Seo Dong Yo
Episodes 25 — 34

English Synopsis and Dialogue Translation

Imagine being born without knowing who your father is, and losing your mother at a young age. Then imagine being raised by the man your mother loved, a scientist and a wise man, who reciprocated your mother's love but couldn't have her because of your unknown father. And you hated this man, putting him in so many dangerous situations, and yet, you learn his trade, and to respect him and to follow him.

Imagine growing up in a society of caste and classes and you belong to no class whatsoever, but end up falling in love with a princess...from an enemies nation. And this princess gives up everything, betraying her family and her nation just to be with you. Still, to have her meant danger not only to yourself, but to everyone who knows you. Imagine meeting the king, and the king's son, and risking your life to save them from their enemies, not only once, but several times.

Then imagine one day, you discover why your mother lived always in fear, always as a runaway, but she always kept her dignity. You find out you're the king's youngest son.


Priscilla's description of the SBS Productions historical TV drama, Seo Dong Yo, has captured the essence of the story of King Mu, the 30th Great King of Baekje, 600 – 640 AD, during the Three Kingdoms era of Korean history.

Unless otherwise noted, the synopses beginning with Episode 25 are the contribution of NVZBL and Priscilla. After realizing that many people who do not speak or read Korean were watching the drama, NVZBL began writing these story synopses and posting the comments in the Seo Dong Yo Soompi forum.

Priscilla, has written synopses and translations for episodes one through twenty-four. They are located at her Jo Hyun Jae forum, Prisci4U at Xanga. The forum includes translations, images, links and writings, and is one of the most comprehensive Jo Hyun Jae English language sites on the web.


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Episode 25

Jang returns and tells Buyeosun, the nephew of King Weeduk (525 – 598 AD), that since he has twice broken his promises to Jang, he will not reveal how Buyeosun can resolve the problem with the death of the Chinese ambassador, unless he first promises to return Jang to his previous post in the Academy (Taehaksa).

Jang is imprisoned for threatening Buyeosun. However, Aja Taeja, (Crown Prince Aja), pleads that if Jang has a solution he should tell Buyeosun since it concerns the entire kingdom. Sataek Giroo, upon learning that Mokrasu is gravely ill, argues that Jang's solution is a lie to gain time to hide Mokrasu. Buyeosun sends his soldiers to fetch Mokrasu, who is recuperating from an illness before coming back to the court. Giroo suggests an alternative of asking for aid from the Goguryu kingdom in fending off the Chinese diplomats' requests. All agree it is a high risk, since the relationship between Baekje and Goguryu is even more delicate than the one with Shilla.

Daejang tells Mokrasu he must leave.

Mokrasu awakens and recalls seeing Jang's lover, and wonders how and why she is in Baekje acting as a Chinese merchant. He asks an attendant to arrange a meeting with Merchant Jin (Princess Sunhwa's assumed identy in Baekja). Gaekjoo (referred to hereafter as Daejang, “boss”), Jang's merchant friend, tells Mokrasu that he must vacate the room because he has another guest that needs it.

Noticing that the guards outside his door are no longer there, Mokrasu figures out that Daejang is trying to take him away under Jang's orders. Knowing that if he leaves he will put Jang's life in danger, Mokrasu refuses to go, but Daejang forces him to run away. Buyeosun's soldiers catch Mokrasu as he is about to leave the town.

Daejang and Merchant Jin hear about the failed attempt to save Mokrasu. She realizes that the man in the guarded room is Mokrasu, and also realizes that Mokrasu and Jang are in a mess; she offers to go with Daejang to help them.

Buyeosun calls Jang back from the prison and shows Mokrasu in his custody. Buyeosun threatens to hurt Mokrasu unless Jang tells him the solution. Jang apologizes to Mokrasu, saying that even though Mokrasu's life is at stake, he will do as he wishes. Jang turns to Buyeosun and says that since he has stooped so low as to use an ill person to get his way, Jang will now change his terms for the solution. Now, having Jang return to his post is not enough. He asks to be promoted to gisulsa (skilled craftsman) and to have Mokrasu be the Academy director. Jang tells Buyeosun that the choice is his; meet Jang's demands or kill Jang and Mokrasu.

Buyeosun threatens Mokrasu's life.

Back in jail, Mokrasu asks Jang if he really has a solution. Jang jokes that since both their lives are at stake, he should start coming up with one, to which Mokrasu scolds him for creating such a mess without a solution in the first place. Jang asks Mokrasu to trust him. Mokrasu asks Jang how he separated from his lover, and if Jang has met her since they ran away from Shilla. Jang replies, “How could I meet a woman in Shilla when I'm in Baekje?”

In Buyeosun's chambers, Princess Wooyoung (Buyeosun's half sister and Academy director during Mokrasu's absence), says that by having Mokrasu in custody, she thought it would weaken Jang, but instead it made him bolder with higher demands. They argue whether Jang really has a solution. Then the Chinese diplomats call Aja Taeja and Buyeosun.

The diplomats says that they have gotten word from the their emperor that Baekje must give up Gubonggang Mountain (which is rich in gold, etc), or give up Buyeosun. Afterwards, there is a big debate between the officials who argue they cannot give up either the mountain nor Buyeosun. In Buyeosun's chambers, Giroo pleads with Buyeosun to ask for the help of Goguryu. Wooyoung disagrees and admits it is a lose-lose situation.

Prince Aja pleads with Jang once more to solve the problem, since it affects the entire kingdom, but Jang politely refuses saying that this time, he must get his demands from Buyeosun. Jang then gets word from Buyeosun that he will meet Jang's demands in a ceremony on the following day.

Prince Aja pleads with Jang to solve the problem.

After the ceremony, Heuk Chipyung, Buyeosun's right-hand man, asks Jang to come with him, since his demands have been met. Jang asks for more time, saying that he needs to celebrate with his friends in the Academy.

Mokrasu sends Eunjin and Bumro on a secret assignment to find out why Jang's lover is in Baekje.

Merchant Jin instructs her guard, Seochoong, to give Jang the “information.” (It isn't revealed what it is.) Seochoong asks the princess how such insignificant information can help Jang, but Sunhwa believes it will.

Jang receives an anonymous note (the one from Princess Sunhwa). Later, Mokrasu brings Jang to his chambers and (believing Jang doesn't have a plan) asks Jang to run away while he still has a chance. Jang says that the moment Buyeosun met his demands he realized a solution.

When the diplomats threaten Buyeosun once more, they immediately search for Jang... and finds him napping!

Buyeosun asks Jang for the solution. He replies, “I have already told you the answer.” Jang says, “How did I, a man who was about to die without any hope of escape, return with Mokrasu and get everything I wanted?” Buyeosun replies, “You mean 'bluffing'? You have no answer!” Jang replies, “Yes, but even without substance, I got everything I wanted. I believe it is the best way for the weak to measure against the strong.” Jang gives Buyeosun the following advice:

He will need the guts to risk everything without batting an eye, just as Jang has done; there are boats that leave for China, but none that return; the diplomats were bluffing when they said they had received word from their emperor (this is the info that Sunhwa presumably sent to Jang).

Jang says, “I have now given you the necessary information, and how you use this information is up to you.”

Buyeosun remembers when Jang agreed to risk his life to light the fire

Jang wonders who sent the note. Giroo wonders why he could not convince Buyeosun of his plan, while Jang did. Buyeosun remembers when Jang agreed to risk his life to light the fire, although his chances were slim.

The next morning, Buyeosun puts the Chinese ambassador and his attendants under custody. The Baekje officials are outraged by Buyeosun's rash decision, claiming that this will certainly lead to war. The diplomat threatens King Weeduk himself, with even worse consequences for Baekje. Buyeosun asks for King Weeduk's permission to kill the diplomat and send his head to the Chinese emperor. Infused by the threat, the diplomat goes to the prison with his attendants.

Giroo tells Jang that what he did was irrational, putting not only his life, but also Mokrasu's life in danger, not to mention Baekje as a whole. Jang replies, “In one of the books you recommended, there was a story. A man about to be beheaded gave the king a crazy promise. If you give me a year, I will make your favorite horse fly. Out of humor, the king met the demand. The prisoner's cell mate asked him why he offered such a ridiculous promise. He replied, In a year, who knows what the future holds. Within a year, the king could die; I could die; the horse could die. And who knows? Perhaps in a year the horse will fly.”

The next day the diplomat threatens war, but Buyeosun is unfazed and orders the beheading. First, the diplomat offers to take back his request for the mountain, which Buyeosun scoffs at, saying the damage is done since the diplomat has already sent word to the emperor (which he knows is untrue). The diplomat then confesses that he lied and that the dead diplomat suffered from a fatal heart condition, which the emperor already knew about. Prince Aja then asks Buyeosun to stop the execution; he coolly agrees.

Jang later hears of the success, as does Sunhwa. Daejang asks Princess Sunhwa why she doesn't meet Jang herself.

King Weeduk pardons Jang for having a relationship with a Shilla woman, saying such an irrational act is forgivable since it took place when Jang was younger.

After the meeting, Giroo reassures Buyeosun that Jang's rashness will undoubtedly bring his downfall. Overhearing this, Jang tells Giroo, “I used to be like that, but I am changing. For me to be your adversary, I guess I should learn to deceive, betray, and stoop low like you.” Giroo replies, “I hope so, or this would be a boring fight.”

