Seo Dong Yo

Seo Dong Yo
Episode 53

English Synopsis and Dialogue Translation


Episode 53

Translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Jang: I am the King of Baekje.

King Jinpyung: I am the King of Shilla. Let's sit down.

Aside from this peace treaty, I really wanted to see you. You've made my Sunhwa want to throw away her title for you.

Jang: How's your first impression of me, father-in-law?

King: (laughing hard) I don't think the nobles of Baekje will be happy with this alliance.

Jang: I'd say the same goes for the Shilla nobles. But only our decisions as Kings of our kingdoms should count in the end. I'm sure of my reasons for doing this.

King: I too know why I'm doing this.

Jang: However, historically, there was a 100-year alliance between our countries that Shilla broke. You owe an apology to the people of Baekje.

(Soldiers from both camps come and whisper to their commanders. Each king is told separately that a battle broke out on the frontier of Shilla and Baekje. The kings look at each other.)

King Jinpyung and Buyeojang are told separately that a battle broke out on the frontier of Shilla and Baekje. The kings look at each other.


Jang: Is it true that Shilla troops crossed the frontier? (Yes, Your Majesty.) Tell me the details.

Soldier: This morning, Shilla troops suddenly crossed over the frontier, and a fight broke out. They're now in a stand-by position.

Wangoo: Your Majesty, wouldn't this mean that Shilla is pretending to want peace while planning to attack us?

Jang: I wouldn't think so. In that case, we would have been captured.

Mokrasu: Yes, that doesn't make sense.

Wangoo: Still, you can't continue this meeting as if nothing happened. You must called this off and go back to the Palace.

Jang: Teacher, you must go and get more information from them.

Still, you can't continue this meeting as if nothing happened.


King Jinpyung: Are you really sure Baekje's troops attacked first?

Soldier: Yes, Your Majesty. Early in the morning, Baekje troops crossed over the frontier with the intention of invading.

Man: What's the situation now?

Soldier: Before I left, both sides seem to be preparing for counter-attacks.

Man: Are they scheming?

King Jinpyung: I can't think that way. Who'd meet up for a peace treaty and declare war from the back? They would have then captured me. I'll go back to the Palace now. Go and get more information from them.


Mokrasu and King Jinpyung's man confirm the each heard thier troops crossed over the frontier

Mokrasu: I need to check some things.

Man: Me too.

Mokrasu: We heard Shilla troops crossed over the frontier.

Man: We heard Baekje troops did also.

Mokrasu: Are you saying Shilla's king wasn't aware of this before now?

Man: Yes, he wasn't. How about Baekje's king?

Mokrasu: He didn't know. Our king told me to inform your king that he has no intention of declaring war on Shilla.

Man: Our king told me to say the same thing.

Mokrasu: Since we've made sure neither king planned this we must go back. After checking how this incident happened, we'll get in touch again.


Sadokwang: How can such a big thing happen during the king's absence?

Baekjang: When is the king returning?

Daejang: The message was already sent out, so he should be returning soon.

Baekjang: We cannot wait until he returns. Sangjapyung (Sadokwang), you must take the necessary actions for this.

Sadokwang: Weesajapyung (Daejang), prepare your troops and send orders to each private militias to come to Savisong.

Lord: Yes. (Daejang doesn't respond.)

Sadokwang: Well... What are you doing? Go do as I say. We must get ready for war. Do you understand? (Yes...) Baekjang, go and call for an official meeting. (Yes.)


Chunmyung: War?

Weesong: Baekje provoked this.

Chunmyung: You said the King of Baekje loves you. What is this? Is this proof of the love between you and Baekje's king? Our king didn't know about this, and he was planning to arrange a marriage alliance. What a mistake that would have been.

Queen Maya, Chunmyong, Sunhwa and Weesong - Is this proof of the love between you and Baekje's king?


Queen Mother: Sadokwang did a great job.

Haedoju: Yes, if we use this 'rumor of war' properly, the king won't be able to turn the system back to before the battle of Kwansangsung.

Queen Mother: Preventing him from doing this is not enough. We must change his mind altogether. How on earth did he think of taking the noble's properties to re-distribute them to the people? (To Wooyoung) After marrying him, you must correct his way of thinking.

(Wooyoung remembers...)

Jang's voice: The reason you want to marry me is so that I'd compromise with the lords, isn't this so? I won't go through that kind of marriage.

Queen Mother: What are you thinking now? I'm telling you that you must change the king's way of thinking.

