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Episode 46

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

From Episode 45...

Wooyoung: Take this and try it on. I didn't know your size.

Jang: I can't take it.

Wooyoung: I made it myself, for the first time ever.

Jang: That's why I shouldn't take it.

Wooyoung: Take it. If you want to live, take it! I know everything... I know everything.

Giroo (eavesdropping): She knows?

Episode 46 begins...

Wooyoung: Take this without saying a word. This is the only way to keep my love and come to you. There's no other way. No, I don't want to give you another way. I don't want to beg anymore. Or rather, if begging doesn't work, I must force your hand. So make up your mind.

The dreams you have with Merchant Jin cannot be, so forget it. Send Merchant Jin back to Shilla. Out of respect for both of you, this is the best I can do, and the only way the two of you can live.

Take this, and don't say a word.

Giroo thinks that Wooyoung had just learned that Sunhwa is from Shilla. He's afraid he too may be discovered, or if Sunhwa is denounced, she may tell the king about him, so he asks his father to watch them even more carefully.

Jang realizes what Wooyoung means so he goes to see her, but she is not there.

Wooyoung: Go back to Shilla.

Sunhwa: Princess...

Wooyoung: I should have told you this before.

Sunhwa: What do you mean?

Wooyoung: Go back to Shilla.

Sunhwa: I can't.

Wooyoung: I know Jang's the fourth prince. Do you need to hear more? If I don't keep quiet, he will not live. Without my help, he can't become a king. And even if he becomes a king, you can't marry him because you're a commoner from Shilla. If you really care for Jang, say goodbye to him. Having witnessed your love for each other, I don't think I need to wait too long.

Come to the port tomorrow at 5 AM. I'll send you off to Shilla myself. If you don't show up, I'll go directly to the king and tell him.

Giroo continues eavesdropping.

Yurim and Daejang are shocked, saying they must tell the prince and decide something quickly. Sunhwa tells them that she'll tell Jang, so not to tell him until she decides. She asks them to give her time to think.

Jang: You're all here.

Yurim and Daejang: Yes...

Sunhwa: There are too many people watching outside. Why have you come?

Jang: I was just passing by...

Sunhwa: You can't stop by every time you're near. You need to be more careful if you want to accomplish greater things.


You need to be more careful if you want to accomplish greater things.

Jang: Why are you pushing me away?

Sunhwa: I wasn't pushing you away... (she takes the ring off Jang's finger).

Jang: Why are you doing this?

Sunhwa: I'll take this for the time being.

Jang: What?

Sunhwa: Whenever you see this ring you think of me, so you run to see me. Isn't it so? A man working for a high purpose shouldn't be distracted like this. I'll give it back to you after you accomplished everything.

Jang: You shouldn't do this.

Sunhwa: Why shouldn't I? I gave it to you, so I can take it back if I want.

Wangoo Moojang also learns what's going on. Yurim tells Wangoo and Daejang that if Merchant Jin doesn't want to leave, they must kill Princess Wooyoung. Daejang tells Yurim that if Jang finds out, he's able to go after Merchant Jin. Although it's very risky to go see her, Wangoo Moojang decides to speak to Merchant Jin. He tells Yurim to prepare his men just in case.

Giroo thinks someone is hiding inside a set of boxes... Wangoo enters through another door... he speaks with Sunhwa.

Wangoo: We all know how deep is your love for Seodong Gong and all you've done for him. None of us will forget this. Since these are very pressing times, you should go back to Shilla and wait.

Sunhwa: I'm from Shilla... If Seo Dong Gong becomes a king, will you and the other court members give me a chance to return? I trust in Seo Dong Gong. But I don't trust in Palace Rulings. I'm not afraid to leave right now, but once he becomes a king... I cannot know if any of you will support me so that I can return... If I don't stay here, I might even lose the slim chance I have right now, of just being by his side, and watching over him.

Wangoo: I cannot guarantee what will happen then, but I can assure you that I, and everyone involved in this revolution, will support you. Trust me. But right now... it's hard. This is a very crucial time, and the fact that Princess Wooyoung knows can ruin everything. You must make up your mind.

Sunhwa: What if I refuse?

Wangoo: We'll do one of two things. Even if it's dangerous, we'll either kill Princess Wooyoung, or force you to leave. But I know how much you care for our prince, so I trust you'll make the right decision.

Chogi is complaining that after all she has done for Seo Dong Gong, it's not fair how everyone is treating Sunhwa. Sunhwa stands up, seemingly ready to talk to Jang...


When a problem comes up, just shake it off.

Dooil: It's simple enough. When the princess is watching, put this robe on. When Merchant Jin is watching, takes it off right away. Life's that simple. When a problem comes up, just shake it off. When another comes up, do the opposite. And after becoming the king, you can think of other problems then and there. Doing this and that, time will fly and you'll be old in no time. (Jang stands up) Why? Are you going somewhere?

Jang: Yes, I'm going to Merchant Jin's house, so don't wait up for me, just sleep.


Giroo is following Sunhwa but some men knock him unconscious. They bow to Sunhwa; she follows them.

Jang: What? She went out to see me?

Daejang: Yes, I fear you missed each other.

Jang: Why would she want to see me at this late hour?

Daejang: Well... you should hear it from her lips. It's better that way.

Jang: Don't tell me that...

Daejang: Did you already know?


Dooil: You came back already?

Jang: Did you see Merchant Jin?

Dooil: No, she wasn't here.

Jang: She didn't come? (No!) Are you sure you didn't miss her because you were sleeping?

Dooil: No, my eyes were wide open all this time. (After Jang leaves) Didn't he tell me to sleep?

Jang asks Wooyoung's guard if Merchant Jin came by. The answer is 'no'.

Daejang (voice): You couldn't find her?

Jang: Tell me, what's going on?

Daejang: Princess Wooyoung came.

Jang: What did she say?

Daejang: That she knows everything. And that Merchant Jin should be at the port by five in the morning. Then, Wangoo Moojang came by.

Jang: Even him?

Daejang: Since Merchant Jin was the only one who could decide.

Jang: How could you do this without consulting me? What have you done?

Daejang: I'm sorry. It was such an urgent matter... and Merchant Jin told us not to tell you.

Jang: Then where is she now? She didn't come to see me. Where is she now? Where!

How can they forgive me?

Sunhwa meets Borang, her tutor, the monk who raised her. He tells her that the king and queen miss her a lot, and that they've persuaded Sunhwa's sister to forgive her so that she can return.

Borang: By the wish of the King, I've been looking for you. I found you here last year, but the king told me to just watch you quietly until we can call you back.

Sunhwa: Why, I don't deserve any of this. How can they forgive me? Why does he miss me?

Borang: That's because they're your parents. Very soon, they'll call you back. Queen Maya is all for it, and even Princess Chunmyung (her older sister) has been persuaded. So they want you to wait. On the 15th of next month, the king will come to the frontier. He wants to see you before you return, so go there on the 15th of next month.

Chogi is happy to hear the news, but Bomyung tells her, “How can you be so naive? All of Princess Sunhwa's suffering, she did it in order to be with Seo Dong Gong. But the fact that she is from Shilla is a big obstacle. Now, if they find out she's a princess from Shilla, she'll face even greater opposition. She's already suffered enough...”

Jang's voice: (Sunhwa is hiding)

My lady, my lady... My lady, my lady... My lady, my lady. Didn't you tell me we shouldn't part from each other? Didn't you tell me we'll suffer everything together? So where are you now? Where are you hiding, suffering on your own?

My lady... my lady, my lady!


Wooyoung is going to the port; Giroo follows behind.

Sunhwa remembers old scenes at the cave:

Jang: If there was ever a decree from Heaven for me, that happened only because you my princess... you are with me. She remembers how they met, and looking at the wooden rings, she cries.

Wooyoung: She doesn't want to go? If I can't have him, Merchant Jin, you can't have him either. And you Jang, if you're the type to give up your goals and your purpose for a woman, I'll give up on you. I'll give up on you. I'll tell the king, I'll tell him!

Yurim's men come to capture Wooyoung.

Wooyoung: Who are you? How dare you stand in the way of a princess? (Wooyoung tries to run away but they capture her.)

How dare you stand in the way of a princess?

Wooyoung: Who sent you, who sent you? Merchant Jin? Did she?

Jang's voice: What's going on here? Put those swords down. Put them down!

Wooyoung: (to Jang) How dare you... I won't forgive you... ever!

Sunhwa: Seo Dong Gong didn't know about this. I'll leave. I'll go back to Shilla.


Jang: Merchant Jin won't leave.

Wooyoung: What did you say? Are you really going to give up your goals and your kingship just for a woman?

Jang: No, I'm not giving up my goals either. If you threatened me, it was because you thought I'd give her up in order to become a king. Until now, you've witnessed how someone killed his uncle, King Weeduk in order to become a king, and how he killed his cousin, Prince Aja to become a king, so I don't blame you for thinking this way.

You must have learned that in order to become a king, one must give up all kinds of emotions, tears and love, and impose a harsh rule on the people. That's the personality of the present king, and that of Sataek Giroo.

I'm not like that. Actually, I hesitated for a moment. But not in the way you thought, that of me leaving Merchant Jin in order to become a harsh ruler. No... I thought of getting rid off you. You expressed love for me, and you saved my life. And we're actually cousins... but I thought I should get rid of you because you were standing in my way. Isn't this the kind of kingship rule you know?

But I'm not like that. There is no position that can be worth gaining by killing the innocent or by forsaking a loved one. Even if I must take a longer path, I'll take a detour. Stay here for now. As for myself, I'll leave with Merchant Jin, and prepare the revolution from there. I'll leave.

Wooyoung: How could you? Do you love Merchant Jin that much?

Jang: The word love itself is too small to describe her. When I was suffering after losing my mother, when I was wasting my life away not knowing who I was, when I was a runaway, or when I first took care of my brother, Prince Aja... Actually, she's always been there for me.