Jang receives Princess Sunhwa's note

Princess Sunhwa sends a note to Jang, which Giroo almost intercepts, but Jang ultimately receives. The note says, “It is just like you Seo Dong. When you shoot, the whole world gets hit.” (This references the time when Jang was teaching the princess how to shoot a bow and arrow, telling her, “When you shoot, Princess, the whole world gets hit.”)

Additional notes:

Mokrasu's counterpart is Princess Wooyoung, half sister to General Buyeosun. In episode 26 she approaches Merchant Jin on behalf of Buyeosun, because he has an I'll-cover-you-if-you-cover-me sort of relationship with all the wealthy nobles and merchants. This is one of the reasons why Buyeosun is more influential in court. Prince Aja is more diplomatic and less 'executive' but he lacks backing from moneyed people. Buyeosun and Wooyoung hear of this new merchant (Princess Sunhwa) from China who is establishing a big business in Baekje, so they're making their usual contact. At the end of the episode, Wooyoung request that Merchant Jin meet Buyeosun.

Mojin does love Mokrasu, and has for several decades. It's alluded that ever since they were very young, Mojin has loved Mokrasu although he loved only Jang's mother. Since Mojin can't have Mokrasu, her way of loving him is by staying near him all her life. She wants to keep the lovers apart for many reasons, including:

He is from Baekje and she is from Shilla; if found, they'll be back to square one and Mokrasu, Jang, Prince Aja and Jang's friends are again in trouble; it reminds her of the love Mokrasu had for Jang's mother and not for her

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Episode 26

Translation: Priscilla
Editor: Lorac

From previous Episode 25:

Jang: My reinstatement into the Academy won’t be enough. If you want to listen to my plan, you must take the embroidered silk into account, and make me into a scholar and our master into the Director of the Academy. This is my new demand.

Buyeosun: You wretch!

Sunhwa: Master Mokrasu?

Aja Taeja: We must either give them the Mountain of Goobongkwang or let Our General be taken captive.

Ambassador: Really, make up your mind.

Buyeosun: I’m telling you to speak up!

Jang: I told you already.

Buyeosun: Everyone will be executed tomorrow morning.

Ambassador: Mr. General, what do you think you’re doing?

Buyeosun: How impudent of you. Your Majesty, I will execute the leader first. Allow me to decapitate this man.

Ambassador: Wait, I’ll confess! I lied.

Ambassador: I’ll take full responsibility over his death, so please let us live. Please!

Buyeosun: (To Jang.) You said you were going to make me bow to you. I lost...

Giroo: Yes, you lost to Jang’s psychological game.

Jang: If I want to be your rival, I must also learn your cold-heartedness.

Jang: Did the person who gave you the previous message give you another one?

Student: (He gives Jang a letter.) I was told to give this to you alone.

Jang: OK. Thank you. (Jang opens the letter.)

Sunhwa’s voice: Indeed, it is just like you, Seodong-Gong. If you shoot the arrows, the entire world will be the right target.

Episode 26 (The Lover's Reunion)

Jang looks amazed, and he continues reading.

Sunhwa’s voice: It’s me, Sunhwa. Please, come to me.

Jang: (To himself.) She’s with Daejang... at the merchant’s house.

He runs at full speed. Mokrasu sees Jang running, worried for his student.


Wait. You’re not a soldier marching to war.

Bumro: Wait. You’re not a soldier marching to war. I never knew girls could walk this fast.

Eunjin: (Walking ahead.) Hurry up.

Bumro: She’s at Savisong anyways. We wasted our time going to Sangdaepo.

Eunjin: That’s why we must find her soon. Why would the woman from Jin’s Temple come to Savisong? She must have come for Jang.

Bumro: I guess so.

Eunjin: That’s why we must find her first. We must find her and prevent them from meeting.

Bumro: I thought we’d have a great time traveling together, but you’re such a strong girl.

Eunjin: Aren’t you going to hurry up?

Bumro: OK… (suddenly.) Look, it’s Jang.

Eunjin: Where?

They both see Jang running at full speed.

Eunjin: Where is he going in such a rush?

Bumro: I wonder that also.

Jang’s voice: (Running.) How come? How come she’s in Baekjae? Don’t tell me she came for me.


Jang: Daejang.

Daejang: Jang. You came.

Jang: Where’s My Lady?

Daejang: She registered for a merchant's permit, and the government official called her for ID verification.

Jang: Did she go to the Department of Commerce?

Daejang: Yes.


Suddenly, he stops. Sunhwa is standing near a small tree.

Jang runs through the rice field, jumping one obstacle after another, without rest. Suddenly, he stops. Sunhwa is standing near a small tree. He looks at Sunhwa’s back, not believing his own eyes. Slowly, Sunhwa turns his way, with teary eyes. They both run to each other, embracing with all their might.


The lovers are sitting down. Sunhwa is leaning on Jang’s shoulders.

Jang: What happened? What on earth happened to you?

Sunhwa: I’ve been expelled.

Jang: (Shocked.) My Princess.

I’m not a princess anymore.

Sunhwa: I’m not a princess anymore. Right now, I’m Jin Gakyung, the Chinese Merchant.

Jang: …

Sunhwa: I like this better. I like the Chinese Merchant Jin Gakyung better since she can be with you. (She leans on Jang again.)

Jang: It’s my fault…

Sunhwa: It’s not your fault. It’s for who you are, Seodong-Gong. Because of who you are, I was gladly kicked out. Because of you, I came all the way to Baekjae.

Jang: …

Sunhwa: (Looking at him.) Receive me with a smile. With a big smile.

Jang embraces her with a faint smile.


Eunjin: (Holding her tears.) Oh My. What can we do now? What?

Bumro: I’ve no clue. He went all the way to Soyundo because of her. What will happen if they find out she’s here?

Eunjin: That’s not what I’m saying… They both like each other to death.

Bumro: What?

Eunjin: What can we do now? (Holding her tears.) Gosh. I’m shaking now. I’m shaking so much I can’t even talk.

Bumro: What’s wrong?

Eunjin: How could this be?

Bumro: What’s wrong, Eunjin?


Jang: Are you saying that you lost all your privileges of a princess and you almost became a Buddhist priestess?

Sunhwa: Yes…

Jang sadly looks at her.

Sunhwa: Why are you looking like that? Are you going to blame yourself again for all that happened to me?

Jang: …

Sunhwa: I’m not just saying this to comfort you. Really, it wasn’t your fault. This happened because of a bloody power struggle, where the winner would be the next king. I thought I knew the world around me. But I’ve learned a great lesson through this last incident.

Jang: …

Sunhwa: Let’s stop talking about myself. I heard that you went to Soyundo because of me.

Jang: Like you, I’m not just saying this to comfort you. That happened because of a bloody political struggle. I too have learned a great deal through this.

Sunhwa: Though we were separated, we’ve experienced similar things. And even when we’re together, we long for each other. What in the world could separate us again?


Mokrasu: What? She’s in Savisong?

What? She’s in Savisong?

Eunjin: Yes. And she already met Jang.

Mokrasu: They’ve met?

Bumro: Yes, we watched them.

Eunjin: They looked so happy together, as if they didn’t know what to do.

Mokrasu: Did you find out why she's disguising herself as a Chinese Merchant?

Bumro: The people from the Merchant's House didn’t say anything.

Eunjin: From what I see, she came to live here.

Bumro: Yes, and since she’s a Shilla woman she doesn't have an ID plaque. I think that’s why she's disguised as a Chinese Merchant.

Mokrasu: If she came to live… are you saying that she came to be with Jang?

Eunjin: Yes. What can we do now?

Mokrasu: OK, I’ll take care of it. And both of you, keep your mouths shut. Do you understand?

Eunjin: Of course.

Bumro: Yes.

Mokrasu: Thanks for your hard work. You can leave now.


Eunjin: You shouldn’t tell this to anyone.

Bumro: Worry about yourself.

Eunjin: You tell everything to Mister Maekdosu.

Bumro: You be careful that Instructor Mojin doesn’t find out.

Mokrasu: (Joining them.) Go rest.

Eunjin and Bumro: Yes. (Mokrasu leaves.)

Eunjin: Don’t tell him.

Bumro plays with Eunjin.

Eunjin: Stop it.


Have you seen Jang?

Mokrasu: (To Giroo.) Have you seen Jang?

Giroo: I haven’t.

Mokrasu was walking away, but he turns around to look at Giroo.

Giroo: Is there anything you want to tell me?

Mokrasu: You showed me everything through your actions. What else can I say? The only thing I can tell you is that one day, you must answer for what you did.

Giroo is silent.

Mokrasu: Tomorrow morning, we’ll have the first Master’s Meeting after I’ve become the Director. Don’t be late.

Giroo: Yes.


Mokrasu goes to Jang’s room, but it’s empty. He goes outside, looking for Jang.

Maekdosu: Master, Jang isn’t here. Why are you looking for him? Did he disappear?

Mokrasu: No…


Daejang: Is she from Shilla?

Jang: Yes.

Daejang: From what I see, she belongs to a very high class. The jewels she showed me were extraordinary.

Jang: I know.

Daejang: Are you telling me she came here for you?

Jang: Yes…

Daejang: That’s why she’s using a fake ID…

Jang: I’m worried about her fake ID.

Daejang: If I had met you earlier, I wouldn’t have registered her name…

Jang: Why?

