her 'man'.

No one knew, no one understands this... but I too had a time of innocent longing.

Giroo's voice: I had that also... No one knew, no one understands this... but I too had a time of innocent longing. In a world when I am no more... may you be happy. Be happy, as if you've never known me... (Giroo dies.)

Mokrasu: Giroo... Giroo.


Mokrasu's voice: As the smoke flies higher than the mountains and become rain, the mountains embrace the smoke and create the suns rays...

Bumro: Teacher, it's raining. Let's go. (He leaves with the priest, but Mokrasu stays.)

Mokrasu's voice: Giroo, from now on be at peace under the rays of the bright sun.

Giroo, from now on be at peace under the bright sun's rays. divider

— The Wedding

Woman's voice: I heard she's beautiful. She looks like an angel. Another woman: Make way. Make way. Bomyung is asking her if everything is ready...


Bomyung: Now, they'll put powder over your face.

Chogi: Don't be nervous. Breath deep, like this.


(People are getting excited. Dooil tells them to stand back. Mojin and Eunjin are wondering why they haven't arrived yet.)

Eunjin: There they are.


(Jang is touching his ring, tense.)

Bumro: Are you nervous? ... Why are you so nervous? (Smiles)

Voice: You can come out, Your Majesty.

Bumro: Let's go.


Jang and Sunhwa walk towards the throne.

When the princess comes out, people exclaim in wonder because of her beauty. Sunhwa and Jang are walking towards each other, and then, towards the throne, escorted by women, standing side by side. They both laugh at each other but Mojin reprimands them: "Everyone is watching. Look towards the front"

They are married, following the instructor's words. They look at each other, the husband facing east, and the wife facing west. Then, they both are given water to wash their hands. More instructions follows. They're told to bow down to the Queen Mother of Baekje and to Shilla's Priest Borang. (Wooyoung watches, but leaves before the ceremony is over.)


Instructor Gomo: Now, may the entire world know that the King of the Great Baekje and Princess Sunhwa of Shilla have been united in matrimony.

King Mu and Queen Sunhwa bow to the people. Everyone is congratulating them.


(There's a celebration going on, with dancers and music.)

Maekdosu: I've never been this happy in my entire life.

Bumro: Father, you should marry me also.

Maekdosu: I should marry you?

Bumro: Chogi and I. Your Majesty is married, so I want to marry also.

Maekdosu: If you want to get married, you should help me get married first.

Bumro: Father!

Maekdosu: But I wonder now if our king knows what to do... I should have given him some lessons, but I forgot.

Dooil: Don't worry about that. When the time comes, they'll know...

Maekdosu: Do you think so?

Dooil: They should be having so much fun by now... (Laughter.)

Maekdosu: In any other case, I would have made a hole in the door to spy on them, but I can't do that to the king.


Mojin asks if everything is ready. Eunjin and Woosoo are saying yes to everything. Bomyung is asking, and Chogi says yes also.

Bomyung: Everything seems to be ready.

This is a serious ceremony. How can you laugh like that?

Mojin: Yes, okay. (To other women) You must all walk five steps backwards. (To Jang, through the door) Your Majesty. Now is the beginning of the wedding night. I'll tell you the steps. Just follow the instructions. First of all, tie up the hair ribbon. (Jang is tense, having a hard time doing that, and Sunhwa's laughing.) Now, take the socks off the feet of the queen. (Jang is trying to pull them off, but he can't. Sunhwa's cracking up.)

Jang: This is a serious ceremony. How can you laugh like that?

Sunhwa tries to look serious. Jang continues trying to pull her socks off, and he's sweating.


Mojin's voice: Now, there is a water bowl below the bed. You must wash the feet of the queen with that. (Jang can't even take off the socks yet.) Mojin's voice: Now, you must massage the queen's feet with fragrance essence. Sunhwa takes a handkerchief to wipe off Jang's sweat. He gives up, and he sits on the bed next to his wife. They both smile. Sunhwa touches Jang's face, and they hold each others arms. Jang touches Sunhwa's face, caressing it.

Outside, everyone is able to see their caressing gestures through their shadows. They are startled.

Everyone is able to see their caressing gestures through their shadows and they are startled.

Mojin: Except for the bodyguards, everyone must leave now. (To Jang) Your Majesty, you can finish this on your own. We'll leave now. (Inside, Jang and Sunhwa are too busy caressing each other to notice.)

Mojin: The lights... turn off the lights.