That woman, her entire being is my life. How could I give up my life in order to become a king?


Jang: Keep her locked up until I tell you. (Yes!)

Sunhwa: You shouldn't do this. We're not ready yet, and it's wrong to treat Princess Wooyoung that way. I must leave. That's the right way.


Sunhwa: I'll leave. Just give me a little time to persuade Seodong Gong.

Wooyoung: I'll kill him.

Sunhwa: Princess...

Wooyoung: I'll kill him.

Sunhwa: Please, don't do this. I know how you feel towards Seodong Gong.

Wooyoung: I'll kill him, I'll kill him... I'll kill him.

Sunhwa: You can't... you won't be able to...

Wooyoung: Tell him not to leave. I'll give up. I'll help him. I'll join the same boat, putting my life in his hands. Go tell that bastard!


Giroo and Goosan continue watching Jang's every move.

Giroo continues watching Jang's every move. He ordered the troops not to listen to Jang, so although Jang calls them up for training, the soldiers ignore him.

Jang: I apologize for causing so much trouble. On the other hand, if I find out again that any of you make such drastic decisions for me, I won't forgive. First of all, I won't forgive you for making the decision without my knowledge. Secondly, I won't forgive you if you kill someone in order to put me on the throne. If I become a king by killing Princess Wooyoung, how can you differentiate me from the present king who murdered King Weeduk and Prince Aja to become a king? If our conscious cannot be clear, the people may say that the government has changed by name only.

Wangoo: I was shortsighted. Please forgive me.

Jang: Think twice from now on. Since Princess Wooyoung knows too, we must advance our D-day. We were thinking of October, but we must do it by May. Master Mokrasu's been working without any set backs, so Yurim should go tell him. The question is how much military power do we have.

Daejang: I researched my men, and ninety-five are inside the king's army, eighty-five are inside Lord Haedoju's men (the king's father-in-law), and in many other Lord's households, there are like twenty to thirty of them.

Yurim: My men, like thirty of them are inside the king's army, and the rest are hidden in the mountains, under Wangoo Moojang's charge.

Jang: Daejang and Yurim, just make sure they're kept anonymous. They shouldn't know each other. Wangoo Moojang, from now on, gather new people and raise another army.

Wangoo: Yes, but the problem is the armament. The only one who could help...

Sunhwa: I'll talk to her...


Jang: I'll say the same to you too. If you were in such a situation, you should have told me. And you shouldn't suffer by yourself. You shouldn't decide to leave me by yourself. Remember what you told me when I wanted to leave because of all that was happening? You said you wouldn't leave, that this was the only way to preserve our love. That's what I'll do from now on. Even if we die... no, even if you must suffer because of me, I won't let you go. I won't.

Sunhwa remembers what the monk told her.

Sunhwa (to Princess Wooyoung): Please help us.

The Haneulchae people from the academy are transferred to do menial labor. Makdosu is transferred to the hardware area, in order to prepare armaments.

Yurim goes to the prison island and tells Mokrasu that the D-day has been advanced to May. Yurim tells Mokrasu that from behind the island he sailed to there in a secret boat. Mojin tells Yurim they need a few more documents and more clothes so he should go back at the beginning of the month, when the prison guards will be changing shifts.

The court lords request that the king bring Mokrasu back to the palace to help the prosperity of the country. When Haedoju mentions he is under guard to keep Jang on track, they say Jang's mind seems to be made up already. Princess Wooyoung tells the king she can handle this by herself, she doesn't need Mokrasu's help.

Giroo: I heard you're putting the Haneulchae family on probation. And you opposed Mokrasu's return. Are you so hurt because Jang hasn't returned your love? I'll help you.

Giroo sees Sunhwa speaking with Heuk Chipyung. Inside, Heuk Chipyung tells the king that Mokrasu shouldn't return yet, since it's too early to trust Jang. Giroo wonders: “Why did Sunhwa give such advise to Heuk Chipyung?”

Giroo's assistant finds out the leader of the 'gang' that was with Jang is called Yurim. Giroo gives orders to bring soldiers to do a thorough search for anything related to Yurim.

Soldier: (to Jang) The soldiers don't want to come out. So the police force isn't doing anything either.

Dooil goes to force the soldiers to move their butts, but they ignore him. When Giroo's assistants come to tell them Giroo needs them, they all leave right away.

Dooil: (to Jang) They trust Weesajapyung (Commander-in-chief Giroo) will back them up so they won't listen to you. What should we do?


Daejang: Our men are among the soldiers, so we shouldn't worry too much. But we must make sure the Gongan Joryung law comes through. (A law that forbids anyone but the king's soldiers to carry weapons).

Dooil: But Weesajapyung is tying up Jang's hands right now.

Daejang: But we need that law in order to control the Lord's men. So you must make this happen somehow.

Jang and Dooil witness a fight between the soldiers and Lord Haedoju's men. Haedoju's men beat the soldiers up and scold them for daring to touch Haedoju's property.


Jang is punishing the soldiers who lost the fight.

Soldier: Why are you doing this? Is it because we don't come out for training? We were just following Japyungs (Giroo's) orders.

Jang: That's not why you're being punished. It's because of what happened last night.

Soldier: Is it because we got into a fight with Lord Haedoju's men? That too happened because we were doing a search following Japyung's instructions.

Jang: Your mistake wasn't that you got into a fight. Your mistake was that you lost to them.

Soldier 2: What do you mean?

Jang: How can you, the king's soldiers, keep your head up after losing to one of the Lord's men? You've destroyed the pride of the army. Therefore, go fight with them, win, and bring them back! Bring them back!

(The soldiers are talking amongst themselves saying that Jang is crazy, and that they would never do that. They get punished again.)

Soldier: Why are you doing this?

Jang: Didn't I tell you to arrest them?

Soldier: Didn't you hear me? Those were Lord Haedoju's men.

Jang: I don't care who they were. I just cannot forgive the king's soldiers losing to anyone. Therefore, win and bring them back.

Soldier: Grrr!... if we bring them back, we'll be okay, but you'll die.

Jang: I'll take care myself, so you go and arrest them. Hit!

Giroo continues searching for Yurim's identy. Someone tells him that not too long ago Bumro was looking for him too. He gives Giroo a book written by Yurim. The handwriting looks familiar.


Giroo: Stop! What's happening here?

Jang: I'm disciplining our soldiers.

Giroo: Come over.

Soldier: I knew it! (to the one hitting) You're dead now!

Soldier hitting: I was just following orders...

Soldier: Untie me now!


Giroo: They were Lord Haedoju's men. What do you think you're doing?

Jang: I'm in charge of training your men, and if they lose a fight I don't care to whom they lose, it's our responsibility.

Giroo: Do you think you can win these soldiers away from me by doing this?

Jang: It was never my intention to win them over, away from you. I'm just doing my job according to the books.

Giroo: So you're looking for trouble?

Jang: Why are you thinking that way? I'm just doing my job.

Giroo: All right, do it. Go ahead.

Do you think you can win these soldiers away from me by doing this?


Soldier: It's all over now. Untie me now, you bastard!

Jang: Hit them! (What?) Hit them! We'll hit them until they arrest those men. So go ahead... hit them.


Soldier 1: What should we do now?

Soldier 2: What do you mean? We must go arrest them.

Soldier 1: But they're Lord Haedoju's men.

Soldier 2: What the heck. That's his problem. As for us, let's take this chance to pay back all the humiliation we suffered under the hands of those lord's men. I don't know anymore. Let's go!

Soldiers go back to Haedoju's men and they fight. This time the soldiers win, beating the men and arresting them.

Another man who used to be Yurim's friend tells Giroo that Jang already had arrested most of Yurim's old friends, sending them to the prison island. Then Giroo remembers the handwriting; it was similar to the written notices being spread around.

The handwriting is similar to the written notices being spread around.

Giroo (to himself): He was going to kill Princess Wooyoung because of love... was it just because of love?

Wooyoung's voice: I know everything. So make up your mind. The dreams you had with Merchant Jin cannot be, so forget it. Send Merchant Jin back to Shilla.

Wooyoung's voice: And you Jang, if you're the type to give up your goals and your purpose for a woman, I'll give up on you. I'll give up on you.

It's the fourth prince. He's alive!

Giroo (to himself): Dreams... goals... purpose... I didn't pay too much attention to those before because of the word Shilla...

Jang's voice: ...there was a group of government officials very loyal to him. I'm planning to capture all of them, and I'd like to send them to the prison island (Wonsando Island).

Giroo (to himself): The leader of the gang that tried to kill Princess Wooyoung belongs to this group.


Dooil: Shouldn't you keep quiet for now?

Giroo: (to himself) Jang's dream. Jang's plan. Jang's goal. To cause a revolt? No, that can't be... no way, it's the fourth prince. He's alive!

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Episode 47

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

From Episode 46...

Jang's voice: “...there was a group of government officials very loyal to him. I'm planning to capture all of them, and I'd like to send them to Wonsando Island.”

Giroo (to himself): “The leader of the gang that tried to kill Princess Wooyoung belongs to this group.”


Dooil: Shouldn't you keep quiet for now?

Giroo: (to himself) Jang's dream. Jang's plan. Jang's goal. To cause a revolt? No, that can't be... No way. It's the fourth prince. He's alive.

Episode 47 begins...

Giroo: Jang's betrayal is a disguise. But how do I find out?

Jang's voice: “I'm planning to capture all of them, and I'd like to send them to Wonsando island.”

Giroo (to himself): “Teacher Mokrasu and the followers of Prince Aja... the prison island! Wonsando!”


Bumro: Jang!

Jang: How come you're here?

Bumro: You're in trouble!

Jang: Why?

Eunjin: Giroo's trying to find out who Yurim is.

Dooil: What?