Daejang: That disguise worked fine at Sangdaepo, but when I registered her name here at Savisong, I realized there are too many people who knew Jin Gakyung’s father, Jin Gunsoo.

Jang: What?

Daejang: We might get the permit faster because of that, but sooner or later someone might find out.

Jang: What should we do then?

Daejang: She would have been better off using an unknown name. But we can’t change that right now.

Jang: We should. Try to get an ID plaque of someone unknown… And be careful.

Daejang: OK, but we have already checked her ID plaque at the district’s office. I’m not sure if we can change that.


Jang is standing outside, thinking...

Sunhwa walks towards Jang, watching him from behind.

Jang: (Turning around and seeing his princess.) Why aren’t you sleeping?

Sunhwa: There’s something I need to check.

Jang: Something you want to check?

Sunhwa grabs Jang’s right hand and makes him sit down next to her. She then examines that right hand, contrasting it with her left hand. Hers has the wooden ring on, but Jang’s finger is empty.

Sunhwa: (Faking disappointment.) I worked so hard making that ring. Why aren’t you wearing it? Have you found someone else during this time?

Sunhwa leans her head over Jang’s shoulders.

Jang smiles, showing her his left hand, which has the wooden ring.

Sunhwa: The wooden spoons we made, the dinner table, the wooden ducks… do you think they’re safe?

Jang: Yes.

Sunhwa: And the bamboo canister, which I made in tears… someone’s using that now, don’t you think?

Jang nods. Sunhwa looks up at the full moon. Jang holds Sunhwa’s left hand and puts his own right hand next to hers, looking at the rings. They both smile. Slowly, Sunhwa leans her head over Jang’s shoulders.


Kim Saheum: Aren’t you going to have a hard time at the Academy now that Mokrasu and Jang are back?

Giroo: Although they returned, the political power of Baekjae belongs to Buyeosun and Princess Wooyoung's faction. They won’t be able to do much against them. Moreover, The General is regretting that he had listened to Jang instead of listening to me. So don’t worry about me.

Kim Saheum: OK.

Giroo: I’m more worried for you, father.

Kim Saheum: I’m planning to open up a business as soon as Goosan brings back some of my left over possessions from Shilla. Don’t you think that’s the easiest way for us to settle down?

I’m more worried for you, father.

Giroo: Yes. But eventually you’ll need the patronage of Buyeosun’s faction.

Kim Saheum: I guess so.

Giroo: I’ll work out something to get you an ID plaque. And I’ll mention the General about you.

Kim Saheum: Isn’t that too dangerous?

Giroo: If we plan to live here, it’s better for us to establish ourselves sooner, even if we must take some risks.


Mojin is reading a book while Eunjin is trying to sleep. However, Eunjin cannot fall asleep, and she keeps on changing her sleeping position,sighing. Mojin watches her.

Mojin: Although it’s very hard, you shouldn’t tell this to anyone.

Eunjin: What?

Mojin: Do you think the master will send you so far without telling me about it?

Eunjin: (Sitting up.) Are you saying that you know about this?

Mojin: (Sighing.) I know, but… It’s so shocking, so you shouldn’t mention this to anyone.

Eunjin: Mom. Mom. What should I do now?

Mojin: Eunjin…

Eunjin: Jang went to Soyundo because of that woman. What can we do, knowing that the lady from Jin’s Temple came here?

Mojin: (Shocked.) What? The lady from Jin’s Temple came here?

Eunjin: (Putting her hands on Mojin’s mouth.) Mom. Oh mother. You tricked me again.


It wasn’t a small affair.

Maekdosu: (Shocked.) What? His Majesty was willing to forgive, saying that it was a small affair Jang had when he was young. Why did she come here?

Bumro: It wasn’t a small affair.

Maekdosu: What do you mean?

Bumro: He really loves a woman from our enemy’s nation…

Maekdosu: What? If that’s the case, he won’t be sent to Soyundo, but rather he’d be thrown into the sea to die.

Bumro: And the Academy is even more strict about this.

Maekdosu: Should we send the lady back to Shilla?

Bumro: Jang already met her.

Maekdosu: Should we then send Jang along with her?

Bumro: We can’t do that, father.

Maekdosu: This isn’t a small problem.

Bumro: What, now?

Maekdosu: Jang is called like that because he’s strong (Jang means strong in Korean.), but sometimes he’s called like that because he gets into so many troubles. Don’t you agree?

Bumro: I do…


Our divided hearts is the biggest obstacle.

Mokrasu: Master Wooyoung, you’ve been in charge of the Academy for a long time. What do you think is the biggest problem we’re facing?

Wooyoung: …

Mokrasu: Master Giroo, what do you think?

Giroo: I think it’s the lack of motivation that rises from unfair treatment.

Mokrasu: No… we are. We are the greatest problem. Our divided hearts is the biggest obstacle. However, I’ll accept that the division was caused by different situations and points of view.

But no matter what your point of view, once you’ve become a scientist and a scholar, you must have integrity of character. Show proof of this by producing goods.

Looking at the history of the Academy over the past 10 years, the scientists had less productivity than the scholars. Regarding farming techniques, nothing has improved during these 10 years and no new farming instruments have been created.

Thus, I will ignore the internal divisions, but I will look for productivity that is required of your status. And if you don’t, I will demote you, whether you’re a scientist or a scholar. This is the first assignment I’m giving you, after becoming the Director.


Mokrasu is looking around the Academy, followed by the rest of the leaders.

Bumro: (Joining them.) Master. (Mokrasu walks towards him.) Jang came.

Mokrasu: I understand. (Bumro leaves.)


Jang is scanning through some notes, inside one of the workshops.

Maekdosu, Mojin, Bumro and Eunjin walk in.

Maekdosu: (Sitting down and winks at the girl) Eunjin, can’t we make paper from any other trees besides mulberry?

Eunjin: I don’t know. We should try to find out… Jang, What do you think?

Jang: We should test other trees. We might come up with a better quality of paper.

Bumro: That’s why I’m thinking we should travel all over the country to test other types of trees…

Jang: What?

Eunjin: Yes, I agree. We should leave Savisong and travel south. What do you think about leaving for like a year or so? Aren’t you tired of Savisong?

Bumro: Exactly.

Maekdosu: Exactly… We’ll leave with you, Jang…

Mojin: I can’t stand this anymore. Jang.

Eunjin: Mom, we’ve so much work to do. (Mokrasu walks in.) Let’s get out.

Everyone leaves, except Jang and Mokrasu.

Mokrasu: I haven’t seen you all night. Where have you been?

Mokrasu: I haven’t seen you all night. Where have you been?

Jang: I’ve met my partner from war…

Mokrasu: The merchant boss from Sangdaepo?

Jang: Who? No… My friend Sopal is in Savisong…

Mokrasu: … (Looking intently.) Jang…

Jang: …

Mokrasu: There will be a meeting for scholars today. Get ready.

Jang: Yes…

Mokrasu leaves.


Mojin sighs again and again, worried. Maekdosu is standing behind her.

Maekdosu: Mrs. Mojin… I know a shocking secret…

Mojin: What’s it about?

Maekdosu: I usually fall asleep right away. But last night, I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept on waking up. Look at my eyes.

Mojin: If it’s not an urgent matter, tell me later. I’ve no time for small things.

Maekdosu: This isn’t a small thing. I’m debating if I should tell you or not, or if I should sew my mouth with a thread… I feel like a rat is playing inside my brain…

Mojin: I’m sorry. There’s a place I must go… (She leaves.)


Mojin: Master.

Mokrasu: What is it?

Mojin: Are you still holding onto your past?

Mokrasu: ...

Mojin: I’m talking about Jang. (Maekdosu is eavesdropping from outside.) I’ve heard everything.

Mokrasu: Actually, I saw the woman at the Port town, so I sent the kids to investigate why she came.

Mojin: What do you need that for? I don’t need to be told why. She must have come for Jang. She must have disguised herself because of Jang.

Mokrasu: ...

Mojin: You can’t close your eyes to this. Why did you suffer so much all this time? Who was responsible for Jang being accused of being a spy at Hanuelchae? Your life and Jang’s were in danger because of that woman.

Mokrasu: ...

Mojin: His Majesty said that he would grant his pardon for Jang’s past mistake. But if Jang does the same thing here, who knows what will happen? We’re just finding peace at the Academy...

Mokrasu: I’m also worried...

Mojin: I’m pretty sure this will put us in danger. If Giroo or anyone from the General’s faction finds out, we’ll be in big trouble. We need to stop this before that happens. We can’t just watch and do nothing about it. She’s planning to open up a large business here. Why aren’t you doing anything to stop this? You must make up your mind. If you don’t want to expel Jang...

Maekdosu: (Entering.) I’ve heard everything. I agree 100% with Mrs. Mojin. If I think of the two lovers, my heart sinks and trembles. How much must she have loved him, for her to come here. Oh, the power of love. Where is this? Her enemy’s nation.

Mojin stares at him reproachfully.

Maekdosu: (Coming to his senses.) However, our lives are at stake. Thus, My Master should reprimand him harshly...

Mojin: You cannot pity him anymore, like you did last time. I don’t want to suffer again because of them. (She leaves.)

Maekdosu: Master… Have you ever loved?

Mokrasu: ...


Buyeosun: How is Mokrasu doing?

