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Episodes 35 — 40

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Jang honors his father's wish that he become king in order to fulfill his dream of restoring Baekje to greatness. Buyeosun is close to achieving his long sought power and glory and will do anything to keep it, including eliminating the rightful heir to the thrown.

Emotional bonds complicate the lives of Princess Sunhwa, Wooyoung and Jang. Giroo continues to walk a path of deceit and betrayal. Political intrigue, loyalty, betrayal and love continue to unfold in the SBS Productions drama, Seo Dong Yo.


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Episode 35

Jang and Mokrasu are awaiting official word to present Jang as prince and new king. Meanwhile, suspicious of Buyeosun's absence, Giroo comes into the palace and notices splatters of blood on the snow, confirming his suspicion that something is going awry.

Jang and Mokrasu await official word to present Jang as prince and new king.

Buyeogae and his family (minus Buyeosun) are stopped by Giroo as they are on their way to the ceremony; Giroo informs them of what he has seen, and tells the family to move to a safe place until things get sorted out. While en route, they are attack by Weeduk's guards led by Wangoo, but Buyeosun's family manage to escape.

King Weeduk, upon hearing that Wangoo has failed to catch his brothers family, orders him to take Jang to a safe place while he goes to the ceremony. He says the least he can do is publicly declare Jang a prince and the rightful heir to the throne. Coincidentally, the 'safe place' where Buyeosun's family hides is the same place Mokrasu and Jang are waiting, although in an adjacent room. Mokrasu and Jang overhear about the fiasco that has taken place in the palace during the last hour.

In front of the nobles, King Weeduk quickly tries to read his declaration for Jang's ascension, but Buyeosun and his men storm the palace preventing the king from doing so. During the coup on the palace, the less important Mokrasu people (i.e. those that were sympathetic to Giroo) die.

Weeduk manages to escape the palace; Jang fails to escape since Buyeosun's family and their guards are protecting the building (although they don't know that Jang and Mokrasu are there).

The scroll declares Prince Muguang successor king.

When Buyeosun reaches the site for his father's ceremony, he finds that the scrolls declaring his father the next king, instead declare Prince Muguang successor. Buyeosun's family is stunned and enacts an all-out search for the prince, who they know must be somewhere in the palace.

King Weeduk sends a group of his guards to rescue Jang, but they are greatly outnumbered by soldiers guarding Buyeosun's family. Giroo wonders why the king would send his last remaining guards to attack Buyeosun's family when the king's guards are out numbered. Giroo figures that the only reason for the 'suicide attack' is that Prince Muguang must be in the building. By the time Giroo realizes this, Mokrasu and Jang manage to escape.

The notices that Sunhwa distributed outside the palace, telling of Buyeosun's scheme to kill the first prince, have reached wide circulation. When the commoners see Buyeosun's soldiers storming the palace, they are convinced that the rumors must be true.

Back in the palace, Buyeosun's family is concerned because the king isn't there. How are they going to explain this to the nobles? The royal scroll declaring Buyeogae king isn't there either. Since nobles and commoners alike have seen Buyeosun's men forcefully attacking the palace, they are not likely to recognize Buyeogae and his family as legitimate heirs to the throne.

The nobles are divided between those who support Buyeosun and his family and those who are outraged by him, his actions and break with tradition. Giroo reports to Buyeosun that the Royal Seal is missing. (Jang has the Royal Seal. Possessing the seal is essential for someone to become the legitimate king.)

Jang wonders why the king would attempt such a crazy plan; Sunhwa tells him that it was necessary so that even if Jang doesn't become king that day, at least the stage is set so that in the future he could become king and rightful heir.

Jang sends notices to the nobles stating that Prince Muguang is the only rightful heir and that Buyeosun had Aja Taeja killed

Jang sends notices to the nobles that oppose Buyeogae, stating that Prince Muguang is the only rightful heir and that Buyeosun had Aja Taeja killed (he uses the king's seal). The notices reaffirms their skepticism about the legitimacy of Buyeosun's father, and since these notices are stamped with the Royal Seal, they know that Buyeogae does not have the seal and cannot be a legitimate king. Although there is now a group of nobles that oppose Buyeosun's family, they wonder how they can support Prince Muguang when they don't even know who he is.

Concerned that the Royal Seal cannot be recovered, Buyeosun orders Giroo to forge another one. At this time Buyeosun, Giroo and Wooyoung hear about the notices Sunhwa spread, as well as the notes that the nobles received. Giroo declares that the only way for Buyeogae to be king is to bring the king back alive. They use Weeduk's right-hand man, Jin-yeo (Aja Taeja's father-in-law), to catch the king. Jin-yeo is told the only way his family will survive is to turn over the king, and reluctantly he does.