Eunjin: We had also looked for him in the past, following Merchant Jin's request.

Bumro: Giroo has been asking lots of questions even inside the Academy.

Eunjin: If Giroo tells the king, are you getting into trouble again?


...but instead try to use Jang's assets

Giroo tells his father, Kim Saheum, about his suspicions. He feels something's happening at Wonsando, but his father tells him to stop suspecting Jang so much, and try to use Jang's assets for his own benefit. Giroo then says that he'll investigate one last time, and that if he's wrong, he'll change his attitude towards Jang.

Sunhwa's strengthening her relationship with Heuk Chipyung, telling him she'll donate lots of gifts under his name. Then, Daejang tells the old man that Giroo's giving Jang a hard time, ordering the soldiers not to listen to Jang.

Giroo's tells King Buyeosun that he feels the book written by Yurim and the secret public notes are by the same person.

Buyeosun then tells Giroo to order Jang to capture the suspect, but he says that Jang appears to have connections with him already.

King: Really? How is Jang connected to this guy?

Giroo: I saw Jang with Yurim and Merchant Jin.

King: What? Merchant Jin too?

Giroo: Yes.

King: What were they doing?

Giroo: I know your majesty thinks I'm trying to hurt Jang because of my personal feelings, but this isn't true. I just cannot trust Jang's devotion towards you.

King: That's right. I find it hard to believe myself. But I trust that he's doing his best in order to save Master Mokrasu. Besides, what else can they do now?

Giroo: That's what I'm trying to find out. Is he working for you just to save Master Mokrasu? Is it true they have no other alternatives? I want to check this out. I've a feeling Jang and Master Mokrasu are deceiving you and scheming something at Wonsando. But since your majesty doesn't trust me as in the past, I want to go and find some proof of this. I want to leave for Wonsando tomorrow morning, but keep this a secret between us.

The king says that he'll tell others that Giroo is away in another province on errands. He tells Giroo to check everything thoroughly.


Jang tells Heuk Chipyung that he has something to tell the king.

Jang tells Heuk Chipyung that he has something to tell the king.

Heuk Chipyung: Your majesty, Dalsol Jang asked me to give you a message.

King: Dalsol?

Heuk Chipyung: Yes. He said that he's been using a former officer of Prince Aja named Yurim to capture the many rebels he sent to Wonsando.

King: Yurim... so?

Heuk Chipyung: He wants to know if he should arrest Yurim right now or if you'd rather have more people arrested before capturing him.

King: But why are you bringing this message? Isn't Weesajapyung (Giroo) supposed to do that?

Heuk Chipyung: Actually... Weesajapyung is giving Jang a very hard time lately.

King: How?

Heuk Chipyung: Weesajapyung wants all information regarding Weesabu (the King's army) to go directly to him, and keep Jang in the dark. Also, he's spreading rumors that says anyone obeying Dalsol's command will face Japyung's wrath, making training impossible. Weesajapyung asked Dalsol to be with him. But he's not allowing him to breath. Jang is already well known among the people. And working as the king's police, he's already captured many bandits . He's even arresting rebels right now. Aside from Jang, how can Weesajapyung destroy the moral of the army like that? Let the king solve this situation.

King: All right. For now, just let Dalsol Jang continue looking for more rebels.

Heuk Chipyung sends the message to Jang, trying to encourage him.


The queen wonders why Weesajapyung Giroo and Jang's relationship is going from bad to worse. The king shares with her that he doesn't know whom to trust anymore. The queen says that Weesajapyung has given his everything for the king, but the king is silently thinking, “Yes, Giroo did all the dirty work for me, which is exactly why I feel like distancing myself from him.”

He then tells the queen that he wishes he could have more help from Master Mokrasu and Jang, so that the people's hearts may open up to him. He also asks the queen to find out what happened in the past between Jang and Giroo and why they are such great enemies.


Man: What do you think you're doing?

Soldier: I don't know sir; I'm just following orders.

Man: (to Jang) What do you think you're doing? How dare you arrest Lord Haedoju's guards? Besides, I'm in charge of these men.

Jang: It's our job to arrest anyone breaking the law.

Man: Break the law? Which law?

Jang: Haven't you heard of Gongan Joryung? No one is allowed to come into this province carrying weapons.

Man: What!

Jang: (to the soldiers) You all go out right now and arrest everyone carrying any type of weapon! Whether a commoner or an aristocrat, arrest them all. (Yes!) If any of you forgives someone because he's an aristocrat or belongs to an aristocrat family, I'll make you pay. What are you all waiting for? Go now!! (Yes!)


Haedoju: My guards aren't law-breakers. How can he arrest them because of such a small matter?

Heuk Chipyung: He always goes by the book. But I think he overdid it this time.

Haedoju: By the book? It's been a while since Gongan Joryung stopped being a law. You must punish him right away.

The king is thinking to himself, and he tells his father-in-law that he'll think about it.

Heuk Chipyung: I'll go and stop him right now.

King: Go tell him to slow down.

Heuk Chipyung: Slow down?

King: Tell him not to arrest aristocrats.


Public notices are posted announcing Gongan Joryung, the law banning weapons in the provence.

Jang commands the soldiers to put up public notices announcing the law. The soldiers begin arresting anyone who is carrying a sword.

Heuk Chipyung: Hey Dalsol, the king told me you should slow down.

Jang: Slow down? He didn't say I should stop?

Heuk Chipyung: I'm confused too... (Jang smiles) Do you understand what he means?

The Court Lords are talking and complaining that many of their guards are arrested right now.

Lord 1: Whose idea was this, the king's or Weesajapyung's?

Lord 2: Weesajapyung's away right now. Dalsol Jang is doing this on his own initiative.

Sadokwang: Dalsol?

Lord 1: That doesn't make sense.

Lord 2 : (to Haedoju): I was about to call you. The head of my guard has been arrested.

Haedoju: Your's too?

Lord 2: That's not it. Every one's security guards are being arrested left and right.

Sadokwang: Have you spoken to the king?

Haedoju: Chini Daejang (Heuk Chipyung) told him to slow down but he's not listening.

Sadokwang: Slow down? He wasn't told to stop? We can't allow this to continue. Then our power will be diminished.

Haedoju: That's right. We must stop this right now. Let's go!


Jang: Start now!

Haedoju: What do you think you're doing? Set them free right now.

Jang: I'm sorry but I can't.

Haedoju: You can't?

Jang: These are people who disobeyed the Gongan Joryung law. How can I let them go?

Haedoju: How can you step all over us, quoting such a useless law?

Jang: Useless law? This is a law established to protect the king and his people.

Sadokwang: When the king was the Commander-in-Chief (Weesajapyung), he said this law was very impractical, so he tried to ban it.

Jang: I don't know about that. So if you disagree, you should meet with the king and officially ban it.

Haedoju: How dare you.

Jang: Start now.

Lords: Stop it!

Jang: Start now!

Haedoju: What. Didn't I tell you to stop?

Jang: Start now!

Heuk Chipyung tells the king that the court lords tried to stop Jang but he wouldn't listen.

Heuk Chipyung: I fear he may offend the court lords unnecessarily. You should command Jang to stop.

King: Call them.


Jang: It's our job to punish the law-breakers.

Haedoju: You want to die?

Jang: (to the soldiers) Listen to me, you're the king's soldiers in charge of protecting the well being of our king and of his people. No matter how low of birth you are, you're still a Weesabu soldier. If anyone looks down on you just because they belong to a higher social status, treat them by the rules. This is the power of Weesabu. This is the pride of Weesabu. So you must follow it to the letter! Do you understand? (Yes!)

In order to teach you this, you must punish these men in front of their Lords. Start now! (Yes!)

You must punish these men in front of their Lords. Start now!

Heuk Chipyung: Stop now! The king has asked everyone to come in.


Haedoju: Your majesty, I request you demote Dalsol Jang for insulting the lords of this land.

Jang: I haven't insulted the lords. It was they who have insulted the king.

Haedoju: What?

Jang: When I first arrested the lord's guards, it was because some of Weesabu's soldiers got into a fight with them. My men didn't think too much of the fact that they lost. But how can the lord's guards dare to quarrel against the king's soldiers? And the quarrel occurred while Weesabu's soldiers were on a mission following Weesajapyung's orders, so I arrested them, and I found out they all carried weapons, openly breaking the Gongan Juryung laws.

What is the Gongan Juryung law? It's a law that forbids anyone to carry weapons inside this province, for your majesties protection and the security of this land. What wrong have I committed now? I surely cannot understand.

I was the one who disregarded this law as useless but my present position has changed.

Sadokwang: But your majesty! It was you who allowed the lord's guards to carry weapons before. Wasn't it because you wanted the lord's help in protecting this land? Have you forgotten this?

King: I did...

Lord 1: The situation is the same right now. Our men are always ready to fight for you whenever you call us.

Haedoju: Your majesty, demote Dalsol Jang right now and make the banning of this Gongan Juryung law official.

Jang: That shouldn't happen, your majesty. That will only help the bandits continue expanding.

Haedoju: No, my lord! Ban this law.

King: Listen to me! You're all right in saying I was the one who disregarded this law as useless. But my present position has changed. I'm the king now. Dalsol Jang, listen to me... (Yes, your majesty) public notices everywhere announcing the re-enactment of the Gongan Juryung law and enforce it well.

Jang: Yes, your majesty.


Jang: The king has sided with us. This happened thanks to all of your obedience in following my orders in spite of the danger. I'll promote the two soldiers who took the initiatives in doing this. Today is a day to celebrate.


Jang tells the soldiers to check everyone very carefully and to report all the findings to him.

Soldiers are saying that the King likes Dalsol Jang so they should listen to him. Makdosu wonders what Jang did. Princess Wooyoung tells Makdosu she'll give him information on where to deliver the arrows. She scolds the Academy friends for hanging out too much. They think she hates them.

