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Seo Dong Yo
Episodes 50 — 52

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Episode 50

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Wangoo: Everything is going according to your plan. The Palace is filled with the District Lords' guards, making the Lords resentful. And the people, not only of Domoo, but from all the other districts are waiting for your triumphal entrance.

Sunhwa: What will you do now?

Wangoo: Should we start taking over the districts closest to Domoo and advance from there? That will unnerve them.

Jang: Yes, that's how we'll do it. But we won't take too long. This time around, we will actually take over all twenty-two districts.

This time around, we will actually take over all twenty-two districts.

Daejang: What?

Jang: And by doing that, I'll slowly make him suffocate himself.

Wangoo: But we don't have enough soldiers.

Jang: Of course, what I'm saying is that there is one crucial place we can hit to make all other districts fall at once.

Wangoo: One crucial place?

Sunhwa: Are you thinking of the Palace?

Wangoo: That's even harder than taking over all the twenty-two districts at once.

Jang: Actually...


Giroo: We must attack Domoo.

Buyeosun: What? Domoo?

Giroo: They're blowing things out of proportion by saying they'll hit all twenty-two districts at once. I'm sure they'll march up to Savisong starting from Domoo.

Heuk Chipyung: Yes, your majesty. Weesajapyung's right.

Giroo: Let me take the private militias and attack Domoo. They gave us five days, but we can't know for sure. I'll take the men and go down right away.

Buyosun, 29th King of Baekje, Sataek Giroo and Heuk Chipyung


Lord 1: We don't know which other district will be hit next.

Lord 2: Since they took over Domoo, they must be coming up from there. My district Myungjoong is next. I need my men back to protect my land.

Lord 1: That's right. All of us must protect our lands, so tell him to return our men to us.

Lord 2: We've already witnessed how the people are following Prince Mugang. If we don't go back to our lands with our militias, in no time our lands will be taken from us.

Lord 1: That's what happened to the district of Domoo. If we don't count the bodyguards and the few stewards, we're only left with the people there. Our private militias are the only way we can protect ourselves. But the king asked for 1000 of them to be here? What are we supposed to do then?

Lord 2: Tell the king to send back our men. We cannot stay here while our lands are threatened like this. Sangjapyung's (Haedoju's) militia is large enough to protect Savisong. Request that the king return our men to us.


Buyeosun: What if that's a trick? What if they're really going after all of the districts?

Giroo: No, they're not. It's urgent that we hit them near Domoo before they move north. The people already know who Prince Mugang is. If we don't move now, we'll be too late.

Buyeosun: But I cannot trust my army or my bodyguards. What will I do if I don't have the private militias to protect me? If you need to go down...

(The leaders of the lords walk in.)

Buyeosun: Weesajapyung will go down to Domoo to capture the rebels. Command all the lords to send their remaining militias to Myung-joong.

Sadokwang: Your honor, if we do that, all the lands will be left without protection. Who'll protect them?

Buyeosun: If Weesajapyung captures them in Domoo, there won't be any need for other lands to be protected. So listen to me and obey!

Sadokwang: Your majesty, we can't do that. If you must, then just take our men that are here already.

Buyeosun: Then who is going to protect the Palace! What about my own safety?


Lord 1: What's that supposed to mean?

Sadokwang: We tried to reason with him, but it was impossible.

Lord 2: We cannot do that! We don't even know for sure if Weesajapyung will capture them. How can we send all of our men to him?

Lord 1: If he fails, Savisong will be lost too. That doesn't make sense!

Haedoju: Then what do you suggest? Maybe it's because Jang recently captured him, but the king thinks that Jang has a huge army.

Sadokwang: I think he lost himself when he realized he had rebels among his own army and bodyguards.

Haedoju: So he feels he needs a large number of private militias protecting the Palace of Savisong.

Lord 2: Sangjapyung's army should be enough.

Lord 1: Yes, you've enjoyed so much favor from the king until now, so you should step up right now to protect him.

Lord 2: Besides, your district is north of Savisong so you shouldn't worry so much.

Sadokwang: Rather than fight like this, let's try to convince Weesajapyung. He's the only one that can convince the king.

Lord 1: Please do so.


This is not a simple uprising. Jang has the right of kingship.

Kim Saheum (Giroo's father): The people's emotions are stirred so much that the personal guards left in the districts aren't enough. Everyone in the streets of Savisong is talking about it too. The people who hold grudges against the king are learning that Jang is Prince Mugang so the news is spreading like wildfire.

Goosan: It might have been Merchant Jin's doing, but the people already know why Mokrasu was sent to Wonsando as a prisoner and how he died, and why Jang had to become a King's police.

Kim Saheum: What should we do? This is not a simple uprising. Jang has the right of kingship.

Giroo: (rising as Sadokwang enters) What's up?

Sadokwang: You're the only one who can persuade the king. You must know that if the relationship between the king and the district lords gets any worse, the king will be the one losing the most. Tell the king that Haedoju's militia will be guarding Savisong while you'll take the militia we've already provided to attack Domoo. Leave the rest of our militia to guard our lands. That's the best choice we have right now.


Buyeosun is remembering...

Buyeosun: Is the fourth son alive?

Jang: I am the fourth son.

Buyeosun: You bastard!

He tries to kill him, but the king's guards, who are actually Jang's men, point their swords at Buyeosun and Heuk Chipyung.

Jang: (He stands up, takes the necklace from the king's hand and puts it on.) I'm King Weeduk's fourth son, Prince Mugang...

Buyeosun: (as Giroo enters) Did you send the orders to the district lords?

Giroo: They won't listen to it. They'll protest against it. Your Honor let Haedoju's army protect Savisong while I take the rest to Domoo.

Buyeosun: You shouldn't do that. Think of Chilryo. Chilryo was the most loyal lord to King Weeduk. District lords are like that. When they're in danger, all they think of is themselves, their family and their lands. Even now, they're choosing between me and Jang. My father-in-law doing that too! Just like all the other lords. If we don't keep their militia with us, they'll get in touch with Jang somehow.


Queen: Time is running out. Why hasn't the army left?

Haedoju: There's a big disagreement between the lords and the king. I don't think the lords will listen to the king.

Queen: I also think the king is being unreasonable right now.

Haedoju: The king led the army and won so many wars before. I don't understand why he's like this now.

Queen: I understand why. There's a huge difference between fighting in a war and trying to keep one's position.

Haedoju: Although they tried to betray us, Princess Wooyoung and Queen Mother are part of our Hae family. Should we just watch them die?

Queen: Don't mention that elsewhere!


Prince Woochae dies in prison

The little prince, Woochae, dies in prison.

Sadokwang: Really? The king wouldn't listen to our last suggestion?

Eunsol: (entering) Prince Woochae.... Prince Woochae... he passed away in prison.


I'm Prince Mugang... put down your arms and welcome us.

All the Districts receive a message that says:

I'm Prince Mugang.
It is already known what is happening in the Palace.
I'm the righrful heir to the throne of King Weeduk,
so we will be marching on toward Saviong.
Take down your arms and welcome us.
We will be there soon.

Man: I received this. (Me too.) Our lord is not here right now. What should we do?

Lord's son: I'm sure this was sent to all the other districts too. (I think so.) Right now, everyone must be discussing this. This must me most unnerving to the districts closest to Domoo.

Man: Our militia is not here with us. If they come here, I'm sure the people will join them.

Lord's son: Surely they must know. I'll send a message to the Palace. You go and check our personal guards so they don't desert us.


Guard 1: Prince Mugang will be invading here.

Guard 2: I heard that too.

Guard 3: What are we supposed to do then?

Guard 1: Well... we're supposed to obey our lords but... do we need to right now?


Man 1: Prince Mugang will be coming here soon.

Man 2: I heard that too. Is it for real?

Man 3: I think so. And I heard that anyone who wants to follow him should go. (Let's go!)

Man: We're all here? Let's go!

Other man: Where to? (I guess towards Domoo.) Everyone, let's go


(In Domoo District)

Jang: You've done this before, so you know what to do.

Daejang: Yes, I do.

Jang: Besides, these men have been in Weesabu so they know the area well, and which roads to take. (Yes.) Depending on whether you succeed or not, we'll decided on our next move. You know this too, right?

Daejang: Yes, I do.

This is a weapons-proof jacket.

Makdosu: Everyone, look this way. This is a weapons-proof jacket. (Bowing) My Lord... (Measuring the jacket on a large soldier) Go and ask for an extra large. (Checking it on another soldier) This fits him perfectly. Wear this.


Woosoo: (handing out the jackets) make sure you wear these.

Jang: You made all these jackets this fast?

Makdosu: How could we delay this, My Lord? We stayed up all night doing this.

Instructor: How can you lie again. (Makdosu jokes back.)

Daejang: We'll depart as soon as the soldiers get their weapon-proof jackets.

Jang: Please do so. (Yongak comes to him.) Have you come from Choosondo?

Yongak: Yes, my Lord.

Jang: Is everything okay?

Yongak: Yes.

Voice of Mojin:

We're all working hard at finishing the plans for national prosperity.

My Lord, this is Instructor Mojin. I've heard of what's happening there. Over here we're all working hard at finishing the plans for national prosperity. Do not worry for us. On the day you enter Savisong we will be there too.


Wangoo: Daejang and his men left? (Yes.) Then when should we move?

Jang: We've announced we'll attack in two days, but we'll actually march our forces tonight. Then we'll take over Phaljoong and Myung-joong. After that, depending on how Daejang does, we'll decide our next move.

Sunhwa: The weather should be on our side...

Wangoo: Yes. The people should help us, and the heavens... actually I feel even Buyeosun's helping us right now.

Sunhwa: I hope we can advance all the way to Savisong like this.

Jang: Not to Savisong, but I think, if Daejang succeeds, we'll be able to march up to Wansan and Byukjoong. The deciding point should be Giroo's District of Achak. That should be where we'll face the true battle.


Buyeosun: Are you really planning to disobey me? They said they'd hit by tonight. But the only militia left here is Haedoju's.

Lord 1: Your Honor, I'm doing this out of my loyalty towards you.

Lord 2: Yes, Your Honor. We need to protect our districts in order to protect our king's nation.

Sadokwang: That's right Your Honor! The personal guards should stay put to protect each of our districts.

Buyeosun: Are you... are you really going to disobey me now?

Giroo: (to Eunsol) What's up?

Eunsol: Every district received secret notices from Jang.

Buyeosun: Secret notices?

Eunsol: Saying that he'll be marching towards them soon, so they shouldn't oppose him but to surrender to him. (What!)

Giroo: From where did you learn this?

Eunsol: From Byukjoong and Wansan, but I think all other districts south of there got this too.