While King Weeduk is being taken back to the palace, his guards have a fight in the middle of a busy marketplace with Buyeosun's soldiers, led by Giroo. In a blaze of sword fighting, Weeduk is mortally wounded. Surrounded by his citizens, and with his last dying breath, King Weeduk tells the people that Prince Muguang is the only rightful heir. From a distance, Jang sadly watches his father die.

Weeduk's last dying breath ... Prince Mugang is the rightful heir to the throne.divider

Episode 36

Upon hearing the king declaring Prince Muguang as the rightful heir in the middle of a busy marketplace, Buyeosun orders a massacre of all the people who might have witnessed the event, including some of his own soldiers. He orders his men to wear plain robes so it seems like someone else's attack, perhaps trying to put the blame on the fourth prince. This also makes it seem as if these 'unknown' attackers killed the king, not Buyeosun's men. Even Giroo is stunned by such a brutal act on so many innocent people.

Sataek Giroo and Buyesun find the king's body in the marketplace.

While everyone cries over the king's death, Jang seems stoic. He tells Sunhwa, “Don't think I am cold-hearted, I am different from them. I don't kill innocent people to serve my purpose, my purpose is to serve these people. I will become the owner of this seal.”

King Weeduk's right hand man (first prince's father-in-law) turns over the box with the Royal Seal, but they find that the box is empty. They figure that Mokrasu and Jang must have the seal.

Wondering where they might be hiding, Giroo orders a search of the princess's house. Meanwhile, Buyeosun's attendant , Heuk Chipyung, orders the torture of Mokrasu's Academy people in the hope of uncovering the location of Mokrasu and Jang. Even if they wanted to, they are unable to confess because they don't know where Jang and Mokrasu are hiding.

Princess Sunhwa approaches Wooyoung to woo her (pun intended). She asks Wooyoung, “Have I done something to displease you? Why are there soldiers searching my house?” Sunhwa goes on to tell Wooyoung that she should begin forming alliances for her own good, and that she will join her side. Wooyoung wonders why Princess Sunhwa would join her side and not Buyeosun's.

Sunhwa tells her that Buyeosun's merchant, Kim Saheum, (Giroo's father) has become the dominant merchant under the protection of Buyeosun, threatening to push other merchants out of business, and thus Buyeosun becomes strong not only militarily but financially as well. Sunhwa pleads for an alliance so that both she and Wooyoung can prevent Buyeosun from getting too much power.

Wooyoung goes to Giroo and orders him to consult with her before conducting such searches.

Jang's merchant friend, Gaekjoo, has organized a band of 500 fighters, but Jang concludes they are no match for the army that Buyeosun controls. Although Gaekjoo says he could gather more men, Jang says that it will be easily noticed if their army gets any larger, and could be squashed by Buyeosun's army.

Buyeosun approaches the nobles and asks them to give up thousands of men and soldiers for his father's cause. The nobles are unwilling to give up their human resources so easily, refusing to give in to their demands unless they possess the Royal Seal. The nobles refuse to recognize Buyeosun's father as the king. He is outraged and considers using his army to forcefully taking their men and wealth. Giroo and Wooyoung oppose this, stating that the only reason they were able to get to this position is because they've had the nobles' support.

The nobles who oppose Buyeosun have a scheme: use the same tactic he used against the first prince. The nobles approach Wooyoung and her mother, saying they are willing to recognize Wooyoung's father as king if he agrees to expel Buyeosun from the court for 5 years (this is why the first prince was 'away' in the beginning of the series).

Wooyoung and her mother recognize the tough choice; although they dislike Buyeosun for having too much control, they also realize that the only reason the nobles respect the family is because of him. When Buyeosun hears of the nobles' request he is outraged.

Jang goes to Wooyoung and tells her that he is now ready to take her up on her offer. She tells him that the offer is no longer on the table, but Jang tells her that without his help, she will not gain the two things she needs most. She asks, “What two things?” Jang replies, “Think hard and it will become obvious.”

Jang goes to make a deal with Wooyoung but Giroo shows up too.

Princess Sunhwa, Wangoo, Mokrasu and Gaekjoo ask Jang what he is planning to do, and he says he will offer to give up the Royal Seal. They argue against it, but Jang says that the Royal Seal is meaningless in their hands, and that ultimately it is just a piece of metal. What he wishes to attain is something greater, to gain the skill and ability to rule wisely. He asks Mokrasu to return to the court with him, and for Mokrasu to begin teaching him the 'ways of a king' (i.e. the education that a prince traditionally receives).