The revolutionary leaders are celebrating the new victory regarding the Gongan Juryung law, making the revolution easier, and taking control over Weesabu too. They're also saying more weapons will come from the Academy. Sunhwa tells Daejang she'll be away for a few days. Wangoo Moojang tells Yurim that Giroo is on the look out for him, but Yurim says that the king sent Giroo away.

Giroo goes to Wonsando, landing on the back side of island, and tells the soldiers they'll be 'spying' on the prisoners, and that there won't be a monthly shift of guards this time, so they must watch carefully and without rushing.

The prisoners share their ideas by writing on the ground, so Giroo finds nothing yet... The secret boat will be bringing more of their requested items on this day...

Mojin (to herself): Why would they bring such a large boat?

The 'secret' rebel tells Mojin “that boat isn't ours.” Mojin says there was no soldier shift either on this day... something's strange... someone must have come in secret... She tells the man to wait, that she'll find out. She sees Giroo...

Then Giroo finds a piece of cloth... with written words and realizes they've been 'cooking' secret codes through the clothes they wore...

Mojin tells Mokrasu they must all run away!

Giroo hears the flute, and he realizes that's the Academy 'secret code' and that they're already planning on running away.

Mokrasu tells Mojin to take Giroo's boat and go to Jang. He takes the second boat, but two arrows strike and wound him. He tells them to leave him...

Mokrasu takes the second boat, but two arrows strike and wound him.


Weesabu, the king's army and Chinide, the king's bodyguards, are competing against each other. Weesabu is winning, so Jang tells them he'll first reward all winners with two bottles of wine, and later with meat.

Chinide's men complain as they are being punished for losing... they too want to have rewards if they are winning. So Heuk Chipyung decides to reward the winners too. But Weesabu keeps winning. The king witnesses the competition.

King: Are you having a friendly match?

Heuk Chipyung: Yes, so Weesabu and Chinide can get to know each other better and we can also improve from each other.

King: It's good to see this. But now, why don't you two fight against each other? (What?) Wouldn't that be fun to watch?

Heuk Chipyung: But everyone is watching...

King: I realize there are many men from Weesabu with great fighting skills. Chinide needs good fighting men. So transfer some of them over!

Jang: But your majesty...

King: It's for my personal safety. Do as I tell you. (Yes...)

Heuk Chipyung: Don't think I didn't fight you for fear of losing...


Wooyoung: I must send weapons to Achak, so send some trusted men over to the Academy.

Jang: I thank you for helping.

Wooyoung: In my present situation, that's all I can do. You knew that, that's why you dared to treat me like this, isn't it? If the king finds out I saved you, even after knowing the truth, he won't let me live. Thus, I'm not really helping you. I'm just saving myself. But I'm still not giving up on you.


The Academy friends are getting upset because they are getting no where with the map Wooyoung told them to draw. Makdosu is happy to go away on a 'mission' carrying the weapons.

Wangoo: Welcome...

Jang: Yurim, be especially careful.

Yurim: I tried to stay in the mountains most of the times.

Wangoo: You did really well in re-enacting the Gongan Juryung law.

Jang: It's going to help our cause, but it's also something that should have been enforced from the beginning.

Wangoo: It should have happened during king Weeduk's reign. But it's good it's happening now, and for the future.

Jang: There's other good news.

Daejang: What is it?

Jang: Around twenty of our men have entered Chinide.

Wangoo: The king's bodyguards?

Jang: Yes, thanks to you. The king watched our men fighting and winning the competition so he ordered them to be transferred over.

Daejang: That's great. I was afraid we had to fight them.

Yurim: In that case, I feel that by D-day, the plans will be completed.

Jang: Yes, so you be all the more careful. (Yes...) By the way, where's my lady?

Daejang: She had to leave for a few days on personal business.


King Jinpyung (Shilla's King): Sunhwa.

Sunhwa: Your majesty.

King: Sunhwa.

Sunhwa: Your majesty.

King: Let me look at you.

Sunhwa: Your majesty.

King: What a bad girl you are! After breaking your parents hearts, you became even prettier.

Sunhwa: Your majesty!.

King: But it's fine. It's a hundred times better to see you like this than downcast and tired. You made a mistake in the past, but it was my fault that I couldn't protect you. I'm very proud of you for living as a prosperous Baekje merchant rather than rotting at a monastery.

Sunhwa: Your majesty.

King: Now, you just need to return to me. When I send you the message, just come back.

Sunhwa: Your majesty.

King: The queen too, she's been waiting for your return.

Sunhwa: Your majesty, I cannot... I cannot go back.

Your majesty, I cannot... I cannot go back.

King: What did you say?

Sunhwa: I've sinned against our country, against you and against mother. How could I ever atone for my mistakes? Also, I can honestly tell you that after leaving the palace, there was not a day that passed without me thinking of you and of mother. Whenever I was going through hard times, or whenever I was rejoicing, I continued missing both of you.

King: Then why won't you return? Is it because of that Academy student from Baekje? Till this day?

Sunhwa: I'm sorry, so very sorry... I'd rather stay here and live as an ordinary woman. Think of me as a Buddhist monk. Rather, think of me as dead.

King: Dead, dead? How dare you say that. Do you know what it is to live for two years without knowing the whereabouts of your own daughter? If you knew what that felt like, even a very small portion of it, you wouldn't say that.

Sunhwa: Your majesty...

King: I won't forgive you, ever.


King: Let's go.

The man the princess loves is King Weeduk's fourth son, Crown Prince Mugang.

Sunhwa's assistant, Bomyung, tells King Jinpyung: “The man the princess loves is King Weeduk's fourth son, Crown Prince Mugang.”


Daejang: I believe Merchant Jin went to meet her parents.

Dooil tells Jang that Giroo is missing right now, that he's not in the province where the king sent him.


The soldiers are stuck on the island, and the new shift of guards will be coming in twenty some days... they're running out of provisions and food.. .Giroo is hardly eating.

Mokrasu has survived, and he's catching the soldiers one by one. He also poisoned their food.

A ghostlike character attacks is Mokrasu. As they fall, a tree trunk traps them on the edge of a cliff. Both are badly wounded.

Dialogue between Giroo and Mokrasu
Original translation: White Stars
Additional translation and editing: Priscilla

Giroo: (Graggh grunting... trying to lift the tree trunk.)

Mokrasu: In the end... is this how... you and I... will be dying? Stranded on this island... finally... like this?

Because I'm wounded by your sword, I'm unable to lift that tree trunk and save you. And you won't be able to save me either, because of the trunk that's crushing you.

Mokrasu: I'm killing you, though it was I who brought you to Haneulchae. And you're killing me, although you're my disciple. But why? Why did you have to go this far?

Giroo: Since you're already dying, it's best that you leave without knowing.

Mokrasu: Tell me. Tell me... what exactly has Jang stolen from you? Tell me!

I'm a Hwarang of Shilla and Jin Ga Kyung... is Shilla's Princess Sunhwa.

Giroo: My country, my woman. Power, my love... my life. Myself! I'm.... I'm a noble from Shilla... I'm a Hwarang of Shilla. (Hwarang are a special police force. They serve the royal family of Shilla).

Mokrasu: (shocked) What?

Giroo: As a Hwarang, I entered Haneulchae as a Shilla spy. In return I was promised the hand of Shilla's third princess, Princess Sunhwa. But Jang stole her from me.

Mokrasu: (shocked) That means...

Giroo: Jin Ga Kyung... is Shilla's Princess Sunhwa.

Mokrasu: A princess?

Giroo: From Baekje's point of view, I may be the bad guy, but from Shilla's I did nothing shameful. But Jang came in between. He came in between and ripped it apart, taking everything away from me.

I'm not going to excuse myself for killing Prince Aja and King Weeduk. Actually, I didn't want to gain power using such dirty means. I didn't have to do that even if I wanted power. But it was all because of Jang.

Can anyone say my love wasn't real? Have you ever heard of royalty marrying out of love? And tell me, can any commoner be crazy enough to think he can fall in love with a princess? It was Jang who did that crazy thing, not me. It was Jang who did what no one else would ever have done. And you've encouraged him to do it.

If Jang blames me for my evil actions, I'll blame everything on Jang's irrational behavior. None of my evil has ever hurt Jang, but his irrational behavior took everything away from me.

Call me crazy... I know I'm really going mad!

Mokrasu: Giroo... (with pity).

Giroo: Though I'm from Shilla, I killed Baekje's heir to the throne to rise to this status. Still, I'm unable to sleep soundly out of terror of being discovered where I'm from. How could I keep my sanity? How could I?

Mokrasu: I'm glad... I'm glad that I'll be able to take you with me... I'm truly glad.

For Jang, let him live his own path. As for you, I'm glad to take you with me so you can finally rest in peace.

Giroo: how can you say that? How can you say that? I'll kill him... I'll kill them all! (Grunt, trying to remove the log). The fourth son's alive, right? Who's the fourth son? Do you think I'll let Jang put the fourth son on the throne so he can rise to a higher status than me? Who's the fourth son? The fourth son! I'll kill them all. Who's the fourth son?

And the log that Mokrasu was leaning on falls.

Mokrasu: UWAAAaa!

Giroo: (terrified look) Teacher! Teacher... Teaaacher!


Jang: What happened? How did you come?

Mojin: Giroo came and found out everything.

Jang: To Wonsando?

Mojin: Yes. He couldn't kill his suspicions even after the previous incident.

Jang: Where is teacher?

Mojin: Actually, Giroo is the one trapped on the island since we took his boat. The soldiers are trapped there too.

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Episode 48

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Jang: What happened? How did you come?

Mojin: Giroo came and found out everything.

Jang: In Wonsando?

Mojin: Yes. He couldn't kill his suspicions even after the previous incident.

allow Master Mokrasu to be with me

Jang: Where's teacher?