Wooyoung: Yes, I must. I'll definitely do that...

Haedoju: If the king finds out we made this up, we'll be in trouble. Can we trust our connection with Shilla?

Queen Mother: Yes, I was told he's trustworthy.


Chunmyung: Until this marriage alliance is dissolved, I need to keep in close touch with Baekje's nobles. But for the Baekje's nobles, if the redistribution of land doesn't go through, they'll want to cut off the communication we have. What can we do then?

Giroo, Weesong and Princess Chun-myung disuss the state of affairs between Baekje and Shilla.

Giroo: Don't worry. There is someone in Baekje who has a similar mind-set as you.

Chunmyung: Who's that?

Giroo: Princess Wooyoung.

Chunmyung: Princess Wooyoung... King Hae's daughter?

Giroo: The nobles are united with Princess Wooyoung in petitioning her marriage with the king. (Yes?)

Messenger: The king has returned.


King Jinpyung: What's happening?

Weesong: Right now, both sides have quieted down, waiting for the next action. But Baekje's troops seem very ready to attack again. It looks like they really want war.

(King Jinpyung remembers...)

Man's voice: The King of Baekje wants you to know that he has no intention of declaring war.

King Jinpyung: Is this true, that Baekje troops crossed over the frontier into Shilla?

Weesong: Yes, Your Majesty. I was told Baekje troops invaded the frontier.

Chunmyung: I'm sorry to say this, but whatever love the King of Baekje professes for Sunhwa seems to be a cover up.

Noble: Your Majesty, if we don't act quickly, they might invade again. You must attack them first.

King Jinpyung: We should be watching Koguryo's every move right now. Do you think fighting with Baekje is good for us? Do you really think so?

Chunmyung: But Your Honor, this could be a plot set up by Baekje and Koguryo to steal from us the land of Arisoo.

Weesong: Yes, Your Majesty. There is such a possibility.

Noble 2: Your Majesty. We want a peace treaty with Baekje too, but I fear Baekje has different intentions.

Weesong: Your Majesty, please consider this carefully.


King Jinpyung: Have you checked carefully?

Man: It's true that Baekje troops crossed the frontier first, but I found out they were private militias.

King Jinpyung: Private militias?

Man: Yes. Also, as soon as our troops attacked them, they fled away.

King Jin-pyung: They fled as soon as they were attacked?

Man: Yes. And later, our men crossed the frontier, and looked like they were going to fight, but they were ordered to return without fighting.

King Jinpyung: Who led that troop?

Man: Kak Hoong... Weesong's man...

King Jinpyung: Chunmyung. She found out.


Bomyung: I fear this won't go through. The fact that a battle broke out while our king and Seo Dong Gong were meeting might mean Princess Chunmyung found out.

Sunhwa: (to herself) Really... is this so impossible? Why is this so difficult, Seo Dong Gong?


Jang: Are you saying that we cannot go back to the time before the battle of Kwansangsung?

Sadokwang: You want a peace treaty with Shilla and reduce our personal security? That's short of impossible.

Sadokwang: Yes, Your Majesty. Your Majesty mentioned that ever since then, we only fought twice with Shilla, so we can reduce our personal militias. However, as this recent event proves, we can go to war with Shilla at any time. I don't even need to mention Koguryo. You want a peace treaty with Shilla and reduce our personal security? That's short of impossible.

Baekjang: Yes, Your Majesty. I don't want to disobey your orders, but I need to protect the people and their possessions. Please consider this carefully

Lord: Yes, Your Majesty. We'll offer our militias for your protection. But let us build an even stronger army now, so that the pride and glory of Baekje may return.

Sadokwang: Yes, Your Majesty let us build a stronger army now.


Wooyoung: Your Majesty, you must be worried after the news of Shilla's attack. Take the help of the district lords and destroy them.

Your Majesty, take the help of the district lords and destroy them.

(Jang leaves her; she looks at him...) Your Majesty. In the end, you'll come to me.


Jang: Have you sent someone to check the situation carefully?

Daejang: Yes. I sent Doo-il. He should be returning by now.


(Buyeojang sits in silent contemplation).

Voice: Your Majesty, Master Mokrasu is here.

Jang: Shilla's too busy protecting Arisoo from Koguryo. They don't have the energy to fight with us. So much of their army is standing at the frontier with Koguryo. I checked all this before. This was the reason I felt we were safe to turn the system back to where we were before the battle of Kwansangsung. Still, in order to prevent a real war from happening, I was going to make a peace treaty. This wasn't just for my marriage alone.

