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Seo Dong Yo
Episode 54

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Episode 54

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

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Voice: Your Majesty, Princess Wooyoung is here.

Wooyoung: (walking in) Your Majesty... there's only one solution.

Jang: Let's do it. If you really insist on going through this type of a marriage, let's do it. If you want to destroy my plans, and destroy the hope of the people, breaking apart the love of my life... if you still must do this, let's do it.(Standing up and looking at her) Actually, I'll do it. (Angrily) I'll definitely marry you.

Jang: Does this mean that in the end... you who approved of my love for Princess Sunhwa... and the way you backed me up when I gave up the construction of the water dam... you only did this to become a queen? Is that it? I'll make you a queen, but you have to understand what this means. The nobles are trying to force this marriage on me so that they can control me, and you, Princess Wooyoung, you must take full responsibility of this. (Sitting down) Leave me alone.

(Wooyoung leaves; Jang looks down at his wooden ring.)


Queen Mother: Wooyoung went to him to make the deal, so we'll see results soon.

Haedoju: Our king won't have any other choice this time.

Voice: Princess Wooyoung's here.

Haedoju: (as Wooyoung enters) How did it go? Did Your Majesty change his mind?

Queen Mother: Is he going to marry you? (...) Tell me. Is he still being stubborn?

Wooyoung: No, he said he'd marry me.

Queen Mother: Really? He gave up in the end.

Sadokwang: Yes, he gave up his plans.

Haedoju: I was worried we'd have to force him to resign, but we're fine now.

Sadokwang: Yes, it was the same with King Wee-duk too; he was being difficult at first.

Haedoju: That's right. So our Queen Mother should hurry and pass this marriage proposition right away. (To Sadokwang) You should still prepare the verdict for the king's case in order to tie his hands.

Sadokwang: I'll do that.

Haedoju: And just like the usurper king weakened King Wee-duk's power, you must try to take over the Palace Office in order to weaken Your Majesty's power.

Sadokwang: Yes.


(There's an Official Meeting, but Daejang is the only one present. Jang enters, followed by Wangoo Moojang).

Daejang: The district lords stayed up all night at their lords meeting, so they told me they wouldn't be able to be here today.

Wangoo: Even so, they should attend the Official Meeting.

Daejang: They said these were urgent times. They must be trying to scare you.


Sadokwang: First of all, three days from now we must submit our verdict regarding the king's case. (Wooyoung: Okay) Then, the Queen Mother must make a final decision. In order to prevent any mistakes, Princess Wooyoung should examine this beforehand.

Baekjang: We must get rid off the committee of scholars inside the Academy right away.

Lord 3: That's right. The Academy itself is a powerhouse. Why would he make another separate committee inside?

Baekjang: Also, even if we let Youn Kyunghoo (Daejang) be in charge of Weesabu, we must fill the rest of the army's officers with our men. Besides, since you've done this before, the Academy and the Palace Office must be filled with our men too.

Sadokwang: However, since there was talk about a peace agreement with Shilla, it's more urgent to clarify whom the king is marrying. Everything else you've mentioned, we can start doing after Princess Wooyoung becomes the queen. (Baekjang: That's right) The Queen Mother will bring this up right away. But Princess Wooyoung should deal with the actual agreement.


Voice: The Queen Mother is here.

Mojin: What brought the Queen Mother here?

Queen Mother: The king has decreed that he'll marry Princess Wooyoung. Were you aware of this? (Mokrasu, Mojin and the instructor are silent) I've asked you if you knew.

Mokrasu: I've heard...

Queen Mother: Are you making the wedding preparations? ... You're not?

Instructor: We haven't received an order from the king.

Queen Mother: What? He didn't order this yet? (Mo-jin: He didn't...) This is why the elders in the royalty must intervene. How can he be so careless with such an important matter as this?


Queen Mother: When are they submitting the verdict on the case?

Wooyoung: In three days.

Queen Mother: That's good.

Voice: Queen Mother, Your Majesty's here.

Queen Mother: (to Wooyoung) I've called him. (To outside) let him in. (After he enters) I'm sorry for calling you like this. Have a seat. I thought that, as the elder in the Royal Court, I must intervene. It's not good if the people hear rumors about your marriage with Princess Sunhwa. Since you've already revealed your intentions to marry, send out a command for the wedding preparation. This is how a royal marriage must be carried out. You shouldn't delay.