Wooyoung realizes that the two things she needs most is the Royal Seal and the fourth prince. She tries to find Jang but doesn't know how to reach him. Sunhwa approaches Wooyoung and tells her that she is guarding a man named Jang, and asks what she wants with him. The princess takes Wooyoung to Jang, and pretending to be betrayed by Sunhwa Jang says, “How could you bring her here?”

Wooyoung tells him not to worry. She tells Jang what she believes are the 'two things she needs most, and he says she is correct. Jang then presents her with a head, telling her that it is the head of the fourth prince. Wooyoung replies, “How dare you! You think you can fool me.” Jang replies, “Will you believe me if I also offer you the necklace of the fourth prince?”

As Wooyoung walks back to the palace with Sunhwa, she asks her what she would do in her shoes. She tells Wooyoung that allying with Jang seems to be a win-win situation for her since with the Royal Seal, her father can become king, and with the fourth prince's head and necklace, she can use it against Buyeosun.

Furthermore, Sunhwa tells Wooyoung, “You will also get the support of Jang and Mokrasu in the process.” Wooyoung replies with a smirk, “Yes, it is support from them that most interests me now.” Sunhwa appears puzzled by Wooyoung's comment.

Sunhwa and those around Jang are opposed to him giving up his necklace, since it is the only proof that he is the prince. He disagrees, saying “It is not the necklace that makes a prince, but his wisdom and skills.” He tells them that he and Mokrasu will return to the court and re-establish themselves and gain the knowledge to re-raise Baekje as his father and brother dreamed.

Jang and Mokrasu present the king's seal and scroll

Wooyoung and her mother make their case to Buyeogae and he agrees to Jang's the plan.

When Buyeogae sits in the king's seat, the nobles declare once more that Baekje's people cannot recognize a king who does not have the Royal Seal or the King's Declaration naming him the next king.

To Buyeosun's and Giroo's surprise, Buyeogae states, “I have the seal and the declaration.” It is then that Jang and Mokrasu enter the room, carrying the seal and the king's declaration.

He goes on to say, “I accept my brother's pronouncement as the next king. As my first declaration as king, I appoint Mokrasu and Jang as my primary advisors. I also name Mokrasu as director of the Academy and Jang as a state official.”

Buyeosun and Giroo are stunned.


Episode 37

When the new king announces the positions for Jang and Mokrasu, Buyeosun opposes the act stating that they are suspicious runaways, but Wooyoung contradicts him by saying that they ran away for the honorable purpose of protecting the royal seal. Buyeosun is obviously upset and declares to Wooyoung that the act was a political stab for him. Wooyoung remains calm and tells him that it was the best choice for both the king and him since quieting political unrest was most essential. (Note: Wooyoung matter-of-factly mentions Buyeosun as the next king, obviously to make Buyeosun happy when this is the last thing she wants.)

Buyeosun's attendant, Heuk Chipyung, agrees with him that they have been back-stabbed and need to take drastic action. However, Giroo disagrees and tells him that he should give in for the moment, since any drastic actions could irreparably damage his political future.

Afterwards, Buyeosun confronts his father on why the king did not consult with him beforehand. The queen interrupts saying, “You mean to tell me that the king needs your permission? He is the king and he has made his decision.” Buyeosun replies, saying that it was he that made his father a king, but the queen disagrees saying that he helped, but made things difficult by alienating the nobles and losing track of the royal seal. (The queen credits Wooyoung for bringing back the seal and giving her father the throne.)

Buyeosun then confronts Wooyoung regarding the fourth prince. He wonders what Wooyoung knows about the fourth prince, telling her that his existence could ruin everything for their family. Wooyoung simply tells him not to worry. This makes Buyeosun angrier since it's obvious that Wooyoung is keeping secrets from him.

The nobles are initially unsure if the king's new decision makes matters better or worse for them. They ultimately decide to just watch the Wooyoung vs. Buyeosun quibble since it weakens the man who threatens them most.

Buyeosun believes that the only reason Jang and Mokrasu could have returned and for Wooyoung to be so confident is that Jang, Mokrasu and Wooyoung have the fourth prince's necklace. He orders an investigation of the entire academy and a search of Wooyoung's chambers.

Buyeosun has Jang and Mokrasu tortured trying to find the necklace

Buyeosun has Jang and Mokrasu tortured trying to find the necklace, but when Wooyoung learns of this, she stops the investigation. Of course, the nobles ally with Wooyoung in opposing Buyeosun's torture of Jang and Mokrasu, declaring him outrageous to defy the king's will.