Mokrasu: I know that, Your Majesty.

Jang: Then, how can this happen?

Mokrasu: What I think is that the district lords...

Jang: Will they? Will they go that far?

Voice: Your Majesty. Weesajapyung and Dooil are here.

Jang: Let them in. (to Dooil) did you find out?

Of course they were saying Shilla's troops crossed the frontier first, which is true in a way.

Dooil: It looks like our men started the fight. (What?) Of course they were saying Shilla's troops crossed the frontier first, which is true in a way. (But then?) I asked the people around there, and I heard that 50 of our men suddenly attacked Shilla's troops at night.

Wangoo: Is that true?

Dooil: Shinman saw this. He thought it was the beginning of a battle, but by the next morning, after a few stand-up fights, they disbanded. He thought it was really strange.

Daejang: Are the district lords really behind this? I'll arrest them all.

Wangoo: I'm sure all the men involved were hidden away. All the men left there must be those who witnessed Shilla's attack.

Mokrasu: Your Honor...

Jang: must go to Shilla again.


Jang: (handing Mokrasu an envelop) if this kind of fight breaks out again, we'll be trapped. Our only way is to rush this treaty. This time, you must go not as a secret messenger, but as an official ambassador. I'll inform the nobles of this at the right time.

Mokrasu: Yes, I'll leave right away.

Jang: Please do so. Also, I must ask you to do something else...

I must ask you to do something else...


Queen Maya: I told you this couldn't be. Why are you being so stubborn?

Sunhwa: Please... Please, kick me out of here.

Please... Please, kick me out of here.

Queen Maya: The king was trying to arrange for a marriage alliance, but a battle broke out between our countries.

Sunhwa: That happened because this would be a marriage alliance. I care not for the title of a princess, nor the power, nothing.

Queen Maya: That's what you think. How could the princess of a nation give up everything and marry the king of another nation? Who could ever think of such a thing? Who could ever believe this from you?

Sunhwa: I would. I'm telling you I'd do it. Why don't you believe me? Why doesn't anyone believe me?

Queen Maya: Even if I believe you, Chunmyung, Don-mang, or the nobles won't believe you. And the king won't allow this from you.

Sunhwa: Mother...

Queen Maya: You're hurting yourself. Go back to your room and eat something.

Sunhwa: Mother...

Queen Maya: What are you all doing? Take Sunhwa away. (They take her away)


King Jinpyung: Sunhwa's still like that? (Yes.) OK...

Man: Your Majesty. Your Majesty. A message just came saying that the King of Baekje has sent a procession of official messengers.

King Jinpyung: Official messengers? Not a secret one?

Man: Yes. And... this one...

(The king reads the letter)

King Jinpyung reads the letter delivered by an official messenger. He's surprised it;s not from a secret messenger.


Bomyung: (Sunhwa's refusing to eat) my princess, why are you doing this? It's been so many days already.

Chogi: My princess, if you continue like this, you'll faint before seeing Seo Dong Gong. He said he'd come for you. You said you'd go back. You must be strong. You can't give up now.

Sunhwa: Then what can I do? What?


Mokrasu: (to Bumro) every street of Shilla we turn to, do as the king has instructed.

Bumro: That? Yes, I'll do that...


Jang: (voice) forgive me for not going to get you in person.

Sunhwa: (voice) Forgive me for not going back. What can we do now?

Chogi's voice: My princess. My princess.


Bomyung: You don't know where the princess is right now?

Chogi: She's not here?

Bomyung: Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on her?

Chogi: I've heard an official party of messengers was coming from Baekje. I came to tell her just in case...

Bomyung: What, messengers from Baekje?

Chogi: Yes, that's what I heard. They're already in Surabol. (Really?) Yes. But where can our princess be in such a weak state?

Bomyung: Maybe...? Wouldn't she be at Princess Chunmyung's Court?

Chogi: Then I'll go get her.


Help me. I've given up my title and all its privileges ever since I chose Seo Dong Gong.

Sunhwa: Help me. I've given up my title and all its privileges ever since I chose Seo Dong Gong. I'll leave quietly. All I want is to be together with him. My intentions are innocent.

Chunmyung: There cannot be innocence in royal marriages. Your intentions may be, but not fathers. Even if you leave for Baekje, throwing away your title, father won't leave you alone. Besides, once you become the Queen of Baekje, you can change your mind.

Sunhwa: No, I won't.

Chunmyung: I can't trust father, you or the King of Baekje. This is our destiny. So go back. I must finish my work.