Jang: I won't send out the orders just like that. What we're doing is a contract. You must tell me specifically what you'll give me in return. Isn't that right? Isn't that what you want? So let me know when you're ready.

Queen Mother: Yes, I'll do as you say. You're right.

Jang: Okay. I'll wait for your response. I'll leave now.


Wooyoung: Your Majesty...

Jang: (without looking) is anything wrong? Have you already decided what you want from me?

Wooyoung: Your Majesty, why are you like this?

Jang: (turning to look at her) What do you mean?

Wooyoung: Even if you're upset, you're acting like someone else. How can you make a deal in return for the wedding preparation?

Jang: Isn't this the reality you were trying to teach me? I'll accept the facts. I think the Queen Mother understood. Anyway, this is a contract marriage. It's only fair that we write down everything clearly, what I want, and what the nobles want.

(Wooyoung follows Jang.)

Wooyoung: Then, then what? Are you going to make a deal during the written marriage proposition you must send out, and during every other step towards the wedding?

Jang: Of course. I'm going through with this marriage, giving up Princess Sunhwa, whom I consider my very life. Moreover, I considered that my first duty as a king would be to give a small portion of our land to the people... but I'm giving that up and will go through this wedding so that I can continue being a king. A written marriage proposal is a given. I'll ask for something in return every step of the way. Actually, even after you become a queen, I'll make a deal with you every morning when you come to greet me. If there's anything I can gain from this, I won't lose the chance.

Wooyoung: Don't you... don't you really know how I feel about this? Don't you know that all I want is just a small piece of your heart, a little bit of your love? Why are you insulting me this way? Tell me, what makes you so arrogant now?

Jang: You tell me Princess, why are you acting like this now? You told me to face the harsh realities of life, to understand how power struggles work. You defeated me in this power struggle. But now, how can you demand for me to see your heart and your love? In this marriage there's no such thing.

Wooyoung: All right, let's live like this. Even if we must make a deal for the rest of our lives, let's live together. Whether I just get your flesh or your bones... I'll live with you for the rest of my life. That way, I may not win your heart, but I can steal you away from Princess Sunhwa. I'll bring you the noble's verdict of the king's case. You get me the orders for the wedding preparation. Let this be our first deal.

(A disheartened Wooyoung leaves; outside she begins to cry.)


Haedoju: Did Your Majesty really say that?

Queen Mother: He must think we won't push him for his resignation because of Princess Wooyoung.

Sadokwang: He's just trying to calm the storm for the moment.

Haedoju: Yes. So we too must decide now. (Queen Mother: What?) Should we go along with the king and give up our king's case, or should we push him all the way and force him to resign?

Queen Mother: But eviction is too much of a burden for us. Besides, Wooyoung doesn't want that.

Sadokwang: That's the problem. If the king finds out Princess Wooyoung's feelings for him, we'll lose this power struggle.

Wooyoung: (entering) Don't worry. I've no feelings left for him. And we don't need to wait three days to submit the verdict either. Tell everyone to have it ready by tomorrow.

Sadokwang: Can we do that?

Wooyoung: Yes. I must marry the king, even if we must give him something in return. After that, I'll help you get everything you want. He doesn't want to give me anything, so I must take everything by force. So make sure in advance that no one votes in favor of the king.


Wangoo: The king will exchange the orders for the wedding preparation with the verdict for the king's case.

(Daejang: What?)

Mokrasu: Then, is he writing the wedding orders right now? (Yes...)

(Jang is writing... but feeling suffocated while doing it.)


Wooyoung: Let's cast our votes. (Everyone writes down their decision) As the leader of this meeting, I'll count the votes. If even one of you is against this, we cannot present this case to the Queen Mother. (She opens the box and she counts. Everyone approves.)

Sadokwang: We're all one in this. Why was I so nervous?

Baekjang: Every time a king's case was brought up, there was always disagreement, wasn't it so?

Wooyoung: Our unanimous vote alone is proof that the king is to blame for having allowed Shilla soldiers to step on our lands. I'll now submit this to the Queen Mother for her to decide. Do you all agree? (Yes.)


Mokrasu: How did it go?