Wooyoung: He said he’s going to demote anyone who isn’t qualified to be either a scientist or a scholar.

Buyeosun: The crown prince is gaining a little support from there…

Wooyoung: I guess so…

Buyeosun: We can’t let this little support grow in power. We can’t allow the prince to build a political base there. That’s why you must watch Mokrasu and Jang very closely. They shouldn’t become a political faction.

Giroo: Yes.

Buyeosun: By the way Wooyoung, I want you to check up on a new business that just opened.

Wooyoung: A business?

Heuk Chipyung: The Chinese merchant Jin Gunsoo, who had a close relationship with Lord Haedoju for many years, has applied for a business permit in Savisong.

Wooyoung: That should be a large scale business…

Buyeosun: That’s what I’m thinking.

Wooyoung: Is he running it himself?

Heuk Chipyung: Not himself, but his daughter Jin Gakyung is running it.

Buyeosun: That’s why I want you to check it.

Heuk Chipyung: Merchants are very different than the district lords. And it’s good to have connections with large ones like this.


Sunhwa: How did it go?

Daejang: I got the permit easily since I told them you’re Merchant Jin’s daughter.

Jang: However, didn’t you tell me that the Chinese Merchant Jin Gunsoo was more famous than you first thought?

Daejang: I think so. I only knew of his relationship with my father. I didn’t know he was so well known here in Savisong.

Sunhwa: I don’t think many people knew the daughter, though.

Daejang: I agree ...

Jang: But we can’t know for sure.

Daejang: ...

Jang: Anyways, be very careful for now. (To Sunhwa.) I’ll try to find a different way. So be careful till then.

Sunhwa: I’m sorry for troubling you like this.

Jang: Don’t say that.


Jang bows to Sunhwa and Daejang, and he walks away.

Daejang: I applied without checking, putting you and Jang in danger.

Sunhwa: What are you saying? It’s my oversight.

I’m Master Wooyoung, from the Academy. I came to see Merchant Jin.

Wooyoung: (Joining them.) Excuse me. Is Jin Gakyung the merchant boss of this place?

Chogee: Yes. But who are you?

Wooyoung: I’m Master Wooyoung, from the Academy. I came to see Merchant Jin.

Chogee: (Shocked.) From the Academy?

Everyone looks shocked.

Wooyoung: Why are you looking like that? Isn’t the Chinese Merchant Jin Gakyung here?

Sunhwa: … I am. I’m Jin Gakyung.

Wooyoung: You’re much younger than I expected.

Sunhwa: Yes, everyone tells me that. What business brought you here?

Wooyoung: Will you keep your guest standing here?

Daejang: Of course not. Come in. I’m the partner Merchant Boss here.

Wooyoung: Really?

Daejang: Yes. Come in.


Wooyoung: How do you speak the Baekjae language so well?

Sunhwa: My mother’s a Baekjae woman.

Wooyoung: Is that right? I didn’t know that, so I was surprised to hear you speak.

Sunhwa: Yes, that’s a common reaction I get from people.

Wooyoung: Is that the reason you decided to open a business in Savisong.

Sunhwa: That might have influenced my choice. However, a merchant should never pick a place to do business on that basis alone. A business is there to make money.

Wooyoung: I see… From what I hear, it’s been many years since Merchant Jin Gunsoo was last seen in Baekjae.

Daejang: You might not know this, but he helped solve the problem with the Yun faction in Wolnagoon.

Wooyoung: Yun faction? Are you talking about Yun Joongkwon?

Daejang: Yes.

Wooyoung: I see. That’s how he befriended Lord Haedoju.

Daejang: It’s risky to return after that, so he’s been avoiding it.

Wooyoung: (Looking at Sunhwa.) Then, his girl will be in charge of the business here?

Sunhwa: You shouldn’t think of me as just his girl. I’ve followed my father everywhere since I was little, helping him with all kinds of businesses.

Wooyoung: I didn’t mean it that way. I was just asking if Merchant Jin Gunsoo will oversee this business or not.

Sunhwa: He gave me full authority over this one.


Sunhwa: Have a good afternoon.

Wooyoung: You too… (She leaves.)

Daejang: Things are starting to get as complicated as Jang had feared.


Eunjin: Traitor.

Bumro: Look who’s talking.

Eunjin: I told her because she’s my mom.

Bumro: Me too. I told him because he’s my father.

Eunjin: Are they the same?

Bumro: What’s the difference?

Eunjin: Once your father finds out, the secret’s over.

Bumro: Anyway, this has to do with Jang.

Eunjin puts her hand on Bumro’s mouth and pushes him away so that no one may hear.

Woosoo: (Seeing other Hanuelchae members walk by.) Excuse me.

Asoji: Yes?

Woosoo: Have you heard any news concerning Jang?

Asoji: About Jang?

Goyiso: I haven’t ...

Juriyeong: Me neither.

Woosoo: I don’t know what it is, but every time we appear, they stop talking. They’re hiding something.

Goyiso: Anyhow, I can’t be at peace lately.


Mokrasu, Mojin, Gomo, Maekdosu and Eunjin are anxiously waiting.

Jang: (Joining them, escorted by Bumro.) Have you called me?

Mokrasu: Bumro, go out and watch the entrance.

Bumro: Yes.

Mokrasu: (To Jang.) Where have you been?

Jang: ...

Mojin: We all know that you’ve met the woman from Jin’s Temple.

Jang: ...

Mokrasu: This time, you should have told us. This isn’t just your problem. Don’t you know how much we all suffered because of this?

Gomo: Exactly. Don’t think this is your personal problem.

Maekdosu: Jang… We’re just learning to live comfortably here… I can be happy only if everyone’s happy.

Eunjin: Why do you always get in trouble? Why, why do you do things you know you shouldn’t do?

Mokrasu: Send her back.

Jang: ...

Mokrasu: You have to do this yourself. I've already given you a chance. This time, you have to sacrifice yourself for us.

Jang: But Master ...

Mokrasu: Jang.

Jang: She came here for me… She came to see me.

Mojin: (Looking annoyed.) He’s still thinking only of that woman. He still lacks common sense ...

Jang: ...

Bumro: Master. The Crown Prince is looking for you.

Aja Taeja:  We should discuss what we need in order for us to create an Ancient Baekjae historical room.

Aja Taeja: (Joining them with Baekmoo.) Is there anything going on here?

Mokrasu: Not really. What brought you here?

Aja Taeja: I’ve been taking a walk around the Academy. Besides, we should discuss what we need in order for us to create an Ancient Baekjae historical room.

Mokrasu: OK. I will submit a plan right away.

The prince looks around.

Maekdosu: My Lord, the weather’s cold outside.


Buyeosun: Did you meet Jin Gakyung?

Wooyoung: She’s much younger than I thought.

Buyeosun: Really? A young woman is running that alone?

Wooyoung: Yes.

Buyeosun: A young woman running a business by herself ...

Wooyoung: I think a Baekjae man is helping her. Besides, that woman looked capable enough.

Buyeosun: ...

Wooyoung: Would you like to meet her in person?

Buyeosun: OK.

Wooyoung: I’ll arrange that meeting.


Woosoo: Are you going outside?

Giroo: Yes.

Woosoo: Do you know anybody in Savisong?

Giroo: Why?

Woosoo: I saw you meeting with someone and you were calling him father.

Giroo: Ah… He’s a far relative. The only blood relation I’ve left.

Woosoo: I see. By the way, Jang’s been acting weird lately. Actually, not Jang. But after our Master sent Eunjin and Bumro to look for something concerning Jang, everyone’s been acting weird. I think it has something to do with Jang.

Giroo: Really?

Woosoo: Anyhow… I hope you don’t get in trouble now that Jang and our master has returned…

Giroo: Don’t worry about that. Our Master told us to focus on the arts and sciences only.

Woosoo: Really?

Giroo: Anyway, try to find out all you can about Jang.


While in the marketplace Giroo sees Mokrasu and Mojin walking by.

Giroo is walking at the marketplace when he sees Mokrasu and Mojin walking by. He is about to follow them when Goosan calls him.

Goosan: Chief.

Giroo: You came. I was going home to see you.

Goosan: Your father also wants to see you.

Giroo: OK, let’s go.


Giroo: Father.

Kim Saheum: Come in.

Giroo: (Looking at some boxes.) Is that it?

Kim Saheum: Yes. These are the treasures I hid away.

Giroo: With this, it will be easy for you to start a business here. I can get you the connections, but I don’t know what to do with your identification.

Kim Saheum: I’ve been working for the Shilla government for a while, so I’ve met many merchants. One of them was a Baekjae man.

Giroo: Really?

Kim Saheum: Yes. He left Baekjae many years ago and he’s been traveling around many foreign countries. He died of illness. I’d like to impersonate him. Find me someone who can make me an ID plaque with his name.


Sunhwa’s voice: Master Mokrasu?

Mokrasu and Mojin walk inside Sunhwa’s room.

Sunhwa: (To her women companions.) Leave us alone.

Bomyung and Chogee leave.

Sunhwa: (To her guests.) Have a seat.

While Mokrasu and Mojin walk towards the chairs, Sunhwa kneels down before them.

Sunhwa: If you tell me to live as a peasant woman, I will. If you ask me to be a slave, I will. Please, don’t tell me to leave.

Mokrasu: Did you know that Jang was in danger because of you?