Mokrasu: (to Wooyoung) Must you leave now?

Wooyoung: I should.

Mokrasu: You have done so much for the king. I thank you.

Wooyoung: Tell him that I wish him the greatest of happiness. (Yes.) I'm going be at the Imperial Temple, so you should come visit me. (Yes.)


Eunjin, Woosoo and Makedosu talk about their feelings after the wedding of Jang and Sunhwa.

Maekdosu: Eunjin, don't shake your legs like that, the earth will be removed. I wonder if the king had a good nights rest. You must be sad...

Eunjin: I'm really happy. I really want to congratulate him, but a small part of me feels empty.

Maekdosu: I understand how you feel. When I let Mojin go, I felt like you. Now that I think of it, only the two of us are left. We're like the odd pair...

Woosoo: Why are you forgetting me?

Maekdosu: You're right. You too are without a partner. (He sings to them.)

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— Jang's Reign

The proclamation goes out, and people are reading the public notices with excitement.

Man 1: Are they really implementing this today?

Man 2: I couldn't believe this, but it's really happening.

The proclamation goes out, and people are reading the public notices with excitement.

Man 3: I'm such an idiot when it comes to this. What does it say?

Man 2: All the hard-labor slaves will be set free, and lands will be distributed to the people, some for lending and some for ownership.

Man 1: Also, the extra militias will help in the construction of water dams to help irrigate the farms. This means there will be abundant harvest for everyone.

Man 3: Really?

Jang's voice: adding more instructions about the new rules and regulations, limiting the number and period of time the nobles can possess lands, and what their militias are responsible for, and the penalties if they fail, etc.

Jang: (in a commanding voice, to the Court Lords.) This is my lifelong duty as a king. All of you nobles and ministers listen to me. Through this reform, the public welfare must be stabilized so that the common people won't starve anymore. All of you must give your best towards fulfilling this goal.

Everyone: Yes, Your Majesty.


Sunhwa: What? Priest Borang is here?

Jang: Let him in.

Borang enters and bows to the king and queen

Borang: (entering and bowing) How are you doing?

Sunhwa: What a surprise. Why didn't you tell us you were coming?

Borang: The king sent me here.

Jang: Welcome. How is everyone doing in Shilla?

Borang: Everyone is fine, Your Majesty.

Jang: Is our princess happy over there?

Borang: Yes, the king is taking special care of her since she's been sent from Baekje.

Jang: Send him my thanksgiving.

Borang: Yes, I will.


Sunhwa: I was surprised to see you here like this. Are the king and mother really well?

Borang: They're both well... Actually, Your Majesty has sent you a secret message.

Sunhwa: A secret message? (Yes.)

King Jinpyeong's voice:

Study the situation of Baekje's military force, and learn all about the Academy. Also, get the 50 Shilla men that went with you involved in the Palace works, so that we can use them when needed. Remember this, before being the Queen of Baekje you are a Shilla princess.

Sunhwa: (throwing down the letter in anger) I can't do this.

Borang: Marriage alliances work like this. It's dependent on the personal interest of both nations.

Sunhwa: I can't follow this. If you came to tell me this, don't ever come back again.

Borang: My Queen Lady...

When Priest Borang came, he commanded me to study the situation of the king's army and his bodyguards.

Sunhwa: Before being a Shilla princess, I'm the Queen of Baekje. Before being a Queen of Baekje, I'm the wife of a man. How can you ask me to betray my husband?

Borang: The king doesn't think like that.

Sunhwa: I'll pretend I haven't heard this. Tell him that.


Seochoong: My Queen Lady...

Sunhwa: What's wrong?

Seochoong: When Priest Borang came, he commanded me to study the situation of the king's army and his bodyguards.

Sunhwa: What?

Seochoong: Not only to me, but the command was given to every Shilla person here.

Sunhwa: What? Everyone received a secret command?

Seochoong: Yes.

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— War With Shilla

— 3 years later, Shilla's betrayal

Sadokwang's voice: Your Majesty, we cannot allow this. It wasn't enough that they attacked us first, they even executed the princess we sent as a sign of our peace treaty. They have automatically destroyed the marriage alliance.

Baekjang: Shilla has betrayed us once again. The marriage alliance is destroyed.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty, we cannot forgive Shilla anymore.

Baekje: You must punish them for this.

Sadokwang: Since they executed our princess, you must make the queen pay. You must expel the queen.