Lord 2: You see, your majesty... while we are absent they're using the people's support to take over all of our lands. My district is Myungjoong... If they march up, they'll get there in less than a day. Send back the militias. I'll go there to protect my land.

Lord 3: Yes, your majesty. Give us our militia! We want to protect our lands.

Buyeosun: Why? You want to go down and join them? Where were you when Jang captured me and my life was in danger? What were you doing with Merchant Jin? You were helping Jang, weren't you?


Daejang and his men get to their destination

Daejang and his men arrive at their destination. They'll wait for nightfall.

Daejang: There are usually around 50 soldiers there? (Then they talk about the distance and time it will take...)


Buyeosun: Write messages right now commanding your districts to send militias to Weesajapyung. And from now on, none of you are allowed to leave this place. Do you understand?

Write the letters now! Weesajapyung should leave right now and take the militia from each district to go capture the rebels.

Do you understand? (Yes.)


Giroo: I'll go capture the rebels. I won't have time to see father, so follow me after telling him where I'm going.

Eunsol: Japyung! Japyung! We're in trouble now!

Giroo: Why?

How can the signal torch go up from here when nothing is happening?

Eunsol: The signal torch went up.

Giroo: The signal torch... from which district? Which district was captured?

Eunsol: That's not it... It's from Savisong...

Giroo: Savisong? What do you mean? How can the signal torch go up from here when nothing is happening? (Thinking.) How many? How many signal torches went up?

Eunsol: Four! (Giroo: Four!) All the other districts will think Savisong is captured.


(Soldiers from other places see the signal torches from Savisong, and they too lights their signal torches to spread the message far and fast.)

Giroo: Hurry! Turn off the torches right now! Before the message spreads, turn them off!

Eunsol: It's too late. Other places have already seen it.

Giroo: This is it. They were breaking the relationships among the lords and the king while they were planning this.

Soldier: The rebels that were in Domoo have been marching up since two days ago. They already took over Phaljoong and they're going north.

Giroo: Since two days ago? How come there was no signal torch from there?

Soldier: They captured the signal torch, so I came running to tell you. But I can't tell how far up they are right now.

Eunsol: And now that the four signal torches went up from here, each district is going to think that they captured Savisong.


(Lord 2's son is told that the torch went up from Savisong.)

Lord's son: I was about to send a message informing them that Phaljoong has been overturned and that they're marching towards Myungjoong. But now... does this mean they're about to conquer Savisong?

Man: What should we do now? We don't have many men right now... If Savisong has been captured then...

(The other districts are talking about this...)


(Jang and his soldiers are standing outside the fortress of Myungjoong, sending battle cries of victory. They have seen the four signal torches!)

Wangoo: Gaek-ju (Daejang) has done it!

Jang: Yes!

Wangoo: (to the people of Myungjoong) The signal torch from Savisong is up! Crown Prince Mugang has no intention of fighting with you. Take down your arms and surrender. The people from your district have already joined us. May you too come join Prince Mugang's army.

Jang: I am Crown Prince Mugang! If you believe I've no rights to do this, you can shoot your arrows at me! If you can't shoot, then throw down your arms and come join me.

Lord's son: Everyone, throw down your weapons! (He walks outside the fort, and kneels before Jang.)

My Lord, I am Lord's Naeshinja's son. Our district's now yours! We will now join your revolution.

My Lord, we must continue marching like this.

(They continue marching, greeted by the people. The lords of other districts continue surrendering without a fight.)

Wangoo: My Lord, we must continue marching like this!


Buyeosun: How could you have allowed the signal torches to go up?

Giroo: Forgive me.

Heuk Chipyung: I sent messages to all districts informing them the signal torch was a false alarm. So we can still stop them.

Buyeosun: We've already lost too much territory!

Heuk Chipyung: Your Honor, without wasting any more time, you should let Haedoju and Weesajapyung's militia go down and stop the rebels.

Buyeosun: (to Giroo) Go there and capture them! (Yes!) How can they surrender just like that and believe in their lies without double-checking? They were planning to surrender from the beginning. That's why they kept asking me to give their militias back to them. And they delayed me sending Giroo to capture them. I'll show them! I'll make them regret this!


Heuk Chipyung: You must stop them.

Giroo: Take good care of our king.

Heuk Chipyung: He doesn't trust me anymore.

Giroo: He doesn't trust anybody now. But both of us are all he has left, you, because of your loyalty towards our king; and me because of my thirst for revenge towards Jang.

Heuk Chipyung: What on earth happened between the two of you?

Giroo: I don't know anymore. All I can think of now is that I must win. This thought is so much stronger now that Jang might be sitting on the throne.

Heuk Chipyung: Yes, win. Who else can put their lives on the line like we're doing? So win, let's win this war! What if heaven is not on our side? We should win and make heaven be on our side!


Jang: Thanks to Daejang's success, we were able to come all the way to Wansanju without difficulty.

Daejang: My men lit the torches, My Lord, but you were the one who moved the hearts of the people. Indeed, the people are waiting impatiently for the day you sit on the throne. On the other hand... Savisong is in panic right now.

Wangoo: What's going on inside the Palace?

Daejang: I heard from our men inside that there is such a conflict between the king and his district lords that the militia is paralyzed at the moment.

Sunhwa: Does this mean we can march all the way up north?

Jang: After the signal torch went up, Giroo must have taken some men along and he should be coming down. We must rest now before taking over Byukjoong.

Wangoo: Our soldiers are tired indeed...

Borang brings an army of Shilla soldiers  to Princess Sunhwa.

Bumro: (entering) My Lord, My Lord.

Wangoo: What's up?

Bumro: Soldiers are marching down from Booking.

Wangoo: Are they planning to attack us?

Bumro: I don't think so. It looks like they're coming to join us.

Sunhwa: Does this mean that Byukjoong has already surrendered to My Lord?

Bumro: The soldiers looked well trained, but it doesn't look like they want to attack.

Wangoo: Let's go.

When they go out, they realize it's Borang, the Monk from Shilla, bringing an army of Shilla soldiers.


Buyeosun: (torturing the lords of the southern districts) Stop! How long have you been in touch with Jang?

Lord 2 of Myungju: Your Majesty, that's not true. I've never done that.

Buyeosun: What? You haven't talked to Jang? Then how come your son surrendered the land to Jang without checking to see if the torch signal was real?

Lord 2: Your Majesty, I've no excuse for my son's actions. But I never ordered him to surrender the land! I think my son realized he couldn't win the fight.

Buyeosun: He couldn't win? Didn't I tell you to send those guards to me ...that Weesajapyung was going to capture them? (Your Honor...) You were in touch with him... you must have..

Lord: No, Your Honor, I wasn't! (The king orders the district lord of Myungju to be executed.)


Lord 1: What should we do now. Byukjoong's next! That's my district! The king has lost his self-control.

Sadokwang: He lost it as soon as he learned that Dalsol Jang is the fourth son. I'm like that too.

Lord 1: What do you mean?

Sadokwang: There is a world of difference between an unknown man having the right of kingship just because he's the fourth son, and of Dalsol Jang being the fourth son. Don't you know this? Dalsol is, together with Master Mokrasu, a source of hope for the people. That's why he was able to carry out that plan with the fake signal torches. Usually, an uprising must be done quickly, but in the case of Dalsol, the more the people learn of him, the more power he gets.

Lord 1: But why would that fact make the king and you lose your self-composure?

Sadokwang: The king knows that the people don't consider him the rightful king. So it's obvious he'd lose his mind.

Lord 1: How about Dalsol Jang?

Sadokwang: He's not an easy prey. We shouldn't underestimate him. He's so much bigger than our king. He has the legal right, and the people support him. This means that the era for the district lords will be over.

Lord 1: This was the reason you couldn't decide until now?

Sadokwang: The king has lost his mind, but the new king is just too big...

Lord 1: You can calmly consider these things because your district is up north. Mine is about to get hit. Very soon!


Haedoju: You should stop the king.

Queen: He won't listen.

Haedoju: If we continue like this, we'll end up turning all the district lords away from us. After todays incident, many lords must be changing their minds.

Queen: I've witnessed how the people follow Dalsol Jang. Especially considering that he grew up as one of them.

Haedoju: Still, the king needs to recover his self-composure. He can't continue like this! Even if Weesajapyung captures them, there's too much damage done. And if Weesajapyung can't stop them, this is the end. Dalsol Jang's army has already captured Wansanju.


Monk Borang: Princess Sunhwa, you're being reinstated as a princess, but when the king asked you to return to him you refused. So the king says that if you won't come back, he must send his army to protect you. Moreover, he says that if you need more soldiers, he'll willingly send as many as you want.


Chogi: Something is not right, is it?

Bomyung: Be quiet! If anyone asks, just say you've never seen the Monk before. The same goes to Seochoong. (Yes.)

Wangoo: Do you know who the Monk is?

Bomyung: No, we've never seen him before.

Daejang: The Prince and Merchant Jin seem to know him. Are you sure you're telling the truth? (Yes) What about you, Chogi?

Chogi: Ahn... how could I know him when Lady Bomyung doesn't?


How could a Shilla Monk dare to come all the way to Baekjae?

Chogi: What do you want?

Eunjin: Tell me the truth. That Monk was in charge of Jin Gaksa's Monastery, wasn't he?

Chogi: Well... I don't know...

Eunjin: I'm pretty sure he was. I've been to Jin Gaksa several times because mom asked me to watch Merchant Jin. He was in charge there, wasn't he?

Chogi: I told you I don't know.

Makdosu: How could a Shilla Monk dare to come all the way to Baekje?

Chogi: Actually, I don't understand either...

Makdosu: I told you she'd fall into my trap. He is Jin Gaksa's Monk!

Dooil: Is he really a Shilla Monk? Is that for real?

(Dooil tells Wangoo and Daejang)


Jang: Did you know you were going to be reinstated?

Sunhwa: Yes...

Wangoo's voice: My Lord, we need to come in.

Jang: Come back later.

Wangoo: (entering) I'm really sorry, but Merchant Jin... Could you leave us alone?

(After Sunhwa leaves) My Lord, is he really a Shilla Monk?

Daejang: Then... are they Shilla soldiers?

Wangoo: This can't be! If someone finds out, everything we've worked for until now will vanish like smoke.

Daejang: Even if Merchant Jin means so much to you, we won't be able to explain this to the people of Baekje, nor can we allow this to happen.

Jang: Get out.

Daejang: My Lord, I myself cannot allow this! Even if I despise Buyeosun so much, we cannot allow Shilla's army to help us in our revolution.

Jang: Didn't I tell you to leave me alone.

Wangoo: My Lord, these are crucial times. Please consider this carefully.

Daejang: My Lord, our enemies will use this against us. If the rumor spreads...

Jang: We'll be marching tonight. (My Lord!) Get out and prepare for the attack. (My Lord!) (Jang leaves, slamming the door hard. Daejang tries to follow, but Wangoo stops him.)