Daejang: They unanimously voted against the king.


Wooyoung: (to Sadokwang) I'll take this verdict to the king and exchange it for the wedding preparation orders. You should tell this to Queen Mother. (Yes...) By the way, Is Sataek-Giroo still in Baekje? (Yes...) I must meet him personally in order to oppose the king properly.

Sadokwang: Yes. He can be of great help in anything related with Shilla. So it's a good idea to meet him.

Wooyoung: Tell me where he is.


Wooyoung: This is the king's case and the verdict result.

Jang: This is the order for the wedding preparation.

(After the exchange, Wooyoung leaves. Jang opens the order and is startled at what he sees.)


Wooyoung: (giving the scroll to Mokrasu) this is the king's order for the wedding. Mark a date soon and get all the needed measurements. We'll prepare the royal marriage right away, so you must utilize every one at the Academy to make first class decorations, garments, and jewelries. And the food and the program must be one of a kind. Do you understand? (Yes...)


Queen Mother: You knew that enemy's troops stepped on our land but you didn't do anything about it. That was a big mistake on your part. But since you couldn't think clearly back then because of the relationship you had with a Shilla woman, and considering the fact that you've sent her back, Princess Wooyoung wants to drop the case against you. That's why I've allowed this exchange of the verdict with your order of marriage. Stop hurting Princess Wooyoung and get yourself ready for the royal marriage. Do you understand? (...)


Giroo: I didn't know you'd come to see me in person.

Wooyoung: I wanted to learn what exactly happened last time. And I wanted to get in touch directly with your Shilla contact too.

Giroo: You must do so. You'll soon be queen, so you must be able to stand in between the nobles and the king. Maybe it's because I failed, but I really desire to help you get there.

Wooyoung: Okay. Who's your Shilla contact?

Giroo: Princess Chunmyung.

Wooyoung: Then give me the details of what happened between Princess Chunmyung and Sangjapyung (Sadokwang).

Giroo: (handing over a book) Everything's here.

Wooyoung: Okay. From now on, just follow my instructions. And stay here. I'll tell you what to do next. (Yes)


Wooyoung: (to her guards) Just in case, watch Sataek-Giroo carefully and make sure he doesn't escape. I'll announce the details of the royal marriage, so call all the nobles to the Palace Meeting Room. I'll inform the king myself.

(Everyone is entering the Meeting Room. Jang and Wooyoung look at each other...)

Sadokwang: We'll discuss the details of the royal marriage. (To Mokrasu) This is great news for Your Majesty and Princess Wooyoung, but this is also great news for the entire nation. Make sure nothing is missing and prepare everything well.

Baekjang: Is the wedding date set? (Mokrasu: Not yet...) What? When was the order for the wedding sent out? Why has the date not been set yet?

Wooyoung: (entering) There's no need for the date to be set.

(Everyone's standing up as the king enters followed by Wooyoung.)

Sadokwang: Princess Wooyoung, what do you mean, there's no need to set a date? Things like this shouldn't be prolonged too long.

Wooyoung: I won't get married.

Sadokwang: Princess Wooyoung...

Wooyoung: I won't marry the king.

Sadokwang: Our Princess, can you explain what you mean?

Wooyoung: It's this simple. The king and I won't get married. In addition, I'll obey Your Majesty's decision on returning the system to the time before the battle of Kwansangsun. (My Princess...) The 1,500 extra personal militia that Haedoju and Sangjapyung have will be transferred to the king's army. When the king's command goes out, we must follow through. All the lands that you took over illegally after the battle of Kwansangsun must be given to the king.

Sadokwang: Why... why are you doing this all of a sudden?

Wooyoung: I wanted to announce this in front of Your Majesty and all the nobles. That's why I requested this Official Meeting. I'm letting you all know. (She leaves)


Queen Mother: What are you talking about?

Haedoju: Where is Princess Wooyoung right now?

Lady: The nobles are talking with her at the lord's meeting.


Sadokwang: Princess Wooyoung, what's this all about?

Haedoju: (entering) Is this for real? What happened?

Queen Mother: Yes, Wooyoung, what happened?

Sadokwang: Whatever has happened, we can't accept this. If Princess Wooyoung acts like this, we'll find some other way...