Jang: ...

Wangoo: However, the queen rejected the command sent to her by Shilla, and she instead sent back all the people of Shilla. Do you still have to expel her?

Daejang: She has achieved a lot too. During the water dam constructions, she visited the construction sites and made sure everything was going well. She also met messengers from other nations, strengthening our foreign ties. She never committed an act of treason against Baekje.

Sadokwang: We know that, that's true. However, Shilla has killed our princess. We must respond in like manner.

Baekjang: If not, not only Shilla, but also all other nations will think of us as cowards.

Sadokwang: They have insulted our Baekje pride. So in fact, we should be asking, not for her expulsion, but rather for her execution.

Baekjang: Yes, Your Majesty. Execute the Queen Lady and preserve the pride of Baekje.

Sadokwang: Judge this wisely. (Everyone: Judge this wisely.)


Sadokwang: Now, we clearly see Shilla's true colors.

Baekjang: That's right.

Sadokwang: Even though the people love our king and our queen, they won't support him in this situation. (Exactly.) Through this, we might have a chance to regain our powers.

Baekjang: Exactly. Think of the way we lived like prisoners these past three years. With our militias and our lands...

Lord 4: This is our chance.

Sadokwang: That's right. So we must force him to execute the queen. (Exactly.)


Voice: Your Majesty. The Queen Mother is here.

Jang: Let her in...

Have you forgotten what happened three years ago? Since all the nobles had agreed to the verdict, I had the power to take you down.

Queen Mother: Are you just going to stay here doing nothing? We may forgive other things, but not the execution of our princess ambassador. That's as if they've thrust their spear onto you. So you must respond. Have you forgotten what happened three years ago? Since all the nobles had agreed to the verdict, I had the power to take you down. But for the kingdom's sake, I let it go. However, looking at the results, it's obvious the King of Shilla has been plotting since then. That's why you must execute the queen.

Jang: ...(silence)


Jang: How can he do this? How can my father-in-law do this? I can't forgive him. I can't.

Sunhwa: Execute me...


Sunhwa: He's been plotting since the marriage alliance was signed, and Shilla's the one that broke this treaty. So... stop torturing yourself and... execute me. That's the only way Your Majesty won't suffer opposition from the nobles... and the only way you can continue doing the work you've been doing until now... I will accept this. I can.

Jang: That's why I can't forgive him. I can't forgive your father, the King of Shilla. He put me in a position where I must kill my own queen... How can this be? How?

Voice of Lords: Your Majesty. Execute the queen. (Execute her.) Judge this wisely. (Judge this wisely.)

Sadokwang: Your Majesty. If you don't execute the queen, the entire morale of Baekje will break apart. Judge this wisely. (Others: Judge this wisely.)


Jang: To kill you? They're telling me to kill my queen with my own hands?

Sunhwa: Your Majesty...

Jang: To kill my queen? (He runs outside, where the people are pleading for the queen's execution.)


From now on, if anyone dares to ask for her execution, I'll execute them first.

Jang: Should I kill my queen with my own hands.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty, judge this wisely. (Others: Judge this wisely.)

Jang: I can't.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty.

Jang: I can't!

Everyone: Your Majesty.

Jang: I can't, and I shouldn't. I won't do this. The queen's on my side, she's one with Baekje. You know that better than me.

Sadokwang: However, Your Majesty...

Jang: From now on, if anyone dares to ask for her execution, I'll execute them first.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty. This has to do with national pride. We cannot close our eyes to this.

Jang: Listen to me. I'll lead the army. I'll go to war myself and attack him. For betraying the queen and for betraying Baekje... I'll attack the King of Shilla. I will win. I'll win, and I'll restore the pride of Baekje. He turns around and sees Sunhwa, looking at him with tormented eyes.


Jang leaves the Palace with his army, followed by Wangoo, Daejang and Yaksan. Sunhwa watches him leave, tears falling from her eyes...

The war begins... many battles are fought, one after another.

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10 Years Later — The King's Return

Queen Sunhwa smiles sadly as King Mu returns from war

Wangoo announces that the king has won yet another battle. Everyone is celebrating the victory. Sunhwa receives the king back home, smiling sadly.

Jang enters the King's Meeting Room. Everyone stands up to receive him. He goes to sit on the throne.

Jang: I don't see Master Mokrasu around.

