Seo Dong Yo English Synopsis

Seo Dong Yo
Episodes 41 — 45

English Synopsis and Dialogue Translation

Buyeosun (King Beop, 29th King of Baekje, 599-600), sends Jang, Mokrasu and Wooyoung to a slave labor camp. Princess Sunhwa is left to ponder the fates, and Giroo, Wiesa Japyung and high official of the royal court, continues his quest for power.


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Episode 41

Synopses: NVZBL
Scene Translations: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

With Mokrasu and Jang kneeling before Buyeosun, Giroo offers Jang two options; reveal the identity of the fourth prince and where he is hiding, or kill Mokrasu.

Others close to Mokrasu and Jang hear the news and try to find a way to save their lives. Mojin, when she hears the news concerning Mokrasu, acts indifferent although it is clear that she is torn up inside.

When Jang does not budge from his account that the fourth prince is already dead, Buyeosun orders a soldier to kill him and Mokrasu. With the first swing, Jang's arm is cut. Jang then acts as if he has changed his mind and tells Mokrasu that they should serve Buyeosun. Jang cries out saying they should not sacrifice their lives for a prince who is already dead. Jang then shamelessly begs Buyeosun for mercy.

Dialogue translation: Priscilla

 Kill Master Mokrasu with your own hands.

Jang: Teacher!

Mokrasu (he's tied up and on his knees): Jang...

King Buyeosun gives the order to proceed with the interrogation.

Giroo (to Jang): Kill Master Mokrasu with your own hands. Kill Master Mokrasu! (Jang looks startled) If not... tell us who is the fourth prince. That's the only way you can survive.

Jang: What are you talking about?

Giroo: (looking straight into Jang's eyes) Don't you get it? There's only two ways you can survive. Either kill Master Mokrasu, or tell us who's the fourth prince.

Jang: There's no fourth prince, didn't I tell you that already?

Giroo: All right. Then you should kill Master Mokrasu. (Jang is untied, and the sword's given to him).

Jang (silently, looking at Mokrasu): Master, I can't do this.

Mokrasu (silently, pleadingly): Please don't. Jang (silently): How could I lay a hand on my teacher?

Mokrasu (pleading silently): Don't reveal yourself to them. Please don't. (He closes his eyes, resigned).(Jang throws the sword down and he kneels down.)

King's Guard: (whispering to the king) He couldn't kill Mokrasu, so I think he'll tell us who the fourth prince is.

Giroo: All right, it's obvious you can't kill Master Mokrasu. Now, tell us who the fourth prince is, then you'll live.

Jang: No, there was no way I can survive this. This is just a trap you set in order to kill me. There's no way out. The fourth prince is dead, but I can't kill master Mokrasu. You know me too well, and that I can't kill him, so if I do kill him... then you'll say that the fourth prince is alive. And you'll force me to speak up, but since I can't tell you who he because he's dead... you'll kill me. For a moment, I almost fell into your trap. Do you want to kill me so badly? Do you want to kill me so much?

King: The fourth prince is dead? Then there's no reason for us to keep these men alive. Kill them.

Giroo: Yes. (Signals to a guard. The guard is about to cut Mokrasu with his sword but Jang comes in between, wounding his arm)

Mokrasu: Jang! Jang!

Jang: Teacher, we should have thought of ourselves from the beginning! Who are Prince Aja, or our deceased King, or Prince Mugang (fourth prince) to us? Even if we keep our loyalties to them, we're only weak subjects going towards our deaths. Tell me what are we fighting for.

Mokrasu (in disbelief): Jang...

Jang: Teacher... let's beg for mercy. Let's beg right now. (crawling towards King Buyeosun) Your Majesty, please forgive us; we've been acting as fools until now! From the beginning, you were the only one capable of building a stronger Baekjae! I just realized that right now. Please let me live! Let me live! I was young and naïve, thinking that there was only one right way. Your Majesty, let me live.

(Crawling closer towards the king) I want to live, I want to live! If you let me live, if you just let me live... I'll do anything and everything for you! Your Majesty, please have mercy on me!

NVZBL's commentary continues

At that moment Wooyoung appears, pleading for Jang and Mokrasu's lives. Buyeosun asks why she would stand up for them when her position is shaky at best. After pressing Wooyoung to tell him why she is protecting Jang, she confesses, “Jang has stolen my heart.” Humored by this turn of events, Buyeosun orders Jang and Mokrasu imprisoned for the time being.

Priscilla's Translation:

King Buyeosun (to himself): The fourth prince must really be dead...

Jang: Tell me what to do. Your Majesty... if you just tell me, I'll do anything and everything for you! Please let me live, your majesty... (crawling up the stairs) Have mercy.

Giroo (showing his sword): You jerk! Where do you think you're going?

I gave my heart to Jang. Please, let him live.

Princess Wooyoung: Your Majesty please let him live! (kneeling down) Let him live, your majesty.

King (looking strange): Let him live?

Wooyoung: Yes, My Lord...

King: You came running all the way to ask me that?

Wooyoung: Yes, My Lord...

King: Are you aware you're in no position to protect these men? What's the reason?

Wooyoung: Like I told you before, these men were just scholars. I was the one who called them into the Courts.

King: Why are you doing this? Are you still trying to gain political power through them? You still can't give up on that?

Wooyoung: That's not true, My Lord. These men have outstanding skills, which will actually benefit your kingdom. I was just saying...

Sunhwa is stunned by Wooyoung's confession

King: Stop it! You must have another reason. What is it? (Princess Sunhwa is watching too.) Tell me the reason! If you don't tell me now, they'll obviously die, but you too, you'll get hurt. I'm telling you to tell me!

Wooyoung: My Lord... this man... has stolen... my heart... I gave my heart to Jang. This was the reason why when you, My Lord, tried to expel them from the Courts, I tried to keep them, and that's the reason I called them in. It was all because I wanted to have him next to me. Please, let him live. Just his life, spare his life only.

Makdosu: Did I hear it right? Did she say he stole her heart?

Bumro: Be quiet father.

The king laughs out loud, and then he stops.

(The king laughs out loud, and then he stops.)

Giroo: Your Majesty, what should we do with them?

King: Put them behind bars. (Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.)

NVZBL's commentary continues

Princess Sunhwa, Bumro, Eunjin and Maek Do-soo are peeking over the wall and witness Wooyoung pleading for Jang's life. Although the princess is relieved to see that Jang is alive, she appears melancholy to learn that her suspicions about Wooyoung's feelings are true.

Now in prison, Mokrasu asks Jang if he knew about Wooyoung's feelings towards him. Jang replies, “Yes.”

Dialogue translation: Priscilla

Eunjin to Jang when she visits him in prison:

Eunjin (to Mokrasu, softly): Teacher.

Mokrasu: Eunjin.

Jang: Eunjin.

Eunjin (reproachfully, to Jang): I don't like you! (to Mokrasu) Teacher, Merchant Jin (Princess Sunhwa) told me to give this message to Jang.

(Mokrasu gives the letter to Jang. Jang opens it.) Merchant Jin looked teary. Even if it's not Jang's fault, he's bad! He made a woman cry. I cried too... What should I tell her?

Jang: Tell her she did well, and that I'll be back. Not to worry herself too much. And... that I miss her.

NVZBL's commentary continues

When Buyeosun tells Wooyoung's mother about her affection for Jang, she is stunned and scolds Wooyoung.

Back in his chambers, Giroo thinks of what Wooyoung did for Jang, and is reminded of the time Sunhwa put her life on the line to save Jang...thinking of this makes him angrier. Kim Sah-heup, Giroo's father, enters the room and tells Giroo not to tell Buyeosun about his Shilla origin, and instead save Jang for the time being (since they will lose everything they have achieved if the princess tells Buyeosun).

Wooyoung arranges a secret meeting with Princess Sunhwa, and tells her to turn in the army they've been secretly raising so that Wooyoung can use it as a bargaining chip to salvage Jang's life. The princess thanks Wooyoung for saving Jang earlier.

When Sunhwa tells Gaek-joo and Wangoo to turn in the army, they ask her why she trusts Wooyoung. Sunhwa tells them, “Because she loves him.” They are shocked to learn that Wooyoung loves Jang.

Next morning when Wooyoung 's 'secret' army surrenders and enters the palace, Buyeosun finally believes that the fourth prince is indeed dead.

Buyeosun makes his decision concerning Jang and Mokrasu, and orders them to a slave labor camp. In addition, he says, “Of course, Wooyoung, I can't separate you from the man who has stolen your heart. I order you to be the manager of the slave camp.” Wooyoung 's mother pleads for her daughter, and Buyeosun tells Wooyoung that if Jang, Mokrasu and she accomplish a big deed or discovery, he will consider bringing them back to the palace.

Jang hears Sunhwa calling his name

As Jang, Mokrasu and Wooyoung leave for the slave camp, Sunhwa is only able to see Jang from a far distance. (He hears her calling, “Seo Dong Gong, Seo Dong Gong,” turns and sees her, but Wooyoung refuses to allow him one last meeting.)

Back in the palace Buyeosun and Giroo tell the nobles that the fourth prince was involved in the killing of the first prince, and that he died along with King Wee-duk during the massacre.

They also tell the nobles that Jang and Mokrasu worked with Wooyoung to siphon money intended for the academy, in order to build an army to overthrow the king. Although the nobles are skeptical of Buyeosun and Giroo's account of the story, they decide that they have no choice but to act loyal toward Buyeosun.

in addition to Giroo's position as head general, Buyeosun puts him in charge of palace internal matters (i.e. in charge of handling the nobles). Heuk Chipyung is angry that Buyeosun continues to give Giroo all the high positions while none are given to him, despite the fact that it is he who has served Buyeosun since he was 12 years old.

On the way to the slave camp, Jang is unable to continue due to exhaustion and excessive bleeding from the sword wound. When Wooyoung orders the soldiers to stop to treat him, she is told that a slave never receives treatment. At Wooyoung's urging, the soldiers stop and allow Mokrasu to treat Jang's wound.