Wooyoung: You cannot.

Haedoju: We cannot?

Wooyoung: I have written proof that you collaborated with Princess Chunmyung and planned a sham war with Shilla.

Queen Mother: Wooyoung.

Wooyoung: All of you were planning to censure the king just because he didn't fight with the Shilla troops when they stepped on our land. You know what it means if I give this written proof to the king.. I haven't given it to him yet. However, if Haedoju or mother tries to do something else, I'll immediately show this to the king.

Queen Mother: Wooyoung.

Wooyoung: Moreover, what do you think would happen if the king finds out that you were in touch with our arch-traitor Sataek-Giroo? (To Sadokwang) You know what will happen to your family name, don't you? So I'll let you decide what you should do. (To her mother and her uncle) I'm sorry for doing this without consulting with you first,but what I told the others applies to both of you as well. So consider this carefully.

Queen Mother: Why... why are you doing this?


Mokrasu: Your Majesty, what happened just now?

Jang: (he shows them the scroll Wooyoung gave him. It's blank.) This was supposed to be the verdict for the case they had against me. The princess had already changed her mind back then.


(Wooyoung is remembering the time she cried after giving the king her 'blank' scroll. Jang had gone to her then, looking intently at her.)

Wooyoung: Your Majesty... hug me. If you do this, I'll give up everything. I couldn't understand you, even during the water dam construction. Though I couldn't understand, I felt it was the right thing to do because of you. I had so many chances to destroy the love between you and Princess Sunhwa, but I couldn't.

Actually, I trust Your Majesty knows my true heart. In fact, I believe you went so far in making all of these deals, because you knew how I felt. You knew I wouldn't take this. I know you didn't really want to make the deal... As honestly as you can... hug me only once. Then, I'll end all of this right here.

(Jang walks slowly towards Wooyoung ... He extends his arms towards her... but he turns away.)

Wooyoung: Your Majesty...

Jang: I can't. It's not because of my love for Princess Sunhwa, nor for myself. It's because, like you said... I know your true heart. That's why I cannot hug you in order to gain something from this... (He leaves...)

(Wooyoung is still remembering... When she turns around, Jang is there, watching her intently.)

Wooyoung: You did well back then. If you had hugged me out of pity, I would have coveted for more. In addition, I think I would have lost my trust in you. Because you didn't accept my offer then, I understood more clearly that your loyalty, whether towards Princess Sunhwa, or towards the people, or even towards me... is an honest and unshakeable one.

You hurt me a lot, but I must acknowledge that you've always respected me and my feelings towards you. (She turns around to leave...)

Jang: I'm sorry... again and again. I thank you... again and again. (He takes his fourth prince's necklace and hands it to Wooyoung) This is a very precious thing to me. You risked your life bringing this to the Temple... and the moment it landed in my hands, I believed the world was mine. (He puts it in Wooyoung's hands) Have this.

Wooyoung: No, I'm fine. If you want to give this to me, do so in your next life. In this life, you must be fulfilled with Princess Sunhwa. So give this to me in your next life. If this cannot be... then in the life after that. If that can't be either... then in the next one give this to me. (Jang kisses her forehead. She leaves.)

Wooyoung's voice: Your Majesty, you're such a shrewd man. You never treated me well, but why am I so thankful to you as I leave? Nevertheless... you haven't truly understood my heart... The fourth prince's necklace had to remain with you so that a very small part of me could remain in you... That's why I couldn't take it with me.


Scholar 1: Your Majesty, we just heard the news. What Princess Wooyoung said, is it true?

Jang: It's true, so make sure her plans don't go astray, and prepare for the new system implementation accordingly. And Master Mokrasu, prepare the royal letter for me.

Mokrasu: Yes, Your Majesty.


Lord 3: What can we do now?

Baekjang: (to Sadokwang) Was Princess Wooyoung telling the truth? Did you really plan all that with Shilla through Sataek-Giroo's help? (...) I didn't know you went that far.

Lord 3: Me either. Even if you were against the king's new ideas, you went too far.

Baekjang: No matter what, we are people of Baekje. I'd rather obey the king's orders now. (He leaves. Other lords follow suit, leaving Sadokwang alone.)

Man: (entering) Why is everyone leaving like this? ... Lord Sadokwang, Sataek-Giroo hasn't returned after meeting with Princess Wooyoung.