(Sunhwa is walking the streets, remembering the time when she walked those same streets while they were children.)

Man: Your Majesty. The procession is almost here.

King Jinpyung: Is that so?

Man: But, Your Majesty... On every street the procession passed...

King Jinpyung: On the streets? What? (The man whispers something to the king)


(Sunhwa is remembering the little boy Seo Dong, who made up the Seo Dong's Song and who was planning to take his 'revenge' on the princess for having played with his feelings. Suddenly, she hears music...)

Sunhwa is remembering the little boy Seo Dong

Chogi: My princess.

Sunhwa: Chogi... Now, I even hear things... (What?)

(Little children are singing the Seo Dong's Song.)

Chogi: He came for you by spreading that song. I heard a procession of messengers came from Baekje. He must have come to get you.


Mokrasu: Your Majesty. I am Mokrasu, a messenger sent by the King of Baekje


Bomyung: My princess, my princess. Mokrasu came as an ambassador from Baekje.

Sunhwa: He's alive? Is he.

Chogi: Didn't I tell you?


Mokrasu: The king wants you to know that what happened at the frontier recently was done by private parties, and that he will take measures to punish them. Also, he will repay you for the damage you suffered. He also wants to ask you for open communication between both armies, so that they can prevent small fights from spreading and causing real war.

(Sunhwa walks in, and she smiles at Mokrasu. Mokrasu smiles back at her)

In addition, the King of Baekje has sent an official marriage proposal to Princess Sunhwa. This is the marriage proposal by Our Majesty the King. May I read this out loud? (Marriage Proposal Translation: 1Korea.)

This is the marriage proposal by Our Majesty the King. May I read this out loud? The marriage proposal


Chogi: Oh My. My heavens.This will make any epic love story as nothing. Where will they marry? In Baekje? Or in Shilla?

Bomyung: Be quiet.

Chogi: When our princess marries, she should help me with Bumro. She would, wouldn't she?

Bomyung: Hey, Master Mokrasu's inside.


Sunhwa: Teacher, I thought you died, so now that I see you, I feel I'm dreaming.

Mokrasu: As for myself, I never dreamt of meeting you as a princess.

Sunhwa: I'm sorry for having kept this from you.

Mokrasu: (handing over a letter) Your Majesty gave me this for you. (Jang's note to Sunhwa Translation: 1Korea.)

Though the song had malicious intent, it was a song out of desperate desire to be with the princess. Jang's note to Sunhwa


King Jinpyung: Listen to me. Because of the Seo Dong's Song that has been spread everywhere, the people are very excited. Besides, the King of Baekje promised that he'd pay back the damages from the recent fight. He also requested closer monitoring of both armies to prevent a real war from breaking out. Are you still against this peace treaty?

As for myself, as my reply, I will send Princess Sunhwa to Baekje as an ambassador.


Dooam, stop it!

Goosan: The Seo Dong's Song is spreading all over Shilla. As the people learn of the story of Princess Sunhwa and the King of Baekje, they're already celebrating the wedding.

Kim Sahheup: Dooam, stop it.

Dooam... (Giroo leaves the room, mad.)


Sadokwang's voice: What do you mean by that?

Jang: I will make a peace treaty with Shilla.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty. (Your Majesty.) This can't happen. Have you already forgotten what happened after Shilla's King Jin betrayed our peace treaty?

Baekjang: We don't need to look that far. Just recently, Shilla troops attacked Baekje at the frontier.

Sadokwang: We still haven't heard Shilla's apology for what they did to Baekje's previous king. And what happened at the frontier is not good news. But you're talking of a peace treaty? There is no way this could happen.

Lord: Consider this carefully.

Jang: If we get Shilla to apologize for their past betrayal, will the problem be solved?

Sadokwang: Yes... Your Majesty. We aren't against the peace treaty in itself.

Daejang: Yes, Your Honor. If the national security is stable, we can direct much of our resources towards the people. The past treaty with Shilla allowed this for 100 years. However, it won't be easy.

Baekjang: Yes, Your Honor. That won't be easy. Furthermore, we cannot trust Shilla since she betrayed us before.

Sadokwang: Yes, Your Honor. Besides, having a peace treaty means we'll have to make pledges of honor or royal marriages.

Will Shilla agree to it?

Baekjang: Yes. There's no way that could happen.

Jang: You're right. I guess I've worked in vain.

Sadokwang: How?