Mojin: Actually, since we took his boat, Giroo is the one trapped on the island. The soldiers are trapped there also.

Jang: How about Master Mokrasu and the rest?

Mojin: They took our boat and went to Choosondo. He told me to tell you not to worry for us, but to check everything right away and to plan accordingly. Giroo may not have come to Wonsando on his own decision.

Jang: Yes, the king may have sent him.

Mojin: Does that mean the king is still suspicious of you?

Jang: Maybe. I'll be careful. I'll come up with something, so you should go to Choosondo. They shouldn't find you here at Savisong.

Mojin: Yes, I'll do that... Jang...

Jang: Yes?

Mojin: I'll follow the etiquette towards you after the uprising. I hated Yeongamo all my life, but after learning the truth I realize what a heavy burden she carried. And I understand why she had to send you to Master Mokrasu. However, after the uprising is over, allow Master Mokrasu to be with me. I too... once in my lifetime, I'd like to...

Jang: Yes, Mojin. I promise you that.


Are you really leaving me alone?

Giroo: (waking up from his stupor) Teacher... teacher... teacher... Are you really leaving me alone? You refused to share even your deathbed with me? Are you really leaving me, making me become a traitor to my own master?

All right, go ahead. I too would like to know... how far I can go... the depth of my evil heart. That's why I'll live. I'll live and I'll kill the fourth son. I'll kill Princess Sunhwa and I'll kill Jang. I'll kill everyone that gets in my way. Everyone, everyone! Teacher... teacher!


Sunhwa: What? Giroo?

Daejang: That means the king doesn't trust you.

Sunhwa: Chiny Daejang made it sound like he does.

Jang: Giroo must have convinced the king that he should double check.

Daejang: Since Giroo is trapped on the island, we must send Yurim and his men to get rid of him right away.

Jang: Yes, send a message to the mountain.

Sunhwa: That's a priority right now. But if Giroo doesn't come back soon, the king will suspect something. We don't even know for how long he was supposed to be on the island.

Daejang: Don't you think he'd be expected back by the Day of Prayer?

Jang: So you all be very careful. We might have to bring this revolution earlier than planned.

Dooil: Dalsol...

Jang: What's up?

Dooil: You're expected at the Court Meeting.

Jang: I am?

Dooil: Since Weesajapyung is not here, they told me you should be there in his place.

Daejang: Will it be safe

Sunhwa: I'm worried...

Jang: (to Dooil) just in case, prepare a horse for me. If something comes up, I'll go to the mountains.


At the meeting, the court members ask Wooyoung about preparation for the Day of Prayer. She tells them everything is working fine and ready to be carried out in five days. She tells them tthe king and all the lords must leave for the Temple in two days.

Heuk Chipyung says that this will be King Buyeosun's first outdoor event so everyone should bring extra personal guards. Two hundred of the king's guards and four hundred of his army soldiers will guarantee everyone's safety. When asked where Giroo is, the king tells them he's on a personal mission, but he wonders on his own why he's not back yet.

It didn't look like the king mistrusts you

Wooyoung: Weesajapyung wasn't in Sondoksa.

Jang: I know. He's in Wonsando.

Wooyoung: What? It didn't look like the king mistrusts you.

Jang: I don't understand it either.


The Queen asks Princess Wooyoung why Jang and Giroo are such great enemies. Wooyoung tells her they've loved the same woman since the Haneulchae days, and that because of it Giroo is hurt.

The king is wondering why Giroo is not coming back. The Queen tells the king they both loved the same woman. The king says: “They fought over a mere woman?”

Heuk Chipyung reports to the king the list of soldiers and guards. “Who's going to be in charge of the soldiers since Weesajapyung is absent?”

King Buyeosun: Let Dalsol take care of them and tell Eunsol (Giroo's assistant) to go to Wonsando.

Heuk Chipyung: Wonsando Island?

King: Weesajapyung is there. So don't tell this to Dalsol, and tell Eunsol to meet me by the Day of Prayer.

In front of Jang, Heuk Chipyung tells Eunsol to go to the island, complaining that Giroo is still suspicious of Jang. Then he tells Jang to prepare the soldiers for the Day of Prayer.


Jang tells Dooil to call Sunhwa to the mountain.

Wangoo: What? Weesajapyung is in Wonsando?

Daejang: Yes. Yurim, you should go there and get rid off him.

Yurim: Yes.

Daejang: (to Jang) What is going on? Why are you here?

Wangoo: Yes, is there anything wrong?

Jang: We should bring the uprising earlier, on the Day of Prayer.

Giroo's father sends Goosan to Wonsando to look for him.

Giroo's father is worried that his son is not back. One of his helpers sees Mojin, but they can't be sure... the father sends a group of men led by Goosan to Wonsando.

Sunhwa: What? On the Day of Prayer? We were planning for May... isn't' this too risky?

Jang: Even if it's risky, we can't help it. Eunsol will leave for Wonsando tomorrow morning. Even if Yurim accomplishes his mission, if Eunsol doesn't come back either, the king will suspect me. We cannot wait till May. We have only two choices, all or nothing.

Daejang: Fortunately, our prince is in charge of the army going to the Temple, and Weesajapyung is not here. One hundred of our men are inside Weesabu, and around twenty are inside Chinide.

Wangoo: Yurim and I have around one thousand men.

Sunhwa: Still, originally, we wanted to win over the loyalty of the lords of the provinces by May. What can we do now?

Jang: That's the biggest problem right now.

Sunhwa: Besides, in May the king was going to be alone, but for the Day of Prayer, all the lords will be accompanying the king.

Jang: Yes. My lady and Wangoo Moojang, you should take care of them. The time will be at midnight of the first day after the lighting of the lamps. After this, many people will be joining, and we won't be able to control where each lord is. At midnight, the king will be alone, offering the prayers at the sound of the gong.

Yurim: That's the sign?

The attack will begin at the sound of the gong announcing the beginning of the prayer night.

Jang: Yes, at the sound of the gong announcing the beginning of the prayer night. We'll attack then. I'll spread the Weesabu men by small groups like this (showing map). Daejang, you must capture them at that moment. The one hundred men inside Weesabu will penetrate the Temple. So the only force the King will have left then will be two hundred of his guards. So one hundred of my men inside Weesabu and twenty inside the Chinide will carry out the real uprising.

Daejang: What if the other Weesabu men find out and come join the attack?

Jang: We shouldn't allow that. So we must capture Buyeosun right away.

Daejang: Are our one hundred men inside Weesabu aware of this?

Wangoo: The head leaders know. During the uprising, everyone will know.

Yurim: So we'll be fighting against two hundred of the king's guards.

Wangoo: But most of them are holding grudges against Heuk Chipyung and Buyeosun. If Buyeosun is captured and they find out who is the crown prince, they'll definitely follow us. Of course we'd like to win them over before the uprising, but there's no time for that now.

Jang: Yes, there's very little time now. Because of Giroo, we must take the risk. Once the uprising is happening, my lady and Wangoo Moojang must inform the lords of everything.

Wangoo: What will happen to the king after he is captured?

Jang: We'll keep him alive. (Everyone is surprised). We must capture him alive and let the people judge him.

Daejang: But that's dangerous.

Jang: Since he became a king by murdering King Weeduk, we have the right to kill him, but I don't want to do that. I don't want to kill the present king in secret and sit on the throne. I'll hand him over to the people and let everyone know what he did. It won't be easy, but I'll do it. So all of you must follow me.


Wangoo, Daejang and Yurim prepare for their mission.

Wangoo: Finally, the day has come!

Daejang: Finally, the time has come!

Yurim: We must definitely stop Weesajapyung, we must. (Yes!)

Wangoo: My Lord, we'll be leaving now.

They kneel down; Jang hands each a sword, one by one.

Wangoo, Daejang and Yurim each in turn respond: My Lord!

Jang: I'll save my gratitude for your willingness to die for me for after the uprising.

Jang: (to the people) We're actually under the authority of heaven and not under their authority. Go now!


Each group leaves for their mission.

Jang: (kneeling down, remembering the past) Father.

King Weeduk's voice: I'll take care of your anger and your thirst for revenge, I'll do it. You carry out Aja's dream and mine. Build Baekje back. I'll do my part, you do yours.

Jang: (Aja is dying) My Lord. My Lord.

Prince Aja: Take care of Baekje... Jang...

Jang: Your Honor, show me the Baekje you dream of. Tell me, what was the Baekje Prince Aja dreamed of. I'll do it. If I must learn, I will. If I need power, I'll gain it. If I need other's help, I'll beg if I must. But I'll do it.

King: Jang...

Jang: I'll do it, even if it's only for one day. Even if it's just once in my lifetime.

Jang: Give me strength... only this once, just once.

Sunhwa: (returning the ring) My Lord mentioned that we're under the authority of heaven, but you were wrong. Heaven is under your authority, so I'm not scared at all.

Heaven is under your authority.


The Lords are preparing to depart.

Wooyoung: Then it's going to happen on that day?

Sunhwa: That's why you should take your Queen Mother and the Prince, and escape before the gong sounds at midnight.

Wooyoung: Jang said that?

Sunhwa: In case something goes wrong. We'll plan something else then. So he asks you to hide away till then.

Wooyoung: Okay. (To herself) uprising... an uprising... will Jang really be a king?


The Academy friends are happy to go for an outdoors event. Princess Wooyoung asks for the King's Robe. They wonder why she wants it now, since they were going to carry it themselves.

After the king departs, Wooyoung enters his room and searches for the fourth prince's necklace. Moments before Heuk Chipyung enters the room, she hides under a table, leaving the box with the king's robe on top. Heuk Chipyung sees the box and opens the lid, looks at the robe and wonders why it is there. He then leaves.

Wooyoung finds the necklace and puts it in a pouch tied to her robe. As she is leaving, two servant girls see her. They are scolded by Wooyoung for leaving the place unattended. They reply that they had to escort the king. Wooyoung tells them she brought the robe, but arrived too late.