Sadokwang: What? Does that mean Princess Wooyoung gave him over to the king?

Man: I'm not sure...

Sadokwang: That shouldn't happen. We'll be dead if that happens. Find him somehow. You know the different properties Princess Wooyoung has, don't you? (Yes) She must have kept him in one of them. Find him and get rid off him.


Goosan: Something's fishy.

Giroo: What do you mean?

Goosan: I fear Princess Wooyoung sent her men to watch you. (Her men?) I can't tell if she ordered them to protect you or to keep you in captivity. What should we do?

Giroo: Let's pretend we don't know anything and let's get out of here.

(As they are leaving, many men encircle them.)

Goosan: These are Princess Wooyoung's guards. (They're fighting. Other men come join the fight. One of them tells Giroo that Sadokwang sent him, and to follow him.)

Giroo: What happened? Why is Princess Wooyoung doing this?

Man: That just happened... (To his men) Go ahead. (His men stab Goosan. The fight goes on. Giroo escapes.)


(Baekjang and Lord 3 bring their documents specifying the situation before the Kwansangsun battle to the scholars. The scholars tell them to bring all information regarding the extra slaves they had raised after that, and to get ready for the redistribution of the lands to them. Lord Sadokwang brings his documents too. The other lords are looking suspiciously at him.)

(Daejang gives instructions on how to redistribute the different lord's militias, and where to send them at.)

Dooil: Should we bring them all to Savisong?

Daejang: No, they must stay in their respective areas for now.

Dooil: Why?

Daejang: I think the king will use them for other purposes, so you go to the respective districts and send out the orders.

(People are lining up, giving out their names. Lands are being distributed to them.)

Jang's voice: except for the domestic slaves, all the working slaves must be set free. Lands must be given to them according to their districts. More must be given to those who work the hardest.

Jang: (speaking to the nobles) In addition, although I ordered the personal militias be disbanded, I won't do that. Rather, I'll keep them in their respective districts to coordinate the construction of water dams in those areas. If that succeeds, not only the people, but also all of you owning large plantations will benefit greatly from this. Wait till the dam helps irrigate your farming lands. I'm sure you'll reap more abundantly than before.

(Yes, Your Majesty.)

Sadokwang: We'll obey your command with gladness. (Yes, Your Majesty.)

Baekjang: However, Your Honor... shouldn't you be getting reading for the royal marriage?

Daejang: He has already sent Master Mokrasu to Shilla with the wedding dowries.

Baekjang: Really?

Daejang: The preparation is going to the fullest.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty, we congratulate you. (Everyone: We congratulate you.)


Mokrasu's voice: The record of king's lineage and marriage, engraved on stone. (Maekdosu is working on the engraving)

Wedding garments. (Women are sewing.)

Jewelries. (Other accessories are shown, with jeweries.)

Nuptial documents. (Instructors are writing them)


Mokrasu: Everything is ready, send out the order.

Jang: I've already sent a messenger to Shilla. Teacher, you must go there tomorrow and tie up the loose ends.

Mokrasu: Yes, Your Majesty.


Bomyung: My Princess, we received a message saying that a royal messenger left from Baekje four days ago.

Sunhwa: Is that right, really?

Bomyung: Yes...

Sunhwa: Four day ago... that means he should be here by tomorrow or the day after at the latest.

Chogi: You look too happy, my princess. According to my sister Dalgee, Queen Maya is already feeling depressed thinking of sending you away, so she cannot sleep. But you're so happy that I wonder, what's the point of having children.

Bomyung: That means you won't come with us then.

Sunhwa: If you came with me, I was planning on marrying you off with Bumro. But since you're such a good daughter, you should stay here instead.

Chogi: Why... don't be like that...

Bomyung: Yes, my princess. Chogi's such a great daughter she should stay here with her parents.

Chogi: Why are you being like this? Even if I must hide in a little corner of the carriage, I'll go with you.


Weesong: Why did Baekje's Sadokwang send you a message?

Chunmyung: Baekje's Princess Wooyoung has changed her mind.

Weesong: That's why this alliance marriage is going through.

Chunmyung: There's nothing we can do right now. We must let this go, and make sure Sunhwa don't interfere anymore with Shilla's politics.