Jang: I've sent Master Mokrasu to Shilla as a public messenger. But after hearing all of you, I doubt he'll bring me positive news.

Sadokwang: That's right, Your Majesty. (Others say the same.)


Queen Mother: He's trying to make a peace treaty to weaken the power of the lords.

Wooyoung: That's not easy. The national interest of both countries has to match. (Yes) I'm sure the recent events with Shilla will block any chance of this from happening. Besides, if Shilla understands Baekje's present situation, they wouldn't do that.


Sadokwang: It looks like he sent Mokrasu after the fight broke out with Shilla.

Baekjang: Since he was losing his say after the fight broke out, he must want a treaty with them so that he can force the new system on us.

Sadokwang: What if he succeeds.

Wooyoung: He just sent the messenger. A treaty can't happen right away. Besides, the Shilla nobles who helped us will oppose this.

Sadokwang: That is true...

Baekjang: I think he's wasting his time. . Like we told our king, in order for the peace treaty to happen, there must be national pledges of honor or royal marriages. It won't be easy.

Wooyoung: (to herself) ) Royal marriages?


Wooyoung: Your Majesty, don't be like this. Why are you wasting your time planning a peace treaty that can't happen? It's hard for a king to survive without the support of his nobles. Stop oppressing them.

Jang: Stop oppressing them? That's my job. That's the Baekje I must build. I must suppress the nobles so they will stop oppressing the people and their king. That's the job I must accomplish.

It's scary how you changed. Now that you've become a king, you don't care about love anymore?

Wooyoung: You won't compromise?

Jang: I will petition for a marriage alliance.

Wooyoung: What? Not with Jin Kagyung, nor with me...but with a Shilla princess? ... It's scary how you changed. Now that you've become a king, you don't care about love anymore? That's good news. Your Majesty won't criticize me any longer, thinking I went to you for power rather than love.


Wooyoung: (to herself) a marriage alliance...with Shilla's princess? Could it be...? No way...

Sadokwang: (entering) have you called me.

Wooyoung: Get in touch with your connection and find out the details of what's happening in Shilla.

Sadokwang: Is this because of the peace treaty?

Wooyoung: We need to be prepared.

Sadokwang: Yes. I too wanted to know so I already send someone to investigate.


Jang: What's happening with the situation with the private militias?

Daejang: We counted the numbers of extra militias from each district.

Dooil: We've done this before, so it was easy.

Jang: When I sign the peace treaty, this must be fixed to the letter. So get ready to move at once when I command this.

Daejang: Yes, Your Majesty. Rest assure of this.

Wangoo's voice: Your Majesty. (entering) Your Majesty, we received a message announcing that Master Mokrasu is returning. He's coming with a procession of Shilla's embassy.

Master Mokrasu is returning. He's coming with a procession of Shilla's embassy.

Jang: Shilla's embassy? (Yes.)


Man: My princess, Master Mokrasu and a procession of Shilla's embassy have arrived in Savisong.

Wooyoung: What? Messengers from Shilla came? (Yes)

Queen Mother: Hurry up and go.


Dooil: (to the nobles) a procession of messengers from Shilla has arrived in Savisong, so the king is ordering everyone to wait in front of the Palace Court.

Sadokwang: What?

Baekjang: Messengers from Shilla?


(The procession walks in, carrying the carriage. They put the carriage down.)

Mokrasu: Your Majesty. I, Mokrasu, have returned after accomplishing my mission.

(Jang is looking intently. Everyone else looks shocked. Sunhwa gets out of the carriage and walks towards the king.)

Sunhwa gets out of the carriage and walks towards the king.

Wooyoung: (to herself) Merchant Jin? How can she be here?

Mokrasu: I took Your Majesty's message to the King of Shilla, and he sent his reply right away.

Sunhwa: Your Majesty. I've come as an official messenger from Shilla. I am Shilla's third princess, Sunhwa. (Everyone is shocked.)

First of all, regarding the recent fight on the frontier, our king commanded me to tell you that a war is the last thing he has in mind, so he's truly sorry.

Furthermore, he wants to accept your proposal of closer monitoring of both armies to prevent more fights from breaking out. Also, regarding Baekje's former King, Shilla acknowledges her wrongdoing, and he'll take steps towards correcting past mistakes.

Jang: I understand. I too will accept the King of Shilla's proposal.

Mokrasu: In addition, regarding Your Majesty's marriage proposal to Shilla's third princess, Princess Sunhwa, the King of Shilla has accepted with gladness.

