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As much as we can judge a book by its cover, we can also judge a person by their appearance...or can we?

Hairstyles change as culture changes, and entertainers are subject to the same whims as ordinary people. Louis Koo is no exception. His fans may differ on what looks good and cool, but whatever hairstyle he has chosen, he's done it with style. Well, maybe not in the mid '90s, but that is a personal opinion.

Not everyone would agree with me on hairstyles. The short hair did no harm to his career, so I'll give him credit for having the talent to overcome what I consider some bad hair days.

Louis from the Black and White photobook

Louis was born October 21, 1970 (a Libra, Metal Dog). He began his career modeling and appearing in commercials. He became a TVB contract artist in 1993. During the '90s he appeared in TV series, drama and action films.

For Bad Boys Only and Conman in Tokyo, released in 2000, changed everything—the beginning of Koo cool. The Cool photo book and the Mr. Cool music CD ensured that he would be known as Mr. Cool and this nickname is with him to this day.

From 2001 to 2004 Louis focused on the comedy genre, the first being La Brassiere. The formula and combination of actors worked and many more followed. In 2002 alone, Louis appeared in seven comedies. Love For All Seasons is an explicit self-parody. Is Louis really the ladies man, the heartbreaker that his character is portrayed to be? At least he is not beyond playing a stereotype of himself.

Louis also appeared in several of the Troublesome Night movies, a series of popular Hong Kong style horror films. These films have taken on a life of their own, with the last installment being Nineteen. Louis appeared in most of the early films, which is quite remarkable considering that he was killed off in the first one. The only thing that kept his character alive in most of Troublesome Night 6 was the tan.

Although the brilliant director, Johnnie To, is responsible for many of Koo's zany comedies, he can also take credit for casting Louis in Throw Down. To's judo film, an homage to Kurosawa, gave Louis a chance to utilize his dramatic talent. Louis not only used method acting in his drunk scenes by actually getting drunk, and that's a real feat in itself to be able to remember lines and hit the marks while being drunk, but learned to play guitar for this role. That is dedication. Too bad they didn't include some outtakes on the Panorama DVD.

Louis' role in Election and Election 2, directed by Johnnie To, gave him an opportunity to expand his dramatic acting capabilities. His performance in Election 2 was chilling and poignant and gives new meaning to the phrase, "man's best friend." Louis also co-stars in Donnie Yen's follow-up to Shao Po Lang, "Flash Point." Louis looks good in the fight scenes, and he got to utilize his judo training from Throw Down in his match with Donnie Yen. Triangle was just recently released on DVD, so it will be interesting to see what Louis does with three directors using different styles of story telling.

Louis also sings. He is a formidable talent and has a loyal following, but even some of his most dedicated fans question his singing ability. At one time I was of the same opinion, but I've changed my mind and have come to enjoy his music. I've listened to Mr. Cool more times than I care to number.

No doubt about it, many people find Louis to be exceedingly handsome and photogenic. He is also marketable and lends his name to many commercial ventures including Pepsi Cola, Tag Heuer Watches, Clinique Men's Cosmetics, Lotte, Colombia Sportswear, Louis' own design Zero–X Eye Wear, OSIM iMedic PRO, Marmot Active Sportswear, Epson Printers, Pentax Digital Cameras, Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, and Hugo Boss perfume.

Louis is a filial son, thoughtful and loyal to his friends, and gracious and kind to his fans. He is a perfect gentleman. At his message board and photo blog, Louis shares his thoughts, feelings and ideas and his passion for art and photography. Many of the blog posts are translated to English, giving us a glimpse into his inner character.

Louis is not just another pretty face, his character runs deep. While supporting UNICEF activities after the May 12, 2008 earthquake in Sichuan, he was inspired to establish his own foundation, the Koo Tin Lok Charitable Trust. He asks that fans not give him expensive gifts but instead, "use their money wisely by helping those people around the world that are in need."

His character was also exemplified in his devotion to his dog, AhLo, who could not have wanted for a better master. (AhLo passed away in 2008).