Sunhwa: Does the king know that Seo Dong Gong is Prince Mugang? (Yes) Does he also know that he is fighting for the throne at this moment? (Yes) Then, if I tell you to take the soldiers and leave me, you won't leave?

Monk Borang: Even if I leave, the king will send me back.

Sunhwa: Then king wants...

Monk Borang: The king says that if he won't take these soldiers, then you must return to him.

Sunhwa: If I don't go back, he wants to take credit, saying he has helped Seo Dong Gong to sit on the throne, and gain diplomatic advantage over Baekje? Does he really have to do this?

Monk Borang: You are a Shilla princess.


Bomyung: I'm sorry but I had to tell the king.

Sunhwa: The king would have known sooner or later...

(Inside the cave... Jang is sobbing...)

Jang is sobbing... My princess... my princess...

Jang: (whispering) my princess... my princess... (Looking up in tears) Teacher couldn't I... really... am I not allowed to do this? Teacher.

Mokrasu's voice: Jang, this can't be. It's totally wrong. Even if she means so much to you, you shouldn't do this. (Sobbing more...)

(From the distance, the princess is walking towards him.)

Sunhwa: This is... something I must take care of.

Jang: Yes... this is... something my lady should take care of. This is Shilla's problem.

Sunhwa: I'll go back to Shilla... and I'll convince the king.

Jang: I'll come get you.

Sunhwa: I'll come back.

Jang: I'll go get you.

Sunhwa: I'll come back.

Jang: I'll come get you.

Sunhwa: You'll come to get me.

Jang: You'll return.

(They desperately embrace each other)


Jang: We'll march up north right now. Prepare the army.

(Wangoo and Daejang hesitate. Jang lets go of Sunhwa's hand, walking away without looking back.)

Sunhwa: (to her men) we'll go back right away. Get ready.


I'll be back... I'll just leave for now.

Bomyung: This may be your last time. You should say your farewell to Seo Dong Gong...

Sunhwa: I'll be back, so why should I? I'll just leave for now.


Sunhwa: Let's go.

You'll wait for me, right?

Chogi: You'll wait for me, right?

Bumro: Are you really leaving?

Chogi: You'll wait for me?

Bumro: When are you coming back? Tell me when.

Chogi: Eat well, and don't work too hard.

Eunjin: My Lord and his lady are so calm. Why are you both like this?

Chogi: Why? Don't we have feelings too?

Makdosu: Yes, Chogi's right about that.

Chogi: Isn't this so? You should take good care of Bumro.

Makdosu: He should be the one taking care of me. I'm lonely.

Chogi: Eunjin, you too. Bumro is weak, you know.


Daejang: My Lord, Merchant Jin is leaving. You don't know what's going to happen so you should see her off.

Jang: Not knowing what's going to happen doesn't exist for me! (To the soldiers) Sound the gong! Let's go!

Jang's voice: If I must be a man, as a man...if I must be a diplomat, as a diplomat...I will consummate my love. Don't give up, and wait for me...


Giroo: Are Haedoju's militia and mine ready? (Yes.) Are any other militias joining us?

Eunsol: We've sent out the command but have heard nothing from them yet.

Giroo: (as Goosan enters) What's going on?

Goosan: The rebels are marching. It seems that they'll take over Booking soon.

Giroo: This means that we must meet in between Byukjoon and Achak, at Notijae. The battle will be fought there. We too must march.


Daejang: My Lord, Weesajapyung is in Achak, carrying an army of five thousand men.

Wangoo: The time for battle is here.

Jang: This means we'll meet at Notijae. Prepare one hundred men to break through that front!


Giroo: (to Eunsol) Prepare one hundred men to fight at Notijae.


Jang: You must completely destroy our enemy. That's the only way we can take over Savisong. Do you understand?

Giroo: In order to win this war, you must break through that wall over there! Do you understand? (Yes!) Now, let's go destroy our enemy!

(The battle is on)


Buyeosun: How is it going?

Heuk Chipyung: They'll meet face to face at Notijae.

Buyeosun: At Notijae? If they break through there, they'll take only half a day to get here.

Heuk Chipyung: We'll win. Weesajapyung's so thirsty for revenge against Jang, and he's smart. So don't worry, he'll win!

Buyeosun: Yes, he must.

Heuk Chipyung: In case anything goes wrong, I'll mix all the militias and spread them around so they can't unite against us.


Heuk Chipyung: Weesajapyung is capturing them at this very moment at Notijae.

Haedoju: Really? How does it look?

Heuk Chipyung: He took the best among the militias, Weesajapyung's and your men, so it's obvious who'll win.

Sadokwang: I guess so...

Heuk Chipyung: We'll hear the news of the rebels capture soon so relax and just wait.

Lord 1: All right...

Heuk Chipyung: You must all write another letter right now. (What kind?) Telling your militias to listen to me...

Sadokwang: All right, we'll write.


Man 1: Things don't look right.

Lord 1: My problem right now is that, even if the king wins this battle, my district is under the rebels hands.

Man 2: That's right. We're alive somehow but Prince Mugang took over our district.

Lord 1: Then, we must prepare something just in case.

Man 1: What?

Lord 1: We must send a secret letter to Prince Mugang.

Man 2: What?

Lord 1: Saying that we support Prince Mugang all the way but that we're held as hostages inside the Palace right now. (Yes) I'll write the letter, so don't let Haedoju's men who are guarding the Palace find this! Be careful.


(Sadokwang orders his man to bribe the prison guards and free princess Wooyoung and her mother.)

Sadokwang: The battle won't take too long, so you stay with me till I give you the signal. (To himself) If the winner is... Dalsol Jang? Really?


Heuk Chipyung: In the worst of scenarios, the king must take refuge with you.

Haedoju: Of course.

Heuk Chipyung: Command three hundred of your men to stay outside.

Haedoju: I'll make the right arrangements so don't worry.

Heuk Chipyung: I'll trust you.

Haedoju: All right. (Heuk Chipyung leaves)

Queen: Is it so bad right now as to imagine the worst of scenarios?

Haedoju: If Weesajapyung can't stop them at Notijae, Savisong's the only thing left. But if Sadokwang, Byukju's Lord and I are united, we can still protect Savisong. The problem is that we can't tell what each lord is thinking right now.

Queen: If we fail and Prince Mugang sits on the throne, what's going to happen to our family name?

Haedoju: We'll be destroyed.


(The battle continues...)

Jang: Now is the time!

Daejang: Are you talking about our men inside Haedoju's militia?

Jang: Yes. If a large portion of Haedoju's militia turns away right now, we'll win. So send the order!

Daejang: I will. We'll wave the flag up on high as our signal.

Jang: Do it now!

Daejang: Raise the flag on high. Raise it high!

Eunsol: Weesajapyung! We're in trouble. Many of Haedoju's men are leaving us.

Giroo: What!

Jang and Giroo are face-to-face fighting on horseback.

(Jang and Giroo are face-to-face fighting on horseback, and later on foot, just the two of them.)

Jang: I don't need to think of anything else. Just by thinking of Master Mokrasu... for that alone I must kill you. You're capable of killing anyone for your own gain. I can't tolerate seeing you become a ruler! I could forget everything. I could put everything behind me and forgive you. But I won't. I won't forgive you!

Giroo: You won't forgive me? What about the life you took from me?

Jang: I never took anything from you. (Wounding Giroo), you put your destiny into other's hands rather than taking it in your own. That has always been your problem.

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Episode 51

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Jang and Giroo are fighting face to face.

Jang: I don't need to think of anything else. Just by thinking of Master Mokrasu... for that alone I must kill you. You're capable of killing anyone for your own gain. I can't tolerate seeing you becoming a ruler. I could forget everything. I could put everything behind me and forgive you. But I won't forget. Neither will I forgive you.

Giroo: You won't forgive me? What about the life you took from me?

Arrest him. I'll show him to the people.

Jang: I never took anything from you. (Wounding Giroo) You put your destiny in others hands rather than taking it into your own. This was your problem from the beginning. (Jang stabs Giroo, and he falls.)

Wangoo: My Lord. (He sees Giroo on the ground) My Lord.

Jang: Arrest him. I'll show him to the people.

Dooil: Yes! (To others) Weesajapyung is captured. Weesajapyung is captured. Weesajapyung is captured!

Voice: Prince Mugang defeated Weesajapyung!

Jang: Now to Savisong. We'll march into Savisong.


Buyeosun: What? Giroo has been captured?

Heuk Chipyung: I received a message from Notijae.

Buyeosun: So?

Heuk Chipyung: As soon as Weesajapyung was captured, the militia disintegrated.

Buyeosun: Then they're coming to Savisong?

Heuk Chipyung: Yes, they already crossed the valley. However, we have more than five thousand private militias protecting Savisong.

Buyeosun: What are the District Lords doing?

Heuk Chipyung: We couldn't find anything suspicious. I already commanded them to turn the power of their militias over to me. Your Honor, you should find refuge at Lord Haedoju's district.

Buyeosun: What? Do I need to hide now? Are the District Lords leaving me?

Heuk Chipyung: No, that's not the case. I just figured it would be safer for you to raise a counter-enforcement from there. Just in case...

Buyeosun: Talk to my father-in-law first.

Heuk Chipyung: Yes! And... what should I do with Princess Wooyoung?

Buyeosun: Execute her.

Heuk Chipyung: Yes.

(Haedoju's men capture Lord Backings messenger who was trying to send a secret letter to Prince Mugang. Another man comes to tell Haedoju that the rebels are approaching after capturing Weesajapyung.)

(Sadokwang's man gives the news to his lord. Sadokwang commands him to set Princess Wooyoung free. But when he goes to the prison area, he finds all the guards dead, and Wooyoung and her mother are gone.)

Wooyoung and her mother are afraid, not knowing why they were brought into a quiet room.

(Wooyoung and her mother are afraid, not knowing why they were brought into a quiet room. The Queen and her father enter.)

Wooyoung: Has our queen set us free?

Queen: Yes.

Wooyoung: Have the troops of Prince Mugang entered Savisong? (Yes.) Then now?

Queen: We belong to the same Hae family. Father and the Hae family must survive. Whatever happens to the King and I, the Hae family must survive. That's why I'm saving you. You must stop tragedy from falling on our family. This is the only way we can keep our heritage. Besides, your love for Dalsol Jang will not be fulfilled without the help of the Hae faction. I'll trust you.


(The Queen tells her father that she remembers him warning her that even after she marries the king, she should always think of her heritage first. So she tells him this is what she's doing, and that there's no other way.)

(Heuk Chipyung tells Haedoju their secret plan to help the king escape. Haedoju says he'll send extra men there, and that he'll have everything under control.)