(More shocked looks. Jang is smiling with satisfaction.)


Jang: Princess Sunhwa and I have been in love for a long time. You must all remember the time the usurper king and your militias massacred the Academy of Science. Back then, Master Mokrasu and I escaped to Shilla. That's how we started frequenting the Shilla Palace, and I met Princess Sunhwa there for the first time.

Then, in order to save me, a man from Baekje, Princess Sunhwa threatened to kill herself with a knife. For that, she was accused of treason, losing her title of princess, and she came to Baekje looking for me.

Later, after finding out that I'm the fourth son, she put her life on the line for me. Actually, she was with me every step of the way, helping me out of the greatest dangers. Even during the time I was abandoned by the usurper king, the people of Baekje, and all of you... she watched over me. Even without the peace treaty, it is the right thing for us to marry.


(Wooyoung is watching Jang and Sunhwa walking side by side. Sunhwa trips and Jang helps her...)

I can't wait till we get married.

(Inside, after intently looking at each other, they embrace.)

Jang: (touching her face) Why do you look so skinny? (Sunhwa blows Jang's face, making him laugh.) I can't wait till we get married.


Wooyoung is walking like in a trance.

Bumro: Look. Didn't I tell you?

Maekdosu: Seeing Princess Wooyoung, you might be right...

Bumro: I'm telling you it's true.

Eunjin: Really? She's a Shilla princess?

Bumro: I'm telling you. When I first found out, I was about to faint.

Eunjin: How can this be? I can't believe it...

Maekdosu: That's what I'm saying. If you're telling the truth that means that she threw her title away and came here to live with him.

Bumro: That's it. How many times do I need to tell you?

Maekdosu: If that's the case, we did well in befriending her.

Eunjin: That's not the problem now.

Wangoo: What's this noise in front of the King's CourtBuyeosun

Maekdosu: We can't believe Merchant Jin is a princess. Is that true?

Sunhwa: (walking out) Were you all surprised?

Maekdosu: Surprise is not the word. I've been always wondering how you seemed so deep and so wise.

Eunjin: You're too much. How I now regret what I said to you before.

Sunhwa: That if Your Majesty decides to go to you, I should let him? (...) Love is the same for everyone. I was really nervous when you told me that.

Wangoo: Please forgive us for the way we treated you.

Sunhwa: Don't worry. I'm sorry for having kept this from you. If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same for the king.

Daejang: I could tell you were different from the first time I met you. (Really?) The things you showed me to open a business and your strong attitude were very impressive.

Sunhwa: If you hadn't helped me then, I don't know where I'd be right now. I thank you.

Maekdosu: Indeed, this love between Your Majesty and our princess is the greatest love of all mankind. (That's right.)


Sunhwa: I'm sorry... I can't think of anything else I can say. Although I was a princess, under the circumstances I could not tell you. And back then I had given up my title before coming here. I didn't care if I was a merchant or a slave, all I wanted was to be with the king.

Anyway, I believe that Princess Wooyoung truly cares for Your Majesty. Also, I thank you for helping Your Majesty till the end.

I believe that Princess Woo-young truly cares for Your Majesty.

Wooyoung: Did you really...throw away your title of princess for love? For an academy student who was exiled from Baekje...and who didn't know he was King Weeduk's fourth son?

Sunhwa: I did. In front of my love, my title was a stumbling block. (She leaves.)

Queen Mother: Is Merchant Jin really a princess from Shilla? Is the marriage alliance really happening?

(Wooyoung's thinking...)

Sunhwa's voice: In front of my love, my title was a stumbling block.


Baekjang: How could this happen? What can we do now? Now, the peace treaty may be signed right away. What can we do?


Haedoju: Can we let him hit us like this without doing anything?

Sadokwang: You must think of something. The lords are now in trouble for what happened at the frontier. If you lose your queen's position, we'll be lost. You befriended Merchant Jin before. Think carefully. If she's a princess from Shilla, you might find something from her past we can use against her. Think carefully.

Haedoju: Princess Wooyoung.


Sadokwang: Did you send the message to Sataek Giroo? (Yes.) Then, why hasn't he replied yet? He must have an answer. I'm sure...


Goosan: Princess Chunmyung is looking for you.

I take one step, then another one, then another and now, this path of darkness has become mine.

Giroo: Shilla's looking for me; Baekje's also looking for me. You don't understand me, do you? (Standing up) I take one step... then another one... then another... another step... Now, this path of darkness has become mine. I can't stop now. Neither will I stop. Why should I be the only one stopping?


