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Wan Tin Chiu, also known as Eric Wan, was born in Hong Kong on October 28th. He began his acting career in 1983 by enrolling in the ATV Training Course for Actors. Eric made his debut as a children's program host, then entered the drama department.

Wan Tin Chiu

Eric is a versatile actor; he portrays dramatic and comedic roles with ease. He is elegant, primal, pure, and unique. He has appeared in numerous dramas and films, portraying characters from ancient days to modern times. No role is too difficult for him. Be it drama, action or comedy, movies or TV, he brings his unique acting style to each performance. My Date With A Vampire brought him recognition as an actor in a leading role.

Eric first came to my attention in Donnie Yen's epic TV drama, Fist of Fury. He portrays Choi Hok Fu, son of a Shanghai big boss, and he is one nasty guy. He spends most of his time making Chen Zhen's life, (Donnie's character) miserable. Additionally, Choi Hok Fu betrays his country by collaborating with the Japanese, and on more than one occasion he tries to kill his own father. Ultimately, he longs for his father's respect and love, but what a way to show it.

Taiseng released a stripped-down version DVD of the Fist of Fury TV series with English subtitles, but it left much of the story untold. It's still worth watching because Eric's part is left intact for the most part. Eric is fantastic as a bad guy with father issues (maybe it's those amber glasses).

Eric balanced his morally corrupt character in Fist of Fury with the emotionally conflicted but moral vampire Fong Tin Yau in My Date With a Vampire. Fong Tin Yau longs to be a normal human. However, along with vampire slayer Ma Siu Ling, he is given the task of saving the world and humankind. In the process, the two rediscover their ancient love. There are two sequels to the original story. Many of the episodes of My Date With a Vampire 3 have been fan-subbed in English. Sadly, the project was never completed and the website is no longer available.

Eric has appeared in several films with Law Lan, the latest being My Honeymoon with a Vampire. Don't let the title fool you. Eric's vampire in this film is nothing like Fong Tin Yau. It's a low-budget movie but worth a watch for Eric's portrayal of a sexy, vengeful vampire.

Other viewing recommendations are Horoscope One, The Voice From Hell, Ransom Express, Hong Kong's answer to Run, Lola Run, Erotic Nightmare, Ghost Promise (another low-budget film with Eric as a cool Taoist master) and the TV series Reincarnated 2, featuring a very young Eric. Cool stuff!

Two views of Leo, Sharp Guns Ransom Express, two views Erotic Nightmare Eric in Lady Stealer Fong Tin Yau, love triangle Fong Tin Yau, his two natures DNA, two views Siujee, Reincarnated 2 Eric in Hong Kong Criminal Archives-Gang AK47 Run For Life, two views


  • 2003
    • Shanghai Knights (30 second cameo)
    • My Honeymoon With a Vampire
    • The Peepers Story 2 - The Escape Partner
    • The Prince of Storm
    • The Reporter
  • 2002
    • Yao Wu Yang Wei-Fantasy of Hero
  • 2001
    • Sharp Guns
  • 2000
    • Ransom Express
    • Ghost Promise
  • 1999
    • Century Hero (Bruce Lee Bio)
    • Horoscope 1: The Voice From Hell
    • Erotic Nightmare
    • House of the Dammed
    • Century of the Dragon
  • Unknown Years
    • Missing Link
    • Faces
    • Run For Life
    • My Death Project
    • Hong Kong Criminal Archives-Gang AK47

TV Drama

  • 2004
    • My Date With A Vampire 3
  • 2003
    • Thunder Cops
  • 2002
    • Lady Stealer
  • 2001
    • DNA
    • My Date With a Vampire 2
  • 1999
    • The Lost Prince
  • 1998
    • My Date With A Vampire
    • A Lawyer Can Be Good
  • 1997
    • 97 The Year of Chameleon
    • Coincidentally
  • 1996
    • Vampire Expert 2
    • Who Is The Killer
    • The Swordsman
  • 1995
    • Fist of Fury
    • I Have a Date With Spring
  • 1994
    • The Legend of Yue Fei
  • 1993
    • Gamblers Dream
    • Shanghai Godfather
    • Reincarnated II
  • 1992
    • Police Story
  • 1991
    • Legend of Long Quan Ling
    • The Solitary Swordsman
  • 1990
    • The Blood Sword
    • The God of Sword
  • 1989
    • Wordless Kung Fu Scripture
    • Thunder Knight
    • City of Swordsman
  • 1988
    • Court Secret Agent
    • Rise & Fall of Qing Dynasty II
  • 1987
    • The Duel
    • (Kung Fu Story)
    • The Merry Young Boxer
  • 1986
    • Sensational Cases of the Late Qing Period
    • Heroes of Shaolin
    • Buddha Jin II
    • Xi Shih
  • 1985
    • Ten Brothers
  • 1984
    • Bitter Conflict


My Date With a Vampire - Joey, Eric and  Kristy
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