King Buyeogae scolds Buyeosun, saying, “You dare to be more powerful than the king!” Giroo tells Buyeosun to calm down since he is quickly losing the favor of the nobles, something that Buyeosun needs if he expects to succeed his father, Buyeogae.

Giroo tells Mokrasu and Jang that he knows that they must have the necklace, but they tell Giroo that Buyeosun's militant and aggressive attitude will help no one, including Buyeosun. (Giroo seems to be questioning his support for Buyeosun, who appears to react too quickly and without thinking.) intended to go all the way down your path, and I will do the same.

Jang tells Giroo, “Just stop right now. No matter how things began, just stop here, and you can be forgiven.” Giroo replies, “Let's go all the way. When you returned to the palace, you intended to go all the way down your path, and I will do the same.”

Mojin tells Mokrasu that she cannot understand how he could have passed the royal seal to Wooyoung. Mokrasu's people also are disappointed with his decision, having just witnessed their own people being slaughtered by Buyeosun's troops.

Mojin tells Mokrasu that he is now involved in politics, which is against the rules of the academy. She tells him that the man she loves has always stood by his principles and not bend to political pressure, whatever the reason. Mokrasu affectionately calls 'Mojin, and she replies, “Do you realize this is the first time that you have called in such a way, but it is too late. I am too tired to watch you be in danger. I am afraid of the palace and its ways. What I'm most afraid of is that you cannot leave this frightful place.” Mojin decides to leave the palace academy.

Jang comes to Mokrasu and asks him to consider telling Mojin their plans, but Mokrasu tells Jang that her leaving is a good thing. If Jang and Mokrasu are killed, it is Mojin who will keep Mokrasu's philosophy and teachings alive.

In a short scene, Eunjin, (the academy girl who likes Jang) comes to the princess and says, “Aren't you worried about Wooyoung? Jang and Wooyoung spend all their time together.” We see Sunhwa with a perplexed expression.

Mokrasu and Jang tell Wooyoung that the two things she must do is raise her own army to block Buyeosun, and depose him as the handler of official documents. (Buyeosun has been unofficially in charge of 'filtering' all the letters the king receives to sort out the most important news from the rest.) Jang and Mokrasu tell Wooyoung this is how Buyeosun has been controlling the opinion and mind of the former king by having him read scrolls that support Buyeosun's beliefs.

Jang and Wooyoung send orders to prevent anyone from reading the king's scrolls before the king himself.

Wooyoung asks Sunhwa to help her raise an army. The princess acts hesitant, telling Wooyoung that this will put her in danger, along with all those that work under her... but she agrees to raise an army. Furthermore, she tells Wooyoung that she may act as if she is working for Buyeosun when she is around him. (i.e. She's saying, “I will be a double agent to protect myself, but I work for you, Wooyoung.”)

After her meeting with Wooyoung, Sunhwa goes to Buyeosun and asks him to support her in opening more stores throughout Baekje. Afterwards, Giroo asks the princess her motives, and she tells Giroo that since Buyeosun is the most powerful person when it comes to trade and business, she will side with him. Furthermore, she tells Giroo to keep his word and not reveal her identity to Buyeosun or she will reveal his in return.

Buyeosun, getting word that he is being deposed of the position of handling mail, confronts the king. The king, however, tells Buyeosun that in order to remove suspicion of bias from the nobles, it is in Buyeosun's best interest not to remain in the position.

Buyeosun has an outburst of anger, throwing books around like a lunatic, hitting Giroo in the process. Upon seeing Giroo bleeding, Jang again tells him to give up.

After Jang gives a report of Buyeosun's outburst to Wooyoung, she has a moment when she wonders, “Is the only reason you came to me for revenge?” (i.e. She wants him to have come back for her.)

Wooyoung takes all the scrolls containing the nobles complains of Buyeosun to her father (which would normally have been filtered out by Buyeosun). We also see that the king's health is not well.

Giroo bows down before General Buyeosun

Buyeosun is angry and uses his soldiers to imprison all nobles who sent letters of complaint against him. He tries to kill all the nobles, but Giroo asks Buyeosun to kill him first since everything is his fault. He tells Buyeosun that had he made sure the transition from the previous king was smoother, none of this would have happened. Buyeosun backs off.

The next day Buyeosun comes to the nobles and apologizes for his rash actions of the day before, and asks for their forgiveness just once.

Although Jang and Wooyoung were surprised to see Giroo risk his life the day before, they agree that they are happy to see Giroo keep his loyalty with someone, even if it is Buyeosun.

Kim Saheum, Giroo's father, asks him what they should do about Jang and the princess. Giroo replies, “There is a simple way.”