While resting, Jang thanks Wooyoung for saving his life, but he tells her again that he will do anything for her, but he cannot accept her affection. Wooyoung, in turn, tells Jang, “What angers me most is myself. I ask myself why am I sacrificing everything for someone like you? This is not the person I know myself to be...”

The princess is worried for Jang, and tells her guard, Seo-choong, “Wooyoung and Jang are together... they're together...” He tells her to trust Jang.

Goosan tells the camp leader to 'take care' of Mokrasu and Jang.

Just when Jang, Mokrasu and Wooyoung arrive at the camp, the camp leader receives word from Giroo (via Goosan), to 'take care' of Mokrasu and Jang. The camp leader immediately sends Jang and Mokrasu to hard labor. When Wooyoung argues that Jang is injured, the camp leader tells her that his rank is higher than hers, and that she must follow his orders. Wooyoung cannot to do anything for them, except to watch them suffer.

The camp leader offers an easier workload to one of the slaves in exchange for 'taking care' of Jang. (It's not clear if the order was to hurt or kill Jang. The slaves are led by a man named Dooil, who appears to goes along with the order for now, but seems to be curious about Jang and why others are out to get him.)

Jang wakes up and finds he is dangling upside-down from a post. He asks the slaves, “Why are you doing this? What did I do?”

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Episode 42

Synopsis: NVZBL
Dialogue translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Being hassled by the slaves who are dangling him upside down, Jang asks why are they doing this to him. Letting him down, Dooil and the other slaves tell Jang that they will leave him alone if he agrees to tell Wooyoung to give up the plans for the rice fields.

These slaves were originally working in govt. mines, but due to Jang's plan to revolutionize Baekje by increasing production of rice, the slaves are forced to work long hours on the special project. The stones they are collecting are being used to build walls to trap water in the rice fields.

Jang appears unaffected by their demands, and continues to look for ways to streamline and improve the process; he wants to achieve his vision for Baekje, even in his state as a slave. When hassled again by the slaves, Jang tries to convince them that they only oppose the work because they don't know what wonderful things can be accomplished through this project for all of Baekje.

Next day, unflinchingly pursuing his vision to save Baekje through rice, he warns the guards that some of the walls are improperly built and that they will undoubtedly topple and cause flooding later on. The guards and the worn-out slaves forcefully turn down Jang's warnings. Jang approaches the camp leader and argues for totally rebuilding the dam, but instead the camp leader orders that Jang be beaten for insulting and questioning his authority.

If they continue working like that, that thing will fall off.

When Jang tries to stop the slaves who are tirelessly working to meet the deadline, they beat him because he wants them to re-do all of their work. Wooyoung, witnessing Jang's beating, orders the camp leader to obey her orders and listen to Jang.

Unhappy being bossed around by Wooyoung, the camp leader tells the slaves that thanks to Jang, he has agreed to rebuild and that they must work around the clock in order to meet the deadline.

The slaves are now up in arms for Jang making their lives harder. They argue that the only way they've survived this far is by getting enough sleep, and now Jang has even taken that away from them. Jang again tries to reason with the slaves by reiterating the good that will be accomplished by this project.

Dooil responds, “For what? What good is a vision if we're dead?”

The next day, Jang watches as one of the slaves, exhausted from the backbreaking work, dies from a fall. Afterwards, Jang tells Mokrasu, “There was no hope in Baekje's people as I had thought; there were only my hopes and dreams. What should be done?”

Just then, the slaves march toward Wooyoung's hut in an attempt to hurt or kill her. When Jang tells them that this will get them killed, they tell him that they will die anyway from the hard labor. Jang tells Dooil that he will fix the problem, and Dooil agrees to give Jang a small window of time.

We must instill in them a sense of hope and accomplishment.

Jang goes to Wooyoung and tells her their plans need to change. He argues that their vision can be accomplished not by exploiting the slaves, but by working with them and instilling in them a sense of hope and accomplishment.

She disagrees, telling him that their needs are more important. Wooyoung tells Jang that this project must be done quickly so they can return to the Palace; that they can help the slaves after they regain power. Jang considers whether returning to the Palace is more important that the lives of the slaves.

Back in the Palace, Buyeosun and Giroo laugh at the irony that Wooyoung, their biggest threat, is working feverishly on the rice project, which will secure Buyeosun's place and authority.

Giroo learns from his attendant, Goosan, that although the slaves haven't taken care of Jang, they probably will soon. Giroo also learns about Princess Sunhwa's mines. (If you recall, when Sunhwa was beginning her work as a merchant, she hired many people to search all of Baekje for gold and mineral mines.) Since such mines cannot operate without royal permission, Giroo plans to use this to bring down the princess for good.

Princess Sunhwa, learning that her information has been leaked, guesses that Giroo is behind it. Wangoo advises the princess to appeal to the high-ranking nobles, who are wary of Giroo's ever-increasing influence on Buyeosun, for permits to pursue the mines.

Bumro and Eunjin visits Jang and Mokrasu, bringing them food. They tell Jang that Giroo is using his men to dig up dirt on the princess. Jang is again tempted to return and help the princess as soon as possible, by finishing the project at the expense of his fellow slaves.

Sunhwa rides to the slave camp.

When the princess learns that Bumro and Eunjin came by before visiting Jang, she wishes to have sent him at least a pair of gloves. Unable to hold back her emotions, and with gloves in-hand, Sunhwa rides to the slave camp. She doesn't get to see Jang, but the guard gives him the gloves and her note hidden inside. It reads, “I don't need to see you. Really. It's just that I worry that the hands that hold mine will blister, so I wanted to give you these gloves.”

It's just that I worry that the hands that hold mine will blister.

Afterwards, Jang goes to Wooyoung and tells her to stop the project altogether. Although he is tempted to use the slaves to achieve his goal, he decides that it must not be achieved by the suffering of others, but rather through people's support and hopes.

Jang asks Mokrasu if he is disappointed in him for giving up the plan. Mokrasu tells Jang, “Through this, you have learned the greatest lesson that you could not have learned in the Palace, surrendering and giving-up. A king is someone who has the power to do anything. He can make up things to cover his faults. Who dares to acknowledge a king's faults and lies? A king needs the ability to see his own shortcomings, rather than relying on his bestowed powers.

What you have done is trade our dreams of kinghood for the hopes and dreams of the common people. Even if we accomplish nothing, I will forever support you.”

When the slaves hear that the project has been cancelled, they applaud Jang. Jang then pulls Dooil to the side and tells him that he deserves a beating for bothering him and the others. Caught in his bluff, Dooil accepts Jang as the new 'leader.'

Back in the palace, Buyeosun announces that Giroo has been awarded a place in the noble class, and that he will be attending the nobles' meetings (this does not please the existing nobles). Heuk Chipyung and other nobles try to pop Giroo's bubble and point out that there have been rebellions that Giroo failed to address. Rather than scolding him, Buyeosun just tells Giroo to take care of the matter.

Meanwhile, the princess and her people approach the nobles in an attempt to secure permits for the gold mines. However, Giroo, one step ahead, promises the nobles a share of the mine's profits if they reject her offer.

Just when Sunhwa realizes that Giroo has successfully blocked the nobles from listening to her, she gets word that royal guards are headed toward them. It is Heuk Chipyung who has learned that Giroo is investigating the princess, although he does not know the details.

Sunhwa turns, looks at him and smiles.

He asks Merchant Jin (Sunhwa) why Giroo is investigating her. She replies, “Giroo wants to take over this business.” He says, “I knew it!” Princess Sunhwa tells Heuk Chipyung that Giroo will effectively have control of Baekje's trade and finance if he takes over her business; this angers him. The princess promises to back him up in return for his support in fighting Giroo's dominance.

Giroo, now having finalized formal agreements with all the nobles concerning the gold mines, goes to Buyeosun to report Sunhwa's illegal mines. When Giroo enters Buyeosun's chambers, Sunhwa turns, looks at him and smiles.

Episode 42, the Jang scenes
Dialogue translation: Priscilla

Jang (hanging upside down): Why are you doing this?

Dooil: Why?

Jang: What did I do to deserve this?

Dooil: This man's saying he doesn't know what he did wrong.

Jang: Tell me. What did I do?

Dooil: All right. Since this is your first time, should I just tell you?

Slave 1: Bro, shouldn't we beat him up before telling him?

Dooil: What do you all think?

Slave 2: I think we should talk to him first to see if he understands.

Dooil: OK. Then let's talk first. Let him down!

(Jang is pulled down, sitting) I heard the dam bridge construction or whatever it is, that was your idea. If it is true say yes, if not, no. Those who used to be in higher positions don't like to talk much. It's your idea, right? (Jang just stares at him) Then go tell Princess Wooyoung that you were out of your mind when you came up with this idea. Tell her to forget this project. If you do that, we can get along fine, REAL fine! Understand? Where are you from?

Jang: I lived in Savisong.

Dooil: Savi... I see... Then what? Inside, or outside, or where exactly?

Jang: I belong to the school of science.

Dooil: I see; it must have been nice out there. So depending on what you do now, this can become your school of science or it can be a hell for you. All right? That's enough for now. So go back and rest well. I just saw that your arm was injured (twisting it). No, you shouldn't scream.

 Did you speak to the princess?

Dooil: (Slaves drag Jang) Did you speak to the princess?

Slave: He doesn't listen at all!

Dooil: Be quiet! Did you or did you not?

Jang: I'm not going to tell her.

Dooil: What did you just say?

Jang: The dam project will benefit everyone.

Dooil: Wait! Tell me again!

Jang: You don't know this, but the dam will provide water for everyone. This means farming next year will be very fruitful. So even though we may have to suffer during this winter... (Dooil is about to throw a stone at Jang).

Wooyoung: What do you think you're doing?! (Dooil stops in midair) I asked you what you're doing.