Weesong: But did Sadokwang send you a message just to tell you this?

Chunmyung: It's because of Kim Dooam. (What about him?) If Baekje's king captures him, he'll be in big trouble, so he's asking for help to get rid off him.

Weesong: It's the same with us. If our king captures him, we'll be in a big mess.

Chunmyung: (as a man enters) What's up?

Man: A man called Kim Dooam sent this to you.

Chunmyung: I was wondering how I could find him, but he came to me. (Reading)

Weesong: Where is he now?

Chunmyung: The place I met him before. Get rid off him.

(Giroo is walking around the streets of Shilla. He hears people laughing and talking about Princess Sunhwa getting married to the King of Baekjae. He goes to his father, but people are there, waiting to kill him. He fights with them. He and his father run away, but an arrow wounds his father. Giroo fights with the men, killing them. He nurses his father's wounds, but he dies...)

Giroo: This can't be. The world cannot be this cruel to me. What great sin have I committed? What wrong have I done? Show me. Tell me. Where was the beginning of my mistake, what was it? Show me, please. I beg you to show me.


(A procession of messengers from Baekje come to Shilla bringing lots of goodies.)

Mokrasu: Your Majesty, I am Baekje's messenger, Mokrasu, and I've come by the command of my king, bringing the official request to escort our queen to our land.

King Jinpyung: Okay, I've been waiting for you.

(The boxes of presents are put on the table. Bumro and Chogi's eyes meet, and they both laugh.)

Mokrasu: This is the wedding garment presented by the King of Baekjae to his queen. Permit her to wear this as she comes to get your blessings.

King Jinpyung: All right. Go tell her and bring her over. (Bomyung: Yes.)


Chogi: My princess. My princess.

Sunhwa: Did things go well?

Chogi: Yes. They brought this garment for you.

Bomyung: the King of Baekje sent this.

(All the engraved stones and accessories are fully displayed. The king and the queen smile with satisfaction. Sunhwa walks out, wearing the white garment, bowing to the king and the queen. Then she faces Mokrasu, both bowing to each other.)

Mokrasu: This is an official proclamation sent by the King of Baekje.

Official proclamation sent by the King of Baekje to King Junpyung.

(Sunhwa kneels down before the official proclamation.)

King Jinpyung: I approve of the marriage of my third princess, Sunhwa. (He also sends the Buddhist priest Borang to work out all the details of the marriage alliance, telling him to strengthen the relationship between both nations.)


Eunjin: Your Majesty, here you are.

Wangoo: Yes, I keep telling him, but he's been so busy working here.

Eunjin: Your Majesty. Even if you're busy, this is your wedding with Princess Sunhwa. I'm going to tell her you didn't get yourself fitted for your wedding garment.

Jang: (smiling) All right, I'll go.


Eunjin: (fitting Jang's garment.) You're being so careless. I'm sure Princess Sunhwa's anxiously waiting for this day. Your Majesty doesn't look anxious at all. (Jang smiles) I'll tell her.

Jang: Don't.

Eunjin: Why? Are you scared? (Smile) Your Honor, you're very good at everything, except at expressing your feelings. Every woman wants to hear that she's loved. You should express your feelings towards your queen very openly.

(A messenger tells Wangoo that a procession have come from Shilla. Wangoo enters to give the message to the king.)


(Mokrasu bows down to Mo-jin, telling her he'll be introducing the Buddhist priest to the king, so she should get the rest of the preparation going.)

Monk: I'm Priest Borang, sent here to preside over the wedding.

Jang: You must be tired.

Borang: My heart rejoices seeing that the long relationship between the King and Princess Sunhwa can be consummated through this wedding.

Wangoo: There will be a great celebration today, in honor of all the guests who came from Shilla.

Borang: Really?

Wangoo: Yes, so you must get yourself ready. (Wangoo and the priest leave.)

Jang: (to Mokrasu) Is Princess Sunhwa well?

Mokrasu: Of course (laughing). No matter how much you want to see her, you shouldn't. You must wait till the wedding day.


(Drummers and dancers are performing. Inside a room, Princess Sunhwa is listening to the sound of the drums. She complains, wishing she could watch the performance also. But Bo-myung tells her she's the bride, so she can't go out. Outside, a group of martial art fighters are getting ready to perform. Giroo is among the performers.)