Wooyoung wonders what sort of sincerity does she want from Jang?

In the next scene, we see Wooyoung staring at Jang. Wooyoung asks Jang, “Could you be as loyal to me as Giroo was to Buyeosun yesterday? I cannot ask you to be as dedicated to me as you were to the first prince, but I would like to ask you to try.”

“Dedication is ultimately sincerity. When a person's sincerity to his country grows, it becomes dedication; between friends it becomes affection; with parents it becomes respect; with a lover, it becomes love. It doesn't matter which of these it may be, give me sincerity.”

Jang doe not give her an answer, and Wooyoung leaves wondering, “What sort of sincerity do I want from Jang?”

Giroo comes to Wooyoung, telling her that Jang and Mokrasu have known Sunhwa for a long time. When Wooyoung tells Giroo that this is just his pathetic attempt to break up her alliance with them, he tells her to check it out herself. Suspicious, she looks for Jang but does not find him. She finds him instead with Sunhwa at her home.

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Episode 38

The episode begins with Wooyoung witnessing Jang and Princess Sunhwa leaving for a meeting with Wangoo, the former king's guard. Wangoo does not arrive, and as they had agreed previously, Jang and Sunhwa split up after waiting for an hour to eliminate suspicion.

Wooyoung tells Giroo that she trusts Jang and Mokrasu. Giroo says, “Fine, if that is your decision, ignore what I have told you.” But he knows from Wooyoung's expression that she is clearly shaken up.

Acting as a caring son (which is the strategy that Giroo advised), Buyeosun comes to the king and asks that a physician in the Academy, rather than the family physician treat him. If his father is treated by an Academy physician, Buyeosun will be able to meddle and check on his father's health, which he cannot do while the king is treated by a close family friend.

Giroo comes to Buyeosun to assure him that lying-low for the moment is the best strategy; he now firmly agrees and apologizes for his earlier actions.

One man between two women...

Sunhwa meets with Wooyoung and Jang to discuss raising an army. Wooyoung assigns Jang to oversee the project with the princess. She also makes a down payment so the princess can start building an army. Meanwhile, she assigns her guards to watch the movement of Jang and Sunhwa.

Jang and Sunhwa leave for the site where they have already been raising an army. Wooyoung's guard sees the site, as well as Wangoo.

Wooyoung, unable to keep her poker face, asks Giroo how he knows of Jang and Sunhwa's affairs. He replies, “Ignore what I told you earlier. Remember, you said you trusted them.”

Buyeosun comes to Wooyoung and apologizes for his earlier actions and asks to bury the hatchet.

Upon seeing this, Mokrasu warns her not to be persuaded by their empty words. Wooyoung struggles trying to decide whom to trust.

Wooyoung's guard informs her that Wangoo is present and that a sizeable army of five hundred men are already there. Wooyoung feels that she's being used by them, and orders the immediate capture of Jang, Mokrasu and Sunhwa, but in the end, she calls it off, telling her guard to watch their movements for a while longer.

Jang has a meeting with the head of the nobles who is trying to form an alliance with the Wooyoung-Jang-Mokrasu camp.

Wooyoung's guard tells her the father of Gaekjoo was killed by the Chinese merchant (whose daughter the Princess is pretending to be). If you recall from an earlier episode, Gaekjoo captured the Princess thinking that she is the TRUE daughter of his father's killer, but lets her go when he realizes that she's an imposter. Wooyoung wonders how two people who should be sworn enemies could work together. Wooyoung's guard tells her that the Chinese merchant died a year ago. She wonders why this man's own daughter doesn't know that he has died. It's then she realizes that Sunhwa is not who she claims to be.

Wooyoung comes to Jang and asks if he has ever been betrayed. He says yes, and she asks him how it felt. Jang replies, “It hurt more than being hit in the face with a stone.” Wooyoung continues by asking him if he has betrayed anyone. He tells her, “No, I would never betray someone to whom I've given my trust and sincerity.” She then thinks, “Then... you've never given me sincerity.”

Jang goes to Giroo, believing him to be responsible, but Giroo tells him no.

When the Princess disappears, Jang, Mokrasu and Gaekjoo search for her. Jang goes to Giroo, believing him to be responsible, but Giroo tells him no. (Giroo now knows that his plan to divide-and-conquer Wooyoung's people is working.)

Wooyoung calls Mokrasu and Jang and tells them, “Something big could have happened to us. We shouldn't have trusted someone,” as Wooyoung's guards bring in Sunhwa. Wooyoung tells Mokrasu and Jang that she is not the Chinese merchant's daughter and orders her killed in front of them.