(Sadokwang finds that Princess Wooyoung is gone and that all of the prison guards are dead. He realizes its Haedoju's doing, since they are the only men guarding the Palace.)

(Baekjung learns Haedoju's men captured his messenger. He is afraid the king might kill him so he decides to run away from the Palace.)

Sadokwang and Baekjung run away from the palace.


(Jang and his army stop in front of the fortress of Savisong.)

Jang: We're finally at Savisong. Prepare for attack! (Flags are being raised, and the gong is sounding.)


(The Queen and her father are prompting the king to run away. But Buyeosun says that there should be enough men inside of Savisong, and if he leads them, he could still win.)

Buyeosun: Tell the District Lords to come see me.

Voice: Daejang (to Heuk Chipyung), Sadokwang's militia is invading Savisong.

Heuk Chipyung: What do you mean?

Voice: Daejang, this time, Baekjung's militia came to help their lord escape.

(The different militias are fighting against each other. Someone tells the King that Princess Wooyoung and the Queen Mother have escaped. The King is pretty sure Sadokwang betrayed him and helped them escape. Heuk Chipyung is urging the King to escape too.)


(Jang and his army continue waiting outside. A flag goes up from inside of the fortress, a white flag of surrender. The soldiers shout with joy.)

Wangoo: Isn't this a trick?

(The door open, and the District Lords start walking down. Jang rides towards them. The lords bow down to him.)

Giroo is watching from inside a prisoner cart.

Sadokwang: We welcome you here, Crown Prince Mugang! (Other lords repeat the greeting.) We were taken as hostages by the usurper king, we couldn't be of much help to you. My Lord, please forgive us! (Others: My Lord, please forgive us!) But from now on, all of our private militia belong to you, My Lord! They will escort you, My Lord!

Jang: Take away their weapons!

Lords: What?

Jang: (To Daejang) Take away the weapons of all the private militia and take them outside the Palace to introduce themselves to you!

Daejang: Yes! (He gives the order to his men.)

Lords: Yes, My Lord! Yes, My Lord!

Sadokwang: (to his man) Now, command all of my men to surrender their arms and come out to introduce themselves!

(Baekjung gives the same order to his man.)

Jang: This is the Palace! Let's go in!

(Giroo is watching from inside a prisoner cart.)


What's this! Father-in-law, what's this?

(Haedoju's militia are trying to capture the king.)

Buyeosun: What's this! Father-in-law, what's this? (...) My Lady, what's going on?

Queen: Your Majesty. I will die with you. But allow my father and our family's name to survive.

Buyeosun: My Lady. Father-in-law.

Haedoju: Please forgive me. There remains only 1000 of my men right now. We cannot win this battle.

Buyeosun: Father-in-law. My Lady. Father-in-law!

(Heuk Chipyung starts fighting the militia, helping Buyeosun escape.)

Haedoju: The king is running away. Capture him! We must capture him before Prince Mugang walks in. Capture the king!

Haedoju: How could he disappear like that? Go look for him! We must find him before Prince Mugang comes in. Hurry!


Daejang's voice: Capture Buyeosun alive! And disintegrate the remainder of Haedoju's army. (Haedoju and the Queen are captured. Haedoju orders his men not to fight back but to surrender. Jang walks in and the prisoners are presented to him.)

Haedoju: My Lord, Crown Prince Mugang. I tried to kill the usurper king as an offering to you, but he escaped. I'm pretty sure he couldn't get out of the Palace. You must punish him for killing Prince Aja and King Weeduk, and for having deceived the people and the District Lords in order to sit on the throne.

Jang: Yes, I will. However, during the trial I must judge you too. (To Dooil) Keep the Queen and Sangjapyung inside the queen's court!

(Haedoju appeals for his innocence but Jang doesn't listen to him.)

To Haedoju: However, during the trial I must judge you too.

Jang: Did you capture the militias inside the palace?

Daejang: Sangjapyung ordered them to surrender, so it was easy enough.

Jang: Find Buyeosun. You must find him!


Heuk Chipyung: Why have you come here? I told you I know a safe hiding place.

Buyeosun: I cannot escape the eyes of everyone trying to capture me.

Heuk Chipyung: But still, why would you come here? This is Weesajapyung's court. I'm sure Jang and his men will come here.

Buyeosun: That's why I came.

Heuk Chipyung: Your Honor...

Buyeosun: I won't be safe anywhere, now that my father-in-law and the Queen have betrayed me. (Your Honor!) So I'll play my last card. If heaven has not abandoned me, Jang will come here. After giving orders to his men, he'll stay here by himself. That will be your chance! It's then you should hit!


Wangoo: You'll need a place to stay while we check the king's court.

Jang: I'll stay at Weesajapyung's court for now. That's where I used to be. Besides, all the official documents are there.

Wangoo: Yes, please do so. (He orders his men to call Dooil and Daejang to Weesajapyung's place.)


You're the only one I've left right now.

Buyeosun's voice: You're the only one I've left right now.

Heuk Chipyung: Your Majesty, be prepared for anything. I'll be with you till the end.

Buyeosun: To kill others in order to become a king was very easy for me. But after becoming a king, I felt killing wasn't so simple anymore. After sitting on the throne, I realized I must hide how I got there. So I had to either continue killing, or be completely at the mercy of the District Lords. Killing made me a king without power. However, I still covet that title. Why? Because this is a king's title.

Heuk Chipyung: Yes, Your Honor. You'll sit on the throne again! If we cut off the head of Jang and hang it outside, everything will turn back to normal. (Yes...)


(Jang enters Weesajapyung's court. Wangoo commands his men to guard the entrance.)

Jang: You couldn't find the usurper king yet? (Not yet) How are the District Lords doing?

Daejang: We're keeping the Queen and Haedoju inside of the queen's court. We're keeping all the other lords in private rooms for now.

Jang: How about the private militias?

Daejang: We're checking them out and after disposing of their weapons, we're sending them outside Savisong.

Wangoo: My men are doing the same thing with Haedoju's militias that were inside the palace.

Jang: You must disintegrate them completely in order to prevent any uprising. So be very precise! (Yes!) (He tells Daejang and Doo-il to disintegrate the militia, and Wangoo will be in charge of finding Buyeosun.)

Jang: There might be bloodshed if you don't finish this within a couple of hours. So all of you must act quickly. (Yes!)

(The Three men leave Jang alone. Jang grabs a book and sits down.)

Jang: (to himself) Buyeosun... where could he be hiding?

Do you want to test who among us can kill faster?

(Heuk Chipyung is getting ready to jump Jang. Jang hears the noise under the table. They both pull out their weapons at the same time.)

Heuk Chipyung: (pointing his knife at Jang's neck) I've been waiting. I've been waiting to kill you.

Jang: Put it down.

Heuk Chipyung: You shouldn't talk to me like that!

Jang: Put it down, before I stab him deeper. (Jang's sword is penetrating Buyeosun's back.) Do you want to test who among us can kill faster?

Buyeosun: I'm okay... go ahead and kill Jang!

(Heuk Chipyung hesitates. Jang pushes him away with one strike, and points his sword. Jang's three officers enter the room.)

Jang: He's under the table.

Wangoo: Get out!

Heuk Chipyung: Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

Jang: Drag them away! I'll judge them in public, together with Weesajapyung!


(People are watching Giroo in the prison carriage. They start shaking the cart with mad anger. Suddenly, fighters led by Goosan, rush the cart and steal it away. Kim Saheum is nearby, waiting to rescue his son.)

Fighters led by Goosan, rush the cart and steal it away. Kim Saheum then flees with his son, Sataek Giroo.

Daejang: We're in trouble.

Jang: What do you mean?

Daejang: Sataek Giroo escaped. It happened right outside the Palace. Our men are going after him now.

Jang: He must be captured! Giroo's the one who manipulated all the weaknesses of the usurper king. You must capture him at all cost! (Yes!)

Wangoo: The Queen Mother is here.

Jang: Really? (To her) I'm relieved to see you are safe.

Queen Mother: Wooyoung was severely tortured and she is receiving treatment at the princess' court right now. You must go see her. (Yes.) There's only one thing I expect from you. You must never forget that you are able to be where you are now because of our sacrifice. Especially my Wooyoung, every time your life was in danger, she risked her own life to save you. Woochae... Watch over our family.


Jang: How is she doing?

Instructor: She was tortured greatly. I don't think she will recover her vigor for a while.


Voice: Crown Prince Mugang is here.

Wooyoung: (standing up and bowing) My Lord Prince Mugang...

Jang: You should lie down.

Wooyoung: No, how could I receive my Lord like that?

Jang: Then sit down at least. You suffered greatly because of me. Do forgive me.

Wooyoung: It is I who should ask for forgiveness. Actually, I thought that the only thing I could do for you was to give you the fourth prince's necklace, so I took it with me. But my brother found it. That is the reason your uprising at Sondoksa failed.

Jang: Don't think that way (showing the necklace). The moment this came into my hands in Sondoksa, I knew I'd win. I also appreciate your heart, for which you risked everything in order to help me. I thank you... Please rest.


(Seeing her daughter, the Shilla queen cries. Her voice's mixed with joy and reproach.)

Sunhwa: Mother...

Queen: You suffered so much...


Jang: What? He crossed over the frontier to Shilla?

Daejang: Yes. They followed him all the way there but he crossed the frontier and disappeared. What should we do now?

Jang: (to Wangoo) Did you bring all the documents? (Yes.) Is everything ready? (Yes.) Let's go.


The court officials rise up as Jang enters and sits down on the throne for the first time, still in battle gear.

(All the court officials rise up as Jang enters and sits down on the throne in the meeting room.)

Wangoo: This is a document left by King Weeduk. Before King Whae sat on the throne, King Weeduk appointed his fourth son Crown Prince Mugang. The sealed documents for this ceremony were well kept inside the Palace Office, inside the history room of the Academy. Please take a look at them.

King Weeduk's voice: I am the 27th King of Baekje, King Weeduk. I appoint my fourth son Crown Prince, after Crown Prince Aja. His name will be Mugang.

Haedoju: I'm Doksansuns Haedoju. I will obey King Weeduk's decree. My Lord, Crown Prince Mugang!

Sadokwang: I'm Nosaji's Sadokwang. I'll obey.

Baekjung : I'm Byukjoong's Baekjung. I'll obey. (Everyone together: I'll obey. My Lord, Crown Prince Mugang!)

Jang: All the District Lords have now acknowledged me. Truly I am the Crown Prince of Baekje, and the heir to the throne after King Weeduk. My first task will be to judge the usurper king, Buyeosun. You must all come out and witness this.

Everyone in unison: Yes, My Lord the Crown Prince!


Buyeosun is remembering his coronation, and the victories he won during the wars.