Dooil: I was exercising with this stone.

Other slaves: He's right!

Wooyoung: (to Jang) Is this true? I asked you if this is true.

Jang: Yes, that's true.

Dooil: You don't believe it?

Jang: It's true.

Wooyoung: Except for Jang, everyone go to bed! (Everyone's leaving) What is this about?

Jang: Do you have with you the plans I drew for the construction of the dam?

Wooyoung: Yes, I have it. Why?

Jang: Show it to me.

Wooyoung: (giving the book) Are you disciplined because you're a new comer?

Jang: I can handle this so please don't intervene.

Wooyoung: Why do you need the book?

Jang: I want to review the purpose for making this dam, what to do, and how to direct this whole project. The soldiers looking after us don't seem to know much, and the slaves are even more clueless. That's why there's no stability and there's not much height.

Wooyoung: Then what should we do?

Jang: I'll need to review this more carefully, but I fear something's very wrong right now.

Wooyoung: Ok, study this. Remember we must succeed in this project.

Jang: Yes...

The guard says, Shut up! Just go back to work.

Guard: (to Jang who was studying the construction plan) what do you think you're doing?

Jang: Look over there.

Guard: What about it?

Jang: If they continue working like that, that thing will fall off. There's going to be a huge accident. And even if that doesn't happen, by next year's harvest, this will fall down. Then, even without considering why we're building the dam, the farms will be flooded with water.

Guard: So what?

Jang: What do you mean? Why would you build a dam like that?

Guard: Shut up! Just go back to work.

Administrator: What's a slave doing in here?

Jang: Sir, please hear me out. I may be a slave but I was involved in planning this project. So if you continue working like this, the dam will break down and a disaster may follow. So please check this out.

Admin: What? A disaster? How dare you say that?

Jang: Sir...

Admin: You think you're still the King's advisor? If you don't want to face punishment, watch out.

Jang: Sir, that's not it. Besides, aren't you in charge of working for the national prosperity? Aren't you supposed to build this project in the right way?

Admin: Anybody outside? (2 soldiers enter) Take him away and show him where he belongs.

Jang: Sir... sir...

Jang (he's tied and being flogged): This can't be...

Jang: (to the field workers) You shouldn't work like this. You must start over. Start all over. (to one worker) You shouldn't do that. It will fall. Start over!

Slave 1: Is he crazy? Get out of my way! I'm so tired and look at him...

Jang: Don't put that on top like that. Start over, this shouldn't happen.

Slave 2: You crazy. Get out! Don't you see I'm busy?

Jang: This way there will be an inundation. This shouldn't be.

Slave 2: Get out of my way, you crazy man.

Slave 1: Bro, this guy's crazy. Please do something with him.

Dooil: Are you testing my patience? (to the guard) Can I teach him a lesson?

Jang: Working like this will only make this fall apart. We should start over.

Dooil: All right. Hey guys, let's teach him a lesson.

(Calling him names, they beat him)

Wooyoung: Stop it. What do you think you're doing? (to the guard) What happened?

Guard: This guy kept saying that the project was going the wrong way and that we should start over. So the workers are mad at him.

Wooyoung: That we should redo the project? What do you mean? Are you saying that you told the Administrator but he ignored you?

(The Administrator tells the princess that they should continue if they want to finish this by the next spring. The princess orders him to start over but the Administrator tells her they'll have to work longer hours and that the slaves may revolt. The princess tells him they shouldn't worry for the slaves and that they should just force them to work longer hours.)

Admin: Slave Jang has pointed out that the project is going wrong. That's why we should start all over, starting tomorrow. And since we must meet the deadline of finishing this by next spring, your sleeping hours will be shortened. This was the princess' order. (Everyone's complaining) Also, if any of you lays a hand on slave Jang, the princess will ask for your life. Over!

Slaves: (to Jang) On your knees! He's a fool. How can he use the princess' power to bring more hardships to us? What a selfish brat.

Jang: That's not true. That's not what I meant.

Dooil: Whatever you meant, should I kill this brat right now and die with him?

Jang: Please, listen to me. We must succeed in this project for the farmers to prosper next year. And if we do that, the entire nation of Baekjae will advance, and there will be abundance of food. You must all work with this hope in mind.

Dooil: You're nuts! How can you be so sure we'll be alive by next year? And if you have eyes, look at our hands! Since we're working in frozen winter, our hands are killing us. Some of us will die after a fall, others will die of hunger. Now, you want to cut on our sleeping time too? What for? Why? Every year scholars come up with nice ideas of how to make life easier. Life will be easier? Yeah, but not for us. Every day's a battle to survive.

What did you say? Baekjae will prosper and there will be abundance of food? You spoke of hope? Tell me how hope looks like. (hitting Jang) You fool, short-minded selfish brat!

Do you know how I became a big brother to everyone in here? If any of us falls under the stones, I'm strong enough to save them! That's our hope! Not to fall, not to die of cold. To survive daily, that's our hope! But you... you even took away that small remainder of hope from us: our hope to sleep well. In order not to die, we must have good sleep. But you took that away. I'll show you tomorrow. I'll show you what you did to us.

Slave: Bro, why waste time talking? Let's just finish him off. (everyone agrees) Get out of my way, let's sleep.

(Jang watches their misery as they work. The work continues till night. Someone dies...)

Jang: (to Mokrasu) Teacher, you told me I was born with a heart for the people. That's not true. I've forgotten everything. I don't have space in my heart to dwell on these people's hopes. There's only space to care for my own hope. What should I do now?

(Some slaves are trying to kill the princess.)

Either way we'll die.

Jang: Wait! What are you doing at the princess' territory?

Slave: Brother, let's get rid off this guy first and kill the princess.

Jang: Kill whom? What do you mean?

Dooil: In your eyes, our lives mean nothing, right? You don't care if we all die as long as you can build that dam or whatever that is! Isn't that so? That's why we want to finish this off. Either way we'll die! It's all the same.

Jang: Don't do this.

Dooil: (beating him) People like you are such wimps.

Jang: I'll take care of this. If you do this, we'll all die! Please, don't do this.

Slave: Let's finish him off.

Jang: As long as I'm here, I'll take care of it.

Slave: How? It's you who made us work till midnight.

Jang: That happened... because I was narrow-minded. I'll correct this.

Slave: Why are you hesitating brother? If you can't do it, I'll do it! (trying to hit Jang)

Voice of Guard: What's this noise? Who's there?

Slave: Now's the chance. It's now or never.

Dooil: Let's take him with us.

Slave 1: We almost got caught because of you.

Slave 2: Let's kill him before he blows our cover.

Dooil: OK, I'll give you a chance. Either way we'll die. So I'd like to see what you do before we all die! But if you stab us on our backs, you won't survive either! Understand?

Princess: Are you out of your mind? If that's the case, we can force the slaves to do it. Who are they? I'll discipline them right away, so give me their names.

Jang: Discipline is not the problem.

Wooyoung: Then what is it?

Jang: The whole purpose is carried in the wrong way.

Wooyoung: What do you mean? You were the one who said that if we build a dam for the waters, farming will revive and there will be abundant food. Was that wrong?

Jang: Not really.

Wooyoung: Then all we need is to build that right.

Jang: Not now. Even if we finish this somehow, these people won't be able to enjoy this prosperity. They cannot see that far. Which means that even if we start the project over, it will be meaningless to them. They don't understand the purpose of this project, so they don't have the willingness to proceed. Actually... they don't need to understand anything since this project is entirely benefiting the Imperial power. Moreover, if we finish this project by the deadline, too many people will die in between, and many will be injured.

Wooyoung: That's a price we from the Imperial Palace should pay. In order to gain big things, we must sacrifice the little ones.

Jang: That's not right. If there were even a small return to the workers, if I saw a small hope for them in this project, I would have tried to persuade them no matter what.

Wooyoung: Regardless, I'll force them to work. And I'll succeed!

Jang: We'll succeed at the price of their sufferings. They need to see hope in every stone they build for them to work well.

Wooyoung: Right now, rather than worry about their hope, you should worry for yours and mine! This project can help teacher Mokrasu, you and I, to return to the Palace. The king promised me that if we succeed in this project, he'd call us back.

Jang (to himself): Return to the Palace?


(Jang's thinking. Someone steals his food but he doesn't care. Mokrasu sees him and gives him food)

Mokrasu: What's wrong?

Jang: Teacher, there's a way for us to return to the Palace. If we succeed in this project, we'll be called back. If that happens... if that could happen... that means our opportunity can come sooner than we expected. Shouldn't I be willing to do anything I can in order to return to the Palace, to gain political power? Shouldn't I be worrying about their hopes after I regain power? Shouldn't I forget about their hope for the meantime, until I get back there, in order to reach my own goals first?

Guard: Hey you, someone's looking for you!

Eunjin: Mother told me to bring this.

Mokrasu: I know you're lying. It's OK. How's everyone doing?

Bumro: Yes, everyone's well.

Eunjin: You shouldn't lie. Let's tell them the truth. The fact is... the government is searching Merchant Jin's possessions, and she's under scrutiny right now.

Jang: How's my lady doing? Is she OK?

Eunjin: She's OK for now, but I think Giroo's into something now, he's doing a thorough search on her.

Bumro: She has help too, so she should be all right.

 And your health, your attire... I'm so upset!

Eunjin: What's princess Wooyoung doing? What of her love or whatever she proclaimed? How can she let your face become this rough? And your health, your attire... I'm so upset!

(later) Jang, you must return soon. The woman you love to death, merchant Jin is in danger. You must protect her.

Bumro: Yes, forget about everything else, and just thing of a way out of here!

Jang: I understand. So tell my lady... that I'll be back soon, and that she should take care of herself till then.

Jang (to himself): My lady... it's my fault, my fault. Why do you want to walk the path I'm walking? What if you get hurt? What should I do then? I miss you. I miss you so much I feel like dying...

