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Cat Tales

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This computer art pays homage to kitties that are near and dear to me. Although my sweet Tamino has passed on, he will always remain in my heart. He was truly a Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde personality. Sweet but demanding, self-assured and arrogant, loving and comical, he was the epitome of all that is good and bad in a Siamese cat, but that just made him more interesting to live with.

Dashiell, the black, golden-eyed kitty, grew up with Tamino. Tamino was like a big brother to him, alternately playing and putting him in his place. Although they lived in different homes, they shared many visits over the years. Each time they greeted each other like long-lost friends, as if time and distance had no effect their friendship.

Then one day a hungry, scrawny and unkempt gray-orange tortie kitty appeared on my doorstep. I didn’t want another cat because Tamino was so demanding, but I procrastinated in finding her a home and she ended up staying. I named her Sophia, the name I had first given Tamino when sold to me as a female. All my vet could say was, “Breeders, they should know!” (I later learned from the SPCA that Sophia’s original name was Pinita.)

Even though Tamino never accepted Sophia, she managed to find a way to coexist. She kept to the high ground and was ever vigilant. Now that Tamino is gone, Sophia is more relaxed and has assumed the duties of master cat.

Early in 2012 Sophia developed IDB (irritable bowel disease), a condition that is difficult to treat and may have been brought on by her life of stress while living on the streets before she found and adopted me. I learned this when I asked about Sophia’s former life situation when consulting with a medical intuitive on her illness.

During these last few months she and I shared much love and companionship, and now that she is gone the apartment seems a little too quiet, a little too empty, but she will always be in my heart and will be remembered as my petit and sweet little tortie kitty.

When Sophia got sick I said, “After this, no more pets.” It’s too heartbreaking to watch our little animal friends become ill and pass away. After some time has passed I may volunteer to foster care at the local rescue group, but not yet, I’m not ready to bringing another cat into the house.

The original watercolor drawings of my first Siamese cat, Alexander, adapted to computer art and used on this page, are by Johnny Apodaca. The “word cloud” in “Tamino and Dashiell napping” was generated at the Wordle Beautiful Word Clouds website.

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Alexander bathing