Chunmyung: Baekje hasn't contacted you yet?

Giroo: Baekje knows everything about Princess Sunhwa. That's why the nobles are trying to come up with anything problematic to oppose this peace treaty.

Chunmyung: Anything problematic?

Giroo: Princess Sunhwa was active in Baekje before, so if we can come up with anything that may lead others to think they were communicating with Shilla's king. If not, just anything to blemish the name of Baekje's king.

Chunmyung: Yes. This should be enough. Go and send this message.


Sunhwa: We must separate once again.

Jang: But this time, there's a deadline.

Sunhwa: (sighing) Yes...

Jang: You're sighing so hard I fear we can't get married because you'd disappear.

Sunhwa: No way...

Jang: I worry about those things too.

Sunhwa: That won't happen again.

Jang: Don't sigh anymore. Instead, wait for the time you come here, after I complete all the arrangements.

Sunhwa: Yes, I won't sigh anymore. Instead, I'll wait diligently.

Jang: How does one wait diligently?

Sunhwa: If you do anything diligently, time goes fast.


(Jang and Sunhwa bow to each other in silence. Everyone is watching as Sunhwa leaves.)

Jang and Sunhwa bow to each other in silence.Sunhwa bows to Jang.


Sadokwang: Did Princess Chunmyung really say that?

Giroo: Yes. This won't be a make-believe thing planned by both sides like in the previous case. This really happened. I too think this is great. Consider this.


Jang: When will the new system's law be ready?

Mokrasu: According to Yu-rim, they just need to finish the plans regarding the construction of the water dams. That might be ready in like two weeks.

Jang: As soon as the new law is enacted, all the militias will be reduced to the pre-assigned ratios. Be ready for that.

Sadokwang: Yes, Your Majesty. However Your Honor, I've heard a strange rumor, but I'm afraid to tell you.

Jang: What is it?

Sadokwang: During the revolution, while you were marching to Savisong, I heard Shilla troops helped you.

Baekjang: What? What kind of nonsense is that?

Sadokwang: I think so too. But I heard this from good sources. Your Majesty. Is this true?

Jang: No, that's not true.


Lord: What was that?

Baekjang: I think Sadokwang found out something.

Lord: What? If that's true, then...

Baekjang: If that's true, this will solve all our problems.

Lord: How?


Wangoo: He was talking about the fact that Shilla troops came to Wansangoo.

Mokrasu: Did that really happen?

Daejang: Yes. Shilla troops came to escort Princess Sunhwa away. Since such a large number of soldiers stepped into Wansang, it's not strange that they found out. But still, it isn't true that we got helped from them.

Wangoo: I know, but just like we feared back then, the mere fact that Shilla troops were there is a big problem in itself.

Jang: I can explain.

Daejang: It may sound like an excuse. This wasn't an official meeting, but done in secret... we have no excuse.


Queen Mother: What do you mean?

Haedoju: Did that really happen?

Sadokwang: Yes. While Your Majesty was marching towards Savisong, Shilla troops met them at Wansang.

Queen Mother: If that's true, that's a big problem.

Haedoju: We shouldn't let him off the hook for this one.

Wooyoung: Where did you get this? Can you prove this?

Sadokwang: Yes, you can trust the source. We all know him.

Queen Mother: Who's that.

Sadokwang: The ex-Weesajapyung, Sataek Giroo. Merchant Abiji, who has close contacts with Shilla, is helping Sataek Giroo get in touch with Princess Chunmyung. Princess Chunmyung is against the marriage alliance too, so she shares our same interest. That's why she's willing to help us. This is not a made-up story.

Sadokwang: Princess Chunmyung is against the marriage alliance too, so she shares our same interest.

Wooyoung: Are you saying that Shilla troops really helped during the revolution?

Sadokwang: That's not true. Shilla's king sent troops to escort Princess Sunhwa, and Your Majesty sent her back right away.

Haedoju: That's not important. The mere fact that Shilla troops stepped on Baekje's land, is what counts.

Sadokwang: Yes, we can accuse the king of treason for that. We can also say that he was secretly communicating with Shilla's king. The king already denied that such a thing happened.

Haedoju: First thing should be to have a lord's meeting to request an official hearing from the king. In this situation, we have the right to request the king appear in court.

Queen Mother: To call him to court?

Haedoju: Yes. This has something to do with national security, so we can definitely do this.


Voice: The lord's meeting is up. Everyone must get together.