Dooil: You told us you'd take care of this. I'm very impatient. You better do something before I go crazy.

Guard: Stop! We're done for tonight. You must all be here first thing in the morning.

Dooil: Think carefully!

Wooyoung: What's up? Why do you let him bother you like that?

Wooyoung: For any large projects like this, people must suffer. And their lives are not theirs anyways. So there was never a question of what hope they have. It's all about the Imperial's hope. That's why you should tell me who are trying to hurt you and to force them to continue working. Let's make this a great success and let's return in glory. Thus, tell me who they are.

If you don't do as I say... If you give up on this project... I too will give up on you. I'll return to the palace on my own and I'll beg my brother for mercy. I'll be able to live quietly with my mother. If I give up on you, there's no one who can help teacher Mokrasu and you. Then, do you think you could survive in this wasteland? So tell me who are threatening you! We'll discipline them first and resume this project. I'll take care of everything. I know you'll agree with me.

Jang (to himself): My lady! My lady!


(Sunhwa goes to see Jang but the guards don't allow her)

Dooil: (beating Jang) Didn't I tell you to find out a solution?

Slave: Brother, why wait? Let's kill him and run away?

Dooil: Quiet everyone! If I tell you to find out...

Voice of Guard: I'm telling you, you can't!

Voice of Sunhwa: It'll take only a moment.

Dooil: I told you to find a solution. So what you're doing? (Jang's running towards the direction of the voice)

Jang: Where is she?

Guard: Who?

Jang: The lady? Where is she?

Guard: She left.

Jang: Where to?

Guard: She just left. What do you mean where? Here (throwing the gloves on the floor), she asked me to give you this.


Sunhwa's voice (Jang finds a letter inside the gloves): I don't really miss you, I'm being honest. It's just that I fear the hands that will hold me may become rough, thus I'm sending this pair of gloves to you.

Mokrasu: Jang... what's wrong?

Jang: Teacher, my lady came here. Teacher... I'll just go along with the project. I won't care if they build this with hope or not, or if there are accidents, I'll just force them. Isn't that what subjects are supposed to do? To work and suffer for the king without any hope of any returns, isn't that what subjects are supposed to do?

It was like that when I was young too. Whenever there was a big project, people suffered and died but all the benefit went to the King and the government. National prosperity, I was wrong about that. Is there such a thing? Such a thing doesn't exist. That never existed.

Mokrasu: Jang...

Jang: I miss her so much I'm going crazy. I want to run to her as soon as possible... it's killing me. People... subject's hopes and dreams... what is it to me? I want to do whatever it takes to go back. (begging) Please, tell me. Tell me this is the right thing to do. Tell me it's the right thing, I'm begging you.

Mokrasu: Jang... Princess Wooyoung is here. Follow your heart's lead.

Jang... Princess Wooyoung is here. Follow your heart's lead.

Jang: I'll give up. I'll give up this national prosperity thing.

Wooyoung: Jang...

Jang: I'll stop this construction project.

Wooyoung: (Dooil is watching) That means you're giving up on ever returning to the Palace.

Jang: I know.

Wooyoung: If I leave you now, you'll remain a slave for the rest of you life.

Jang: Yes, I know. But I'll have the chance to meditate on if the hope I was thinking of was just a dream. And even if it's a false hope, I won't continue the construction until I find a hint of national hope in every stone we move.

Wooyoung: Oh my. Oh my! How could I have ever fallen for someone like you?

Mokrasu: Through this, you were able to learn what you could never have learned in the Palace. The meaning of surrender. The position of a king is conscious killing. In order to gain his own goals, he can do anything he wants, and in order to cover up his mistakes, he can make up anything. Who would dare to speak against the king? Who would dare to point out at a king's errors?

Rather than looking for his personal gain, to be able to acknowledge his mistake and to give up, this is a strong character a king must have. Moreover, today you have exchanged our return to the King's Palace with none other than the people's lives and their hopes. Even if you accomplish nothing from now on, you'll always have my support.

Jang: Teacher...

Jang (to himself): I'll start all over again. Even if I have to take a detour... even if I have to walk a long way, I'll only take the right road.

Sunhwa (voice): I'll trust you. Even if you have to take a detour, and even if you have to walk a long way, I believe you'll come back to me.

Guard: There won't be any work today! The dam construction project has been abandoned. Princess Wooyoung has sent a message to the Palace, so starting tomorrow we'll work on the mines as usual.

Jang: We'll work in the mines starting tomorrow. You must all be so tired? Will that be OK?

Slave: Of course! We always did that! (Everyone is celebrating)

How can you call me brother without fighting?

Jang: (to Dooil) Let's have a talk.

Jang: What I hate most in this life is to see someone stepping all over those who are weak.

Dooil: So?

Jang: I can forget all the beatings I got from you, but let me repay you for all the beatings you gave to others.

Dooil: What? You want to fight?

Jang: I feel that anyone who is strong and can fight can become a leader here. I'd like to be a leader too.

Dooil: Then don't regret it.

Jang: That's what I'd say.

Dooil: (kneeling) Big brother! I was wrong! I never had someone stronger than I so I misjudged you. When we fight, the winner becomes the older brother and the loser the follower, but I never lost until now. That's why I never called anyone big brother before.

Jang: That's why I'm saying let's fight. How can you call me brother without fighting?

Dooil: I'd just rather call you big brother. When you watch carefully, you can tell who's the winner right away. Besides... I heard last night's conversation. I couldn't really get all you were saying, but I just want to treat you as my big brother.

Jang: You look so much older than me. Who's big brother to whom?

Dooil: What are you saying? I may look old, but I'm only 18. At first I may look old, but if you look carefully, I'm very young. (laughing) I'm actually very young...

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Episode 43

Synopsis: NVZBL
Dialogue translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

A map of the eight mines Sunhwa's group discovered.

With Sunhwa smiling, Buyeosun tells Giroo of Merchant Jin's amazing feat of discovering eight new mines. Furthermore, she offers the mines to Buyeosun (a cut of the profits goes to Buyeosun). When asked by Buyeosun, “Why would you wish to give these mines to me?” She replies, “What do you mean, your highness, all of Baekje belongs to you.”

Afterwards, she takes a victimized tone, admitting that she felt betrayed to be treated so poorly by the royal guards (the soldiers Giroo used to investigate her), and reiterates that she has given her offerings to Buyeosun even when business wasn't going well.

Moved by her act, Buyeosun tells Sunhwa that he has never looked at her unfavorably and asks her to forgive Giroo's actions. Buyeosun then orders Giroo to give management rights of all eight mines to Merchant Jin.

I have never looked at you unfavorably

Having served up a political blow to Giroo, Sunhwa continues to butter up Heuk Chipyung. He acknowledges that Giroo is smart, but Sunhwa tells him that one's true loyalty is demonstrated not through sly wit but through the heart. Sunhwa 'offers' Heuk Chipyung information that compares the management practices and prices between Sunhwa's businesses with that of Giroo's father.

Heuk Chipyung offers the scrolls to Buyeosun to show that he has a brain, but also to offer another blow to Giroo's base. Buyeosun agrees to look into the matter and finds that there has been many reported problems that have not been made known to him. Furthermore, the nobles report that there have been a series of robberies of royal goods while being transported to the palace, which Giroo is also in charge of. Buyeosun severely scolds Giroo and orders him to take care of the matter immediately.

Giroo then learns that these robberies are occurring across the kingdom at an alarming rate, suggesting that they are not coincidences but orchestrated. Later, with another nobleman, Giroo gets a report that the thieves steal the royal items and give a share of the loot to the peasants (ala Robin Hood theme). Thus the people are not reporting these thieves, but actually supporting them. Giroo tries in vain to uncover who is responsible for these robberies, but regional governors are clueless as well.

Giroo also gets a report that notices are being sent across Baekje that points to Buyeosun as the killer of Aja Taeja and his father. Since these notices are most prominent in the region where Wooyoung is stationed, Giroo subtly probes Wooyoung to see if she may be behind them. Outraged, Wooyoung scolds Giroo for trying to frame her. Giroo tells her that if she stops protecting Jang, she can easily return to the Palace.

Meanwhile, Jang watches fellow slaves expressing pride in smuggling tiny, insignificant pieces of precious metals. He tells Mokrasu that their happiness comes from pride in knowing that something, however insignificant, is theirs. Jang wonders how he can instill a sense of pride and belonging in the people while striving toward the kingdom's goals.

Back in their cabin, Jang is surprise to hear news spreading about men who steal from the royals and nobles and give some of it to the the name of Prince Mugang.

Sunhwa's shipment of goods are also hit by of one these bands who claim they're working under Prince Mugang. She begins an investigation to find out who is behind it.

Meanwhile, Mokrasu receives a letter from a man who claims that he is behind the notices concerning Aja Taeja and the king. Informing Jang of the letter, they try to arrange a meeting with the man.

Jang escapes from the slave camp in order to find out who wrote the letter.

With Dooil's help, Jang, without Mokrasu, arranges a meeting with the man in the middle of the night. When he tells the band of men that he is Jang, they pay respect to him and take him to a man they call 'Taeja' (i.e. Prince).

Once in the room, Jang threatens the man with a knife and says, “I know Prince Mugang. Who are you to pretend to be him, to steal and post notices, and earn the people's support with his name?”

Yurim tells Jang that he was a loyal servant of King Weeduk and Aja Taeja, and how after witnessing the marketplace massacre, he has come to work with these mountain men, stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

When asked why he uses Prince Mugang's name, he tells Jang that it is not he, but Baekje's common people who began to call them Prince Mugang since he represents their hope for a better life. When asked if he is behind all the robberies across Baekje, Yurim says that after he began the 'Robin Hood' work, similar bands formed across the kingdom on their own.

Heuk Chipyung tells Sunhwa that according to Giroo's report, Jang and Mokrasu seem to be behind the 'Prince Mugang' robberies and notices. However, Sunhwa convinces him that capturing Jang and Mokrasu will only make Buyeosun look like a ruthless, brutal ruler and that people may revolt.