Sunhwa: … Yes…

Mokrasu: The problem was barely solved. But because of you, Jang could get in much bigger trouble than before?

Sunhwa: Yes.

Mojin: Do you know that your mere presence here puts not only Jang, but our master, the entire Hanuelchae family, and even our Crown Prince in danger?

Sunhwa: ...

Mojin: Are you aware of that?

Sunhwa: Yes… I am…

Mokrasu: Then? Do you still intend to stay here in the name of love?

Sunhwa: Why must we always sacrifice our love? Why is everyone trying to destroy our love?

Mojin and Mokrasu are listening…

Sunhwa: I love him. And he loves me. Why are you asking us both to give up each other? What for? For what kind of glory or for what type of honor? Let us keep our love… (Tearing.) Let us be true to each other and to our love… We’ll be careful. We’ll be super careful again and again.

Mokrasu: … (Looking shaken.)

Mojin: (Realizing Mokrasu is weakening.) No way. I don’t want to hear this anymore. We can’t allow so many people to suffer because of you.


I know how careless one can become when he's in love, and how painful this could be.

Mojin: This problem affecting the Academy is a lot bigger than what happened at Hanuelchae. Back there, you could have tolerated this and no one complained. No one will tolerate this here. Don’t be shaken by her plea.

Mokrasu: …

Mojin: Master, I told you I won’t do this again. Last time I told you I wasn’t going to protect you anymore if you keep doing this.

Mokrasu: But…

Mojin: There’s no ‘buts'. Don’t try to persuade me in the name of love. I don’t like this because it’s done out of love. I know how careless one can become when he's in love, and how painful this could be.

Mokrasu: Then you must know also that you can’t separate two lovers by force.

Mojin’s voice: (Looking at Mokrasu intently with her eyes.) Then what about my love? It was never reciprocated… and because of that, my way of loving you is to protect you, and to fight for your life. So what about my love?

Mojin: I can’t stand seeing you getting hurt once again because of Jang. I don’t want to see that again. (She leaves.)


Sunhwa is sitting in her room, thinking…

Jang is sitting outside, thinking…

Mokrasu sees Jang from afar, thinking…

Mojin sees Mokrasu watching Jang…


Mojin makes up her mind and she starts walking. Eunjin calls her but is ignored.


Mojin: You have a relative who is a gangster boss, don’t you?

Gooksoo: Don’t even mention this. I saw him after ten years, and he’s still the same.

Mojin: Help me get in touch with him.

Gooksoo: What? I could easily give you his address but… Why?

Mojin: It is for personal reasons.

Gooksoo: I’ll give you his address. If you mention my name, he’ll do anything you ask. (She starts giving directions.)

Eunjin is eavesdropping…


Mojin: (Knocking on a door.) Excuse me… Excuse me.

Gangster: (Opening the door.) Who is it?

I’m from the Academy of Science, and Gooksoo recommended that I come here.

Mojin: I’m from the Academy of Science, and Gooksoo recommended that I come here.

Gangster: Sister Gooksoo? She’s always scolding me. How come she recommended someone to me?

Mojin: …

Gangster: I guess you need my help?

Mojin: Yes.

Gangster: What is it?

Mojin: I’ll send a woman to this location. I just want you to take her to Shilla.

Eunjin continues eavesdropping…


Eunjin: (To herself.) That’s right. This might be the only way. This is a good thing… (She sighs.)


Eunjin watches Jang working.

Eunjin’s voice: This is best for that woman, for Jang and for me. This is best for Jang.


Eunjin is trying to forget what she heard, but she can’t.

Eunjin is trying to forget what she heard, but she can’t.

Eunjin: (To herself.) Why is my heart beating so fast? (Touching her throat.) Why do I feel so thirsty? No, I shouldn’t do this. Let me be strong. Be strong. Be strong, Eunjin. You’re Mojin’s daughter… You’re Mojin’s daughter… You’re Mojin’s… (She is out of breath…)

No, I can’t do this. (She runs out.)


Eunjin: Jang. Jang. You’re in trouble.

Jang: Why? What happened?

Eunjin: Your woman… Her…

Jang: …

Eunjin: She’ll be sent to Shilla tonight.

Jang: What? (He runs outside.)


Sunhwa: (After reading a letter.) Seodong-Gong wants to see me at the port.

Bomyung: Why does he want to see you there this late instead of coming here?

Sunhwa: I’m not sure… I guess he doesn’t want to come here since his master and Mrs. Mojin came by.

Bomyung: Should I call Sochoong?

Sunhwa: No, I’ll go with Chogee.

Chogee: Yes, let’s go.


Jang knocks at the door of the merchant’s house.

Bomyung: Why have you come here? Didn’t you want to see her at the port?

Jang: I didn’t send any message.

Bomyung: What? What does this mean?

Jang: …

Bomyung: Please, go there. Hurry up. She went there with Chogee and without Sochoong. (While Jang is running, to the steward.) Wake up your boss and Sochoong.


Sunhwa and Chogee are standing at the port, looking for Jang. Two men come from behind and captures them, putting both women inside large bags. Jang comes to them, and fights them. The men run away. Jang helps Sunhwa to free herself, and they both hug each other.

Jang: My Princess.

Mojin sees them, with a severe look.

Jang: (Kneeling before the instructor lady.) Do whatever you want with me. Anything you want. Curse me out if you’d like.

Other Hanuelchae members who know the secret join Mojin.

Jang: Just don’t try to separate us.

Sunhwa: (Kneeling down also.) Please, don’t try to separate us.

Just don’t try to separate us.

Jang: She gave up her social status for someone like me, and she betrayed her nation. She left her parents and she changed her own identity. She is the reason I survived during the war. I had to survive to meet her again. I couldn’t fulfill our love if I died. I want to be true to this lady… being true to my love…

Mokrasu: If that’s the case, you must leave us once again. That’s the only solution. Leave us now.

Jang and Sunhwa stands up, bowing to the Hanuelchae people.

Mokrasu: Go…

Jang and Sunhwa are turning around to leave…

Mojin: Don’t. Without Jang, the Crown Prince and our Master will need help.

Maekdosu: What do you want them to do then? They can’t do anything either way.

Jang: …

Mojin: Keep your love… Keep it till the end. Do everything you want till you're completely satisfied.

Jang: Instructor Mojin…

Gomo: If you must keep this, we will keep it with you.

Jang: Instructor Gomo…

Mokrasu nods at Jang.

Jang: Master.

Eunjin is crying while Bumro is smiling.

Maekdosu whispers that he too will keep this secret.


Buyeosun: The prince wants to export the paper to far away countries?

Giroo: Yes. In addition, he may earn a lot from the Baekjae Museum in China after expanding this. Thus, you shouldn’t let the crown prince be the only one in charge of foreign relations.

Buyeosun: …

Voice: General, someone wants to see you.

Buyeosun: Who?

Voice: A merchant called Abiji.

Buyeosun: (To himself.) A merchant? (To Heuk Chipyung.) Have you heard of him before?

Heuk Chipyung: He told me he has a precious gift, so I told him to bring it… I didn’t know he’d look for you.

Giroo: Why don’t you meet him? Since you’re presently losing diplomatic power, it isn’t a bad idea to have many merchants under you.

Buyeosun: Let him in.

Voice: Yes.

The door opens and Kim Saheum walk inside. Giroo and Kim Saheum’s eyes meet, exchanging knowing glances.

Buyeosun: Sit down.

 You want me to sponsor you?

Kim Saheum: Yes. (They sit down.) I left Baekjae many years ago, and I've spent half of my life sailing. And there is no country around I haven’t traveled to. However, since I’ve grown old, I returned to my home country in order to be buried here.

Buyeosun: OK. Why did you want to see me?

Kim Saheum: For someone who has possessions, not having good sponsors is an open invitation to robbers.

Buyeosun: You want me to sponsor you?

Kim Saheum: Exactly.

Buyeosun: Why?

Kim Saheum: Before I die, I dream of working for my country, under a great leader. After returning to Baekjae, it was the unanimous opinion that you, Mr. General, are the greatest leader of our country.

Buyeosun: …


After Kim Saheum leaves.

Buyeosun: This isn’t an ordinary man.

Giroo looks puzzled.

Buyeosun: I can tell by his eyes. That man must have experienced many storms in his life.

Heuk Chipyung: He didn’t look like a merchant to me.

Buyeosun: That’s true but…

Heuk Chipyung: I’ll check his background.

Buyeosun: OK.


Heuk Chipyung and his men watch from a distance.

Kim Saheum is bowing down to a ‘fake’ tomb, assisted by Goosan. Heuk Chipyung’s men are watching him from a distance.


Man: (Crying.) Brother. (He hugs the old man.)

Kim Saheum: How have you been?

Man: How long has it been? I was so worried something might have happened to you while traveling.

Kim Saheum continues acting an emotional reunion, knowing that Heuk Chipyung and his men are watching…

Next, Kim Saheum is ‘selling’ his merchandises, knowing that he’s being watched by Heuk Chipyung and the General’s sergeant. Giroo sees them and smiles with satisfaction…


Heuk Chipyung: He started sailing when he was fifteen. He has a younger brother at Savisong. His brother gets to see him only once every five to six years.

Buyeosun: Doesn’t he have any more relatives?

Heuk Chipyung: He doesn’t, maybe it's because he’s been traveling so much.