There is a dramatic scene where Gaekjoo's men come to protect Sunhwa, followed by more of Wooyoung's soldiers to block his men. Jang orders them to drop their swords.

Wooyoung asks them to explain themselves if they wished to live. Right before Wooyoung's guard prepares to behead the princess, Jang tells her that Sunhwa is not Chinese but a Shilla woman...whom he loves. He tells Wooyoung how she left her own country and identity for him.

Stunned, Wooyoung calls off her men. We see her cry as she watches Jang comforting Sunhwa.

Additional Translation by Priscilla:

I translated the part where Wooyoung had captured Sunhwa and was going to execute her. At the same time Wooyoung gongju was 'testing' Jang and the professor... trying to see how loyal they were to her, since she found out they have been lying to her. Now, Jang remembered how he had passionately told her recently he'd never betray those he had given his heart to... so he realizes Wooyoung gongju must feel betrayed at this very moment... Thus, he tells his friends to take off the arms and kneel down in surrender before Wooyoung gongju (because true victory does not come by force of arms, but by conquering the hearts of men).

Then Mokrasu begs for forgiveness, for having hidden some truth of their past, before they lost their king and their fourth prince... and Wooyoung gongju then asks who 'that woman' is... “Isn't she related to the fourth prince? Isn't she the one who revealed the identity of the fourth prince to all of you?”

Sunhwa: No, that's not true!

Princess wait... she is from Shilla.

Wooyoung: Then... what are you? Tell me so I'll understand. I guess they cannot tell me since you are related to the fourth prince. If you can't explain to me right now, that means she's connected to the prince. (To her guards) Kill these traitors right now!

Guard: Yes!

Jang: Princess wait! (Kneeling down) She is from Shilla...

Wooyoung: What? From Shilla?

Jang: She is the woman I love. She is the woman from our enemies nation, the one Giroo mentioned to you before, the one I got in trouble with...

She came to Baekje because of me. The reason she's involved in this dangerous business... it's only because I'm walking this path right now. This woman has nothing to do with any of this. Please forgive me... Please forgive me for not having revealed this truth to you before...

Wooyoung walks away, listening

Then, Jang goes into re-committing himself to Wooyoung gongju, saying that he will die for her and for her father... Then the professor and the friend both vow their loyalties to Wooyoung gongju, to fight against gongju's brother. Wooyoung gongju sets them free and walks away... still listening.

Jang: (untying Sunhwa) are you okay?

Sunhwa: I'm fine.

Jang: Lean on me...

NVZBL's translation continues:

After the ordeal, Jang, Mokrasu, Princess Sunhwa and Gaekjoo wonder what will happen to them, but they ultimately decide to just wait and continue as planned.

Jang asks Princess Sunhwa to leave because he is worried about her safety. She replies, “In this time, have you begun to like Wooyoung?” He replies, “What are you talking about?” She replies, “There's a thing called women's intuition.” She refuses to leave.

When the king's condition worsens, the queen finally agrees to make use of the Academy physician. After being examined, we find out that the king suffers from diabetes (which the queen and Wooyoung knew about but hid from everyone else), which has severely worsened. The physician tells them that there's little he can do at this stage of disease. Queen orders the people present to keep the king's condition a secret.

Giroo, however, figures out the king's condition by looking at the remains of the medicinal brew for the king, and informs Buyeosun.

Wooyoung and the Queen worry how they will fend off Buyeosun knowing that the Queen's son is currently too young to receive the throne. The Queen asks Wooyoung if she would consider marrying Giroo, even though he is not noble, because the queen believes that Giroo has many allies and could win over the support of the nobles.

Giroo tells Wooyoung not to fight Buyeosun and that if she continues it will only make her life harder.

Wooyoung returns to her chambers, and cries thinking of Jang, “Since when... since when did I?...”

In the final scene, Jang pleads once more for Princess Sunhwa to leave for Shilla or China. He tells her, “I must now walk the deadly path of the fourth prince... please leave!” ... And Wooyoung overhears this.

(End of Episode)

Additional translation by Priscilla:

Jang was very silent and looking down, buried in deep thought. (He was told he had to raise a secret army.)

Sunhwa: You won't have to decide right away, so please, do not look so troubled. Nor discouraged...

Jang: Yes, I won't be discouraged for that. However... please take your hands off this matter. Either go back to where my mother used to live, or go to China. I'm pleading with you... and I'm commanding you! I'm about to walk the path that may lead me to my death... to become the fourth prince of Baekje... that of the heir of the throne... the path to become the king. So please get out of my sight right now!