Jang arranges a meeting with Yurim, so that Mokrasu too can meet him. However, before the meeting Jang and Mokrasu are captured by Giroo and his men, and they and Wooyoung are taken to the palace.

When Heuk Chipyung approaches Buyeosun to advise the king not to simply kill Jang and Mokrasu, a nobleman reports that letters have been circulating among the people that tell them to protect Jang and Mokrasu for Prince Mugang. As Jang and Mokrasu are being carted back to the palace, masses of people follow and surround Giroo and his men.

Sunhwa then approaches Buyeosun and tells him of the rumors that he was behind the killings of Aja Taeja and his father. Angry, he threatens to kill her for uttering such words to him. However, Sunhwa continues to persuade Buyeosun that the best action is not to kill Jang and Mokrasu since that will only serve to prove that Buyeosun is guilty.

Many of the common people, who are well aware of the previous massacre in the marketplace, nonetheless go to support Jang and Mokrasu. They surround Giroo and his men, which makes Giroo uneasy.

Jang tells Mokrasu, “It seems that the common people will save Prince Mugang.”

Episode 43
Summary and Translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Thieves everywhere are sweeping the country. The thieves have even stolen goods from the Palace, so the king reprimands Giroo. Giroo finds out that the thieves are giving away what they stole to the people, so much that the people are helping the thieves, making it harder to capture any of them.

In the province where the slave camp is located, there are secret written notices being spread around, saying that King Buyeosun killed former King Weeduk and Prince Aja, usurping the throne. Giroo, suspecting that Jang and Mokrasu have something to do with the written notices, goes to the mining camp.

Jang learns about the rebel gangs.

On the other hand, the slaves hear a different rumor, and they tell this to Jang: The band of thieves are a group of rebels who are protecting Prince Mugang, stealing from the rich and giving away their goods to the people in the name of Prince Mugang. Sunhwa's merchants are attacked by a band of thieves, and the chief proclaimed himself to be Prince Mugang. Sunhwa's men capture him to investigate.

Mokrasu receives a secret letter that says: “I am the one who spread written notices saying how King Weeduk and Prince Aja were assassinated. I'll be there in three days in order to take you and advisor Jang away from there.”

Jang escapes from the slave camp in order to find out who wrote the letter. He meets Yuirim who greets him respectfully. Jang hears others calling Yurim 'crown prince' (Prince Mugang).

I know Prince Mugang. How dare you impersonate him?

Alone in the room, Jang threatens Yurim with a knife, saying: “Who are you? Why are you doing this? I know Prince Mugang. How dare you impersonate him? How dare you do that and spread written notices, stealing from the rich and then giving away in his name, stirring the hearts of the people like that? Did you think your life would be spared after doing that?”

Then, Yurim explains that he was King Weeduk's vassal and that he witnessed how his king died. So he left the Palace after that. Then, he met the son of one of the men killed on that day, and through him, he became part of this band of rebels. They started stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

He also explains that people call him 'crown prince' because although they know he's not Prince Mugang, that's what they hope and wish with all their hearts. After his group started distributing goods to the people, they started calling his band Prince Mugang, crying out, “Long live Prince Mugang!”

Yurim continues: “This is how we came to be known as Prince Mugang's Faction. The people haven't forgotten the day our king died, and although it was proclaimed that Prince Mugang did the massacre, they don't believe it. And when it was announced that Prince Mugang was dead, they refused to believe it.

Even if he's dead, people won't believe it. For these people who suffered so much, Prince Mugang, whom they never saw...became the symbol of their hopes. And the only reason why I'm called by that name is because I'm the only one here who can read and write. But everyone knows I'm not him.”

He also explains that many other bandits, after hearing of this group, are doing the same thing, using the name of Prince Mugang, and this is worrying him.

Jang: “Why are you planning to bring teacher Mokrasu and me here?”

Yurim: “Somehow, my group became the symbol of hope for the people. But I'm not strong enough to be such a man. I was afraid, so I decided to bring you and Master Mokrasu to this place. Be our leader. Both of you served King Weeduk and Prince Aja so closely so even in the people's minds, both of you represent our prince. Please, be our leader. Two days from now, we'll be at the entrance of the slave camp, waiting for you.”

Mokrasu: The people really cried, “Long live Prince Mugang?”

Jang: I don't think he was lying but I don't believe him either. Anyways, they'll be waiting for us two days from now.

Jang, Mokrasu and Dooil are leaving the slave camp but they're intercepted by Giroo. Yurim, watching from a distance, unable to help them. He says, “If we move now, they'll be killed. All we can do now is to trust in the power of the people.”

Giroo takes Jang and Mokrasu as prisoners to be executed, for spreading written notices accusing the king of the massacre. But as the procession is going towards the place where the actual massacre occurred, more and more people are following... watching.

Giroo takes Jang and Mokrasu as prisoners to be executed.

Everywhere, people are debating if they should stay home or be part of this movement, and more and more people are willing to risk everything in order to be part of this movement, to support Mokrasu and Jang... trembling in fear but also emotionally excited... carrying stones in their hands.

Mokrasu: (with tears in his eyes) It's so obvious they're all afraid. But still, they all came in unison to this place where the massacre happened. It must be true, what that man told you, that those people cried, “Long live Prince Mugang!” I'm satisfied with this, even if I die now. Just by being part of this, I'm fine.

Jang, looking around, eyes sparkling: “No, teacher, I don't think we'll die. I think the people will save Prince Mugang.”

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Episode 44

Synopsis: NVZBL
Editor: Lorac

Jang and Mokrasu, surrounded by common people who came to support Prince Mugang, are awed and touched by the masses that came to support them. They are reminded of what Yurim told them, that the people still believes that Prince Mugang is alive even through the palace officials have deemed him dead. Mokrasu states, “These people came to the place where there was a massacre, knowing the risks. He was right; these people are waiting for Prince Mugang. This is enough for me. Even if I die, it's enough that I die having seen such a sight.”

I think the people will save Prince Mugang

Jang: “No, teacher, I don't think we'll die. I think the people will save Prince Mugang.”

Jang and Mokrasu are brought to the palace. Out of frustration, Buyeosun shoots arrows at them. He scolds Giroo for not informing him earlier of the rumors that he killed Aja, Weeduk, and even Buyeosun's own father.

Giroo tells him that the rumors and the Prince Mugang bandits thrive because Jang and Mokrasu keep the people's hopes alive. He presses Buyeosun to execute them immediately. Meanwhile, Sunhwa tells Wooyoung she must help in convincing Buyeosun that killing the two will only anger the people instead of resolving the problem.

Out of frustration, Buyeosun shoots arrows at them.

In public, Sunhwa declares to Giroo, “Why do you use the king for your own goals? Why do you force the king toward aggression?” Giroo yells at Sunhwa for daring to speak to him in such a manner. Meanwhile Buyeosun stays in his chambers trying to decide what to do.

In the towns, a song spreads among the children with these words:

“Weeduk has Aja for support.
Aja has Mu.
Mu has jangsu.
And whom does jangsu have?
There is you, and there is me.
There is us. There is us.”

News of this song eventually spreads to everyone in the palace.

Sunhwa's attendants ask her who is the merchant (jangsu*) the song is referring to. Sunhwa speculates, “Jang in jangsu refers to our Jang, and su refers to Mokrasu. I'm sure of it.”

Even Buyeosun later hears the recitation of the song from one of the children; Buyeosun is greatly upset by this news.

Although Buyeosun wished to see no one, Giroo storms in and demands Buyeosun kill Jang and Mokrasu immediately. He reminds Buyeosun how he has sacrificed everything to get him to this position, and asks Buyeosun to use his power to squash those that oppose him, no matter how many he must kill.

Buyeosun yells at Giroo, “If a killing would solve this problem it should have been solved a long time ago! I've killed Aja, Weeduk, Mugang, and even common citizens. How is it that people now suspect, that I've killed my own father! When I kill one, another surfaces. When the other is killed, yet another!” Giroo replies, “That is because you have not pulled outs the roots completely. You must kill each one, no matter how many that may be.”

There is a way... if I become a traitor in front of the people.

Later Buyeosun comes to Jang and says that even through he used brute force and violence to reach the throne, now that he is king, he wished for it no more. He offers Jang a choice, if Jang can tell him how he can resolve this problem with the common people, Buyeosun will let him live. If not, Jang and Mokrasu will die.

After a long pause, Jang says, “There is a way... if I become a traitor in front of the people.” He tells Buyeosun that if he agrees to ally with Buyeosun and turn his back on Mokrasu, the people's anger toward Buyeosun will shift to him for betraying their trust. Buyeosun is pleased with Jang's option, but Mokrasu wonders, “Was there no other way?”

Next day, Jang is declared general of the royal army in charge of eliminating the thieves, looters and bandits, and Mokrasu is banished to the remote island, Wunsando. The news quickly spreads. This shocks Jang's friends in the Academy most of all.

Jang leads a group of soldiers taking Mokrasu to the dock.

In front of the public, Jang leads a group of soldiers taking Mokrasu to the dock, on his way to imprisonment at Wunsando. As expected, the people are first taken back in disbelief, but eventually express anger at Jang for betraying Mokrasu and Prince Mugang. People even throw mud and dung at him.

Buyeosun hears from Heukchi Pyung that indeed people's discussions about Buyeosun have quieted and now have channeled their frustrations at Jang for being a traitor.

Giroo is sure that Jang would never betray Mokrasu unless there was another motive. The leader of the nobles also believes that Jang's act is no simple betrayal to save oneself, but something more.

Wooyoung's mother tells her to forget about Jang and that his betrayal to even his friends proves that he is without class and honor. She asks Wooyoung, “How could you love a man like him! He is smaller than a bean.” Wooyoung replies, “Whether he is smaller than a bean, or whether he is greater than the highest mountain, if you continue to watch him from now on, you'll see.”