Buyeosun: What do other merchants say of him?

Heuk Chipyung: There were many who didn’t know him, but those who did praised him a lot. Besides, he has many items that cannot be found elsewhere in Baekjae.

Buyeosun: Really? Tell the district officer to help him.

Heuk Chipyung: Yes.

Buyeosun: He may be useful one day.


Kim Saheum: How did it go?

Giroo: You can relax now. Our General decided to watch your back.

Kim Saheum: Great. Ha ha. Now, we will officially become merchants… So don’t worry for us.

Giroo: Okay. One more thing. There’s a Chinese Merchant called Jin Gakyung who recently applied for a permit to do business in Baekjae.

Kim Saheum: Jin Gakyung?

Giroo: Our General is very interested in her business. So father, you should investigate all you can about her.

Kim Saheum: OK, I’ll do that.


Jang: (Showing his princess a room.) Are you really OK with such a humble room? Our Master and Instructor Mojin were very concerned when I told them that Master Wooyoung came to see you.

Sunhwa: Didn’t you test me already when you made me make those bamboo baskets and clear the fields?

Jang: That’s right, but…

Sunhwa: At least, this house has comforters. We don’t need to steal them.

Jang smiles.

Sunhwa: I’m fine. I’m really fine. Tomorrow, I’ll move my things here.

Jang slowly looks at Sunhwa, holding her hands.

Jang: I may not be able to come here often.

Sunhwa: (Playfully.) I may not be able to come here often.

Jang: You may not be as happy as you’ve expected.

Sunhwa: You may not be as happy as you’ve expected.

Jang: I don’t know if I’m doing right…

Sunhwa: (Playfully smiling.) I don’t know if I’m doing right…

Jang kisses his princess.

Jang kisses his princess.

Jang carries his princess on his back while she feeds him…


Daejang: Come back later.

Wooyoung: Okay. (She turns around to leave, and she sees Jang and Sunhwa entering the merchant house together.)

Wooyoung: Are you Jang? How come you're entering here with Jin Gakyung?

Jang: We didn’t come here together…

Sunhwa: I don’t know who he is… Master Wooyoung, is he someone you know?

Wooyoung: He’s a scholar from the Academy. (To Jang.) What are you doing here?

Jang: Master Mokrasu sent me here to get some items he needs.

Wooyoung: Really?

Sunhwa: And what is Master Wooyoung doing here?

Wooyoung: My brother wants to see you.

Sunhwa: Yes?

Jang: ...

Sunhwa: Your brother? Do you mean General Buyeosun? Why would he see me?

Wooyoung: My brother’s father-in-law, Middle Lord Haedoju, is indebted to Merchant Jin Gunsoo. That might be the reason why he wants to see you.

Sunhwa: Really? I’ll be honored. When?

Wooyoung: You can come with me right now.

Sunhwa: Right now?

Wooyoung: He’s waiting right now.

Sunhwa: Even though he’s such an important man, he should have sent me notice…

Wooyoung: Are you busy?

Sunhwa: Not really… But I haven’t prepared anything, not even a present.

Wooyoung: Don’t worry about that. That’s not why he wants to see you. What's up? You don’t feel like seeing him?

Daejang: Of course she does. How could she refuse to see such an important person.

Wooyoung: Okay, come follow me. (They leave.)

Daejang: (To Jang.) How come both of you came right then. I was hoping she'd leave before…

Jang: I need to follow them. Looking at the time, I don’t think they’re going to his house. They’re going to the palace.

Daejang: Yes, follow them,


Bumro: We’re in trouble.

Mojin: Why are you making so much noise.

Eunjin: That woman… the woman from Jin’s Temple.

Bumro: She’s at the Palace, she’s inside the Palace.

Mokrasu: What are you talking about? Speak clearly.

Eunjin: Jang’s woman entered the Palace, following Master Wooyoung.

Bumro: She did.

Mojin: What?


Buyeosun: Father-in-law, you praised him often, so I called his daughter.

Haedoju: You did well. If Merchant Jin’s daughter opened a business here, you need to pay attention to it. He once helped me, but aside from that, he was very quick minded and precise at the same time. He hasn’t returned to Baekjae since that time, so I’ve been curious of his whereabouts.

Buyeosun: According to Wooyoung, his daughter Jin Gakyung looks interesting as well. Besides, she speaks our language very well since her mother was a Baekjae woman. Were you aware of that?

Haedoju: Really? That’s news to me.

Voice: General, Master Wooyoung is coming.

Buyeosun: (To Giroo and Heuk Chipyung.) Go outside and escort Wooyoung in.


Giroo looks startled as he recognizes Sunhwa.

Giroo and Heuk Chipyung walk outside. Wooyoung, Sunhwa and company are walking towards them. Giroo looks startled as he recognizes Sunhwa. Sunhwa also looks shocked. Wooyoung and Heuk Chipyung exchange greetings, unaware of the tension. Jang is watching them from a distance, worried.


Episode 27

(Episode 27 text links open in Lightbox gallery.)

General Buyeosun and Haedjou, his father-in-law, question Sunhwa (who is acting as the daughter of the Chinese merchant Jin, apparently a very rich person). Haedjou says that he had worked with Merchant Jin's father before, but did not know that he had a Baekje wife (the princess says this is why she speaks Korean so well). She tells them that her Baekje mother is Jin's fifth wife, and that she is trying to make her name in Baekje so that she can take over her father's business, rather than her 'siblings'. Merchant Jin impresses Haedjou.

Mokrasu's people are panicked, not knowing if Giroo has seen Sunhwa before.

Jang confronts Sunhwa; he is worried that her identity will be revealed. The princess reassures him that Giroo doesn't know her. Later, Jang asks Giroo if he had met the Shilla woman he was seeing; Giroo denies it.

Giroo tells his father, Kim Saheum (who has established himself as a small merchant in Baekje, under the name Abiji), about the princess who is also a merchant in the same community. Kim Saheum is worried that the princess might reveal their identity, so he asks Giroo to go to her and make sure she doesn't say anything, (for theirs as well as Sunhwa's sake).

Princess Sunhwa tells Giroo that she will not reveal his identity if he does not reveal hers...which Jang overhears. Jang learns that Giroo is a spy from Shilla, and he is upset that she didn't tell him earlier. She tells Jang that although she is his lover, she is also Shilla's princess and responsible for Giroo and his families expulsion from Shilla. She asks Jang to keep Giroo's identity a secret, just like hers.

When Jang returns to the academy, he and Giroo fight. People see the fight and wonder what may have caused it. Jang tells Giroo that if he were a Baekje spy, he too would have worked hard to conceal his identity. What Jang cannot understand is why Giroo would betray Mokrasu and him, since they tried to save his life, and he is exiled from Shilla as well.

Obviously, the princess hasn't told you everything.

Giroo tells Jang, “Obviously, the princess hasn't told you everything.” He tells Jang that the reason he took the spy assignment in the first place was for Princess Sunhwa's hand in marriage and that Jang ruined everything. Just as Jang loves the princess with honesty, Giroo says he had to fight for Sunhwa's love with deceit and cunning and that he will do anything. Jang tells Giroo he is pitiful and pathetic.

After consideration, Jang decides to keep Giroo's identity a secret and tells him to fight back without conceit, and to begin his life anew so they can have a real fight (for the princess). Jang tells Mokrasu and Mojin not to worry about Giroo.

Jang asks Sunhwa why she didn't tell him everything about Giroo. He then asks her to confide with him from now on, since they are now in the same boat. They either live together or die together.

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King Weeduk goes to the great temple, which he does only when he has great worries; the reason for the visit no one knows for sure. The King asks the high monk to prepare a ceremony to honor someone (presumably the fourth prince who he thinks is dead).

Sunhwa tells Mokrasu that she has learned something from Buyeosun's fiasco with the Chinese diplomats; Mokrasu was afraid of Buyeosun's clan and that held him back from being a true leader.

Although Buyeosun is banned from working in international relations, he tells his supporters that he is trying to regain footing by developing relationships with international merchants. They are worried because Mokrasu and the Prince are quiet and suspects that they are up to something.

Heuk Chipyung comes to Buyeosun's house and tells him that the fourth prince he thought he killed was an imposter and that Jang is alive. Jang's friend from the war, who is working at Buyeosun's house, overhears this and informs Jang.

Buyeosun's men and the 'short guy' capture Jang's childhood friend; Jang comes to save him. Although Jang manages to release his friend, he's caught by Buyeosun. Jang escapes but receives a cut on his arm.

Buyeosun holds Jang at swordpointJang is caught by Buyeosun but magages to escape.

Buyeosun's soldiers follow him into the academy. They awaken everyone, looking for any non-academy person in the crowd. Eunjin notices a blood stain on Jang's arm and tries to hide it from the guards.

Mokrasu appears and tells the guards that soldiers are not permitted on the academy grounds without permission from the King or Prince; the guards leave.

The next day the Prince scolds Buyeosun for bringing soldiers into the academy without his permission; Buyeosun apologizes. As he leaves, he bumps into Jang's arm, making Jang squirm with pain. (It is unclear whether Buyeosun makes the connection between Jang's arm and the intruder from the night before.)