(At the sound of the gong, the martial art fighters are running and turning, swords in their hands. Suddenly, Giroo runs towards the king, pointing the sword at Jang's neck. Everyone is shocked, crying out for their king.)

Jang: (Jang is startled. While looking at Giroo, he tells the others) This is something between the two of us. (He slowly stands up, still threatened by Giroo's sword. He slowly walks backwards, entering a private room, followed only by Giroo and his sword.)


Daejang: Who is he?

Wangoo: I don't know.

Daejang: Could it be that the King of Shilla sent this man?

Wangoo: I don't think so.

Daejang: We must force our way inside.

Wangoo: The king may die in the process.

Daejang: What should we do then?

Wangoo: You must order everyone to evacuate this area and block this with your soldiers.


Jang: Have you come to kill me... or to die?


Mokrasu: What happened?

Wangoo: I'm not sure. But the king said this is a problem the two of them must solve.

Mokrasu: Then, it must be Sataek-Giroo.


Jang: Have you come to kill me... or to die? If I die, I thought it'd be by you. I also think that if you die, it should be by me.

Giroo: I guess you've forgotten me...

Jang: Did you come to kill me or to die?

Giroo: Both. Right now, I've no country I should be loyal to. I've no love to keep in my heart. I've no blood ties with anyone. So I felt my death would be too lonely. Let's go together. Let's go.

Giroo swings the sword but Jang kicks him away, fighting back. After much turning, Giroo gets the upper hand again, with sword in his hand.)

Giroo: If it weren't for you, I would have lived as a loyal man of Shilla. If it weren't for you, both Shilla and Princess Sunhwa would have been mine. If it weren't for you, I would have never served Buyosun, a man I didn't even respect. The moment you stole my spot, all I had left was to walk the path of a traitor, the path of a loser. So I had to become wicked. That became my inevitable fate. That's why we should go together. I want to take you with me, since you made me fall into this pit.

Jang: Fate is not inevitable. Fate is that path which we could have avoided, but we still choose to walk. You didn't have any choice? You always had. The problem was that from the beginning, the path you planned to walk, that path was wrong.

To protect the most precious things in life and to preserve your dignity, you should have fought the evil ways even if it meant death. And when the path leads to worse suffering than death itself, the love should be strong enough to carry you through. Instead, you chose to gain political power through evil and treacherous ways, all for your personal gain. Now you're telling me you had no choice? What kind of easy excuse is that?

Giroo: Everyone looks after their own gain.

Jang: Like you? Like you did?

Giroo: What wrong have I committed? What did I do that was so unforgivable? Do I deserve to be abandoned and betrayed by everyone like this? What was the great sin that I committed? What is that?

Jang: The sin of not having ever loved.


(Bumro is telling Princess Sunhwa that someone has attacked the king. Sunhwa realizes it must be Kim Dooam... Giroo. She runs out.)

Sunhwa: What... what happened?


Jang: You've never truly loved anyone. Not Shilla, or our princess, nor the people of Haneulchae, not even the arts and crafts... not even your own life. According to your needs you chose love by convenience, and by convenience you chose a country to serve. And by convenience you chose a ruler you didn't even respect. Because of my love towards our princess, I developed the land fertilization system and the stone hitter. What were you doing back then? You were making a deal with the King of Shilla for Princess Sunhwa. Instead of letting your heart beat fast with passion, you were using your brain and calculating the benefits. Now you're telling me you had no choice? You had... you always had the choice of living differently. But you still walked towards your present fate. You knew so well this was a path of evil, but you still chose it, and you came all the way here. So now... choose one last time... to kill me... or to die.

(Giroo throws the sword on the floor)

Jang: Giroo... Giroo...

Giroo: I'd rather not meet someone like you in the next world. Someone who makes all my mistakes become clearer, making me go insane... I don't want to meet you there. I'd rather go by myself. (Giroo walks away...)

Jang: Giroo... Giroo.

(Giroo steps outside, coming face to face with Princess Sunhwa and Mokrasu. Soldiers are ready to shoot their arrows at him.)

Jang: Stop! Don't shoot! (He starts running out... but the arrows are flying towards Giroo.)

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