In order to earn Buyeosun's approval, Jang needs to catch the bandits. He approaches Sunhwa and Wangoo, asking for their help, and they agree to help him. Meanwhile, Mokrasu receives a note from Jang, “Professor, I am truly sorry for sending you to a no-man's land. But ultimately, I think it might end up being a good thing. I will soon ask you for an important mission. Until then, please rest and gain rapport with the guards on the island.”

Yurim and his men are also shocked and express anger toward Jang for betraying them.

Everyone close to Jang resists believing that he would betray Mokrasu. Mojin knows that there must be a reason for his actions, but Jang does not budge from the “I am a traitor” position. Jang continues a very successful campaign against bands of thieves. He asks a supporter of Yu-rim to come and see him.

While resting after a successful siege of a bandit camp, Yurim and Dooil burst into Jang's chambers. Holding a knife to Jang's throat, Yurim asks, “You wanted to see me?”

Episode 44
Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Mokrasu: (with tears in his eyes) it's so obvious they're all afraid. But still, they all came in unison to this place where the massacre happened. It must be true, what that man told you, that those people cried, “Long live Prince Mugang!” I'm satisfied with this, even if I die now. Just by being part of this, I'm fine.

Jang (looking around, eyes sparkling): “No, teacher, I don't think we'll die. I think the people will save Prince Mugang!”

Soldiers come to support Giroo, but the people start pushing the cart. A boy gets hurt and people's excitement increases.

Do I have to massacre these people again?

Giroo (to himself): Do I have to massacre these people again?

Jang (to the people): Stop it! You shouldn't do this. We cannot let more people die in this place where King Weeduk perished. We don't want to see any of you getting hurt!

Mokrasu: People of Baekje, please stop this.

Jang: Please, please stop this!

Giroo: Let the procession continue marching.

Princess Wooyoung (to herself): When did Jang become this popular among the people?


(The king hears of Mokrasu and Jang's popularity, how the people cheered, how they listened to them.)

Jang (looking at Sunhwa, silently): My lady... have you heard the voice of the people? Have you seen the glow in their eyes?

Sunhwa (nodding in silence): Of course I did, I did...

Jang: The people have not forgotten the death of my brother and of my father. I had thought I was the only one who couldn't forget, but I was wrong.

Sunhwa: Yes, we were arrogant in thinking the people would forget. Thus... you must live.

(The king is shooting arrows towards Mokrasu and Jang. Mokrasu tries to cover Jang with his body. The king calls Giroo inside.)

(The king reprimands Giroo for not having told him before about the problems with the bandits, and about how rumors are spreading on how he usurped the throne. He also reprimands Giroo for having lied saying that the written notices were made by Jang and Mokrasu. Giroo tells the king they must die for what they mean to the people and that there must be a group working behind all this.)

How can you advise the king to do such ruthless things?

Sunhwa (to Giroo): How can you manipulate the king like that?

Giroo: What did you say?

Sunhwa: How can you advise the king to do such ruthless things?

Giroo: How can you, a mere merchant, dare to speak to me like that?

King's advisor: When I looked through the files, your background wasn't that high either. And you don't have as much guts as Jin Ga-Kyung has shown to have.

Sunhwa: Please stop both of you. All I wanted was to bring harmony to the relationship of the king and of his people... this is a time to pacify the hearts of the people.

Wooyoung: Tell the king I've come back and I'd like to pay him a visit. (But the king tells her, and later Giroo, that he wants to be alone.. thinking.)


Popular song sung by children on the street:

Weeduk has Aja,
Aja has Mugang
Mugang has Jangsu
and who does Jangsu have?
He has you and me,
and us, all of us.

Everyone is scared and talking about it. Next question: Who is Jangsu? Jang... and Mokrasu.


Giroo (kneels down) Your majesty, what are you afraid of now? When King Wee-duk died, I told you we shouldn't massacre the people. But what did you say then? That it was too late and that we should kill them all. It was then that I threw all conscious emotions away. This is the price we must pay to have power, that of sacrificing all else. You taught me that back then.

I've followed you with all I have since then. But now, why do you want to undo that past? Although the fourth prince isn't here, the people were able to rise up like this because there remains a fort called Jang and Mokrasu. Even if you face the hatred of the people, you should get rid of them right away! I'll take care of the rest afterwards! Trust me and execute them! They must die for the voices to die down! That's the only solution we have!

King: If killing is the solution, how could this happen? We killed Aja, King Weeduk, Prince Mugang and even the people. Now, how can the people say I have killed them all, even the fourth prince? If we kill one, another comes. If we kill the second, another comes!

Giroo: It's because you didn't kill the root. If one comes, we hit, if another comes, then we hit. We must destroy all of them until no more come. You've already done it, so it's too late to undo this. Do this thoroughly, until no one comes. We must destroy them in such a way that if they're meant to come back, let them come one hundred years or one thousand years from now. We've already walked this path.


Mokrasu (silently): No matter what, you must survive.

Jang (to himself): Is this the only way?

King Buyeosun (with sword in hand, to Jang): You two are so stubbornly tough. I killed Aja, and I even killed King Weeduk. Giroo tells me killing both of you should be so easy in comparison. But there's something Giroo doesn't know. I don't like to be hated. Before I was a king, I was willing to sell my soul to be the king. But now that I'm king, I want to hear people say I'm a good king. This is me now.

Giroo is crying to me, saying I should forget about being a good king. What should I do now? You tell me, how can I get out of my dilemma? Don't you want to live? I want to kill you. So tell me how I can let you live, how I can solve my dilemma. If your answer doesn't satisfy me, I'll follow Giroo's advice... right here, I'll kill you both. Don't you have a solution? Don't you?

Jang: I do.

King: You do?

Jang: Yes...

King: What is it?

Jang: I'll become a traitor in the people's eyes.

King: You'll be a traitor?

Jang: Yes, I can capture them. I can hunt down all the bandits that are supporting the fourth prince, and everyone else supporting them. I can capture them.

Mokrasu (silently): Is this the only way out?

Jang: If you kill both of us and then go after them, the people will insult you. If I do that, all the insult will come my way.

Buyeosun: You'll do that?

Jang: Yes. The insults I may receive from the people will be the price I must pay for all the trouble I caused to you till now. Thus, I'll receive it gladly. Give me a chance to serve you.

Buyeosun: That's right, okay. I like the idea.

Giroo: Your majesty, he's planning something.

Buyeosun: But Master Mokrasu must go to Wonsando Island as a prisoner. If you escape or do anything suspicious, he'll be killed right away. Are you okay with that?

Mokrasu (silently): Yes, if you must do that in order to survive, do it.

Jang: Yes, do as you will.


Buyeosun assigns Jang leadership of a police force in charge of capturing the rebels.

(King Buyeosun assigns Jang leadership of a police force in charge of capturing the rebels. His first task will be to escort Master Mokrasu to the prison island.

People are watching the procession, crying for Mokrasu, and insulting Jang. They throw manure at him. Jang slips a note into Mokrasu's hands.)

We are the police, appointed by the king to capture all the rebels for spreading rumors about him and stealing from the people. Let's show our loyalty to our king!

(People are cursing Jang. His friends come, asking Sunhwa why he's doing this. Sunhwa tells them to trust him.)

(The king and the court men hear how the people threw manure at Jang, and of how betrayed they feel, and how he's now hated by the people.)


Sadokwang (high court member): Whose idea was this? Was this King's order or did Jang offered to do this?

Hedoju (tBuyeosun's father-in-law): I'm not sure but I think it was Jang who said he'd do this. He already pleaded for mercy before. What's so surprising about this?

Sadokwang (to his assistant): have someone follow Jang. I don't know what it is, but I've an inkling this is not a simple betrayal. I'm bothered by Mokrasu's behavior.

Assistant: Why?

Sadokwang: He was exiled for ten years but he kept his loyalty to King Weeduk and Prince Aja. People may change when their lives are in danger, but Mokrasu's different. After King Weeduk died, he would have left the court or die with them. Even now... he silently left for the prison island after his student betrayed him? He's the type that would have killed himself in that kind of a situation.


(Wooyoung's mother is criticizing Jang for being a coward. Princess Wooyoung tells her mother that it's too early to tell.)

(The king's guard, Heuk Chipyung, is celebrating with Sunhwa, happy to see the king following his advise rather than Giroo's.)

Sunhwa: Seodong gong...

Jang: My lady.

Sunhwa: Seodong gong.

Jang: My lady.

Wangoo (King Weeduk's guard, kneeling): My Lord, It was our fault my Lord was exiled as a slave. Moreover, we're allowing you to receive all the insults from the people right now. Please, kill us!

Jang: Stand up. It wasn't your fault.

Daejang: I think so too. It was because of our failure to guard you...

Jang: Stop speaking so negatively and sit down.

My heart aches too, when I think of what I'm doing, but I had no other choice. That's why I must hurry in uniting the rebel forces. For now, I must capture the bandits in order to gain the king's trust and become his advisor. Please help me do this.

Daejang: We have a pretty good idea where many of them are. We already know of two locations right now.

Jang: Show me. Also...

Sunhwa: Please speak...

Jang: I feel you and Heuk Chipyung are on good terms.

Sunhwa: Yes, he's been helping us.

Jang: You must facilitate my relationship with him.

Sunhwa: Yes, do not worry.

Daejang: But what should we do with Master Mokrasu? We can't help him escape right now...


I'll let you know soon what you should do there.

Jang's Letter to Mokrasu:

Teacher, I'm sorry to make you go to a deserted island, but in a way I feel that's better. I'll let you know soon what you should do there but for now, just rest and don't let the soldiers suspect anything.

Mokrasu: What I should do... What can that be?


Daejang: An isolated place is better to do that kind of work.

Jang: So look for people that can do that job together, and Daejang, find out what's happening to our men who were exiled to Wuisabu.

Daejang: Are you planning to call them back?