Sunhwa is trying to learn the origins of Jang's necklace. She also learns that her people were arrested when they approached a mining camp. Suspicious, she approaches the mine manager and asks permission to do business with him for whatever metals and jewels he has in the mountain. The manager tells her that he cannot because the royal court oversees the mine, and that no one can buy or sell the minerals. She asks what exactly is mined from the mountain; the manager replies that he does not know either.

The blue Stone of Kings and Princes used to make the Oh-Saek-Ya-Myung-Ju (5-Color-Night-Glitter-Jewel, or more simple put, iridescent stone pendant).

Sunhwa meets with the men who investigated the mines, and asks what jewels they saw. One of the men admits to stealing a sample and shows her the bluish rock similar to the stone in Jang's necklace. She realizes that the necklace (Oh-Saek-Ya-Myung-Ju) could only be for someone of royal blood).

Buyeosun's aide, Heuk Chipyung, uses the short/fat men to look for Jang.

Aja Taeja gets word from his guards that Buyeosun's men are looking for the fourth prince, and realizes that he may be alive. He tells his men to find the fourth prince first.

Sopal, Jang's friend from the war, overhears Heuk Chipyung speaking with the short/fat men. He tells Jang to stay away from the market. Instead, Jang works with Daejang and captures the two men. Daejang asks Jang why Buyeosun wants him so badly; Jang tells him that he doesn't know why he is after him. At that moment Sunhwa comes in and says, “I think I know why.”


Episode 28

Partial Episode Synopsis
Adaptation of Xia's comments

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Since the jewel in Jang's pendant is given only to male children of the King, she concludes that he is a Baekje prince.

Princess Sunhwa tells Jang that the diamond mine she discovered belongs to royalty and only they have access to the minerals. Since the jewel in Jang's pendant is given only to male children of the King, she concludes that he is a Baekje prince.

Later, Jang discoveres that his pendant must have been switched because the one he now possesses has a number one on the back; his pendant had a number four. He remembers that during an assassination attempt on Prince Aja's life, he dropped his pendant during the fight. The one he picked up and now possesses has a number one on the back. From this he realizes that his pendant was switched with Aja's, and that he is a Prince of Baekje.

Jang decides to tell Prince Aja his real identity, but Sunhwa objects. She thinks that Prince Aja might want to kill him, but Jang insists that he trusts the Prince. He writes a letter to the Prince, arranging a meeting, and lies saying someone else asked him to deliver the letter. Jang wants to see what the prince will do next.

Meanwhile, Buyeosun's aide, Heuk Chipyung continues to look for the man they think is the 4th prince.

That night Prince Aja asks Mokrasu to find Jang's friend. Mokrasu then asks Mojin to find the young man. The Prince changes clothes with Jang's friend; he wants to disguise himself in order not to be detected by General Buyeosun's people. When he walks out of the room, Giroo sees that he is wearing the golden shoes that only a prince can wear. Giroo wonders why the prince wants to disguise himself as an Academy person. He passes a message to Buyeosun, who then dispatchs soldiers to follow the Prince.

While waiting for the Prince to arrive, Jang, Sunhwa and Seochoong, her bodyguard, realize there are soldiers surrounding the area. Sunhwa thinks that Prince Aja arranged for the guards, that he wants to kill Seo Dong and that he cannot be trusted.

Later, the Prince organizes a festival. King Weeduk wants to use the festival to announce that he will pass the throne to Crown Prince Aja. He orders Mokrasu to make a commemorative jewel, asking him to keep it secret. Mokrasu tells Mojin to buy materials for the jewel. When buying the stones, Mojin tells the merchant the purpose; he then sends word to General Buyeosun.

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Currently, Episodes 29 and 30 do not have synopses.


Episode 31

King Weeduk is stunned when Buyeosun hands the 4th prince's (Jang's) necklace to him.

Under General Buyeosun's direction, the assassin that tried to kill the prince confesses to King Weeduk, saying he was following the order of the king's fourth son. He scolds the assassin, saying there is no such son, but Buyeosun shows jang's necklace to the king. King Weeduk is stunned.

Buyeosun and those around him press the king to explain how he could have a fourth son who is accused of killing Aja Taeja. King Weeduk is puzzled, since he thought that the fourth son was already dead. With the assassin's confession, Mokrasu realizes that Jang is the fourth prince.

The Prince's attendant tells King Weeduk of Aja Taeja's previous attempts to contact his 'hidden' brother. He also explains how it is not impossible that the fourth prince actually tried to kill the prince, since Buyeosun's soldiers showed up during an attempted meeting , making it appear as if Aja Taeja brought them to kill his hidden brother.

Buyeosun's father, Buyeogae, who is now in place to take the throne, and Haedoju applaud him for his scheme to oust the first and fourth sons at the same time. To their surprise, Buyeosun denies all this, playing innocent. After the meeting Wooyoung (Buyeosun's half-sister, and the daughter of Buyeosun's father and his current wife), expresses concern to her father that Buyeosun's denial is not to keep his father 'clean' when he takes the throne, but rather to keep himself free to take over the throne after Buyeosun's father becomes king.

(It is often the case that the king passes his throne down to the children of his 'current' wife, but if Buyeosun takes the throne, Wooyoung worries that she, her mother, and the rest of her side of the family will be pushed aside...or worse.)

Wooyoung confronts Giroo staying , “Are you really going to deny even to me that you and Buyeosun carried out the schemes?” She tells him that it is the bloodline of her mother, not Buyeosun's, that has the power, but Giroo denies everything.

The princess tells Jang that Giroo is surely involved, and that the Prince's attackers came from the house of Merchant Abiji (Kim Saheum, Giroo's father). Jang goes into 'serious thinking' mode, trying to decide what he should do next.

Mokrasu suddenly recalls the text that came with the incense burner.

the orphan alone will burn the incense in this burner...

“The Shamed King
will be the father of the Sad King
who will be the father of the Orphan King.
But the orphan alone
will burn the incense in this burner,
become a king, and re-raise
Baekje to greatness.”

Mokrasu asks Jang if as a child, he remembers the incense burning, and Jang answers, “Yes.” Mokrasu now believes that it was fate that he was given the incense burner and that he must help Jang receive the throne.

Giroo and his father have placed themselves as right-hand men under Buyeosun, although Heuk Chipyung seems to be somewhat suspicious of Giroo's father gaining Buyeosun's respect so quickly.

Jang plans to leave everything behind and gives gifts to his friends, including his book of notes and simple inventions. Jang asks the princess to 'play' with him. He later tells the princess that he will one day have revenge. This worries the princess, as she doesn't want to see Jang have such dark intentions.

Jang goes to the King and tells him that before Aja Taeja, died, he told him who the fourth prince was, and that the fourth prince did not kill his older brother. Jang also tells King Weeduk that there is a way to prove that the fourth son did not kill Aja Taeja.

King Weeduk orders the assassin to identify the fourth prince.

The next morning, King Weeduk calls everyone in court to the assassin's trial. He orders the assassin, who claims to have gotten his orders from the fourth prince, to identify him because he is one of the men in the crowd. The assassin obviously does not identify him. The king, not knowing who the fourth son is, asks him to step out of the crowd since he cannot be guilty. Just when Jang is about to step out, the king gets word that his sick third son has died. Buyeosun is shocked to learn that the fourth prince is in the court, and hoping to figure out his identity, orders a quick investigation of all the men present at the trial.

King Weeduk asks Jang to tell the fourth son to forget his lineage and history. He says that is the only way he can protect his last son, now that his other three sons have died. Disappointed by the king's response, Jang turns to the king...


Episode 32

Jang angrily turns to King Weeduk and tells him that everything that has happened, including the princes' deaths, is the king's fault. He tells him that the king, despite having all the power, is unable to wield it and acts weak against those that threaten him. King Weeduk just cries (he's the Sad king, as foretold).

Jang prepares to leave everything behind despite Mokrasu's pleadings. The princess and Mokrasu send people to search for Jang. The princess finds him next to Aja Taeja's grave. Jang asks Aja Taeja to forgive him since he will resent the king for his weakness and for twice abandoning Jang. Jang tells Sunhwa that now he can run away with her.

King Weeduk tells the court that he will leave his post as king. He doesn't name a successor, although it is implicitly understood that his brother, Buyeogae (King Hae, 598-599 AD), will be next in line. Buyeogae and his family begin to receive gifts and have 'yes-men' flow in left and right as they try to gain favor with the next king. Everyone credits Buyeosun for bringing his father to the throne; this worries Princess Wooyoung. At a party to celebrate the good news, Buyeosun says in front of the group that Wooyoung looks like a good match for Giroo. Wooyoung is offended. Buyeosun also tells Giroo that he will make him the new director of the Academy.

The next day, at the election of the new academy director, Giroo is blocked from getting the Wooyoung. Buyeosun is surprised to learn from Wooyoung that she blocked Giroo. Buyeosun asks her whether her opposition is due to his idea of her marrying Giroo the night before and she replies, “Of course not, brother. Giroo is very gifted, although he has no wealth and is not of noble blood.” Giroo, with that sinister smirk of his, tells Wooyoung that he wouldn't dare dream of being with her. He quietly warns her that he is aware of Wooyoung's budding schemes, and that she should support Buyeosun if she knows what's good for her.

Wooyoung tells Jang that they should work together to bring Buyeosun down, but Jang refuses to work with her. She tells Jang to think it over, giving these reasons:

She acknowledges Jang and Mokrasu's talent in the academy; she does not want her father to be as weak (i.e. under Buyeosun's control) as the current king; as Wooyoung leaves the room, she says that without Jang, the Academy would be no fun.(This is a subtle hint that Wooyoung is humored by Jang...could she become the 'other woman' in Jang's life?)