Sadokwang: I found out the king met Shilla troops during the revolution. As men of Baekje, that's unthinkable.

Baekjang: That's right.

Sadokwang: That could mean that he was in touch with Shilla's king before this peace treaty came about. The king has been hiding this from us. I wrote a document calling the king for a public hearing. Read this carefully, and everyone among the district lords must sign this. (Yes, most definitely.)


Wangoo: Your Majesty. We're in trouble.

Jang: What's up?

Wangoo: The district lords are having an official meeting to call you for a public hearing.

Jang: What? They're taking it this far?

Wangoo: Yes, Your Majesty. A public hearing is something you can't deny.


Sadokwang: (to Wooyoung) Sign this, and as our leader, you must be our spokesperson during the king's hearing. With this, your marriage to the king should be secured. Over here...


Sadokwang: Your Majesty, these questions were brought up during our lord's meeting. Please, answer them truthfully.

Wooyoung: Is it true that during the uprising, Shilla troops met you at Wansang when Your Majesty was marching towards Savisong?

Jang: Yes.

Wooyoung: In the previous meeting, you denied this.

Jang: That's because...

Wooyoung: The troops came, but they weren't there for you?

Jang: That's right.

Wooyoung: Had you communicated with Shilla troops before?

Jang: No, I hadn't.

Wooyoung: Then what is the reason Shilla troops were there?

Jang: Shilla's king feared for the safety of Princess Sunhwa.

Wooyoung: Does that mean you were in communication with the King of Shilla?

Jang: No.

Wooyoung: Then, did you treat them as you should have, as enemy troops?

Jang: No, I did not.

Wooyoung: The King of Shilla sent his army without your consent. If you didn't take the right action to correct this, it means you were in communication with him before then.

Jang: What on earth do you want to know?

Sadokwang: Your Majesty, we have the right to know everything during a public hearing. We must hear from you first so that we can come up with the right decision.


Daejang: Forced resignation?

Mojin: They can expel the king for this.

Mokrasu: More than the king's action, the real problem lies in all of the nobles being united against him.

Mojin: That's what I'm saying. If they come out of that public hearing with a unanimous mind, they can bring this up to the Queen Mother, and she'll have the rights to decide.

Daejang: Will they really go that far?

Mojin: This is a power struggle. Shilla's King Jinji was expelled after the nobles joined forces against him, handing the throne to the present king. Baekje's King Savang was expelled for the sole reason of being too young.

Daejang: But will they really expel him?

Mokrasu: Maybe not expulsion. But they'll ask for a compromise.


Sadokwang: We'll write the conclusion during our next lord's meeting. Queen Mother, you must decide on what to do.

Queen Mother: Ok, I'll let you know. You wrap up everything quickly.

Sadokwang: Don't worry.


Jang: When are they bringing the conclusion of this case?

Wangoo: Tomorrow.

(Scholars request to come in)

Jang: What's going on?

Scholar 1: Your Majesty. We would really hate to postpone the implementation of this new law, but Your Honor... this is not the right time. Right now, you must appease the lords.

Mokrasu and Daejang enter

They'll expel me?Your Majesty. All of us will be behind you when the time comes. But right now...

Jang: What's up?

Daejang: Your Majesty... this isn't the right time. It's very dangerous to push the new law without anyone's support.

Jang: What do you think, teacher?

Mokrasu: Your Majesty. All of us will be behind you when the time comes. But right now...

Jang: If it's not now, then when?

Daejang: Your Majesty, we will wait for you. But now, you must survive this attack.

Mokrasu: Yes, Your Majesty. If not...

Jang: They'll expel me?

Mokrasu: Maybe not, but if the lords announce this to the people, it's a different story. The people will turn their backs on you after this. Doesn't your power rest on the people? The people cannot understand like we do. And without their support, this new law and all your dreams won't make sense anymore. We will all wait for you. And we'll work for you whenever that time comes. But right now, compromise with them.


Wooyoung is thinking.

Queen Mother's voice: You go and make a deal with him. Either he marries you and gives up returning the system to the time before the battle of Kwansangsung, or he'll be expelled. Tell him that's my final word.


If you really insist on going through with this type of marriage, let's do it.

Wooyoung: Your Majesty...there's only one solution.

Jang: Let's do it. If you really insist on going through with this type of marriage, let's do it. If you want to destroy my plans, and destroy the hope of the people, breaking apart the love of my life...if you still must do this, let's do it. (Standing up and looking at her) Actually, I'll do it. (Angrily) I'll definitely marry you.

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