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Episode 39

Jang pleads with Sunhwa to leave, and in the process Wooyoung overhears that Jang is the fourth prince. Jang tells the princess that because he loves her, she must leave. In reply, she tells him that love doesn't mean separating when the other is in harms way but rather the opposite. Love means always staying together, especially when there is danger.

Wooyoung overhears that Jang is the fourth prince.

Jang asks Mokrasu what he should learn next. Mokrasu tells him that Jang needs to lead a discovery that will define and revolutionize the period, giving the example of how the first king who raised Baekje to greatness did so by using his knowledge of trade and supply of salt. Mokrasu tells Jang that the next period will be defined by rice, which is not a major crop at this time, and tells him to research rice farming and expand it throughout Baekje.

Wooyoung feels that she has been used by Jang in his scheme to take the throne, is angry with herself, and vows to kill him.

Back in Wooyoung's room, Buyeosun promises not to harm her, the Queen Mother or her brother when he takes the throne. In return, he asks her for proof that she took care of the fourth prince.

Meanwhile, the king's condition becomes worse, and Wooyoung's mother tells her that they should probably accept Buyeosun's deal. Wooyoung writes a note stating, “The one who brings you this letter is the fourth prince.”

Jang, under Mokrasu's guidance, continues his study of Baekje's inner workings. With the princess's help, Jang studies Baekje's districts, the leaders, their crops and assets.

When Sunhwa brings a chest of gifts to Wooyoung, as an apology for hiding her relationship with Jang, the princess absentmindedly uses her nickname for him, Seo Dong (sweet potato seller), and ends up telling Wooyoung how she met Jang as a young child. This angers Wooyoung even more.

Wooyoung calls Jang to her chambers and offers him a drink, saying this is how Buyeosun and Giroo started their alliance and she wanted to do the same with him. Wooyoung tells Jang that there must be no secrets between them, and asks him if there is any other secrets he is keeping from her (knowing full well that Jang is the fourth prince). He tells her no.

Are there secrets you are keeping from me?

She gives him a small chest containing the prince's necklace and the note she wrote earlier, telling him to take it to Buyeosun. As he leaves with the small chest, Wooyoung begins to wonder, “Wait, does this mean he will die?”

On the walk back, Jang asks Wooyoung what was in the chest.

Jang takes the chest to Buyeosun and unlocks it, but just before Buyeosun opens the chest, Wooyoung rushes into the room, telling him it is the wrong chest and offers him the one Sunhwa gave her earlier. Buyeosun and Giroo later open the chest and find that it is full of women's jewelry. Giroo says, “I think what has been changed is not the gift but Wooyoung's mind.”

On the walk back, Jang asks Wooyoung what was in the chest. She confesses that she tried to turn Mokrasu and Jang over to Buyeosun in exchange for her family's safety. “But I couldn't watch you die. Since when, I do not know... but what I do know is that I cannot kill you. This displeases me, but I seem to have given my heart to you.”

Giroo comes to Wooyoung and tells her that he believes the original small chest was the right one, since the one she brought is full of only women's jewelry. He then asks Wooyoung if the small chest contained the fourth prince's necklace. He slyly tells Wooyoung not to trust Mokrasu and Jang because they have secrets.

Wooyoung replies, “There is an explanation for their secrets. It appears that Jang and Sunhwa are lovers...” Then she turns the table on Giroo saying, “What I don't understand is your actions, Giroo. You already knew that they were lovers. Why didn't you tell Buyeosun about it? Why would you betray Mokrasu? Are you in love with her?”

With Wooyoung's permission, Jang begins to investigate the best way to grow rice. He tries to make an accurate map of Baekje to better understand the land and soil. As Wooyoung watches Jang work diligently, she falls for him even more.

Mojin dreams of Buyeosun killing Mokrasu. Worried for Mokrasu, she goes near his room. While there, she learns that the king has just passed away. Knowing that Buyeosun now has the power to easily kill Mokrasu, Mojin lies and tells him that there is someone he must meet right away, outside the palace.

The king passes away.

Immediately, Buyeosun gives orders to capture Jang and Mokrasu. Mokrasu cannot be found (since he's being led away by Mojin). Princess Sunhwa also sends men to find Jang before the others do.

Meanwhile Jang and Wooyoung, who are oblivious to the king's death, are on their way back to the palace after inspecting her 'army', the one that Jang and princess have been growing in a distant town. Due to the late hour, Wooyoung and Jang stop at a remote mansion for the night. Wooyoung tell Jang there is something she must tell him.