Daejang: The master is in Sajasa. (In Sajasa?) He said he has some business to take care of there.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty, I'd like to congratulate you. Whenever you lead a battle, the soldiers must get excited or something, since you're always victorious.

Baekjang: Are you going to distribute the new lands you've conquered to the people again?

Jang: Yes, I will. Sangjapyung (Daejang has been promoted to Head of Lords), take care of this.

Daejang: Yes, Your Majesty.

Sadokwang: Baekje is booming right now, thanks to your leadership.

Baekjang: That's right, Your Honor.


Jang: How is the queen's health?

Your Majesty...

Jang: Are the nobles planning anything against her?

Daejang: It doesn't look like it. Your Majesties been leading the war so far, and winning all the time. So they wouldn't dare. However, they might be planning something against our prince...

Wangoo: What about our prince?

Daejang: The fact that the queen is from Shilla... They might fight against him becoming the crown prince.

Voice: Your Majesty. The prince is here.

Jang: Let him in.

Prince: (after bowing down) Your Majesty, mother is waiting for you. Please go to the Queen's Court to see her.

Jang: (smiling) I'll go...

Uija, Mu's son and First Prince of Baekje (31st King of Baekje)


Sunhwa: How do I look? Do I look okay?

Bomyung: Yes, you do. Don't worry.

Sunhwa: ...

Chogi: Especially today, your make-up looks very nice on you. Our Queen Lady still looks like the seven-year-old princess I saw for the first time.

Sunhwa: You're funny.

Voice: Your Majesty is here... Sunhwa stands up to greet Jang but she begins to faint. Jang grabs her by her arms, scared.

Jang: My lady, My lady. (To others) "What are you doing there, go call the doctor. Hurry up." (Yes.) While the ladies leave, Jang sits his wife down and says, "Are you okay? Please, open your eyes."

Sunhwa: (opening her eyes, and smiling) You got fooled again, right? I was just playing with you, but you took it so seriously.

Jang: (looking in disbelief) My lady. How can you be playing the same game even now, after growing up and becoming a queen?

My lady, how can you be playing the same game even now, after growing up and becoming a queen?

Sunhwa: Your Majesty... I was just...

Jang: I missed you so much I rode the horse all the way without resting.

Sunhwa: I wanted to hear that from your lips.

Jang: Even so. How can you constantly joke, pretending to be sick?

Sunhwa: Okay. Don't scold me anymore. (Jang sighs in relief.) But Your Majesty, why do you get so scared so easily? It's about time you get used to my jokes. Stop taking things so seriously.

Jang: And you stop playing like this.

Voice: Your Majesty, the doctor is here. They stand up to receive Instructor Gomo.

Sunhwa: There was no need for you to come. Nothing happened, so just go back.

Gomo: Are you really okay?

Sunhwa: (signaling the doctor to be quiet) You know how healthy I am. I'm fine, so just leave.

Gomo: (hesitating) Yes...

The king and the queen sit down after the doctor leaves.

Jang: Are you really okay?

Sunhwa: I'm not okay. (Jang looks worried) I'm such a free spirit, but you keep me captive inside this Palace. How could I be okay?

Jang: I'm sorry.

Sunhwa: This time, I'd like to go to Achak's Sajasa with Your Majesty for a few days.

Jang: To Sajasa?

Sunhwa: Master Mokrasu is there working on a project of mine. And I want to visit your mother's memorial site. Even if it's just for one day... I'd like to go there with Your Majesty...

Jang: ...

Sunhwa: Your Majesty...

Jang: ...

Sunhwa: Your Majesty.

Jang: (looking up) okay, let's go. (Sunhwa smiles happily.)


Sunhwa enters the Academy room, and everyone stands up to greet her.

Gomo: Are you really okay?

Sunhwa: I've a request.

Mojin: A request?

Sunhwa: The king should not know about my illness.

Gomo: My Queen Lady, it will be hard for you to hide your symptoms. We don't know how soon it will worsen. The king should know.

Sunhwa: Didn't you tell me it's very serious?

Doctor: Yes, but the king has to know....

Sunhwa: I don't want him to know. He shouldn't. He's already weary fighting one war after another, and taking care of the country. I don't want him to suffer any more because of me.

Mojin: My Queen Lady...

Sunhwa: That's why I'd expect all of you to follow my wishes.

Eunjin: (holding her tears) Why are you doing this? Don't give up now.

Woosoo: Yes, you'll get better.

