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These Jo Hyun Jae drama English srt subtitles are timed to avi files as noted below. You should be able to find the avi files at torrent or download sites specializing in Korean dramas. Because the web is ever changing and it is difficult to provide current links, you will need to search for the files. Contact me if you need help or additional information.

— Seo Dong Yo

Seo Dong Yo

Seo Dong Yo
English subtitles timed to Hodoli 700 MB avi files.
Translation: Priscilla, 1Korea
Editor/Coordinator: Lorac
Timing/QC: Lorac and Seirin

Download subtitles:
Episodes 1 to 17

— Only You

Only You
English subtitles for 700 and 350 MB avi files.
Editor/Timing/QC: Lorac and Seirin
Lyric translators: sgwannabe, jlovex637

Download subtitles:
Episodes 1-16 for 700 MB file
Episodes 1-14 for 350 MB file

These subtitle files include song lyrics enclosed in a6 tags. You may find that timing conflicts prevent some dialogue lines from displaying when viewed on stand-alone DVD and media players. To solve the issue, you may remove the a6 tagged lines.

— Only You Special YSMM

YSMM Only You Special, Episode 114
These English subtitles are timed to “night manman” and “2Dot” avi files.
Translation: lai and 1Korea
Editor: Lorac

Download subtitles:
YSMM Episode 114

— Joy of Love

Pleasure of Love

Joy of Love (aka Pleasure of Love)
Watch Joy of Love on YouTube or Hyun Jae’s Profile Page.

Daum Cafe Internet Short Film by E J-Yong (2004)
Avi format with English hard-subs.
Translation: PC
Timing/QC/Editor: Lorac
Timing/Encoder: Seirin