Heuk Chipyung and Jang leave with the procession.

The girls feel something is fishy and decide to tell Heuk Chipyung, but he has already left with the procession.

King: (to Heuk Chipyung) Did you send the message for Weesajapyung to come directly to the Temple?

Heuk Chipyung: Yes, I did.

Jang: (to himself) Your majesty, Giroo won't come.


Goosan and his men are looking for Giroo, calling his name out loud. Yurim's men find Giroo first but they fail to kill him. While they're fighting with Goosan's men, Eunsol and his men arrive on the island, enter the battle and defeat Yurim's men.

Yurim: (to himself) We must stop them. If we don't stop Weesajapyung, this revolution will fail. We must catch them first. We must.


Mojin hears that Mokrasu is dead. She cannot believe it and decides to go to Wonsando to look for him.

Goosan tells Giroo that Jang is taking care of the king's army during the Day of Prayer. Giroo realizes the uprising will happen there.

Goosan takes a wounded Giroo off the island.

The revolutionary army is taking their positions. Jang sends the king's army away, dividing them in smaller groups. He tells them that in any event, not to use their weapons.

The king and the queen are praying at the Temple. People are holding the flower lamps as they are lighted one by one.


When Heuk Chipyung comes in; the king is wearing the robe. Realizing that he saw the robe before, Wooyoung mentions how fortunate it is that she remembered to bring it.

Jang: One hundred of the soldiers are guarding this area. I sent three hundred to other areas further down.

Heuk Chipyung gives the okay sign so Jang leaves.

King: I'd thought to see Weesajapyung by now.

Heuk Chipyung: Eunsol left three days ago, so it's too early to see him today. He should be here by tomorrow. (Yes?) Your majesty, you're making me sad.

King: Why?

Heuk Chipyung: I'm the king's guard. Why do you keep on looking for Weesajapyung?

King: That's not it. I'm just wondering, what if he is right about Dalsol?

Heuk Chipyung: That's nonsense. You must pray vigil at night so you should rest right now.

Everyone is floating the lamps on the pond. The Lords are wondering where to spend the night since Giroo should have taken cared of that detail. Sunhwa invites all of them over to her place. Princess Wooyoung stumbles, and the pouch with the necklace falls off her robe.

Floating lamps during the Day of Prayer.


Giroo tells Eunsol that Jang is conspiring and that he should go back to the capital and bring an army for the king. Yurim's men come to intercept them. They fight.

Sunhwa has prepared a nice performance and lots of food for her guests. Their personal guards are sent to separate areas to celebrate.

Jang: How much longer should we wait for the sound of the gong?

Dooil: Like an hour.

Jang: Watch the king's every movement. I must see to other things.


Jang: Where is Wangoo Moojang?

Daejang: Merchant Jin called him. Since we haven't heard from Yurim yet, he must have succeeded.

Giroos is at the gate, calling for the chief of soldiers, but the guard thinks he's crazy. He tells them he's Weesajapyung and he threatens to kill them, and that the king is in danger.

The Buddhist monk tells the king the blue lamp must be a sign of blessing from heaven.

The Buddhist monk is told a flower lamp with blue light shining in the night, was found. He tells the king it must be a sign of blessing from heaven. They go look for the shining blue lamp, take it out of the water and find the fourth prince's necklace inside.

At the same time, Wooyoung realizes she lost the necklace. She tells her mother that their lives are in danger, and to take Buyo Woochae and run away.

The king is disturbed... Heuk Chipyung remembers the robe, and the princess... he goes looking for Princess Wooyoung but he finds that she and her mother have vanished. The king realizes there is an uprising.

Dooil tells Jang that something is strange, that there was a shining blue lamp and the king looked disturbed... they're watching the king from behind, but the King's guards capture them.


The King's guards are pointing their swords at Jang and Dooil.

King: (showing the necklace) Is this a conspiracy? Are you scheming? Is the fourth son alive? I asked you if he's alive! Who is he? Who is he?

Jang: (looking straight at the king) I am. I am the fourth son.

King: You bastard! (He tries to kill Jang, but Jang's guards are pointing their swords at Buyeosun and Heuk Chipyung).

Jang: (standing up, he takes the necklace and puts it on) I am King Weeduk's fourth son, Prince Mugang.

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Episode 49

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

The King's guards are pointing their swords at Jang and Dooil.

King: Is this a conspiracy? Are you scheming? (Showing the necklace) Is the fourth son alive? I asked you if he's alive! ... who is he? Who is he?

Jang: (looking straight at Buyeosun) I am.

Buyeosun: What!

Jang: I am the fourth son.

King: You bastard! (Buyeosun tries to kill him, but the king's guards who are actually Jang's men, point their swords, one at Buyeosun and the other at Heuk Chipyung.)

Jang takes the necklace from the king's hand and puts it on.

Jang: (He stands up, takes the necklace from the king's hand and puts it on.) I'm King Weeduk's fourth son, Prince Mugang.

King: No way. It can't be you...

Jang: You didn't know, and you told me straight from your mouth that you killed my father and my brother. So you must fear now. To Heuk Chipyung: You didn't know and you trusted me. Now you must feel betrayed.

Heuk Chipyung: You rascal, I'll make you pay!

The king's soldiers hesitatingly point their swords at Jang and Dooil.

King: Kill that bastard.

Jang: That's not a bad idea. Yaksan, when I die, kill him at the same time.

Yaksan: Yes, my Lord!

Jang: That way, even if I can't become a king, I'd be making him atone for my father and my brother's blood. So I'm fine with that. Actually, that would be easier than capturing him alive and making the people judge him. Do you understand?

(Looking at his captor) This is your king. The man who killed Prince Aja and King Weeduk. Put down your sword. Put it down. (The men hesitate). Didn't I tell you to put down your sword! (The men slowly surrender).

King: You bastards!

Heuk Chipyung: Bastards!

Jang: Tie them up. (Yes!)


Lord 1: What's happening here? Where did all our personal guards go?

Sadokwang: What are you talking about?

Lord 1: None of our guards are here, not even one. (What?) Merchant Jin, what's going on?

Sunhwa: Everyone is safe. Don't worry.

Sadokwang: What do you mean?

Lord 2: Send our men back to us! (Sunhwa's guards walk in.)

Sunhwa: Even the people standing outside are my men.

Sadokwang: What on earth is happening?

Sunhwa: There's an uprising going on right now at the Temple.

Sadokwang: What?

Sunhwa: You should all stay calm.

Sadokwang: Who is he? Who can dare lead an uprising, and under whose authority?

Wangoo's voice: It's Prince Mugang.

Lord 1: Aren't you Wangoo Moojang?

Wangoo: Crown Prince Mugang is the only one King Weeduk appointed as heir to his throne. To prevent Prince Aja's coronation the present king murdered him, so King Weeduk decided to quietly destroy the present king and pass down his throne to Prince Mugang. But he was murdered on the street before finishing his task. In order to cover up his crime, the present king massacred the people who witnessed it.

Prince Mugang is... Dalsol Jang.

Lord 1: Are you saying the rumors are true?

Wangoo: Yes, that is the king you serve right now.

Sadokwang: But the present king announced that the fourth prince committed the crimes. Even the man who tried to kill Prince Aja confessed the fourth prince sent him. How can you prove otherwise?

Wangoo: Right before the third prince passed away, everyone was gathered at the place where the killer Jangdoo was being tried. Do you remember that?

Sadokwang: I do. We were all commanded to be there.

Lord 1: Jangdoo said the fourth prince sent him but that he wasn't there.

Wangoo: In order to prove Jangdoo was lying, the king had asked the fourth prince to step forward.

Lord 2: Yes, but the third prince passed away right then.

Wangoo: Prince Mugang was there, and all of you know him well.

Sadokwang: What? We all know him?

Wangoo: Prince Mugang is... Dalsol Jang. (What?)


Yurim tells Sunhwa that Giroo has escaped, and that he should be coming to the Temple with an army of three hundred men.

Dooil: So we must keep them locked up until the battle is over?

Jang: Yes. What's going on in Sondoksa?

Dooil: Everything should end soon.

King Buyeosun's men intercept them. They fight. More of them are coming. Giroo's there too, yelling “Save the King, save the King!” The king and Heuk Chipyung are running away.

Jang: Capture Buyeosun! Capture Buyeosun!

Dooil: Take cover! Take cover my Lord!

The enemy surrounds Jang and Dooil.

Giroo: Capture Dalsol Jang! Capture Dalsol Jang!

Daejang's rebels come to join the fight.


The night is filled with fog. Jang's men are on one side of the valley, Giroo's men are on the other, waiting.

Jang: Are they here?

Dooil: They're coming.

Jang: We must distract them for now. We should all escape and plan new tactics.

Daejang: Where should we meet?

Jang: On the second mountain. Dooil, go inform Chief Baek.

Dooil: Okay.

Both armies fight back and forth. Giroo's more on the offensive but they're not going anywhere. Silence in the foggy night.

He's just playing with my mind.

Giroo: Jang! Jang, do you hear me. I've news for you. Master Mokrasu is dead!

Daejang (looking at the startled Jang): Didn't Mojin tell you he's safe?

Jang: He's just playing with my mind.

Giroo: I shot Master Mokrasu with arrows while he was escaping, and he fell into the sea. But he crawled back on to the island. I think he decided to kill me to save you. Then... do you know what I did? I cut him with a sword, I did! He was shedding so much blood, but I cut him again and again. You should have watched him... how horrible it was. You should have witnessed it with your own eyes.

Daejang: He must be alive. Didn't you say he's just playing with your mind?