Louis remains one of the most popular entertainers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and throughout the world, and it is easy to understand why. The more popular he becomes, the more he places others before him. (Louis Koo is listed at No. 31 on the "Forbes" 2010 top 100 most famous celebrities in China.)

2009-2010-2011 DVD-posters

2009—2013 DVDs & posters

Run Papa Run Triangle, two views

Two views

The Lion Roars Conman in Tokyo Love for All Seasons For Bad Boys Only
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  • 2014
    • In production for released in 2014
      • The Golden Monk
        Golden Chicken 3
        Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
        Overheard 3
  • 2013
    • The White Storm
    • Opened the 2013 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival; the film will be released Nov 29th in China and Dec 5th in Hong Kong.

    • Inferno 3D(a film by Oxide and Danny Pang)
    • Set in a commercial building in a major city in contemporary China, the film will feature multiple interweaving storylines involving both firefighters and those affected by the blaze. The scheduled for release in late December 2013.
      (Source: hollywoodreporter)

    • Drug War (a film by Johnnie To)
    • Drug War is a Chinese-Hong Kong film directed and produced by Johnnie To. The film premiered at The Rome International Film Festival on November 15, 2012 (Source: en.wikipedia.com)

  • 2012
    • All's Well, Ends Well 2012
    • Romancing In Thin Air
  • 2011
    • Magic To Win
    • Overheard 2
    • A Chinese Ghost StoryReview
    • Mr. and Mrs. Incredible
    • All's Well, Ends Well 2011
    • Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  • 2010
    • Triple Tap
    • The Road Less Travelled
    • All's Well, Ends Well 2010
  • 2009
    • Accident
    • Poker King
    • Overheard
    • All's Well, Ends Well 2009
    • On His Majesty's Secret Service
  • 2008
    • Connected
    • Run, Papa Run (nominee, Best Actor 45th Golden Horse Awards and 28th Hong Kong Film Awards)
  • 2007
    • Triangle
    • Happy Birthday
    • Flash Point (with Donnie Yen)
    • Protégé (nominee, Best Supporting Actor 44th Golden Horse Film Awards and 27th Hong Kong Film Awards)
  • 2006
    • Rob-B-Hood (with Jackie Chan)
    • Election 2 – Perfect Harmony
  • 2005
    • Election
  • 2004
    • Fantasia
    • Throwdown
    • Love On the Rocks
    • The Open Road (short film by Johnnie To)
  • 2003
  • 2002
    • Mighty Baby
    • The Lion Roars
    • Why Me, Sweetie?!
    • Fat Choi Spirit
    • Women from Mars (cameo)
    • Love For All Seasons
    • Dry Wood Fierce Fire
  • 2001
    • Born Wild
    • La Brassiere
    • The Legend of Zu
    • Black Mask II (voice dub)
  • 2000
    • Conman in Tokyo
    • For Bad Boys Only
    • Super Car Criminals
    • Troublesome Night 7
  • 1999
    • The Young Ones
    • Sealed With A Kiss
    • Bullets Over Summer
    • Troublesome Night 5
    • Troublesome Night 6
    • The Rules of the Game
    • The Masked Prosecutor
    • Century of the Dragon
    • Music Notes Behind the Window (Independent Film)
  • 1998
    • God.com
    • The Suspect
    • The Professionals
    • Troublesome Night 3
    • Troublesome Night 4
  • 1996
    • On Fire
    • Man Wanted 2
    • Streets of Fury
    • Those Were the Days
  • 1997
    • Troublesome Night
    • Troublesome Night 2
  • 1994
    • Let's Go Slam Dunk
    • Organized Crime & Triad Bureau

TV Drama

  • 2001
  • 2000
    • At the Threshold of a New Era
  • 1999
    • Detective Investigation Files IV
      (1999 Best Actor TVB Anniversary Awards)
  • 1998
    • Burning Flame
  • 1997
    • A Recipe for the Heart
    • I Can't Accept Corruption (1998 Nominee, Best Actor TVB Anniversary Awards)
  • 1996
    • The Hitman Chronicles
    • Cold Blood Warm Heart
  • 1995
    • Happy Harmony
    • Against the Blade of Honour
  • 1994
    • Knot To Treasure
    • Class of Distinction




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