Sunhwa: I'm not giving up. I'm fighting it. That's why none of you should let him know. Do you understand? (Yes...) You too... (Yes...) And when speaking to me, don't look at me like that.


Jang is remembering the time Sunhwa almost fainted in front of him, wondering if that was really just a joke.

Wangoo: Your Majesty, Eunsol Bumro has returned from Achak after finishing all the construction project. (Really?) Yes. Should I call him?

Jang: Yes. And tell him to bring his wife, Chogi, along. (Yes.)


Maekdosu is talking to his grand children, saying that he's lost an eye after fighting for the country.

Maekdosu is talking to his grand children, saying that he's lost an eye after fighting for the country. And that he loves his arts and crafts. But the children tell him they heard he used to be a bum.

Maekdosu: Who dared say such a thing?

Girl: Mother.

Maekdosu: That's because your mother doesn't understand what art is all about.

Boy: What is it?

Maekdosu: You have to play, eat and sleep a lot for true inspiration to come out. (Really?) Did you see all the roof tiles on the Palace? (Yes.) How do you like them?

Girl: They're pretty.

Maekdosu: You see? Your grand-father created that. Some of them are laughing, some of them are playing, some resting, some are drunk. If everyone would be working seriously, true inspiration won't come out.

Girl: Really...?

Maekdosu: Of course. That's how your grand-dad was promoted to head of creative artist. That's my creation.

Girl: You're super.

Boy: Yes. I want to be like you grand-pa. I'm going to laugh, play, sleep and get myself drunk.

Maekdosu: That's what you should do.

Chogi: (entering) Father!

Children: (running to embrace Chogi) Mother!

Chogi: (to Maekdosu) Did you give wine to the children again?

Maekdosu: No... I didn't...

Bumro: (entering) Father!

Children: (embracing) Father. Father!

Maekdosu: Welcome back.

Every time you signal to each other like that, you get a child.

Chogi: (playfully) You came... (Bumro winks at her.)

Maekdosu: Don't do that. Every time you signal to each other like that, you get a child. You already have five. My back hurts, so I can't take care of them anymore.

Chogi: Father...

Bumro: Anyway, we don't have time for that right now.

Chogi: Why?

Bumro: Your Majesty has ordered us to go see him right now.


Bumro: Your Majesty. I've returned from Achak after completing the construction project.

Jang: Have you seen the water dam creating water flows, irrigating the land?

Bumro: Yes. We've created a water source for the farm lands. We've ended all the construction projects that started down South. So now, we'll see what Your Majesty has envisioned, the beginning of the age of rice farms.

Jang: I see.

Bumro: Master Mokrasu is in Sajasa right now, and he praised you greatly for this.

Jang: The Queen mentioned that Master Mokrasu's in Sajasa, and that we should go visit him. So I was curious about him. What's he doing there?

Bumro: I don't know for sure. He is secluded by himself, working on a project.

Jang: Chogi, don't you have any idea either?

Chogi: He's just making something he was asked. (What?) I don't know.

Jang: And Chogi... (Yes, Your Majesty?) How is the health of the queen? (Yes?) Is she getting worse?

Chogi: Not really.

Jang: Tell me the truth. Is she really okay?

Chogi: Yes, she's fine. She's just a little bored lately. So please, take her out.


Daejang: (bowing) Queen Lady, have a wonderful trip. (The Academy people silently bow to her, sadly.)

Jang: (to Daejang) Take care of the army during my absence.

Daejang: Yes, Your Majesty.


Wangoo leads the procession of travelers. The king and queen are inside a carriage. Sunhwa feels cold so Jang embraces her.

The king and queen are inside a carriage. Sunhwa feels cold so Jang embraces her.

Sunhwa: (at the rice field) Can this be true, that all the dry land became fertile soil like this? I remember long ago, Sataek Giroo also told me that in the future, the age of the rice field would be coming. (Really?) Yes. Shilla knew that too. That's why Shilla was envious of Baekje's plain fields and the farming techniques, so much that they wanted to steal the land.

Jang: I know. That's why I'm in a rush to conquer everything. If I don't win in this Three-Nation's warfare, I will lose everything we've accomplished so far.

Sunhwa: No, you won't. Even if Baekje were to lose at the end of this Three-Nation's war, the age of the rice field that Your Majesty brought about, the age of the farmers that Baekje established... this will be something that any people among the Three-Nations could enjoy. I feel that this is the legacy Your Majesty will be leaving. This will be the greatest gift Baekje gives to the generations that follow. My king will be remembered for this, for your honor and for your grace.