(Buyeosun is remembering his coronation, and the victories he won during the wars.)

Jang's voice: You're breaking your promise!

Buyeosun's voice: I don't keep promises to the weak. If you want me to keep my promise to you, become powerful.

Jang: We're not weapons! We're people!

Buyeosun: (sighing) I should have killed him.

Heuk Chipyung: Are you talking about Jang?

Buyeosun: The more I liked him, if he is siding with the enemy... the more I liked him, I should have killed him. I really liked him, so I should have killed him right away! Aja always thought of what he should do once he became a king. I only thought of how I could become a king.

This was the difference between someone born to be a king and someone who had to steal that title away. That's why I felt Aja was lazy. I always had to work so hard to prove myself to others. Aja didn't have to do anything. But the greatest reason why I couldn't kill Jang was that Aja favored him.

I didn't have the chance to think of what I should do after I became king. So I thought that I could steal Aja's ideas too.

However, I could steal the throne, but I couldn't steal the people...

(Daejang comes to bring the prisoners to the court yard.)

Jang: (reading) What's the name of this criminal? I've asked you for your name.

Buyeosun: How could someone sitting on the throne call someone who sat on the throne before a criminal? My only crime is that I lost. I don't regret killing Prince Aja and King Weeduk.

Jang: You don't regret? You don't even regret having massacred innocent people?

Buyeosun: It was a life or death situation.

Jang: Life or death? You consider killing people in order to sit on the throne a life or death situation? This is why you lost. As much as you desired to be a king, the people also desired to live as people. Others may steal from them, but all they want is to live a comfortable life, and be safe.

You on the other hand, all you wanted was to have more than what you already had. Because of your ambition, you stole from the people all they had, their individuality. When you overstepped that boundary, all you cared for was your own personal safety, and the people rose against you.

So you lost in this war, which you fought against the people. For you, it was a matter of wanting to have more. For the people, their lives were at stake. The only way you can survive now is for you to go to the people, to confess your crimes and to ask them for forgiveness.

(To Daejang) Take the usurper king, Buyeosun and Heuk Chipyung in front of the people. (They are taken outside. The people look like a mob. Prince Aja and King Weeduk are standing in the mob, walking towards Buyeosun.)

The ghosts of Prince Aja and King Weeduk are standing in the mob, walking towards Buyeosun.

Buyeosun: No, this can't be.

Aja's voice: I can finally get my revenge.

Weeduk's voice: This is my revenge for killing my son. No, this is the kingdoms redemption! (Both the prince and the king point their swords at Buyeosun.)

Buyeosun: Let me live. Please let me live. I did wrong! Heuk Chipyung, you beg them too! Come on! Prince Aja and King Weeduk are walking this way. Beg them for mercy! I did wrong. (Kneeling) Let me live! Let me live!!! (Shaking like crazy) Let me live!

Heuk Chipyung takes a sword from one of the guards and stabs Buyeosun and then himself.

(Heuk Chipyung, untying himself, takes a sword from one of the guards and stabs Buyeosun.)

Buyeosun: Thank you. Thank you for taking me out of this misery. (My king!) But... what should I do now... if I go to the other world... and meet Aja and King Weeduk...I don't want to... (He dies.)

Heuk Chipyung: Don't worry. Wherever my king goes, there I will go also. I will look after you there as well... (He takes the sword and he kills himself.) Your Honor...


Baekjung : What do you think will happen to Haedoju?

Sadokwang: I'm not sure...

Baekjung: He changed his mind at the last minute. Besides, there are Princess Wooyoung and the Queen Mother. I don't think the king will make the Hae family his enemy.

Sadokwang: But we should worry more for ourselves right now.

Baekjung: Why?

Sadokwang: We may not have benefited as much as the Hae family, but who among us hasn't received favors from the king usurper? And who among us helped King Weeduk during the power struggle?

Baekjung: However, the crown prince doesn't have a political faction to back him up, so he won't be able to touch us.

Sadokwang: He may not touch us, but...we shouldn't underestimate him.


Queen Mother: This is how everything ends... After all he went through?

Wooyoung: Anyone in my brother's shoes could have acted like this.

Queen Mother: Anyhow, you were right. Soon, there will be the coronation ceremony for the Crown Prince. We should petition your hand in marriage after that. (...) Why are you so surprised? Wasn't this what you were after...the title of a queen? That is also a sure way to restore the power to our family.


Kim Saheum (Giroo's dad): You're not strong yet. Why did you come out?

Giroo: I never dreamt to see Haneulchae again...

Kim Saheum: Don't think of anything right now. Just gain back your health.

Goosan: The king has passed away!

Kim Saheum: What!

Giroo: So in the end... Jang's... Jang's...


(Jang is walking around the palatial court, dressed in prince's robe. He enters his father's room and as he is about to leave, he hears a voice. He turns around.)

Aja: Isn't this Jang? Jang enters his father's room and as he is about to leave, he hears a voice.

Aja: Isn't this Jang?

Weeduk: You must have suffered so much. You look so tired.

Aja: That's what I'd say. He still has so much work to do by himself. Rest here for a while.

Weeduk: Yes, that's all we can do for you. So come here and rest for a while. (Jang looked startled, happy and sad... and soon, the phantoms vanished.)

Jang: Stay here with me, together... Stay with me!

Female voice: My Lord the prince!

Jang: (he turns around, sees Sunhwa, and he smiles with joy.) My Princess, did you come back? I was very sad no one was here... I was heartbroken that no one was around... (The expression of his face changes as he realizes it is Wooyoung standing before him.)

Wooyoung: My Lord... (Jang leaves, disappointed.) "My Princess?"


Bomyung: The usurper king has died. Prince Mugang has succeeded in the uprising!

Chogi: He'll be a king soon. How can this be! You won't be able to attend his coronation ceremony! Our king won't allow you to go out at all... Will this be the end of both of you?

Bomyung: However, my princess, I believe our king is thinking of sending you to Baekje. This is what I heard...


King Jinpyung: Baekje's king was dethroned and a new king has taken over.

Chunmyung (Sunhwa's sister): I heard that.

King Jinpyung: Just like our ancestor King Jini, I want to go to war against Koguryo with the help of Baekje.

Chunmyung: Can this be possible? King Jini betrayed Baekje's king back then, and Baekje hasn't forgotten till this day.

Man: Yes, Your Majesty. You shouldn't rush these things. You can plan such a thing after evaluating the new king of Baekje.

King Jinpyung: That's not the case. Soon after the coronation is over, I'm going to send Princess Sunhwa as an ambassador.

Chunmyung: Your Majesty, you can't do that. We reinstated her as a princess with the condition that she not be involved in politics. Have you forgotten?

King Jinpyung: I haven't, but this is a different case.

Chunmyung: What do you mean?

King Jinpyung: The man princess Sunhwa loves... is Baekje's Crown Prince Mugang. He's the soon to be King of Baekje. Soon after the coronation ceremony, I'll send Sunhwa on a friendly mission. (The sister is very unhappy but the king is adamant in his decision.)


Sunhwa: Did the king really say that?

Bomyung: Yes!

Chogi: Does this mean we'll be able to meet Seo Dong Gong as a king very soon?


Baekje crown ornament

Coronation Ceremony:

Wangoo: The Queen Mother hands down King Weeduk's royal seal box.

Queen Mother: This is the coronation document. (Everyone bows their greetings.)

Wangoo: This is Princess Wooyoung. May the King receive her greeting.

Wooyoung: Long live the King (she bows down).

Sadokwang: Long live the King (others follow).

Mokrasu's voice:

The shamed king will give birth to sadness,
Sadness will give birth to a child of mistake.
The one born out of mistake will light the incense,
and the one who lights this incense
will become the King.
The King will establish Baekjae again,
and receive great honor and praise.


Jang: There is only one thing I must do as a king. I must ensure that the people are able to live a comfortable existence. That's easy enough, and all of you know how to do it. I, together with all of you, must protect our people and ensure they live and eat well. You must free yourself from the violence that dominated during the usurper king's reign, and no matter what the reasons return the lands you stole from the people.

And aside from the things that may help the advancement of the nation, you must stop all private activities that may benefit you alone, such as building private militias. You already know this is the way to bring prosperity to Baekje, so you must all follow me and work together to rebuild the kingdom of Baekje.

Everyone: Yes, Your Majesty!


Didn't the king look gorgeous during the coronation?

Eunjin: Didn't the king look gorgeous during the coronation?

Woosoo: He really looked different, like someone else.

Bumro: How should he feel?

Woosoo: What do you mean?

Bumro: How does it feel to sit on the throne? We'll never go through that. Wouldn't he feel he's in heaven right now? Like he's flying in the air? I'm so curious.

Eunjin: Wouldn't he feel like this? A little nervous, and not knowing where to look. Feeling a little shy and happy at the same time...

Woosoo: How do you know so well?

Eunjin: I've experienced that before.

Bumro: When?

Eunjin: Don't you remember? The time in Haneulchae we wore the clothes I made and displayed it around.

Bumro: How can you compare that! I blush every time I think of that. I feel like hiding... If that's how a king should feel, I don't want to be one. I'd rather die.

Wooyoung: Did you put the rooms in order? (Yes!) Yes, I heard how hard you all worked for our king, following him around.

Eunjin: We just did our job.

Wooyoung: But... How is it that I don't see Merchant Jin around? (Yes?) Why is she not around?

Woosoo: ... Look! Isn't that Mojin over there?

Makdosu: Do you know something?

Inventor: What?

Makdosu: The king and I grew up as a father and son. There is a deep reason for it, which I couldn't explain to you in words. That's how I became like his father. And do you know something else? (What?) I may be promoted to the highest position very soon... (Really?) I put my life on the line to protect the king before his ascension. I couldn't start telling you...

Mojin: Makdosu, haven't you learned yet? Are you still using the king's name in vane?

Makdosu: Mojin! Have you come to stay? Will you stay here with us from now on? (Mojin nods)

Eunjin: Mom! (They embrace) I missed you so much.

Makdosu: I'm so happy now. The Academy is coming back to normal!


Scholar 1: This is the book of district laws prepared in Choosondo by Mojin and us. According to Master Mokrasu, our king is mostly concerned with finding resources that will motivate the people to work hard for the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams.

Jang: Yes. So have you found out?

Scholar 1: That's actually found in the handing out of land properties. We must stop forced labor and distribute lands to them instead.

Jang: A land distribution law?

Jang: The problem must be the lord's plantations.

Scholar 3: Yes. Many of the plantations must be relocated.

Jang: Everything turns out to be a fight against the District Lords. The redistribution of the land, our restructuring of the personal militias and the reinforcement of new laws...

Scholar 3: Yes, Your Honor.

