Jin Mo, Louis and Hyun Jae


Hou Leng Jai – Good Looking Guy

an Asian actor fansite & other things

These actors, singers and performers represent the idea embodied in the phrase hou leng jai, good looking guy, either by appearance, artistic performance or an indefinable ‘something’.

For those who are not familiar with Asian film and music, I hope you find something that will please you or motivate you to seek out their movies, TV series and songs. Included are Koo Tin Lok, Wu Bai, and Jo Hyun Jae, just to name a few. Over the past year or so I've added several Korean actors/singers in “The Other Guys” section. Asian entertainment, cinema and TV dramas are amazing in their wealth of expression and innovation.

For my personal stuff I've included kitty cat art, a travelogue of my trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2008 and a page of “before and after” Photoshop images in the “Other Things” section.

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