Giroo: I even told him, the great patriot that he is, who Sunhwa is. You know who she is, don't you? I told him. He really didn't want to believe it. I also told him who I was, why I betrayed everyone. He died knowing it all, everything. When he realized the true end of your love, he voluntarily threw himself off the cliff. I may have cut him through with the sword, but in fact, it was you who killed him. He died because of you. You killed him, you did!

Daejang: (Holding unto Jang) You mustn't. Don't listen to him!

Jang: I'll teach you not to utter the name of the master through your dirty mouth again!

Daejang: You mustn't! (Jang runs madly towards Giroo while Giroo orders his soldiers to fire at Jang.)

Jang: Come out! Come out! (His soldiers come to protect him; some of them are killed) Why aren't you coming out! Come out!

(The next morning and more fighting scenes. Jang orders them to go in another direction lest they get trapped, but that road is blocked. In reality, all roads are blocked except back to Sondoksa. They decide to go there.)


Giroo: Your majesty!

King: Weesajapyung.

Giroo: Your Majesty, forgive me for allowing you to suffer this.

King: I should have trusted in you... in you.

Giroo: But Your Majesty shouldn't fear now, they're all trapped inside Sondoksa.

King: Then go and attack them now. Go attack them right now and kill them all!

Giroo: They're all trapped, but they're too many right now. We must wait for reinforcements. Then, we'll attack them at once and exterminate them. So do not worry!

Eunsol: Your Majesty! (Bringing in Princess Wooyoung) Your majesty, I caught her trying to escape.

King: You bitch, go to hell! (pushing her to the floor). You're the one, who brought the fourth prince's necklace, didn't you? (Giroo looks puzzled). How long have you know? How long have you know Jang was the fourth son? You love Jang? Rather, you were conspiring against me. You wanted to kill me right from the beginning! Go to hell. I'll kill you!

(He tries to strike her with the sword but Heuk Chipyung tries to stop him.)

Heuk Chipyung: Your Majesty, don't!

King: (kicking Heuk Chipyung) How can you explain that she loves Jang? She was actually planning to kill me.

Giroo: (to himself) Jang... Jang... it's Jang.

Jang... Jang... it's Jang.Wooyoung trembles in fear.She was actually planning to kill me.


Lord 1: Everything is too quiet. Do you think the uprising failed? (The private guards come to untie their masters.)

Sadokwang: The king escaped? (Yes!) Is Jang captured?

Guard: They're trapped in Sondoksa, but they'll be exterminated soon. Go untie them all. (Yes!)

Lord 1: The king will be suspicious of us now.

Lord 2: That's right. We were trapped at Jin Ga Kyung's estate while the king was going through this alone.

Lord 1: What should we do now? Once the rebels are defeated, we won't have much choice.

Sadokwang: It is not for us to choose anyway. We must wait and see.


Daejang: (to soldier) How many do you have right now?

Soldier: Twenty men died. Around twenty-five are lost in the woods. The rest came here.

Dooil: That should be around sixty?

Daejang: How many of our men from Weesabu and Chinide?

Yaksan: Everyone from Chinide, and around fourty from Weesabu. The rest are hiding in the forest.


Jang is remembering what Giroo said.

“I cut him with my sword, I did! He was shedding so much blood but I cut him again and again.”

“I even told him, the great patriot that he is, who Sunhwa is. He really didn't want to believe it. When he realized the true end of your love, he voluntarily threw himself down the cliff. He died because of you. You killed him, you did.”

Jang: (To himself.) That can't be true. I'm being deceived right now.

Daejang and Dooil walk in.

Jang: I've no excuse for what I did...

Daejang: I couldn't help it either...

Dooil: Me either. If we escape by ourselves, all of our men will die here.

Jang: That means the king's army is blocking all the exits from Sondoksa?

Daejang: Yes. We can't know for sure how many they are, but I believe they're blocking everything. Those of our men who aren't here are hiding in the forest. But you must leave.

Dooil: Yes, otherwise you'll face the fate we wanted to give to the present king.

Jang: But our men are in good condition right now. The fact that we're not being attacked yet means they're waiting for reinforcements. We must attack them and leave this place before the extra forces join them.

Daejang: Yes, we'll do that, but if our Lord stays here with us, our men won't be able to fight freely.

Dooil: Yes, we'd need to secure a large number to protect you.

Jang: ...

Daejang: My Lord, you need to live in order for us to live. Don't think anymore, and leave this place with Dooil.

Yaksan: (entering) The boat has arrived.

Daejang: Which boat? (Yurim enters.) What's up?

Yurim: Wangoo Moojang sent a secret boat through the back river. He told me to bring the Lord back to safety.

Daejang: My Lord, you must leave now. We will all fight back and leave this place alive. We'll all survive and join you on the second mountain. Actually, even if we all die, you must live.

Yurim: Yes, My Lord. The back river is still open, but when more force join them, even that will be blocked. And I'm sure they'll add more soldiers to guard that entrance as well.

Jang: ...


Wangoo: When the prince leaves them by taking the boat, that's when they'll fight back the army and try to escape.

Sunhwa: Is that the only way?

Wangoo: There's no other way. Even if they all die, we must save the prince.

Sunhwa: When do you think the reinforcements will arrive?

Wangoo: Maybe within two hours? He must leave before then.


Jang is still not responding.

Daejang: My Lord, please leave now.

Dooil: Their reinforcements are coming. Why are you hesitating?

Yurim: You must hurry.

Daejang: My Lord, you're not abandoning us. And it's not your fault we're here. Besides, we don't need you to be worrying for us right now. What we need right now is for you to survive so that you can plan a better future for our people.

Dooil: That's right. That's what kings are for.

Yurim: Yes, My Lord. Please go.

Jang: (to Daejang) Take good care of everyone.

Yongak: My Lord, My Lord!

Jang: Aren't you the one who went to Choosondo with Mojin?

Yongak: (Yurim's hinting that he be quiet.) Yes.

Jang: Did you go to Choosondo?

Yongak: Yes.

Jang: Was Master Mokrasu safe there?

Yongak: (looking at others) Yes.

Jang: Is he truly safe?

Yongak: (looking down) Yes.

Jang: Is that true, really? Giroo said he killed him. What happened? Tell me the truth.

Yongak: Well... actually.

Dooil: Nothing happened. So let's go.

Jang: Actually what? Actually WHAT?

Yongak: Actually... he passed away.

(Jang is shocked.)

Yurim: I was told Master Mokrasu thought of you till the end.

Yongak: Yes. That's why, even when he was hit by the arrows and was falling off the boat, he told the rest to leave him, that they must finish writing the district laws for you.

Jang's eyes become red as he remembers Giroo's voice...

“I shot Master Mokrasu with arrows while he was escaping, and he fell into the sea. But he crawled back on to the island. I think he decided to kill me to save you. You should have watched him... how horrible it was. You should have witnessed that with your own eyes!”


The Jang Gang

Daejang: We cannot know for sure how many are waiting for us outside. We don't know how many groups are there, waiting for us. We cannot know for sure if victory is on our side, or if we're walking towards our own death. However, we cannot just stay here waiting for them to come kill all of us.

Each one of you, follow your group leader and let's attack them first. Again, let's survive! And if we can't survive, let's die in honor!

Jang: (walking in) You must not! From now on, I will lead my army.

Daejang: (surprised) My Lord!

Jang: There's no way for me to live after leaving my people, abandoning them to their fate. I will lead my people! We won't separate into groups. Rather, we'll all stay together and cut through our enemies with united power! That's the way we can survive!

Trust me! We'll show them who we are and they'll have to retreat. In the same way, they won't be able to defeat us because they cannot move us! Indeed, we'll cut through them! Then, our enemies will fall!

I cannot die, and I shouldn't die. Not because I'm the prince, but because I have work to do after this. I must fulfill the legacy left by Prince Aja and King Weeduk. So, let's cut through the enemies force. Let's unite our hearts and destroy their barrier.

(Holding up the sword.) Sound the gong! Let all of our brothers outside hear us. Sound the gong!

The gong is sounding inspiring everyone! At once, everyone starts running outside.


Everyone is listening to the sound of the gong. Goosan sees a boat leaving from Sondoksa, so they think Jang is escaping. The king orders the boat to be captured.

The battle is on! Jang's men are fighting for dear life, inspired by their leader.

Jang's voice: Teacher, help me. Please break down the barricade of soldiers. Though I couldn't protect you, though I couldn't be truly honest with you till the end, help me this once... although I cannot afford to cry over your death right now, have compassion over me and help me.

Eunsol: Japyung! We're being pushed back! We can't hold them for much longer.

Giroo: The reinforcements are not here yet? (Not yet?) We shouldn't let them escape. Tell them to keep their positions tight!

Eunsol: Yes sir! (He leaves, but he comes back soon after.) The back is closing down.

Giroo: What? There were rebels waiting in the back?

Eunsol: Yes, if we're not careful, we'll all die. We must leave now. Hurry up. Hurry! (To the soldiers) Retreat now!

Giroo: Retreat now! (He comes face to face with Jang, and they fight, but only for a short time.) Retreat now! (He leaves.)

Wangoo: Protect the prince! (to Jang) Get cover, My Lord!


Wangoo: My Lord...

Jang: It's so fortunate to have you all here safe and alive.

Wangoo: My Lord, the army is following us from behind. You must leave now.

Jang: Bring everyone to the second mountain.


King: Follow them. Follow and capture them.

Heuk Chipyung tells Buyeosun they lost them, but the king doesn't want to give up. They hear people singing the by now popular song:

Weeduk has Aja,
Aja has Mugang.
Mugang has jangsu...


walking towards the second mountain

Jang's voice: (while walking towards the second mountain), I cannot picture Baekje without you, master. A palace court without you, an academy without you, myself without you. Master, I've never thought of any of these without you. Are you really... are you really gone?


...that I want him to love me even after he dies

Mokrasu is in a cave, unconscious but alive, healing himself by eating  medicinal herbs.