Jang: You have all done a great job. I'll read this book carefully and I'll meet you all individually later. Rest for now. (Yes, Your Honor.) In addition, all of you will be transferred into the academy and from there you'll be working for me. Whoever it is, whether old or young, rich or poor, look for talented individuals. (Yes, Your Honor.)


Wangoo: Your Majesty. Go to your room to read this. It's uncomfortable to read in here.

Jang: This book was made with the blood of Master Mokrasu. I cannot read this comfortably. (He remembers the time he sent the teacher away...)

Mokrasu's Voice: Save me, Jang... Jang, save me. Jang, Jang, save me! Jang!


(Mojin is looking around the Academy. She finds something from Mokrasu, and she starts crying, calling out his name. Jang walks in and watches her.)

Wangoo: The king is here...

Mojin: Your Majesty...

Jang: You hated me so much you didn't come to see me?

Mojin: Your Majesty, how could you say that?

Jang: I promised that I was going to send teacher to you after everything was done, but I couldn't keep my promise. Please forgive me. I must go to Wonsando. I must go to see him and ask for his forgiveness. Please, come with me.

King Mugang and the Haneulchae family go to Wonsando.

NEXT (at Wonsando)

Mojin: This used to be master's cave.

Makdosu: Look, isn't that smoke coming from over there?

(Jang looks surprised.)

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Episode 52

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

...From Episode 51

Jang's voice: I must go to Wonsando. I must go to see him, to ask him for forgiveness.

Mojin: This used to be masters cave.

Makdosu: Look! Isn't that smoke coming from there?

Episode 52 begins...

Bumro: It's smoke!

Makdosu: If a ghost didn't start that, there must be someone there.

Mojin: Could it be...? Could it?

Teacher, you're alive, you're alive! Thank you, I thank you.

(Jang looks, expectantly. The door opens. Mokrasu walks out, stooping down to watch the medicine he is cooking. Suddenly, he looks up, startled.)

Makdosu: If you are a person, speak up. If you're a ghost, be gone!

YJang: Teacher... Teacher, you're alive, you're alive!

Mokrasu: Jang... Jang...!

Jang: Teacher!

Mokrasu: Jang! (They run to each other and embrace) Jang...

Jang: Teacher... Teacher, you're alive, you're alive! Thank you, I thank you!

Mokrasu:(touching Jang's face and looking at his outfit) So you made it... you made it!

Wangoo: Yes, he's the king now.

Mokrasu:(kneeling) Your Majesty... Your Majesty!

Jang:(lifting him up) If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to walk this path. I'm grateful to you, thank you.

Eunjin: Your Majesty, you're too much! We're as happy to see him as you are!

Jang: I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry.

Bumro: Teacher! (They hug Mokrasu.)

Mokrasu: How have you all been?

Makdosu: We didn't know you're alive. We thought you died so we've prepared food for your funeral.

Mokrasu: Who cares if it's food for a funeral! I'm missing real food so get it ready!

Bumro: Teacher, you missed the food more than you missed us?

Mokrasu: Yes, since I was here by myself, my mind could only think of food.

Makdosu: You stayed on this island for 2 months and you're already becoming like me!

Eunjin: You're all so inconsiderate! Who among us missed teacher as much as my mother did? But how come everyone is skipping her?

Mokrasu: (to Mojin) How have you been?

Mojin: Well...

Makdosu: How can you just say that? You should run to him and hug him... But I can't understand how you can like someone like him...

(Eunjin drags her towards Mokrasu)


Mokrasu: What happened to the usurper king?

Jang: While he was standing in front of the people to be tried, I think he saw the ghosts of King Weeduk and Prince Aja, so he kneeled down like a madman, asking for forgiveness. Heuk Chipyung couldn't stand to see that, so he killed the usurper and then he killed himself.

Mokrasu: What about Giroo?

Jang: He escaped to Shilla.


(One of the Shilla lords comes to greet Princess Sunhwa. Sunhwa feels uncomfortable but this lord says he's just welcoming her back. Princess Chunmyung comes to see Sunhwa, and she gets mad when she sees the lord showing respect to her sister.)

Sunhwa: Please, sit down.

Chunmyung: Are you planning to fight for my position now? The king and mother were so adamant that I've let you return as a princess. But you're stabbing me in the back?

Sunhwa: What do you mean?

Chunmyung: Did you know from the beginning that he was a prince from Baekje? Are you planning to use his power to steal the throne from me?

Sunhwa: In no way would I do such a thing!

Chunmyung: I am the heir to the king's throne, no matter what you do! You crook! (She leaves.)

Chogi: (entering) my Princess, did you gain more power after Your Majesty declared you were going to have an alliance marriage?

Bomyung: If the alliance marriage goes through, her political power will automatically return. Besides, the King of Baekje is more powerful than Princess Chunmyung's husband.


Chunmyung: The nobles are already turning their backs on us and going to Sunhwa.

Weesong (Chunmyung's husband): Yes, so I was going to bring up the topic of princess Sunhwa's reinstatement during our official meeting.

Chunmyung: Do it quickly. If this alliance marriage goes through, she'll be given political power. Then, she'll also have land and an army for herself... and if her husband is the king of Baekje, she'll be in charge of all external politics involving Baekje. We must stop this at all cost!


King Jinpyung: So, have you discussed the alliance marriage with Baekje in the meeting?

Weesong: Not yet.

King Jinpyung: Why?

Weesong: Before planning this alliance marriage, we felt we must discuss the possibility of treason in Princess Sunhwa.

King Jinpyung: What are you talking about?

Weesong: Princess Sunhwa lost her title of princess because she helped the enemy. But since time passed, we were willing to think that she made a mistake in her youth, so we agreed to call her back.

Noble: But if the man she loves is Baekje's king... that's a different story. We can't tell if she passed down information about our armies situation to Baekje.

King Jinpyung: What?

Noble: She already betrayed us in the past for him. We cannot trust her.

Weesong: I think the princess must be cross-examined. Your Majesty, that's the right thing to do.


Mokrasu's voice: What? Shilla's king sent an army?

Jang: Yes.

Mokrasu: Then, you had to send the princess back to Shilla...

Jang: Yes... Please forgive me for having kept this truth from you.

Mokrasu: You must have suffered so much...

Jang: (Wanting to say something else) Teacher...

Wangoo: (interrupting) Your Majesty, the meal has been prepared.

Jang: (to Mokrasu) The food is ready. Let's go.


(Eunjin and Bumro are trying to drag Mojin into Mokrasu's cabin. Mojin is trying to run away.)

Wangoo: What's this noise!

Eunjin: We've prepared the meal for mother and teacher Mokrasu at the same table. But she's being so stubborn...

Bumro: Actually, if we could, we'd like to marry them off right now. But I guess it's hard here.

Jang: (playfully) Why hard? I like the idea.

Mojin: Your Majesty, don't add to the fire!

Jang: I always felt bad towards you that is why.

Eunjin: Mother, should we prepare the wedding here?

Bumro: Let's do it! This place feels like Haneulchae. And where else will we be able to spend intimate time like this with the king?

Jang: That's right. Bumro's one hundred percent right!

Eunjin: Will crowns of flowers be okay?

Bumro: Yes, let's go to the mountain to get them.

Mojin: You're all too much! (She runs away.)


Mokrasu: Mojin... Everyone was joking. Don't cry.

Mojin: I know they were joking. But still... I don't know. I'm so happy... but I'm upset... and sad... I really don't know. Really... I don't know...


Mokrasu: (giving her a pair of silk shoes) there are lots of butterflies here. I made these for you. (He shows her a set of mismatch shoes tied together.) One day I found this on the shore. I realized you had been here. When I saw your shoe tied against mine, I thought of you, you who always walked with me in spite of the danger, in life or death situations, always... (He sits her down, putting the new shoes on her.) Will you continue walking with me from now on? Marry me.

(Eunjin and Bumro are watching, saying they feel a tugging in their hearts... Makdosu feels more bittersweet... feeling that he's lost the love of his life. Jang sees them too...)


(The former queen is talking to her father about a message they sent to Princess Wooyoung. They're complaining she hasn't replied yet. They also sent a message to Queen Mother, but they feel she will only help in getting back their lands and their militias, but they want more...)

(Other district lords are talking, saying that the Hae family will survive, because of the Queen Mother and Princess Wooyoung.)

Baekjang: In addition, if Princess Wooyoung marries the king, the Hae family will grow even more powerful.

Sadokwang: Right now, we shouldn't worry so much about the Hae family becoming too strong. We must worry more about the entire power structure of the district lords.

Baekjang: What do you mean?

Sadokwang: We all benefited a great deal during the reign of the king usurper.

Baekjang: Yes, we were able to manage our militias and our personal lands as we pleased.

Baekjang: Will he really?

Sadokwang: The king was a strong supporter of Prince Aja's ideals. Besides, he is not personally connected with any one of the district lords. It's a priority that he marry Princess Wooyoung, so that she'll play the role the Hae faction played during the reign of King Weeduk.


Queen Mother: (after reading a letter from Haedoju) ha brother should have acted this way from the beginning.

Lady: He's going to return the lands he took from you?

Queen Mother: Yes, after opposing us like this... Indeed, my Wooyoung is great, her wit saved me.

(The district lords are coming to see her. The lords will be having a meeting of their own, and they feel the Hae family should still lead it, being the largest faction. But since Haedoju is in trouble now, they ask the Queen Mother to preside over the meeting. She tells them it might be hard for her to attend all the meetings since she is the Queen Mother... Then, the lords ask her to send Princess Wooyoung in her place, so that she could speak on her mother's behalf. The lords tell her they want to follow her will, and that they must also discuss the marriage with the king.)

Queen Mother: Wooyoung, you must attend the district lords meetings in my place.

Wooyoung: The lord's meetings?

Queen Mother: Yes, since my brother's in trouble, we must go.

Wooyoung: You won't let Haedoju remain like this forever?

Queen Mother: I'll try convincing the king to forgive him, but I won't let him have power over the Hae family anymore. You must attend those meetings and get acquainted with the lords so that you can use their friendships for yourself once you become the queen. I could tell the lords want that too. That's why they'll petition for your marriage right away.

I won't let the king have power over the Hae family anymore.

Wooyoung: Marriage?

Queen Mother: Yes, marriage. That's obvious. That's why you risked your life to save the king, isn't it so?

Wooyoung: That's not true...

Queen Mother: All right, who cares why you did it? That doesn't matter. Once you marry him, we'll have the world in our hands again!

Wooyoung: (to herself) Yes... who cares why? As long as I can be with the long as I marry him.

Voice: My Princess, Your Majesty has returned.


Sadokwang: Your Majesty, have you done the funeral for Master Mokrasu?

Jang: Yes.

(The lords see Mokrasu coming among the procession. They're shocked.)

Wooyoung: Master Mokrasu, how can this be?