Jang: Yes, but just find out the situation for now. And Wangoo Boojang, there's someone I want you to meet.

Wangoo: Who?

Jang: He's the one who spread the rumors and made the people come to the procession place.

Wangoo: You know who he is?

Jang: Yes.


(Dooil and his friends are talking about Jang and his betrayal. Yurim comes and tells them they should all move since Jang knows that location)

Jang: Wangoo Boojang, introduce us to each other. Since you were in the courts, you should recognize him.

Daejang: It's so fortunate to hear that my Lord already met them before. We need all the support we can get.

Jang: We must start over. So I won't be able to come here for a while. So please be careful, all of you.


Jang: I missed you. I missed you so much I thought I'd die.

Sunhwa (Jang sighs): What's wrong? What's wrong?

 I'm afraid. I'm scared to death.

Jang: I'm afraid. I'm scared to death.

Sunhwa: What are you afraid of?

Jang: I'm letting you get involved with people like the king, Heuk Chipyung and Giroo.

Sunhwa: I'm okay. What else are you scared of?

Jang: Because I'm the crown prince, I don't have the freedom to die. I don't have the choice of dying with honor. I always told myself to choose death rather than cowardice, but I don't have that choice anymore.

Sunhwa: Why?

Jang: I heard the cry of the people. I heard the people calling for Prince Mugang.

Sunhwa: Then what are you afraid of?

Jang: That's what I fear. Am I the one they're hoping for? Right now I'm hunting the people down because of that... Am I the right person? I'm doing this because this is a fight I must win, because I am Prince Mugang... But what if I'm not the person the people want? What if I cannot become the kind of man they want? Will that be okay?

Sunhwa: No, that won't be okay. You should fear that. This is the difference between you and the present king. This is what should be different between you and the present king.

(Voice): I know. I'm talking like that, but I know... How afraid you must have been, and how painful it was to experience the people throwing manure at you...

Jang: If there was ever a decree from Heaven for me, that happened only because you, my princess, you are with me.


Giroo tells a policeman to keep an eye on Jang.)

Jang to the policeman: “Mutual trust and unity among us is very important. If you're going to follow someone else's order, leave the police force right now. Go call everyone now!”)


Jang: Mojin...

Who are you now that you keep tormenting me like this?

Mojin: Who are you? When King Weh died, I tried to help Mokrasu escape with me, but the teacher came back by himself speaking strange words. He said that he was doing it because of you but not for you. Even now, when you committed this horrendous treason, master left without saying a word. What is it? Yungamo was not enough? Who are you now that you keep tormenting me like this? Who are you? I have acknowledged your love, but why do you keep on tormenting me? Why?

Jang: Mojin...


(Jang gives directions on how to hunt the bandits and where. They go...)

(King's advisor praises Jang before the king for doing what Giroo couldn't do. The king tells Jang that there are still many of them at large.)


Daejang: Welcome back.

Sunhwa: You didn't get hurt?

Jang: No. The instructions were so precise I had no problem.

Daejang: These are the other groups I found.

Jang: Did Wangoo Daejang meet Yurim?

Sunhwa: He wasn't at the place you told him.

Daejang: They must have hid themselves after hearing about you.

Jang: then it will be hard for us to meet again.

Sunhwa: But we found some people who might know Yu-rim.

Jang: Have you found out?

Daejang: But...

Jang: What is it?

Sunhwa: They all vanished together at the same time.

Jang: How many?

Daejang: Around twenty. So instead, we looked for people who may know them.

Jang: All vanished together... any of them lives near Acha?

Sunhwa: Yes...


(Giroo is checking on Jang, watching his every move; he learns that Jang is with Sunhwa.)

(Jang let his men have a party with wine and pork, and he goes to sleep. Disguising himself, he goes to see someone)

Jang: Do you know who Yurim is?

Man: Who are you?

Jang: My name is Jang.

Man: That bastard of a traitor?

Jang: Where is he, I must meet him.

Man: You bastard! I don't know where he is, and even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. I know very well why you're looking for him, so why would I tell you?

Jang: Then I've no choice. Tell Yurim to come see me. If not, he and everyone with him will be hunted down. (What?) I won't give him much time, so he better hurry. I'll be with my police force going towards Savisung.


(The man tells Yurim and Dooil what happened, saying that many people could die because of Jang. Yurim says: “I'll kill him. In the name of Prince Aja, King Weeduk... and Prince Mugang.”)

(Jang tells a man to provide resting places for him and his men. Later the place is attacked.)

Yurim (with a sword at Jang): Did you want to see me?

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Episode 45

Summary and translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

Yurim (with a knife at Jang's throat): Did you want to see me?

Dooil: Brother, it's me. Don't make any noise and follow me.

(They tie Jang up and take him away.)

Yurim: You betrayed Prince Aja and King Weeduk, but more than anything, you betrayed the hope of the people. Thus, I'll make you pay with your life in the name of all the people. And I'll hang up your body for everyone to see. Proceed now.

Rebel: Yes!

Jang: Wait! No matter what I say, you won't believe me. Before killing me, there's someone I want you to meet. Once you meet him, you'll understand.

Rebel: I heard he always finds a way to survive. But that won't work with us.

Dooil: Whether he's lying or not, shouldn't we check in case he's telling the truth?

... but more than anything, you betrayed the hope of the people.

Yurim: Meet whom?

Rebel 2: He's playing a trick. We shouldn't bother!

Yurim: Who is this who can explain to us about your treachery?

Jang: Wangoo Boojang. Wangoo Boojang's alive.

Yurim: Wangoo Boojang...King Weeduk's personal guard?

Jang: Yes.

Rebel 1: He died along with the king. He's lying. Don't listen to him.

Jang: He's alive. I keep in touch with him.

Dooil: I want to kill him right now, but... what if he's telling the truth?

Rebel 3: Taejanim (My lord the prince), the police force is coming after us! Let's go!

Rebel 2: Make up your mind right now. We must leave!

Rebel 1: Hurry up. Let's kill him and run away!

Yurim: Come to Younsando before midnight. I must see Wangoo Boojang with my own eyes. Don't try to play any tricks on me. If you're scheming something to capture us, I swear you'll follow me to the tomb.

Jang: Don't worry.

Yurim: Let's all run.

(The police force come and unties Jang)

Officer: How dare they invade our territory? Aren't these people the ones who spread the written notices?

Jang: They're from the band we captured the other day. They tried to take me as a ransom in exchange for the prisoners.


Yurim: I still believe you should have died. Did Wangoo Boojang let you do this?

Voice: We came.

Yurim: Boojang!

Wangoo: What is this?

Jang: These are the people spreading the written notices.

Yurim: My name is Yurim. I was a vassal to Prince Aja. If I had known you were alive, I would have come to see you right away.

Wangoo: I had failed to protect my king. Stand up!

Yurim: What's going on? Seeing you here with Officer Jang makes me think there must be a reason for his betrayal. The people right now are losing hope and are confused because of what Officer Jang has done. He should have died honorably. Then the people would have known how ruthless the present king is. That was his duty as a loyal subject to Prince Aja and King Weeduk.

Wangoo: You're right. That is the duty of a loyal subject.

Yurim: Then how can you have allowed this man to commit this treason? (Wangoo is looking around) These are all trustworthy men and are needed here. What's the reason?

Wangoo: If he were a subject, it would be his duty to die for his king. But he's not a subject.

Yurim: He's not a subject? (thinking) Are you saying...?

My lord! My lord Prince Mugang!

Wangoo: Yes... This is Prince Mugang. Before he died, King Weeduk appointed him as his only heir, Crown Prince Mugang.

Yurim: (kneeling) My lord! My lord Prince Mugang! (Everyone else kneels calling him 'lord.') I didn't know... I didn't know! I was about to commit the most horrible mistake in my life!

Dooil: Brother, what does this mean?

Jang (touching Yurim): No, I was actually moved by your devotion and zeal. Please stand up. Help me. Gather up the anger of the people, gather up their hopes, and be a force that can help me start over.

Yurim: It's my honor, my lord!

Dooil: Brother... oh no... my lord... I am a bit strong. Isn't there a way for you to use me?

Jang: Be my bodyguard.

Dooil (jumping with joy): Like a thread to a needle. Where my brother goes... I mean, where my lord goes... Dooil goes, brother... I mean... I'll take good care of you!


(The king hears from Heuk Chipyung that Jang continues hunting down so many bandits he's like a witch hunter. Giroo's surprised to hear that Jang was 'almost' kidnapped. “How can they let him go?”)

(Yurim and the 'secret' rebels meet with Jang again. Jang tells them they must stop many activities for now. When asked what's going to happen to those people, Jang tells them he'd like to send them to Wansando.)

Jang: An army will be raised there soon. Wangoo Boojang, please train Yurim's men. Since you're an expert, you can train them fast, right?

Wangoo: Yes! As long as they have the basics, I won't have any problems.

Yurim: All my men have basic training already.

Daejang: That should be enough for now. If my men and Yurim's go to Wansando, we'll be hitting at the heart of their power.

Jang: But the most important thing is to help Master Mokrasu finish his mission. (To Sunhwa) Have you found out?

Sunhwa: I've been looking for it but it's not easy.

Yu-rim: What are you looking for?

Sunhwa: I was actually planning to ask you. We're looking for wise scholars who can write the laws and regulations of each town. That's more important than being a king, right? Do you know people like that?

Yurim: My lord!

Jang: Yes?

Yurim: Now that I see my lord, all my fears and worries are vanishing. There is something I didn't tell you yet, my lord.

Wangoo: What is it?

Yurim: The government officials that quit and vanished at the same time I left were followers of Prince Aja. When Prince Aja was alive, he gathered wise government officials and ordered them to write laws and regulations for each town.

Wangoo: That's just like Prince Aja.

Yurim: Afterwards, we were scattered, but our hearts were still united.