Jang: ...

Sunhwa: Why are you looking at me like that?

Jang: How could you always be so supportive of me? You're always giving me recognition, always encouraging me. You never grow tired. How can you keep doing that without resting, never changing?

Sunhwa: Because I'm very energetic. (Laughing)


Wangoo: Your Honor, shall I call Master Mokrasu?

Sunhwa: No, Your Majesty and I will go to him. (Yes...)

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— King's Golden Incense Burner

Sunhwa and Jang go to Mokrasu's workshop.

Mokrasu: (Stopping his work, bowing) Your Majesty...

Jang: (touching the intricate engraving of an incense burner) what's this?

Mokrasu: This is what the Queen requested, a king's golden incense burner.

Jang: The Queen did this?

Mokrasu: The stand of the burner is a dragon. It portrays Your Majesties childhood and the symbol of kingship.

Jang looks at his queen.

Sunhwa: You mentioned that when you were a child, you were picked on for calling yourself the son of the dragon.

Mokrasu: It's followed by a flower vase, filled with many petals, signifying a continual rebirth. The top cover is divided into five mountains that reach towards the heavens.

Jang: Reaching towards the heavens?

Mokrasu: The five musicians standing on the top of the mountains represent the Haneulchae people who kept their loyalty even in times of great testing. The five turtledoves that are in between them represent the people of Baekje.

Jang: The people?

Mokrasu: The phoenix on the top represents the king, who watches over his people while sitting on his throne.


Jang: My Queen...

Sunhwa: When will you be done?

Mokrasu: Just wait a little longer.

Sunhwa: Your Majesty. Let's go to your mother's memorial site now. There is something we must do there as well.

Let's go to your mother's memorial site now. There is something we must do there as well.


Sunhwa: (to Bomyung) tell everyone to leave.

Bomyung: Yes. Everyone should leave now.

Sunhwa: You too. Go to the bodyguard's court and wait there.

Bomyung: If we leave, there won't be anyone here.

Sunhwa: I want to be alone with my king. It's been so long. Do you still want to keep me company?

Bomyung and Chogi leave.

Jang: (He finds a cooking pot and cut vegetables ready to be cooked.) What's this?

Sunhwa: I want to cook for you.

Jang: What?

Sunhwa: (kneeling down to keep the fire burning) When we lived together as runaways, or even the time when we came here together... I told you I'd cook for you, but it came out too mushy. Besides, you were so depressed back then you didn't taste it. I will succeed this time.

Jang: (pulling her up) No, I'll do it.

Sunhwa: (pushing him away) No, I'll do it. Your Majesty should just wait over there.

Jang: (pulling her up) No, I'll do it

Sunhwa: (pushing him) I'll do it.

Jang: (raising his voice) I'm telling you I'll do it. (Sighs.) If the Queen does everything for me then leaves, how could I live? (Sunhwa stands up.) If you continue giving me everything like this... how could my Queen live? I must do this. All my life, all I've given you is suffering and pain. I must give something back to you.

Sunhwa: However, Your Honor... Who would remember a wife who never cooked for her husband?

Jang: I'll remember. Every breath that she breaths, every glance of her eyes, every wrinkle that forms whenever she smiles. I will remember. That's why you must let me do this. (Pushing her aside, he kneels down to get the fire going, then he cooks the meal.)


Jang is feeding Sunhwa.

Sunhwa: (slowly chewing the rice) The king did well in cooking. If I had cooked, it would have definitely come out mushy. It's really good. Really.

Jang leaves, filled with sadness.

The king did well in cooking. If I had cooked, it would have definitely come out mushy. It's really good.


Jang: Everything is my fault. My Queen, you must have suffered greatly watching me going to war against your father. We should have never met. And even after we met, I should have let you go.

Sunhwa: You shouldn't say that. We can regret anything else, but we should never regret our mutual love. Are there any other people in the world who are happier than us? Is there any other royal couple that married out of love like we did?

It didn't matter if one of us was from Shilla and the other from Baekje, or if one was a commoner and the other a princess... In spite of everyone's rejection, or the strong opposition we faced inside the Palace politics, which could become scarier than war on the battlefield... we were not moved. Is there any other couple in this world whose love song is sung from the mouth of the people all over Baekje and Shilla?