Mokrasu: How are you doing princess?

(The rest of Haneulchae family comes and greet him)

Daejang: Master, I didn't know you were alive, so forgive me for not having gone there to look for you.

Mokrasu: Don't say that. I feel sorry for not having helped the king during the revolution.

Daejang: Actually, if it weren't for you, everyone from Wonsando would have died.

Mojin: He's still weak. How can you talk about work right now?

Scholar 1: My bad...

Mokrasu: No, I really want to see the national prosperity book right now.

(They leave)

Sadokwang: Master Mokrasu's alive. I fear this may only help the king gain more power.

Baekjang: Besides, we cannot tell what the king's planning with that national prosperity book they were talking about. We're all nervous.


Mokrasu: So, the conclusion is the redistribution of land? The problem now should be the district lords...

Daejang: Sadokwang and Baekjung supported the king at the last minute. So the only land we could think of would be that of Haedoju's, but we must be careful because of Princess Wooyoung and the Queen Mother. Besides, so much of Haedoju's lands are already in the Queen Mother's possession.

Jang: Can't you find any direct proof that would implicate Haedoju in the murders of Prince Aja or King Weeduk?

Daejang: We couldn't, Your Majesty. He must have helped out with the weapons and material wealth, but we couldn't find any direct link...

The king is left alone with the Queen Mother.

Voice: Your Majesty, the Queen Mother is here.

(Everyone stands up, and they leave the king alone with the Queen Mother.)

Queen Mother : Did you have a good trip?

Jang: Yes. I was planning to come greet you.

Queen Mother : You must be so busy, there's no need for you to do that. Rather, go visit my Wooyoung often.

Also... I know you're examining my brother Haedoju's properties carefully. It is true that he helped the usurper king. However, he had no choice because his daughter was married to him. Even if you strip him of his power, return his property to him. Regarding the land of Younkyunghoo's (Daejang's) father, my brother is repenting for what he did. So he will give all that land back!


Wangoo (reciting the newly titled officials):

Sadokwang: Sangjapyung, Head of District Lords
Baekjang: Joongjapyung ,Second Head of District Lords
Weesajapyung: Younkyunghoo (Daejang), Defense Military General
Wangoo: Chinidaejang
Master Mokrasu: Academy Director

Jang: Aside from this, the scholars who worked on the national book will stay in a special department in the Academy and continue working for me. Yurim will lead them.

Sadokwang: Your Majesty, you haven't told us your decision regarding the previous Sangjapyung, Haedoju.

Jang: The previous Sangjapyung will be removed of all political power, but he'll keep his personal properties. Let this be known to all of you.


Scholar 1: I don't want to think the king is giving up already. But why would he do such a thing?

Scholar 2: Yes, the best action would have been for the king to take Haedoju's properties and distribute them to the people.

Mokrasu: That's true, but Princess Wooyoung saved the king's life. Besides, if he distributes Haedoju's lands, he wouldn't be able to touch the other lords lands after that. The system cannot be changed like that.

Scholar 3: I know, but this was the most practical thing to do. If the king loses this chance, the lords will start pressuring him.

Mokrasu: I think so too, but I'm sure the king has something in mind.


Sadokwang: I guess the king is coming to his senses.

Baekjang: Yes, how else could he rule this nation without our support?

Sadokwang: But I still feel it's fishy him keeping those scholars inside the Academy.

Baekjang: We shouldn't worry for that. Princess Wooyoung will be able to control him.

Sadokwang: Yes, so we must present the petition for the marriage right away.

Baekjang: Princess Wooyoung will attend the lords meeting for the first time. Let's talk about it then.


Sadokwang: Welcome.

Wooyoung: Queen Mother sent me.

Sadokwang: We know.

Baekjang: By the way, I was really shocked.

Wooyoung: About what?

Baekjang: How could a fragile body like yours be so brave?

Sadokwang: You played the cards and you bet on it with your life. So we are curious.

Baekjang: Yes, since when did you know the king was the fourth son?

Sadokwang: Seeing that you made him bring the king's seal and the fourth son's necklace to you, I feel you knew before that. On top of that, you pretended to love him in order to save his life.

Wooyoung: Yes?

Baekjang: You're so cunning. In that situation, he wouldn't have survived for any other reason than 'your love.'

Other lord: Because of your wit and your bravery, you've saved not only the Hae family, but the district system.

Baekjang: We're planning to present a petition for your marriage during our next official meeting.

Sadokwang: When planning for the kingdom's future, there's nothing more urgent than the procreation of an heir to the throne.

Baekjang: Of course, we must petition this tomorrow.


Sadokwang: You have witnessed your father, King Hae, and the usurper king, so I don't need to tell you what to do. I just want to say that we must keep the power given to us by the usurper king. In watching Master Mokrasu and the rest of the scholars, the king's intentions are quite obvious . He wants to weaken the power of the lords. You must stop this.

Wooyoung: You want to make me queen so that I can play the role I played during my brother's reign?

Sadokwang: Yes, and we'll reward you for it. The end of Buyeosun was bad, but he too received many rewards from us during his time.


Wooyoung: Yes, this is the world as I know it, the world of looking after my own gain. Love? No, this is the best for the king too... The king should face reality.


(Jang is studying... He goes to see Mokrasu.)

Mokrasu: It's so late... Why have you come here?

Jang: The more I think of it, I feel the only way is for me to push this by force.

Mokrasu: The problem with the district lords?

Jang: Yes. I must push them when I have the upper hand. You must go to Shilla.

Mokrasu: To Shilla?


Kim Saheum (Giroo's dad): Dooam, why are you doing this? Where do you think you're going? Wake up, everything's over.

Giroo: I'm alive, and Jang's alive. What do you mean that everything's over? How?

Kim Saheum: Dooam...

Giroo: I decided to finish this, so I must finish it.

Kim Saheum: Dooam, we've lost. You've lost!

Giroo: No, I didn't. The game's not over yet!

Kim Saheum: Accept your defeat and let's live a quiet life.

Giroo: Where? Shilla betrayed us, and we're fugitives from Baekje. Where can we live quietly? Should we go to Koguryeo now? Should we go to Ko-gu-ryo and start over?

Kim Saheum: If we must, let's go there... Let's accept out defeat and go anywhere...

Why do I have to say I was the only one who was wrong?

Giroo: I can't. What have I done wrong? I followed my own lead, and I worked for my personal gain. What's wrong with that? Everyone lives that way, even Jang. Why do I have to say I was the only one who was wrong? If I do that... after that... I won't be able to do anything anymore! Nothing more... I'll be a wreck then... a miserable wreck. No, I'll fight back. (Dooam!) The world belongs to winners anyway. I just need to win. I'll win and I'll show him I was right! I'll destroy Jang and I'll destroy his relationship with Princess Sunhwa. If I can't have her, he can't have her either.

Kim Saheum: Jang won't be with the princess anyway. Princess Sunhwa returned to Shilla.

Goosan: Yes, the king recalled her.


Sadokwang: Your Majesty, yesterday in our lord's meeting, we discussed the need for heirs to the throne, and the need for marriage...

Jang: Listen to me! I will put the system back to how it was before the battle of Kwansangsung (When Jang's grandfather was betrayed by Shilla).

Sadokwang: What? Your Honor...

I've been studying a lot of documents in order to help the stability of the kingdom and the people.

Jang: I've been studying a lot of documents in order to help the stability of the kingdom and the people. (Then?) I realized that after the battle of Kwansangsung 40 years ago, the district lords expanded their personal militias sixteen times under the excuse of war, taking over the people's land for training. Besides, you've been collecting a great amount of taxes from the people so that you can feed your personal armies. As a result, you've enslaved the people. Am I wrong? Moreover, after the battle of Kwansangsung, there were only two wars that were actually fought. This is why we must return things as they were before.

Baekjang: But Your Majesty...

Jang: When I send out the order, may the scholars prepare the documents with instructions on what each district lords must give up. (Yes) Weesajapyung, get ready to receive the personal militias into your army. (Yes)


Sadokwang: Your Majesty, what you're asking is too impractical.

Baekjang: Yes Your Majesty. After the battle of Kwansangsung, Shilla always threatened us, so we expanded our militias to prevent them from invading.

Jang: Even before the battle, there was always thread of invasion, but Baekje thrived. Even during the time of the battle of Kwansangsung, Baekje was flourishing.

Sadokwang: But Your Majesty, back then, there was an alliance between Baekje and Shilla. That's why there was stability within.

Jang: If you insist, I'll return things as they were even before then, during the reign of King Sunghwan. (Your Majesty!) Or should I rather go back to the times of King Muryung?

King Weeduk sent to each of you a sealed document, ordering you to kill Buyeosun. Back then, not one of you obeyed the king's order. By that alone, I can accuse all of you of rebellion. Aside from this, I know that you used the usurper's help to fill your own bellies, and you sent Prince Aja into exile and weakened the power of King Weeduk. What was the result of all that? You stole the source of hope from the people, their lands. And even if they have some lands left, you took everything else through your taxes. You made their lives miserable and destroyed their means for subsistence.

I'd like to punish all of you for this, but if I'm silent about these matters it is only because I want to give you the chance to recant.

Do you have anything else you want to add? Do you?

Jang: (to Daejang) Inform the scholars of my new decision so that they can prepare the right steps for it.


(The scholars tell Daejang how to shorten the number of militias and in what ratio. The militia of Haedoju and Sadokwang will be reduced by half, but they must continue doing research on how they kept the safety with the reduced militias.)

(Daejang orders Dooil and Yaksan to keep an eye on the district lords in case they're planning to rebel. And they must prepare extra army for the day the king decides to implement the law.)

Dooil: Afterwards, if all goes well...does it mean that people like me, who used to be a slave, could own a small land to farm?

Daejang: Yes, that's what the king is working for right now.

Dooil: Then, even if I break my back doing this, I must! Owning a small land has been my dream since I was little!

(Daejang instructs the lords on how many militias they must give up and on which day. He gives them a document showing how the state was before the battle of Kwansangsung. He asks them to study it; the lords are mad.)

(Sadokwang is telling the Queen Mother that she will be the most affected by this new law, along with himself. The Queen Mother tells him Wooyoung will try to reason with the king.)


The more I gain from the district lords, the more suffering I'll be imposing on the people.

Wooyoung: I understand Your Majesty's intentions, but if you do this, you'll make enemy's of all the district lords.

Jang: I don't intend to make enemies of the nobles, but I want to save the people.

Wooyoung: Your Majesty, you are a king now! Like I've told you before, you cannot rule by just being nice to the people.

Jang: And like I told you back then, I'm not being nice. This is more about the hope of the people. If I compromise with the lords now, I many be comfortable, but the people will continue starving.