Jang: That's just like my brother, just like my brother. He's helping me even now. Indeed, he's my brother... Let me know where these wise scholars are, but let them know beforehand.

Yurim: What should I tell them?

(People are being arrested. A trade officer, a social officer, an expert in armaments and weaponry.)

Heuk Chipyung: Your majesty, Jang's requesting to speak to you on a one-on-one base. What should I tell him?

King: It's too soon for that. (Walking outside to Jang), What did you have to tell me in secret?

What did you have to tell me in secret?

Jang: Your Majesty! While hunting down the thieves, I kept looking for the ones who spread the written notices.

King: Then?

Jang: Then I remembered something Pince Aja told me.

King: What is it?

Jang: That there was a group of government officials who were very loyal to him.

King: Government officials who followed Aja? Who are they?

Jang: He didn't tell me who they were, but I found out something while searching for them. Many officials vanished together after Prince Aja and King Weeduk died, and they belong to a group called Sandang.

King: They vanished together?

Jang: They knew Master Mokrasu and me. They must be the masterminds of all the written notices. Right now, I arrested three of them. Afterwards, I'm planning to capture them all, and I'd like to send them to the prison island. If you kill them right now, the voice of the people may rise again, so I think it's better to sent them to the island for now. You should execute them later.

King: You wanted a secret hearing to tell me this?

Jang: No.

King: Then?

Jang: I wanted to ask you, if I capture them and send them to the prison island...then let Master Mokrasu go free. Please spare his life at least. I'll make up for all the troubles I caused you in the past. Have mercy on Master Mokrasu. Your Majesty.

King: Let's think about that after you've captured all of them.

Jang: Your majesty!

King: You can go now.


King: What a scary man he is! Once he makes up his mind, he doesn't look back.

Heuk Chipyung: It's because of Master Mokrasu that he's doing it. You did well in keeping him a prisoner.

(Dooil shows Jang the prisoners. Jang tells Dooil that there's one more person they must arrest)

It's not as simple as it looks. He must be preparing something.

Wooyoung's mother is criticizing Jang for being a heartless traitor. Wooyoung's saying that it's all good... “because it's not as simple as it looks. He must be preparing something.”

(Sadokwang continues wondering why Jang's changed so much...)


(At the school of science, Mojin is arrested. People cannot believe this.)

Jang: You are being arrested for treason by the orders of the king, and you'll be sent off to the prison island.

Woosoo: Treason? What do you mean?

Jang: Instructor Mojin should know.

Other instructor: We suffered a lot when Giroo betrayed us. How can you do that as well?

Jang: Take her away!

Woosoo: Jang, you shouldn't do this! You can't!


Eunjin: No way! I can't believe this.

Makdosu: This bastard!

Bumro: Are you sure of what you saw?

Woosoo: Yes, I wish I wasn't.

Eunjin: Are you sure it was Jang? Are you?

Woosoo: I'm telling you!

Eunjin: Mommy, mommy!


Oh, my Bumsaeng... You died to keep this bastard alive.

Makdoau (grabbing Jang by the neck): You bastard, how can you do this? People say you're a dog. Have you really turned into a dog?

Dooil: Hey you!

Jang: Let him...

Makdosu: Oh, my Bumsaeng... Oh, my Bumsaeng... You died to keep this bastard alive. You died to keep this good for nothing alive! You should have lived and this son of the devil should have died! Oh, my Bumsaeng!

(Everyone's crying for Mojin)

Makdosu (to Jang): You dog!


Mojin: Why are you doing this?

Jang: You asked me who I was. That's the answer. (To Dooil) Prepare for departure.


(Giroo hears that Mojin is sent to the island. He's getting more and more suspicious. Giroo tells the king that Jang could never betray Mojin since he thinks of her like his mother. Heuk Chipyung says that Giroo has no right to say that since Giroo did exactly that.

(Princess Wooyoung comes to see Jang, gives him a sword-proof jacket and leaves. Dooil comes to tell Jang the prisoners are ready to leave, but Jang reprimands him for speaking of the prisoners in a respectful way. “Watch your language!”)


Makdosu (when Mojin is being sent away on the boat): How can you do this? How can you? Mojin is like your mother. She may be severe but she has a big heart. Jang! (Shaking Jang by the neck) Set Mojin free! Bring her back bring her back! You have to bring Mojin back!

Jang (to his assistants): Let's go.


(Mojin remembers that Jang said: “You asked me who I am? That's the answer.”)

(Mokrasu remembers the note Jang sent him. He's becoming very popular among the prison guards in the island. A boat arrives with more prisoners. Mokrasu sees Mojin. The new prison guard tells the others that more prisoners will be coming, so they need to build more huts.)

Mokrasu: How come you're here? How come? (Mojin hands him a set of books that she had hidden in her laps.) Did Jang send these?

Mojin: Yes.


Mojin: You told me it was because of Jang but not because he's Jang. What does that mean? I asked Jang what he is. And he said that this is the answer. Master, is he...? Is Jang the hidden fourth son of the king? That's the only way I can explain everything. Is that it?

The way Yungamo left you so suddenly, the way you're trying to save Jang, putting your own life on the line. Is that because he's the fourth prince?

Mokrasu: Yes, you're right.

Mojin: What! Why didn't you tell me? Why did you hide this from me? Did you think I would not follow him because he's Yungamo's son? Were you afraid that I'd denounce him, blinded by my jealousy towards Yungamo?

Mokrasu: Mojin...

Mojin: I was bitter towards you again and again, so bitter my mind couldn't think of anything else. Why did you allow this? Why didn't you explain to me?

Mokrasu: I didn't want you to know. We don't know what's going to happen to us. How could I ask you to share this big burden with me? What have I ever done for you? Who am I to ask you this?

Mojin: Master... master!

How could I ask you to share this big burden with me?


(Eunjin tells Jang that Mkdosu is trying to commit suicide. Jang runs to find him.)

Bumro: Father, father! Why are you doing this? You're going to drown yourself. Let's go, let's go back.

Makdosu: I don't want to live. There's no reason for me to live.

Bumro: Father, why are you doing this? Father...

Makdosu: Take me to that lake... Let me go!

Bumro: Father, don't do this!

Jang: Mister, mister! You shouldn't do this. Mister, you shouldn't do this.

Bumro: Let me go, you bastards!

Jang: Don't do this. I know how you feel.

Makdosu: Take me to that lake. Take me there you bastards! Let me go!

Dooil: What's happening here! Let's bring him back! Let's go!

Makdosu: Let me go!

Oh my! Oh my! I don't want to live anymore!

Eunjin: Are you all right?

Makdosu: Don't stop me. Don't stop me!

Jang: Mister... you are like a father to me... you shouldn't leave like this.

Makdosu: Your father? Yes, I didn't blame you when my son Bumsaeng died. It was because I thought of you as my son too. But now, all I have left is regrets. You arrested Mokrasu and Mojin, who are like parents to you. So I don't know anymore. So I must die. That's all I've left right now. So don't stop me. are like a father to me... you shouldn't leave like this.

Jang: Mister, don't do this. I'll tell you.

Dooil: Brother, no...

Jang: I'll tell you...

Makdosu: What are you going to tell me?

Jang: Actually... I am the fourth son.

Eunjin: What? What did he say?

Bumro: That he's the fourth son.

Makdosu: Did you change your name?

Jang: I am the fourth son of King Weeduk.

Makdosu: The fourth son everyone is looking for, the cause of so many troubles, that fourth son?

Jang: Yes...


(Eunjin, Makdosu and Bumro are waking up from their shock. Makdosu is very proud, remembering Jang saying that he's like a father to Jang. Sunhwa comes to tell them to continue acting as if nothing happened, but to encourage Jang since he needs it).

(At the prison island, the 'mission' is starting... The former government officials introduce themselves to Mokrasu.)

Mokrasu: We must definitely finish the work started by Prince Aja! The guards are not watching us too closely, but we must still be very careful.


(Wangoo is training Yurim's men, while Giroo is raising an army. Sunhwa continues to befriend the king. Giroo continues searching but finds nothing. When the king announces that he has decided to pardon Jang for his past mistakes because of his present devotion, Giroo asks the king to make him his second-in command. Princess Wooyoung is appointed the director of the School of Science.)

So that I can watch you closer, and to have someone capable under you.

When Jang looks at Giroo, wondering the reason for Giroo's request to the king, he tells Jang that the elders already have answered: in order to watch him closer, and to have someone capable under him.

Giroo: Now, I'm going to take a break, so take care of the army in the meantime.


(Princes Wooyoung is looking for pretty cloth in order to make a garment for Jang. Meanwhile, Heuk Chipyung introduces Jang to Sunhwa.)

Heuk Chipyung: Officer Jang is doing such a great job. General Giroo looks older nowadays. But wait... You two would make a perfect couple.

What do you think of Merchant Jin? (Jang says nothing.)

Heuk Chipyung: How about Merchant Jin?

Sunhwa: Ah... will you introduce us?

Heuk Chipyung: So you don't dislike him, huh? Officer Jang, are you shy?

Jang: No, its just...

Heuk Chipyung: Ha ha, who knows? Just wait, I'll be back.

Jang: I was sweating like crazy. Why are you doing this?

Sunhwa: I did it because I haven't seen you for a while. (Jang is trying to pull back the hands that she is holding) But Seodong, I heard you gave the sword-proof jacket that Princess Wooyoung gave you to Dooil.

Jang: Yes...

Sunhwa: She'll be hurt.

Jang: But...

(Heuk Chipyung comes back and continues praising Sunhwa, telling her she's the smartest woman he's ever met. Meanwhile, Giroo goes to the prison island to do a search... but finds nothing).

She knows...?

Princess Wooyoung gives Jang the garment she made by herself, staying up for three consecutive nights. Jang rejects the gift. Wooyoung leaves... but then she goes back to Jang, trying to force his hands. Giroo is listening...

Wooyoung: Take this. If you want to live, take this. I know... I know everything.

Giroo: She knows?

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