In the mansion, Jang thanks Wooyoung for not revealing everything to Buyeosun, and vows to make sure nothing bad happens to her. He continues, “However, I cannot accept the heart that I have taken from you. I cannot do anything about that. I sincerely love Sunhwa.” She replies, “You don't have to love me back. What is important is that I cannot hurt you. That leaves me only one option, you must marry me.”


Episode 40

Wooyoung proposes a marriage with Jang, saying, “The reason is that I know you are...” At that moment, Giroo bursts into the room and tells them the king has passed away. Wooyoung leaves for the palace in a carriage, but Giroo detains Jang. Wooyoung tries to turn around when she discovers that Jang is not coming with her, but the soldiers follow Giroo's orders and head for the palace.

Giroo captures Jang

Jang is tied up and beaten by Giroo, who demands to know the location of the fourth prince. Jang tells Giroo that the prince died along with the king during the massacre in the market place, but Giroo refuses to believe this, saying that Jang and Mokrasu would not join forces with Wooyoung and return to the palace unless the prince were alive.

Furthermore, Giroo insists that Jang would not risk Princess Sunhwa's life by getting her involved unless the prince was alive. Jang replies that she will risk her life for him because they love each other that much, something that Giroo wouldn't understand. Giroo beats him more.

When the boat carrying Mokrasu and Mojin arrives at a distant place, she finally tells him that the king has passed away. Mojin asks Mokrasu to go with her to a far away place, but Mokrasu says he must return for Jang. She tells him, “I won't ask you to love me, but I want you to at least stay alive.” They end up spending the night together in a cave, but Mokrasu ultimately leaves Mojin behind and heads for the palace.

I won't ask you to love me, but I want you to at least stay alive.

Watching Mokrasu leave on the boat, Mojin tells herself to forget him, believing that Mokrasu's attachment to Jang is due to his inability to forget Jang's mother.

With Giroo beating him, Jang acknowledges that Giroo has a right to hate him for taking away his original goal of marrying the princess and becoming Shilla's king. Jang asks Giroo, “If you became king, did you have goals that you dreamed of accomplishing for the common people? If not, I sincerely hope you'll begin thinking about it now.” Giroo tells Jang that the saying, “A king is his people,” is a lie and that the common people are nothing more than pawns to be used by the more powerful.

Sunhwa, desperate to find Jang, goes to Kim Saheum and demands to have Jang returned safely. When Kim Saheum threatens princess by telling her that Giroo is now the soon-to-be king's right-hand man, she fights back by threatening to reveal Giroo as a Shilla person.

During the ceremony to formally appoint Buyeosun the new king, Eunjin, pretending to be one of Wooyoung's attendants, asks her where Jang is. She learns the location of the mansion where Wooyoung and Jang stayed, and alerts the princess.

After the ceremony, with all the high-ranking nobles present, Buyeosun announces the new arrangement for the royal positions. Buyeosun gives Giroo the position he formerly had, as the chief general of Baekje. This displeases Heuk Chipyung, who wanted the position for himself. However, Buyeosun tells him he is needed to continue being his personal guard.

By the time Sunhwa's guards arrive at the mansion, Jang is already being moved back to the palace. Mokrasu, and later Sunhwa's guards try to stop them, but Buyeosun's soldiers overpower them. Mokrasu escapes, but Jang is taken to the palace.

Mokrasu runs from Buyeosun's soldiers.

Learning that Giroo has taken Jang back to the palace, Sunhwa begs him to save Jang. When Giroo asks her what she will give him in return, she offers herself. Giroo tells her that he's not stupid enough to believe her desperate words.

Wooyoung's mother urges her to beg Buyeosun's forgiveness for opposing him, but Wooyoung is only worries for Jang's safety. Ultimately, Wooyoung offers the prince's necklace and a supposed map of where the fourth prince is hiding, along with a letter stating that she is a loyal servant of Buyeosun.

Jang's friends in the academy make a rather pathetic attempt at rescuing him, but fail.

Princess Sunhwa goes to Giroo and his father once more, telling them they leave her no choice but to sacrifice her own life and reveal the true identity of her, Giroo, and his father as Shilla people. Giroo then decides to tell Buyeosun the truth himself in the hope he will forgive him, rather than him being revealed by the princess.

When Giroo is about to tell Buyeosun the truth about his identity, they get word that Mokrasu has been captured and brought back to the palace. Bringing both Jang and Mokrasu outside, Buyeosun and Giroo order Mokrasu and Jang to tell them where the fourth prince is hiding. When neither utter a word, Giroo says to Jang, “Then you must kill Mokrasu.”

Giroo to Jang: “Then you must kill Mokrasu.” Top of Page