Wooyoung: Inside the Palace Courts things like "hope for the people" doesn't count. The only thing that counts here is power.

Jang: Then, I must gather such power.

Wooyoung: Your Majesty, do you really think you could overpower all the lords?

Jang: If I must...

Wooyoung: This can destroy you.

Jang: To achieve this would be the fulfillment of a dream.

Wooyoung: This is a dream that's doomed to fail. It won't happen!

Jang: If Princess Wooyoung were to help me, this can happen. But you would rather side with the lords right now, and oppose me.

Wooyoung: I'm not opposing you. I'm just trying to help... You must realize where the power come from and accept the reality. You may be sitting on the throne right now, but none of the district lords are supporting you. You must first gain their good will.

Jang: By then, it will be too late. The more I gain from them, the more suffering I'll be imposing on the people. I won't do that. So don't try to convince me to get along with the district lords.

(Wooyoung walks out. But she returns.)

Wooyoung: Does this're unwilling to marry me? Aren't you going to marry me?

Jang: You're right. I can't marry you, and I shouldn't. The reason you want to marry me is so that I'd compromise with the lords, isn't that so? I won't go through that type of marriage.

Wooyoung: That type of marriage? Then tell me, what is the type of marriage Your Majesty is dreaming of? One where you can spend everyday of your life with your loving woman? To marry someone you love? Your Majesty, you're not the Dalsol of old! You are the mighty King of Baekje.

When you were just a man, you could afford to give up everything for love. But now, you are the leader of the great Baekje. You can't do this. What I'm saying is that marrying a mere commoner just for love is a foolish fantasy. Moreover, she's from Shilla. This won't happen. The royal laws won't allow this. It's not just me, everyone will agree with me!


Wooyoung: Where's Merchant Jin? (Eunjin and Woosoo look away) Didn't I ask you where Merchant Jin is?

Woosoo: She went back to Shilla. (Eunjin: Hey...) What, she went back after all...

Wooyoung: So that's how it ended...


(Jang is thinking...)

Wooyoung's voice: What I'm saying is that marrying a mere commoner just for love is a foolish fantasy. Moreover, she's from Shilla. This won't happen. The royal laws won't allow this.

Jang: (Standing up) Teacher... I'll trust in you.


King Jinpyung's voice: Let him in. (Mokrasu enters and bows) Are you really a secret messenger from Baekje? Are you really Mokrasu, the head of the Academy of Science? The one who was exiled from Baekje and lived as a fugitive in Shilla? (Yes, Your Honor.) I've heard so much about you that I feel I know you.

Because you took refuge in Shilla, so much happened between my Sunhwa and royalty and she suffered greatly.

Mokrasu: I too feel at home in Shilla's Palace. When we were fugitives of Baekje, we used to send merchandises to this Palace. That's how the King of Baekje and Princess Sunhwa met. Also, I learned later that you had sent Hwarang Kim Dooam to Haneulchae...

King Jinpyung: That's right. I coveted Baekje's wise heritage. But through that, I lost a very promising man, Kim Dooam. Anyhow, because you took refuge in Shilla, so much happened between my Sunhwa and the royalty. My Sunhwa suffered greatly. But finally, she came back. Why a secret messenger now? What for?

Mokrasu: My king did not specify the reasons to me.

King Jinpyung: He did not specify the reasons?

Mokrasu: He just said this is his response for you sending Shilla troops to him in the past.

King Jinpyung: A response for the troops I sent?

Mokrasu: Yes. Back then, he couldn't respond because it was during the revolution. But my king is confident your action meant good and not harm.

King Jinpyung: Why would he think so?

Mokrasu: It was during a most difficult time for him, but Your Majesty did not attack him. Neither did you steal the princess away in secret. Instead, you sent an army willing to back him up. He told me that if I come to you, you'd give instructions on what to do next. Please, let me know. If it's difficult for you to tell me now, I'll wait nearby.

King Jinpyung: Wait then. (Mokrasu leaves.) (To his man,) keep this a secret. No one should know that a messenger came from Baekje.


(Chogi sees Mokrasu. She runs to tell Sunhwa.)

Chogi: My Princess, my Princess! I'm pretty sure of this, pretty sure!

Bomyung: Stop ranting! You'll never grow up?

Chogi: That's not the issue. Master Mokrasu came to Shilla's Palace. (What?) I'm sure I saw him, very sure.

Bomyung: How can this be?

Sunhwa: Maybe...? Seo Dong Gong promised he'd come for me... Maybe Seo Dong Gong...?


Where? Where did you see him?

Sunhwa: Where? Where did you see him?

Chogi: Over that way...

Sunhwa: Whom did you say you saw?

Chogi: Ah? Master Mokrasu...

Sunhwa: Master Mokrasu's dead.

Chogi: That's right...but I'm sure I saw him...

Sunhwa: You wretched girl!

Chogi: I was so sure it was him...

Bomyung: Our Princess has suffered more than enough. When are you going to grow up?


(The king is talking with his son-in-law about the situation in Koguryeo. He's told the land in the South is in danger, so the king orders him to take more army to protect that territory.)

Man: Your Majesty! Are you planning to alley with Baekje because of our war against Koguryeoo?

King: Looking closely, that's the urgent reason. But looking at the bigger picture, I want to open the door for a future unification of the three kingdoms, so you go tomorrow to Mokrasu and give him a message. If the nobles and Chunmyung finds out, they'll be greatly against this. Be careful.

(The man gives the letter to Mokrasu.)

Mokrasu: (to Bumro) Where have you been?

Bumro: I've been looking for Chogi everywhere but I cannot find her. Since the lady's of high birth, she must live around here...

Mokrasu: We must return to Baekje.

Bumro: Shouldn't we look for Chogi and Merchant Jin?

Mokrasu: Our king's waiting for us!

Bumro: I'm sure the king would like to hear news from Merchant Jin.

(Mokrasu tells him they'll sleep over at Haneulchae before going back.)


He's been like that for days. What should we do?

Goosan: He's been like that for days. What should we do?

Kim Saheum: There's nothing we can do. He must get over this. Overcome all feelings of defeat and failure, and self-condemnation. That's all he can do right now.

Goosan: But I'm worried.

Kim Saheum: No, he'll get over this.

(Giroo hears the 'secret bells' ringing. It's Bumro, playing with them. Giroo follows behind them.)

Goosan: How can this be? Master Mokrasu's alive!

Kim Saheum: I don't think he came for us. Let's hide for now.

(The father takes them inside the cave, saying they must spend the night there. He tells Giroo to forget them and to just sleep. Giroo actually goes to spy on Mokrasu...)

Bumro: What? In order for our king and Merchant Jin to get married, they need the approval of the King of Shilla?

Giroo: (to himself) What? Jang and Princess Sunhwa?

Bumro: Does that mean I'll need his approval if I want to marry Chogi?

Mokrasu: Go to bed!

Bumro: But I still think it won't happen. (What?) Before the battle in Notijae, Shilla's king sent his troops to bring Merchant Jin back to Shilla. I don't think he'll approve this marriage.

Mokrasu: That's the sign that he may approve. The King of Shilla is also looking for a peace agreement.

(Giroo overheard them.)

Kim Saheum: Where have you been?

Goosan: I think Jang sent Master Mokrasu as a secret courier to meet the King of Shilla. (What for?) In order to petition the hand of Princess Sunhwa in marriage... (Really?) And our king seems to want that too...

Kim Saheum: That means they'll have a marriage alliance?


(The lords are discussing ways to stop the king from implementing the new system, but Baekjang remembers the king threatened to accuse them of treason for having disobeyed King Weeduk's order to kill Buyeosun.)

Baekjang: We may have to appease him for now. Then, we can turn back the clock after the king marries Princess Wooyoung.

Other Lord: Does Sadokwang agree with it? Should we just sit here doing nothing?


(Haedoju tells the Queen Mother that once the king announces his new plan to the people, they won't be able to stop him. Wooyoung tells them they couldn't come up with anything at their meeting. Sadokwang says the only way would be... to declare war to Shilla.)

Haedoju: Are you saying we should go to war?

Sadokwang: We can't do that. But we can create such a war environment.

(He tells them he could get in touch with Shilla's nobles to make that up.)


(Sadokwang is looking for Merchant Abiji (Giroo's dad) because he remembers Abiji knew people from Shilla, but he cannot find him. Someone sends him a message. It's from Giroo.)

Sadokwang: Aren't you afraid to get caught? (Giroo smiles) I don't even trust you.

Giroo: I thought you'd be curious to see me, so you wouldn't blow my cover.

Sadokwang: Yes, you said you could help me, that I might need you. How can you help?

Giroo: Don't you need Shilla to be at war with Baekje right now?

Sadokwang: Can you do that?

You said you could help me, that I might need you.

Giroo: I know some Shilla nobles who also need this at this moment. I can arrange this to happen. (Really?) Yes, Merchant Abiji's with me right now. I can make the right connections. Just tell me when.

Sadokwang: Even if you do this for us, we cannot reinstate you. What is it that you want?

Giroo: I want nothing. I just want to live as a shadow behind the king's back.


Jang: You're back. (Yes, You're Majesty) How did it go?

(Jang reads the message, and tells Mokrasu a place and a time.)

Jang: I'll leave for a hunting trip. If this treaty takes place, we'll be able to disband the private militias that were raised under the excuse of war. This will shrink the power of the lords.

Mokrasu: Yes, Your Majesty. And you'll be able to make your dear love come to fruition.


Sunhwa: Your Majesty? Are you meeting him in five days?

King Jinpyung: Yes, so stop threatening and begging me to let you go.

Sunhwa: Then, the hunting trip you'll go on five days is...?

King: Yes, but since I don't know what's going to happen yet, get ready for anything.

(Giroo tells Princess Chunmyung that the king will be meeting Jang for a marriage alliance. The Princess doesn't understand why Giroo is helping her now, but he tells her the reasons don't matter anymore.)


(The hunting trip is on. The kings meet face-to-face. They bow to each other.)

Jang: I am the King of Baekje.

King: I am the King of Shilla. Let's sit down. Aside from this peace treaty, I really wanted to see you. You've made my Sunhwa want to throw her title away for you.

How's your first impression of me, father-in-law?

Jang: How's your first impression of me, father-in-law?

King: (laughing hard) I don't think the nobles of Baekje will be happy with this alliance.

Jang: I'd say the same goes for the Shilla nobles, but only the decision of the kings from both kingdoms will count in the end. I'm sure of my reasons for doing this.

King: I too know why I'm doing this.

Jang: However, historically, there was a 100-year alliance between Shilla and Baekje that Shilla broke. You must apologize to the people of Baekje for that.

(Soldiers from both camps come and whisper to their commanders. The kings are told separately that a war has broken out on the Shilla and Baekje frontier ... they look at each other.)