Buyeosun again reads the stone that came with Mokrasu's incense burner, and realizes that, if it is true, the fourth son will one day become king. It's clear that Buyeosun will try to kill him even when his father or he becomes king.

Mokrasu tells Sunhwa about the text on the stone, and how he believes they should help Jang become king. But they wonder why it is Jang and not Aja Taeja that was fated to bring Baekje back to greatness. The princess and Mokrasu realize that Jang was fated to be king because he understood the common-man, having lived a hard life himself.

Mokrasu points to Jang, saying that Jang is the fourth prince of Baekje... just as we see Jang punching Giroo..

Just as the king is preparing to leave, Mokrasu tells him that he wishes to show him something very valuable in the academy. Mokrasu points to Jang, saying that Jang is the fourth prince of Baekje... just as we see Jang punching Giroo.

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Episode 33

The King is shocked to learn that Jang is the fourth son.

The episode begins with the King shocked to learn that Jang is the fourth son. At that moment Jang punches Giroo saying, “You say you love the princess. It's the position you love, not her.”

The King asks Mokrasu how Jang grew up; Mokrasu pleads with the King to take back his order for the fourth son to forget his lineage, since this would be the King abandoning Jang for the second time (first time by sending away Jang's mother).

Princess Sunhwa fills Jang in on her and Mokrasu's belief about the prophecy, but Jang dismisses her idea saying all he wants is revenge and he has neither the will nor the wisdom to be king.

Jang and Mokrasu have a mini 'free will vs. destiny' discussion and Jang tells Mokrasu and the King that he will forget his lineage and history and start anew. The King asks Jang to call him father at least once; Jang just leaves.

Jang finds Wooyoung in his room; she makes a proposal for him to be her assistant once her father takes the throne. She says, “If you and your clan don't join us, what do you think will happen to all of you and the King, knowing how Buyeosun handles such matters? Think it over.”

Jang prepares to leave for China and asks Sunhwa if she wants to join him. She agrees, but tells Daejang not to worry, since Jang ultimately will not be able to leave.

Jang and Princess Sunhwa on their 'walk' to China.

On their 'walk' to China, the princess tries cutesy things like, “Let us remake the snowman we made.” but it doesn't work.

Mokrasu tells his people that he cannot leave the academy and that he will be with the King until the end. But he tells his people that they, however, should leave.

Buyeosun goes to the King to ask him to finalize the declarations and paperwork to name his father king. In return, the king asks him why he wants to be king, saying it was the question his father asked him before he passed the throne to him. Buyeosun does not answer, but thinks, “What's the point of such a question? It's too late.”

Giroo raises questions about the location of the secret chamber where all the King's documents and sacred items are kept. Giroo and Buyeosun suspect that the location of the chamber will not be shared with them, since Wooyoung and her mother (soon-to-be queen), will try to keep the information from them. They order a search with the pretext that they're trying to 'protect the palace' before the ceremony.

The princess asks Jang to consider standing by the King at least until the ceremony; he thinks it over. Meanwhile, the King asks Wangoo, his attendant, “Must I be such a pathetic father and king to the end?”

Next morning, the King orders Wangoo to set aside the royal document (the one Buyeosun had asked for earlier), kept in the secret chamber. He finds Buyeosun's soldiers are everywhere in the palace, although technically no soldier is allowed inside.

The King sets the time for the ceremony at 5-7am, and asks his brother for one last wish as a brother. He wishes for his last days as a king to be comfortable and pleads to have Buyeosun remove the soldiers from the palace. Buyeogae, who didn't know that Buyeosun had dispatched the soldiers, asks Buyeosun to remove them.

King Weeduk tells Mokrasu and Wangoo that he has a plan, and asks Mokrasu to bring Jang back.

Mokrasu tells his people that rumors of a fourth prince are true and that they must secretly prepare a ceremony for the prince to be recognized, although he doesn't tell them that Jang is the fourth prince.

Jang returns to be by his father's side, at least until the ceremony. Meanwhile, Buyeosun's men carry out an execution of the man (who is Buyeosun and Giroo's supporter), who tried to kill Aja Taeja; they actually kill another man. Wangoo discovers this and captures the actual attempted killer.

With Jang in his chambers, the King asks the attempted assassin if he has ever seen this 'boy' ; the man says no. The king reveals that the 'boy' is the fourth prince. The man confesses that he was acting under Buyeosun's orders.

The King then offers a proclamation making Jang an official prince.

The King then offers a proclamation making Jang an official prince, and tells him that the ceremony naming his brother to be king will actually be Jang's.

Wooyoung comes to Buyeosun and presents him with a list of people that supported her during their father's quest to become the next king. She demands that her supporters be offered a high position in her father's court, stating that without her help, Buyeosun would not be in the position he is today. (Wooyoung is trying to secure a strong position in court. Buyeosun recognizes this and is unease.)

Jang goes to Sunhwa and tells her that the King's crazy idea to have him be the next king is her and Mokrasu's fault. He also pleads with Mokrasu to change the King's mind.

Jang then goes to the King and asks him to change his mind. The King refuses, saying that this is his last chance to redeem himself as a strong father and that he has a plan for Jang. Jang refuses to leave the room until the King tells him the plan. The King responds, “Rather than losing, I will kill Buyeosun.”

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Episode 34

The episode begins with the King declaring that to seek justice for taking the life of Aja Taeja Jonha, he will kill Buyeosun. Jang says this is a crazy and life-threatening idea, and asks the king to forget that the fourth prince exists. The King's mind is already set and he orders Jang imprisoned until the ceremony. Wangoo and Mokrasu also believe it is irrational, but the King argues this is his last chance to redeem himself as a father and to pass the throne to someone who will be a strong leader for Baekje.

Mokrasu, Sunhwa and others compose notes and letters stating that it is Buyeosun and his family that killed Aja Taeja (presumably to spread this rumor around Baekje).

Wooyoung and the academy is busy preparing for the 'technicalities' for the ascension ceremony, while Mokrasu and his pupils are secretly preparing for the ceremony for Mugang Taeja to be king.

Giroo points out to Wooyoung that Mokrasu and Jang are absent from the meeting, and suggests that Mokrasu and Jang must be determined to turn down her proposal for them to join her side.

In the academy, people are preparing notes and notices that will be sent to every district throughout Baekje, saying the king has passed the throne to his brother.

Wangoo volunteers to kill Buyeosun for him, but the king insists he do it, since that is the surest way to insure he will be off-guard. The King orders a one-on-one meeting with Buyeosun, without their guards present.

We see Wooyoung's mother for the first time. As we expect, she will be working hard to discredit Buyeosun, who is seen as next in line for the throne.

At the meeting Weeduk surprises Buyeosun by getting on his knees. The king promises not to interfere in palace matters once he leaves, and begs Buyeosun to spare his life. Buyeosun, shocked by the act, gets emotional and promises that the king's life is safe. Then...the king stabs Buyeosun's abdomen with a knife.

Buyeosun, falling to the floor, asks, “How could...could you?” The King replies, “This is the king's penalty for killing a prince. You'll slowly die as the poison on the knife spreads.”

King Weeduk leaves the room to alert Wangoo to remove the body, but when they return, Buyeosun is no longer there.

Buyeosun goes to the academy's medicine room and demands medicine for the poison on the knife.

Buyeosun goes to the academy's medicine room and demands medicine for the poison on the knife. In the mean time, Wangoo and his men, frantically search for Buyeosun.

Word gets to Jang that the king has stabbed Buyeosun. Jang cries, “He committed such an act for a worthless person like me?” Mokrasu replies, “That is the affection of a father for his son.”

Emboldened by the sacrifice of King Weeduk, Jang accepts Weeduk''s desire for him to be the next king. He goes to the king and asks for the king's vision for a perfect Baekje, and promises his best effort to achieve the dream.

When Princess Sunhwa and her attendants are about to spread the notes that point to Buyeosun as Aja Taeja's killer, she tells her attendants and Daejang that Jang is the fourth prince.

Under Mokrasu's guidance, Jang carries out a mock-ceremony to the spirits and gods, the one he will be performing the next morning. He receives instructions on the rituals and spoken words.

Wooyoung, Queen Mother and Buyeogae, the king's brother, await the ceremony

With Buyeosun missing and the time drawing near for the preliminary ceremonies, Heuk Chipyung becomes suspicious. He try to enter the palace to search for him, but the king's attendant quickly responds by going to Buyeogae and asking he keep his promise to not allow Buyeosun's men inside the palace until after the ceremony.

Goosan goes to Heuk Chipyung and tells him that no one from Buyeosun's camp showed up for the secret meeting. Heuk Chipyung is now convinced that something is very wrong, and searches for Buyeosun. While searching, the king's guards attack him.

Buyeogae and his family, minus Buyeosun, await the ceremony. Giroo offers to look for Buyeosun. King Weeduk orders his guards to attack certain nobles, presumably big supporters of Buyeosun and his family, as they enter the palace for the ceremony. Unable to wait any longer for Buyeosun, Wooyoung and her parents leave for the ceremony.

We last see Jang in king's robes.

Jang, the 4th Prince and future king of Baekje.
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