I've no regrets whatsoever. Did you not tell me that fate is not that which we cannot avoid, but rather a path we could have avoided but still chose to take? That's what I did. I could have easily avoided you since I was a princess. But I still chose this path. And I gained everything by doing this. So even if I die... don't cry. There's no reason for us to cry.

Jang holds Sunhwa, while she leans on him; he cooks wild mushrooms on a brick stone, feeding his queen with rough-hewn chopsticks.


  • When they were children, and the time she saw Jang being punished with his pants down
  • The time Sunhwa came to shoot arrows at Jang, upset that he turned her down, telling him that it's his fate to obey the princess
  • The first time he cooked wild mushrooms for her
  • The time he was wounded by Seochoong and Sunhwa was healing him
  • The time they made wooden utensils, and wooden ducks, displaying them to each other
  • The present time is interposed, with the older king and queen playing the same game, and displaying spoons and wooden doves, feeling like children again


Suddenly, Sunhwa feels faint and she falls down on her seat.

Jang: My lady. My lady!

Sunhwa: (opening her eyes and smiling) Didn't I tell you not to get so scared? How can you always fall into my trap? For once, you should know I'm playing.

Jang: (sighing) You're just too much.

— Queen Sunhwa's Death

The sun is setting. Jang is outside cooking herbal medicine for his wife. Sunhwa comes out to him.

Jang: It's still very cold outside. Why do you come out?

Sunhwa: (looking at the river) I like it here. (Jang is getting ready to press the cooked medicine) Your Majesty... build me a monastery over here.

Jang: A monastery?

Sunhwa: I actually had a dream a couple of days ago. Priest Borang came and told me to build a monastery called "Mireuksa" by this lake. (Mireuk means Maitreya in Korean. Maitreya, who dwells in the Tushita heaven from which he will descend as the Buddha of the Future, was thought to hold the promise of enlightenment for all sentient beings.)

Jang: Mireuksa ?

Sunhwa: Then the king and I, and the people will be able to go to the world of eternity.

Jang: OK, let's do it. (He stands up with the bowl of medicine, and sits next to her to give it to her. Sunhwa, about to take the bowl, faints...)

Jang: My Queen!

Sunhwa: (slowly) I'm just playing... (Jang is alarmed) I'm telling you I'm joking.

Jang: My Queen...

Sunhwa: (breathing hard) don't cry. You shouldn't cry. My King's most charming when he smiles. My King should smile... smile... smile... because... (Sunhwa dies...)

You shouldn't cry. My King's most charming when he smiles.

Jang: (hugging her) My Queen. My Queen... My Queen...


  • When he was taken as a slave to the labor camp, and she calls him from the distance
  • When he first found out he's a prince and she comforts him
  • When they're playing in the snow... and she's trying to cheer him up, cooking for him
  • During the revolution, returning the ring to him
  • During the wedding
  • The time they ran away together, and when she put a knife to her throat to save him
  • The time during the revolution they had to separate, and they impulsively hugged



Jang continues hugging Sunhwa.

A funeral procession for Sunhwa is taking place. Everyone is wearing white, mourning for their queen. Jang is watching the procession from a distance, without crying...


Jang is standing by the lake, thinking...

Mokrasu: Your Majesty. (He shows him the finished Golden Incense Burner).

In the end, the Queen left without seeing this.

Jang: In the end, the Queen left without seeing this.

Mokrasu: Yes... She might have known, since she left me a message for you. If the bronze incense burner marked for you a path full of suffering, it is her wish that this Golden Incense Burner may open up for you a path of comfort. King Seongwang, who passed away at the hands of Shilla, Crown Prince Aja, King Weeduk, King Hae, King Beop (Buyeosun)... and all the people who were killed during those times, including Sataek Giroo... may those things come to an end. She wishes that a time of rest and comfort might open up for you and the people of Baekje. She wishes that to be your fate now.

Jang's voice: (holding the Golden Incense Burner) Yes, I'll do it. If my Queen wishes that for me, I'll do it. But there's something you don't know. I told you that fate is not something unavoidable; but that it's a path we choose to walk even when we could have avoided it... However, there is one thing... just one thing in my life I did because I had no other choice... it's you, my Queen, I could not avoid you. My longing for you was something I could neither avoid nor escape... That is the one thing I won't find comfort in, not even through this incense burner... I miss you... I miss you so much I feel like dying...


Looking at his hand, he opens it and there are the two wooden rings. Looking up he smiles, but his eyes tell a different story...

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