Mojin goes to Wonsando looking for Mokrasu. She finds Mokrasu's sandal on the beach, and she hugs it.

Mojin: Master, master, master... (remembering)

Mokrasu: Mojin...

Mojin: Do you know this is your first time you've called me by my first name? But you're too late now.(hugging him) I don't expect you to love me. I just want you to live, that's all.

Mokrasu: We don't know what's going to happen to us. How could I ask you to share this burden with me? What have I ever done for you? Who am I to ask you this?

Mojin: If I knew he'd leave this way, I would have told him at least once... that it wasn't too late to call me by my first name... that I want him to love me even after he dies... I wanted to go anywhere and everywhere together... that I'm willing to receive from him... that I don't want to be separated from him for even a moment. I would have told him everything... everything.

Mokrasu is in a little cave, unconscious but alive, healing himself by eating medicinal herbs... Mojin leaves the island without finding Mokrasu.

Sunhwa's father, King Jinpyung, sends a message to the servants telling them to watch over the safety of his daughter till he makes up his mind.

People are planning a funeral for Mokrasu.

Jang (entering): We won't have a funeral for Master Mokrasu. Now is not the time. Not like this. After Haneulchae, I went through so many funerals without even finding their bodies. I can't allow the same to happen to Master Mokrasu. After the revolution is over, once I sit on the throne... then I'll do the funeral for him.

Mojin: (entering) I think so too.

Eunjin: Mom!

Makdosu: Mojin!

Mojin: I agree with the prince. When you sit on the throne, My Lord, do the funeral accordingly.

Jang: I have... sinned against you once again...

Mojin: The master's final wishes were for you to establish the district laws. You heard this, haven't you? (Handing over the book.) I'll go to Choosondo and finish his work. You, My Lord, you must succeed in this revolution, and fulfill the wishes of our master.


Yurim: We must count all our ammunition and restructure our men.

Wangoo: We didn't have many casualties but there are many who were wounded.

Instructor: I, and our Haneulchae family, will take care of the wounded.

Daejang: We need more weapons too. We still have arrows, but not many other armaments.

Makdosu: We'll take care of that too. We'll make the weapons. We gained the experience while living in Haneulchae.

Sunhwa: We removed the military forces from Savisong, but we need to take care of the other provinces. We need to gain the cooperation of other merchants that are not related to Merchant Abiji (Giroo's dad).

Wangoo: Then we need to collect all we have so that...

Jang: No, that's not right. We can't work like that. We'll be caught right away since all of us will need to be moving around.

Daejang: Then how?

Jang: We failed in capturing Buyeosun. But right now, he is the one who is most afraid. Our best tactic should be to do an offensive attack.


Princess Wooyoung, Queen Mother and Buyo Woochae, the little prince, are being tried and punished in public.

Mother: Your Majesty, only once... please forgive us this once. Your Majesty!

Buyeosun punishes Wooyoung and her family.

King: Where are they? Where are the bastards hiding?

Wooyoung: I don't know, Your Majesty. I really don't know.

King: You don't know? You were planning to escape with them and you don't know? (I don't...) You already knew Jang was the fourth son. Do you think you can live after deceiving me like this?

The king orders the princess and her mother to be punished more.

Buyo Woochae: Your majesty! Your Majesty, please calm down. You shouldn't do this.

King: What? I shouldn't do what? You rascal!

Buyo Woochae: Your Majesty, no matter what, the princess is your sister. If you do this... if you do this...

King: What... if I do this, what?

Buyo Woochae: The people will say that you... (The king loses his control and wounds the boy prince with his sword.)


Wangoo: Offensive attack?

Jang: We'll take control of all twenty-two districts at once.

Sunhwa: What? All twenty-two?

Jang: Yes.

Wangoo: But we don't have that many solders.

Jang: First of all, we must post written notices everywhere. We'll let everyone know exactly when and where. We'll let the people know.

Kim Saheum turns and walks away.


Jang's voice:

I am Jang, Prince Mugang.
I am the rightful successor
to the throne after King Weeduk.
Prince Aja, King Weeduk
and Master Mokrasu perished
under the hands of the present ruler.
I will claim back the possession
of the land and of the people.
Five days from now, I will take control
of all twenty-two districts, all at once.


King: (to Wooyoung) you stiff-neck, don't think I'll let you go this time.

Haedoju: Your majesty... outside... Jang has posted notices announcing that he'll take possession of all twenty-two districts at once.


King: When did he say he'd do this?

Haedoju: Within five days.

King: (to Giroo) Does he have such a large number of soldiers?

King: If he sends one hundred men to each district, that would make more than two thousand soldiers. And he should have had casualties during the last revolt. How many does he have to be saying this?

Giroo: Please calm down.

King: How? How on earth did he gather so many soldiers?

Giroo: Your Majesty, he cannot possibly take over all twenty-two districts. He has something else in mind. Please calm down.


Sadokwang: The written notices are scaring the king even more.

Lord 1: But what do you expect? Who could be calm after reading those notices?

Lord 2: What can we do? It says he'll take over everything!

Sadokwang: By saying he'll take over all the districts like that, he might mean that he's prepared.

Lord 2: Let's request the king's help. If we don't, we may end up losing our districts.

Lord 1: Yes, let's ask for the king's protection.

Lord 3: Let's request a hearing from the King.


The Lords request that the king send the army to their respective districts for protection. If any one district is invaded, they'll all be shaken. They insist that most districts don't have enough personal guards to fight back so they need Weesabu's help.

King: That's it! It's the Palace court. What they're after is the Palace. They want me to send my army away to the different districts so they can attack the Palace. Besides, he has his own men infiltrated inside our Weesabu and Chinide, so they can kill me. Weesajapyung and Heuk Chipyung, do a thorough search among your men to find any spies there.


Heuk Chipyung is beating up his men, trying to find spies among them.

Giroo: (to Princess Wooyoung) How large is Jang's army?

Wooyoung: I really don't know. Jang never told me.

Giroo and Heuk Chipyung tell the king they searched for the new members that had entered but they were gone. The king doesn't believe it, so he orders for more searches. Heuk Chipyung says that it will destroy the morale of his men, but the king is afraid that his own bodyguards might kill him.


Jang: All our men inside Weesabu and Chinide left?

Yurim: Yes, there's no one left.

Daejang: Those of our men who are still infiltrated are the fifty-five men inside Haedoju's guards, and more than one hundred spread among the other districts.

Jang: We'll need them during the most crucial time, so tell them to stay put until further notice.

Wangoo: You're not really planning to take over all the districts right now. So which one will we invade first?

Jang: Why do you think we're hiding at this location? I'm pretty sure that since Buyeosun doesn't trust his own men, he'll make many mistakes.

The king's soldiers are being punished, making them hold grudges. Heuk Chipyung tells Giroo that Merchant Jin has disappeared and he now realizes he's been blind.

Heuk Chipyung: Even dogs can recognize the master's enemies.

Giroo: They had planned this all along, so it was hard to see through their lies. Don't blame yourself. This isn't the time.

King: (to himself) they are after the Palace. But I cannot trust my bodyguards or my army. What should I do?

Giroo: (to himself) He might have failed to capture the king, but Jang has destroyed the mutual trust of everyone here. Just one word from Jang, and everything is falling apart.


The Lords are discussing the situation, saying that all the punishments and searches are breaking the morale of Weesabu and Chinide, so they're becoming useless.

Haedoju: All we can do now is use our own guards.

Lord 2: Not everyone has as many guards as you do.

The king calls them for a meeting.

King: Listen to me. All of you send one thousand of your men to me. They're coming to the Palace. But since Weesabu and Chinide are falling apart, your men must protect me. Send your men right away!

Haedoju: Your Majesty! The district lords are busy protecting their own land and they need help. How can they send their guards here?

King: What? Are you plotting with Jang and Ji Ga Kyung against me? Starting with the closest districts, all of you send your men here by tomorrow morning. If you disobey, I'll make you pay!

Haedoju's men, Sadokwang's men, and others come to aid the king.

King: Today is the day...

Giroo tells the king that he had sent the personal guards to the different areas around the Palace to guard it.

The Lords are complaining that they had to send their men to the king while they themselves are left without protection. They also complain that the king's army is demoralized and that he hurt the little prince.

Sadokwang: (to himself) This must have been Prince Mugang's intention. The real fight is about to begin. I must make a decision soon.

D-Day: All the districts are saying they're safe. They just need to check on three more districts.

Heuk Chipyung: A day has passed but nothing happened. They were just trying to scare us.

King: You heard everyone's report?

Giroo: Except from Domo.

Heuk Chipyung: They're the farthest away.

They find a box, and inside a messenger from Domo, tied and gagged. He tells the king they've been attacked. Trembling with fear, the messenger from Domo tells the king that Jang told him he would take over every remaining district within five days.


The Lord of Domo is kneeling down in front of Daejang.

The Lord of Domo is tied and kneeling down in front of Daejang. The people are watching. Daejang tells the man that if he remembers, the former Domo District Lord was unjustly sentenced and killed. The man says that it was Haedoju who helped him. Daejang tells him he is the son of that old lord. People are surprised to hear this.

Daejang: Yes, I am the son. And when Prince Mugang sits on the throne, everything will be revealed.

The people want to join in the revolution. They're asking for weapons to fight together. Daejang tells them to take care of their lands, but the people insist on fighting. They also say that many people in other districts want to join the revolution as well.


Wangoo: Everything is going according to your plan. The Palace is filled with the lord's guards, making the lords grow grudges. People, not only of Domo, but from all over the districts are beginning to support you.

Sunhwa: What will you do now?

Wangoo: Should we start taking over the districts closest to Domo and go up from there? That will unnerve them.

Jang: Yes, that's how we'll do it. But we won't take too long. This time around, we will actually take over all of the twenty-two districts

Daejang: What?

Jang: And by doing that, I'll make him slowly suffocate himself.

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